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Bluefur watched her kits, the sunlight washing over her fur, making it soft and fluffy.

Mosskit and Mistykit were playfighting in the centre of the clearing, while Stonekit, her only son, was stalking Mistykit from behind.

Thrushpelt walked up to her and settled beside her. I wish I had loved him, and not Oakheart, then maybe I could be deputy, and not let Thistleclaw take over!

She gave him a long look, her icy blue eyes meeting his green eyes. Bluefur could see the amusement in his eyes as he glanced at her kits. But when he glanced back at her, she couldn't mistake the heartbreak in his eyes. She ducked her head, hurt filling her stomach, making her feel heavy inside. I broke his heart, I'm so sorry Thrushpelt. "I'm sorry," she whispered barely, guessing he just heard it because he meowed back. "It is fine…" but he didn't sound fine at all, instead, he headed over to the three tumbling kits and flicked his tail so the kits could chase it.

Bluefur began her way over to the freshkill pile, her nap had given her some energy, but before she reached her destination, she was bowled over by her friend, Rosetail.

"Leave her alone Rosetail, she is a queen!" Leopardfoot, a sleek black she cat, who had kits of her own who were now warriors, shoved Rosetail off her.

Bluefur got to her paws and shook the dust off her pelt. "Do you mind? I just woke up!" she pointed out as if Rosetail was stupid.

Rosetail snorted, her tail-tip twitching with annoyance. "And how was I meant to know that? It's been so long since we've talked… Thistleclaw is busy organising the patrols, Sweetpaw is dead! I have no one except you guys!" Bluefur, only noticing the middle part bristled instantly. "What! Thistleclaw?"

"He was made deputy a few sunrises ago… why, where were you?" Rosetail asked, and Leopardfoot gave her a silencing look. "I don't know, I wasn't at the ceremony, maybe I was sleeping," she wondered aloud.

She looked and saw the spiky furred tom ordering several warriors to go on the moonhigh patrol.

Oh StarClan, I've done it… blood will run to the clans instead of fire… and every part of it is me to blame!

She saw blood running down Thistleclaw's pelt, and she bristled instantly, taking cautious steps back.

"Oh StarClan!"

Bluefur awoke that morning, it had been several moons since Thistleclaw's claimed deputyship… her icy blue eyes opened slowly, her kits were gone!

"Oh StarClan!" she repeated the phrase she said at least twice or more each day.

"My kits are missing!" she shrieked, fright in her loud yowl. "Quick!" she heard Thrushpelt, who was already speeding towards the entrance.

She ran faster to keep up with him; I'm not being left here by myself sulking!

Bluefur, you should've given your kits to Oakheart.

"Oh my StarClan!" Thrushpelt's shriek came from ahead of her.

"What's wrong? Are my kits there!" she leapt through and landed on the grass.

Stonekit… my dear son… his crumpled body, seeming as if every bone in his body was broken.

He looked so hollow, scars down his pelt, but there was no sign of Mistykit or Mosskit.

She let out a pained scream and raced to his body, and rested her head on his crumpled body.

Her only son was definitely dead, not a sign of life on his little body.

"Mistykit! Mosskit!" she screeched and two kits slid out from the bush, their eyes wide with fear, and their pelt spiked.

"What happened here?" Thrushpelt yelled at them, his eyes angry and shocked.

"I…I," Mistykit exchanged glances with Mosskit, as if they had already known what to say. "Stonekit and us were exploring! And he said he was going to make dirt, an-and then you called us!" she gave Mosskit a fearful look, as if she was scared.

Bluefur could tell they were lying, but she didn't know why. "Stonekit," she whispered. "Why did you leave us? Who did this to you?" he looked as if he had been scratched nonstop, and then dropped from a large height.

She glanced up at the Great Sycamore; he couldn't climb it by himself! Stonekit was murdered!

"I think he was murdered," Thrushpelt echoed her thoughts, glancing at his kits. "Are you sure you didn't see anything!" Mosskit and Mistykit shook their heads, sending shivers down her spine. They saw something alright, you can tell from their horrified and scared looks!

It had been two moons since Stonekit's death, and her kits had barely left the nursery, making her thoughts about them seeing something seeming more realistic. Someone threatened them if they talk, he or she will kill them! But who are some suspects?

Today was her kit's apprentice's ceremony, and they were very nervous, and she could tell why, they were murmuring heaps. "I hope I don't get that cat for my mentor," Mosskit had squeaked and Mistykit had shoved her, casting a scared look at Bluefur.

Bluefur shook her head, clearing the memory from this morning as Sunstar's voice echoed around the camp.

Dappletail and Whiteye walked out of the warrior's den, the white she cat had returned to her warrior duties since Runningpaw and Mousepaw became apprentices.

Leopardfoot and Rosetail were laying together and signalled her over with her tail. That is a very good spot! She gave her best friends a friendly nod and bounded over to them. "Are you still grieving for Stonekit?" Rosetail asked uneasily. "Yes Rosetail! If you hadn't noticed, he was my only son!" she hissed, the only one who reminded me of Oakheart's muscular body.

"Sorry!" she meowed sadly, whisking her tail around her paws as she yawned. "No Rosetail, I'm sorry," her usually strong, confident voice was defeated. "Someone murdered my son, and I am going to rip the throat out of whoever did it!"

Rosetail gave her friend a nudge and Bluefur nudged her gently back, accepting the gesture.

"I have made a promise to two of our kits," Sunstar started, and Bluefur bit back a yowl… There should be three, she had refused to go to the gathering, but she knew Oakheart knew, as Sunstar had probable announced it.

"I gather you for one of my favourite duties, Mistykit and Mosskit have reached their sixth moon," Sunstar continued on, making Bluefur's eyes watery as she remembered Stonekit's ThunderClan hunting crouch, and how Mistykit thought he would be clan deputy one day.

"Mosskit and Mistykit have had a mischievous, but sad kithood… their brother, Stonekit, should be here with them right now!" Sunstar yowled, meeting Bluefur's icy blue gaze.

"Mosskit," he summoned the usually bold she kit. She stepped forward, trembling, but Bluefur remembered she loved being the centre of attention, and knew the murderer was a ThunderClan cat, and he or she was watching her daughter right now.

"From this day until you receive your warrior name, you will be Mosspaw," the sleek furred, newly named Mosspaw gasped with happiness and for once, didn't look scarred or frightened.

"Mosspaw! Mosspaw!" she purred with happiness and Rosetail and Leopardfoot chanted beside her. "Rosetail, you should have kits!" Leopardfoot teased, giving her friend a lick on the ear and Bluefur purred in amusement. "Shh! You're going to miss who her mentor is!" Bluefur didn't want Thistleclaw mentoring her kits, she told Sunstar and he had finally agreed not to give one of her dear kits to the monster. "I ask StarClan to watch-" Bluefur laughed quietly "Blah, blah, blah! Get on with it already!" she chuckled with her friends.

"Rosetail," Bluefur gasped and looked at her friend. "You never told me! And you tell everyone everything!" Bluefur complained, shoving the pretty she cat forward.

"You have shown courage and enthusiasm in serving your clan, and I trust that you will pass on these qualities to your apprentice."

Mosspaw rushed over to her new mentor and eagerly touched noses with her. Bluefur saw Thistleclaw's claws unsheathe and anger blaze in his eyes. Haha! Didn't get what you asked for Thistlekit!

Mistykit gave a loud mew to let everyone know she was still there, and Bluefur gave her daughter a disapproving look. "Mistykit," the grey she kit leaned upwards on her heels to make herself look taller as she faced up to Sunstar.

"From this day until you receive your warrior name, you will be Mistypaw,"

"Mistypaw! Mistypaw!" Rosetail and Mosspaw cheered beside her.

Bluefur gave Leopardfoot a careful look. "Are you hiding anything from me?" and before the sleek black she cat could answer, Sunstar spoke.

"Leopardfoot!" Bluefur gave both of her friends a mock offended look. "Seriously guys!"

Saying that, she missed a part of Sunstar's speech and she ducked her head apologetically when the leader gave her an annoyed look.

Mistypaw touched noses with Leopardfoot and the meeting broke apart.

(Mistypaw's Point Of View)

Mistypaw brushed pelts with her sister, and glanced at her mentor, Leopardfoot. "I need to talk to Mosspaw!" she growled, her fur spiking along her spine.

"Fine!" Leopardfoot shot back, stalking away from her apprentice, muttering something that Mistypaw couldn't catch.

She spotted Mosspaw exiting the camp, heading to Sunningrocks where they had agreed to meet.

The grey she cat raced to catch up with her sister, who was strutting confidently to their meeting place. "Mosspaw!" she called, landing beside her with a mighty leap.

"Mistypaw!" her sister meowed, dipping her head with a nod.

"Come on, let's go!" Mosspaw followed Mistypaw as the blue eyed cat bounded forward towards the sunny rocks.

Mistypaw waited, and the two sisters sat down. "He killed Stonekit," she whispered, glancing around.

Mosspaw nodded her eyes wide. "We have to tell someone, I mean what i-" she was interrupted.

"Now what are you two doing?" it was a tom and the two she cats spun around. Thistleclaw, the deputy of ThunderClan she thought, taking a few cautious steps back.

"Well, uh, um, Leopardfoot sent us for a hunt, at Sunningrocks, she thought there might be a few voles hanging around," Mosspaw blurted out, and Mistypaw prayed that he believed them.

"Well, Mosspaw, and Mistypaw… show me your hunting crouch," Mistypaw shivered, got into a hunter's crouch and held her breath. She felt Mosspaw stiffen beside her.

"Arghh!" she let out a wail of pain as she felt weight land on her shoulder and was spun around. She lay on her back, awaiting StarClan. Thistleclaw glared down at her with narrowed eyes. "I'm going to kill you Mistypaw, remember what I said when I killed your brother! If you even talk about it, I'll kill you!"

Mistypaw cried nonstop, tears running down her muzzle and flooding her face. "Please don't kill me!" she wailed.

"Oh my young Mistypaw, it's too late for that!" and the last thing she saw was Mosspaw screaming and Thistleclaw's fangs locking with her throat.

(Bluefur's POV)
"How's Mistypaw going?" she asked Leopardfoot and the black she cat purred loudly. "She is a very enthusiastic apprentice, and is learning quickly!" but before she could reply, Mosspaw ran into camp and screamed. "Mistypaw's dead! She's dead! Thistleclaw murdered her!" she shrieked.

Bluefur saw her daughter and knew she was telling the truth, her pelt was clawed and scarred, and tears were streaming down her face.

"Thistleclaw you monster!" she leapt at the spiky grey tom, wishing she could rip into a piece of dust. "It should've been you on the Thunderpath! Not Snowfur!" she shrieked. "You should be the dead one! Not Stonekit or Mistypaw!" she raked her claws down the tom's cheek.

"You are weak Bluefur, and everyone here knows it!" he spat, glaring at Whitestorm, who was staring with shock at his father.

"You-You're not my father you foxheart! You murdered two innocent cats and you never loved my mother! You used her!" the young white tom spat, his fur bristling with anger.

"I loved Snowfur with all my heart! But you inherited her softness, she ruined you Whitestorm!" and with that Whitestorm leapt at his father, claws outstretched.

Bluefur gasped and leapt forward but Mosspaw let out a mew and Bluefur instantly realized.

This is Whitestorm's destiny, whatever happens has always been meant to happen.

Redtail and Willowpelt's eyes were wide with shock, they had been made warriors the moon before.

Whitestorm avoided a blow from Thistleclaw and ducked under the senior warrior's stomach.

Bluefur felt her stomach turn upside down as she saw her sister's kit get reeled backwards. "Whitestorm!" she wailed, looking around and she saw Sunstar return, padding into camp with a shocked expression. "Thistleclaw, Whitestorm!" he spat, anger blazing in his wide green eyes. "What are you doing?" he hissed, pulling Thistleclaw off Whitestorm.

"Thistleclaw killed Mistypaw and Stonekit!" Mosspaw screamed her eyes teary and watery. "He killed my kits!" Bluefur added angrily

Sunstar glared at his deputy. "Is this true?"

Thistleclaw scoffed. "If I hadn't killed them, some other warrior would've! They were weak!" the word weak made Bluefur's fur spike and she leapt, catching the spiky tom by surprise.

They tussled in the centre of the clearing for a few seconds and then Bluefur flipped him over, smashing him into the ground. "Take that back!" she snarled in his face, but he didn't flinch. "Take what back? That you're kits are weak, I won't lie to you Bluefur," he gave her an evil grin but Bluefur had already dug her claws into his throat… This is it, I have avenged my kits. But if so, why do I feel so empty?

She gazed around, lost for a few seconds, but then she felt her paws become wet, and she looked down. Her usually silver-grey paws were now covered in a dark, scarlet red. "Goodbye Thistleclaw," she spat, spinning around with a lash of her tail and she headed towards the camp entrance with a lash of her tail.

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