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It was not an every day thing to watch a massive fight while shopping for your groceries.

Well, to Ginny it was a bit more normal, but she just thought of those poor, confused, muggles.

It had all started when the girl with the choppy brown hair had grabbed the milk.

"What are you doing?" the (possibly) eighteen year old next to her demanded.

Ginny supposed he was pretty hot, but blonde guys with blue eyes were really just not her type –especially if they came with the occasional beautiful girlfriend.

And the girl was beautiful, with her choppy brown hair that shone in the sunlight, and her eyes that never seemed to be the same color. Her skin was tanned and she was wearing really simple clothes, as if to not draw attention to herself, but it wasn't working.

The girl rolled her eyes, "What do you mean?"

The guy seemed speechless, "Frank can't drink milk! He's got –"he stopped, eyes widening as her were widening too, "Oh, crap,"

Ginny didn't understand what was going on. She leaned a bit, trying to get a better view from behind the cereal shelves, and was surprised to see them frantically taking their groceries and preparing for…something.

She felt as if she was witnessing an important thing, though lots of people were staring at them by now, and the girl with the brown hair had brought a dagger.

Ginny had to protect the poor, unnoticing muggles. She quickly ran over to them, a warning on her face to everyone: do not stop me. I shall do what I've got to do.

The girl didn't even glance at her, and the boy just seemed to nod at her. What? Were they wizards or something? If they were, why the hell were they using knives?

And why, Merlin's beard, did the muggles seemed blind?

"Excuse me," she interrupted the two, "Why are you holding a knife?"

The girl seemed so startled the dagger trembled in her hand, "What?"

The guy sighed, "Oh, shit. Not a demigod here."

The girl glared at him, "Jason…we've already got it bad enough. Let's take her with us to the ship,"

"Whoah," Ginny took a step back, "Are you kidnapping me?"

The entire supermarket looked deserted suddenly, and the girl shivered, "Listen, girl, my name's Piper, and this is Jason. You need to get out of here. It'll kill you, sweetheart. You have no training. Don't worry. Jason," she talked to the blonde, "take her out of here,"

"No way," the guy said, looking desperate for some reason, "I'm not leaving you here so you can fight it. Last time it almost killed you,"

Okay, they were definitely wizards who hadn't gone to Hogwarts or something. Which was strange.

"Sorry, but –" she tried to speak, but Piper cried, "Jason, I can't leave You here. It'll kill you. Please take her to the ship,"

"I'm staying with you,"

One part of Ginny's brain went Awwwwwww, the other went, They are freaking talking about kidnapping me again. She gathered up here courage and started, "Wait a second –"

Something fell from the sky. Ginny screamed.

It was a giant, flipping, golden monster.

It had the shape of a semi-naked male, with curly hair and big eyes. His jaw was prominent, and his shoulders were strong. He looked gorgeous, and he looked like a monster. His smile was wicked, his arms were crushing, and he was twenty feet tall.

Ginny screeched. She didn't even remember her wand. She was petrified.

"Girl, no!" she heard Piper's voice, and suddenly something warm and moving slammed into her, knocking her out of the way as a golden fist smashed.

"Thank you," she said, disentangling herself from Piper, feeling much more braver once she'd seen a girl jump and save her form a fist, like she was some sort of scared child, "I can help –"

"Jason, no!" Piper wasn't really paying attention. She grabbed her dagger, stood up, and glared at Ginny "Don't go. Hide, but do not leave. You need to be trained and need to stay with us for a while," she then dashed, helping the blonde demigod.

Ginny was determined to help. She thought of Harry, smiling at her, emerald eyes twinkling, and remembered Piper's kaleidoscope eyes, and shouted a spell at the golden monster.

It worked. It froze like a stone, and just when Piper's incredulous eyes turned on her, unfroze again.


She screamed and ran as the golden thing reached for her, but it caught her and helped her up.

She felt dizzy as she went up twenty feet in the air at the speed of the monster's arm, and dropped her wand without noticing it. She was so scared.

And yet she fought to fall from the thing's grip.

"Girl!" Piper screamed, and then she lunged.

It was the bravest thing she'd ever seen someone do.

Piper, all tall, lean, tiny Piper (compared to the monster) jumped on the thing's leg, and stabbed it. The monster didn't seem to notice it, but Piper held on.

"Jason!" she cried, "Pull me up!"

Jason seemed to understand. He suddenly was flying, literally, and he grabbed Piper.

He said something to her, but Ginny was too overwhelmed to understand. The monster lifted her up, over his head, and his fingers began to untighten around her.

Seconds before, she had wanted nothing but to be free of its grip, be free of it. Now she just wanted to hold on tighter. She tried to grab a finger, a giant, golden finger, but she was already slipping. Desperate, she held onto a golden, metal nail. It worked. She was still okay.

Then, suddenly, the grip vanished. The giant of gold dropped dead on the ground, but not before shaking her off its nail.

Ginny screamed as she sailed towards the ground.

Haryy. Ron. George. Mum. Dad. Everyone. She thought of her brothers as she prepared herself for her death, wasted a second thinking of Harry, a second to live.

And then, strong arms held her.

She blinked, surprised. What?

She was hovering ten feet in the air, held by Superman Jason.

She almost felt the need to give him a kiss, as in a superhero movie, but he really, really wasn't at all like Harry. Instead of asking if she was okay, or hugging her or comforting her, her glanced at her, spat, "Piper had to fall off to let me hold you. She's smart, she grabbed onto the monster, but she could've died. Next time she tells you to hide? Fucking hide."

Ginny felt small and inferior, lightning shining in his blue eyes, but she stood her ground, "Then go check her and don't scold me, teenager,"

He sighed and flew down to the ground, let her down, and ran towards a trembling shape on top of the golden monster's chest.

"We have to get her before –!" he didn't finish. The golden monster dissolved into dust, and Piper fell, with a scream, to the ground.

Ginny thought she heard a cracking sound. She and Jason, forgetting themselves, ran towards her, feet dying because they were overusing their speed.

They reached the beautiful girl, and Ginny almost cried out when she saw blood, but Jason held her gently in his arms, taking something from his pocket and giving it to her.

"I flew her upwards, and we pretty much opened that golden boy up from the leg." Jason answered her silent question, "She was in my arms when she saw you about to fall. Demanded I catch you, since we brought you into this mess. I said I couldn't hold both of you so…so she kissed me and slipped from my arms. She broke at least three bones, crushing onto that thing. Thank the gods she was wearing armor under that. Oh, and I'm feeding her ambrosia, to heal her,"

Ginny stared at the tight but nice close that Piper was wearing and stared at Jason, who simply shrugged, "Her family's good at clothes," was the only answer she got.

"Who are you guys?" Ginny said quietly.


"Leo!" complained a female voice, "Shut up! Percy, help me with this."

"Where's Hazel?" a male voice said, "Frank, where the heck is she?"

Hazel? Wasn't that the name of a cute girl on her Facebook?

As she watched, five people appeared, all battered looking.

One was, indeed, Hazel from Facebook, with her golden eyes and curly hair. The other was a bulky looking guy who was her boyfriend. A guy resembling a Latino elf was grinning. A stunning blond with an irritated expression on her face seemed to be searching for something.

And the fifth guy was Percy Jackson.

Harry had showed her pictures, and she had been, honestly, a bit jealous. He talked so many wonders of his new friend, and he hardly talked about Ron or Hermione like that. But when she'd voiced those concerns out to him, he's just smiled and said, "If I did, they would have giant egos. If you tell Percy he's awesome, he's just not really going to believe it. He'll tell you he's the worst, unluckiest person in the world."

She had heard so much it was actually kind of like seeing a long-lost family member.

All of the smiles, grins and faces dropped when they saw Piper.

The blonde and the elf were the first to run to her. Hazel grabbed Frank and kissed him right there, before finally running over. Percy looked like he was having a nightmare.

"Ginny Weas –Potter?" he gasped at her.

Ginny smiled, "Yes. You're Percy, I guess,"

He nodded, "Are you okay?"

It was kind of sweet, that he was worrying about her, but poor Piper was lying broken on the ground, and he was pretty much talking to a stranger.

"What about Piper?" she said, "Aren't you going to ask if she's okay?"

Percy smiled, "The other six are all panicking. Piper's one of the strongest people I've ever met. She's wonderful. She could die and still be freaking bad ass. And I trust Annabeth to make sure she's okay. You, on the other hand, are just a witch who did not just had to see that. Bad enough we have to live with it, that we have to drag you in too. Has Harry told you what we are?"

He'd told her they were amazing. She shook her head. Percy smiled, "You know Greek Mythology? Piper's mom's Aphrodite. Leo there is Hephaestus' son. Jason has Zeus as a dad, which is not fun. Annabeth's Athena's daughter, Hazel is Pluto's (she's Roman, you know), and Frank is Ares' son."

"And you?" she asked, curious. He seemed surprised not to see her shocked. Bah, she'd fought Voldemort.


Ginny smiled, "I really like Piper. Jason, not so much,"

Percy look confused, "Poor Sparky. He gets overprotective of Piper since (SPOILER) me and Annabeth got dumped into Tartarus (END OF SPOILER) but he's a great guy. Loves the girl like his soul. As we all do, really. She's awesome, I'll give you that. And you seem pretty awesome too, as you fought the thing."
Ginny found herself blushing. She decided she liked Percy.

"Jason…" a voice whimpered.

Piper's hade went up and she touched Jason's cheek. The teenager kissed her finger's softly. "We need to carry her back to the ship," he declared.

Annabeth and Jason started to pull her up, but the latino elf that was called Leo said, "Hey! I'm stronger than Annabeth! I can carry Piper!"

It was like a movie scene. Everyone but Ginny stared at Leo. She thought she heard a cricket. Leo blushed, and said "Or not,"

Jason and Annabeth pulled Piper and carried her. Frank and Percy helped a bit.

Leo and Hazel seemed different, once everyone was gone. They looked at each other with a strange affection in their eyes, as if they could only see the other. Which was strange, considering Hazel had a boyfriend.

"Leo, I don't really think that you could carry her," Hazel said.

"Huh. I bet Ginger here thought I could. Right, beautiful?" asked Leo.

Ginny was so startled she took three seconds to speak, "Uh…I don't really know you."

"Yer a wizard, Ginny," Leo mimicked Hagrid, "Man, Percy won't shut up about Harry and his gorgeous wife and their nice friends. I can't believe Piper and Jason didn't recognize you. He shows fucking pictures every week,"

Ginny was starting to like this guy.

"Leo!" Hazel scolded him, "Language. Sorry, Ginny. We really think you're all nice. Do you want to come aboard the ship?"

Ginny smiled wide. Oh, so they were really close friends. "How about Leo gives me his Facebook first?"

"Uh, oh."

Hanging out with the Seven was not easy.

First, it had to be agreed on Facebook, which was stupid, but it was kind of a tradition, (and nobody seemed to want to break it, anyway.).

Then, you had the occasional monster attack which meant Harry and Ginny had to help beat some snake-women, giant dogs, slithery scaled birds, and maybe a freaking minotaur (he seemed to have an obsession with Percy).

After that, they were always fighting, and it always ended with Percy and Annabeth making out in the bathroom or anywhere else, and Piper and Ginny chatting while Frank and Leo argued with Jason about a mortal movie. Hazel always, somehow, ended reading a mortal YA Fiction book while she squealed. Harry kind of liked to watch her (he'd read them twenty times before, since Hermione had gotten him addicted, and he was always hungry to hear Hazel babble).

"Usual?" Piper asked Ginny, and as she swung her cup to make a toast, she said, "Of course not, I'll probably talk about this on Facebook,"

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