Because I ship Tommy/Laurel I've decided to write a Oliver/OC and see how it goes from there.

Chapter 1.

She was running and running, trying to keep herself from falling to the ground in a heap, breathlessly she ran around corner and slammed herself against the wall. She panted and rubbed the beads of sweat away from her forehead and went against her better judgement and peeked around the corner and she sighed with relief when she seen that nobody was there, she took one last big breath before going to walk out.

"There!" The voice shouted.

She growled to herself before turning on her heel and beginning to run again, the breaths that she now took were rapid and burned her throat until she tripped. She skint her knee on the ground and turned seeing the men come closer and her eyes widened and she got up, badly wanting to give up and just let them get her. But she made herself get up and run again.

When she went around another corner she was grabbed, and pulled into something. She went to let out a scream but a hand covered her mouth and the hot breath tickled the back her neck.

"Shhh" The voice said. "It's okay, I'm going to help you"

She stopped squirming and stood against the body behind her, she let her eyes dart around until the landed on the moving figures running past where she was with her saviour. She was moved and was now facing the man in the green hood, known as the "Vigilante" and she rubbed her forehead.

"Go that way...and do not look back, okay Ally?"

She frowned "How do you know my name?" She demanded.

He hesitated "Just go"

She finally made her feet move and she ran the other way and managed to get back to the car that belonged to her. She got in and drove back home. She sighed and went into the small house that she'd claimed as her own. She went in and threw her purse, her jacket and her phone down onto the couch. Why had those men been chasing her? She rubbed the sweat from her brow and rolled her eyes.

Before sinking onto it herself, what the hell had just happened? She sat for a minute and looked down at her feet, which were dirty due to the running on the wet ground and she stood her legs hurting and she managed to drag her way to the bathroom and just before she went in her phone began ringing.

She sighed and went back down the stairs and answered it. "Hello?"

"Hello Dear" Her mother's voice said.

"" She said nervously, she hadn't spoken to her mother since the day before and it was all because of an argument.

"You better get to bed Allison, it's late"

"That's why you called?" She asked.

"No, I just called to make sure you were going to be ready for tomorrow"

"Mom I told you that I wasn't"

"Okay, good. I'll see you tomorrow, 12 sharpish, do you understand?"

"I'm not a delinquent mother!" She snapped into the phone

"Good, now off to bed, I'll see you tomorrow dear" and the phone line went dead.

She sighed angrily, she didn't want to go to lunch at the Queen's house because she disliked Oliver Queen and had done since they were both children, and disliked him more because she knew him to be a cheater and he'd seriously hurt Laurel, who was her best friend, it was more to do with the fact that Laurel's younger sister, Sarah had died when she was with Oliver on the boat. But of course she liked his younger sister Thea because she was such a lovely and sweet girl, but the void that had consumed the girl was very sad and disturbing.

She went into the bathroom and closed the door, letting the the night's events slowly slip away from her.

The next day Ally was up and ready to go, wearing her favourite red dress and heels she quickly fixed her brown hair over one shoulder before leaving her bedroom and going downstairs and picking up her purse, she hated having to go to petty lunches with rich people, infact she didn't hate it, she DESPISED IT.

She walked out to her car and got in, starting the engine and quickly driving until she finally reached the Queen household, oh how she didn't want to do this. She seen her mother and father getting out of the limo and rolled her eyes at them. She got out her car and quickly brushed her dress off.

"Good to see you made it" Her mother said snarkly at her.

"Good to see your attitude still stinks" Ally replied.

"Don't start" her father said.

The three of them walked in and Ally stayed close behind her father, not wanting to draw any attention to herself, she wanted in and out as fast as she could but she knew, her mother could blab for hours so that wouldn't be happening any time soon.

"Ah, the Grayson's are here" Said a voice.

They all turned to see Moria Queen and her husband Walter Steele, Ally fidgeted before her mother went to scald her she was interrupted by yet another voice.

"Hello Mr and Mrs Grayson" The voice said and all turned their heads to see the recently returned Oliver Queen standing with his younger sister Thea. "Allison" he said nodding at her.

"Oliver" She gave a quick nod and folded her arms.

"How about we take this into the dining room" Moira said.

Everyone followed into the large room and took a chair at the table, Ally ended up having to sit next to Oliver and she almost grimaced to herself when he sat next to her.

They all spoke among themselves, Ally didn't talk very much but when spoken too she replied politely. As they ate, Oliver spoke.

"It's good to see you all again, it's been a long time" He said.

Ally eyed him, there was something about his voice...but what was it?

"It's good to see you too, and we're all very happy that you're alive and well" Ally's mother said.

Ally had to fight the urge to roll her eyes at her mother who then stared at her firmly "What?" Ally mouthed. She sighed heavily when her daughter said nothing. Ally payed no mind to her mother as she started a conversation with Thea about different things.

As they were ready to leave, Ally stood out in the hallway waiting for her mother and father as the two spoke to Moira, Walter and Thea. She sighed slightly, her arms folded impatiently as she waited.

"I heard you got yourself into a struggle the other night" A voice said from behind her.

she turned on her heel to stare at Oliver and she scowled "Who said that?" She demanded.

"Lot of know how people gossip"

"People gossip? I didn't know Oliver Queen listened to gossip" She said sarcastically.

"I see your attitude towards me hasn't changed very much" He said with a smile.

"If by that you mean I dislike you then no, it hasn't changed"

He nodded as if trying to contain his laughter and her scowl deepened. "I understood why you disliked me then, but shouldn't people always get second chances?"

"Please" She scoffed "It's not like you've changed"

"You don't know that" He said.

"You said yourself, you told Laurel, you told the full city"

"Ah, so you and Laurel are still close"

"We're best friends Oliver" she said staring at him "Why wouldn't be?"

"Nothing in particular" He said shrugging. "But are you going to give me a chance?"

"Thank you for lunch" was all she replied with. "Goodbye Mom, Dad" She said turning to her mother, who scowled back at her. Ally smirked slightly before she brushed past Oliver who looked round at her retreating figure as she walked away. She had always been the one girl who didn't melt all over him, as the other's did, but she hadn't.

He thought about the night before, when he'd saved her from the men she'd been running from, apparently she had no idea why she was running from them, but he'd managed to save her anyway. As he watched her open the door and step out he smiled, she'd always been the one to take none of his crap when it came to being an ass to people. Maybe now was the right time to prove to someone, that he had changed...

Author's note: Let me know if I should continue, personally I don't think it's any good but if you guy's like it then I'll continue it.