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Here's chapter 13

Chapter 13.

Three Weeks Later

Ally sat with her back against the bathtub, her knees pulled up to her chest, the hot water surrounding her and taking the chills from her body, she'd been choked with the flu and had to take a week off work, she'd only started their three weeks before and to make it worse, she'd stupidly managed to walk into the edge of the kitchen counter earlier on in the day, hitting her left side. The goosebumps rose on her arms as she sniffled and let out a cough, her nose runny and her eyes watery. Her long dark hair was tucked around one shoulder, as she sank a little deeper into the water trying to keep the hot water over every patch of skin that she could.

Her eyes closed over for a moment before the phone began to ring and she let out a huff as she quickly dried her arm and aggitatedly moved from the bath to reach over and grab it. She answered it, her voice thick when she spoke. "Hello?" There was silence on the other end, nobody spoke but she could hear breathing. "Hello? Is somebody there?" Still no answer. This had been happening for the past week, the person would call and then not answer. "Listen, if you're not gonna talk then why are you calling?"

"Ally?" The voice asked it was deep, gruff almost as if it were some sort of voice changer. She frowned.

"Obviously" She said, trying to sound impatient but in all honesty she was just tired. "Who's this?"

"Will you talk to me?" They asked.

"I'm talking to you now" She said and she sniffeled. "Listen, I'm sick okay?"

"I just wanted to hear your voice"

She sighed "Oliver?"

There was a silence on the other end "I miss you" and there it was, his voice.

She stared at the wall across the room and let out another sigh "I need to go" She said.

"Wait Ally" he pleaded " to me"

"I am talking to you" She said.

"I miss you"

She didn't know how to respond, she missed him too. SHe missed him, she missed Laurel, she missed Thea, god, she even missed Diggs.

"Will you meet me?" Oliver's voice sounded rough.

"I'm sick, Oliver" She said. "I can't leave the house"

"Then I'll come to you"

"I don't wanna give you the flu" She said defensivly.

"Are you just-"

"No, I'm sick" She said "I can barely move"

He stayed silent for a minute.

"Look, I need to go okay..I need to go to bed" She said.

"Ally-" He began, her eyes trailed around sleepily as they began to close. "Ally?"

"What?" She asked.

"I Love You"

Her breathing stopped altogether, and her eyes widened, she wasn't sure if she'd heard him right or not.

"Did you just-" She began.

"I. Love. You" He cut her off.

"Don't lie to me" She said a small smile playing her lips.

"I love you Allison!" He shouted through the phone, and if it hadn't been for her sore throat she would've laughed.

The the sound of the loud phone ringing made Ally's eyes open and she looked around the bathroom, confusion coming across her. She looked to her phone and grabbed it.


"How are you feeling dear?" her mother's voice asked.

"I'm..fine" She said and then began coughing but something wasn't right.

"Allison, how are you feeling?"

"I'm sore okay? I'm ill"

"Have you been for a bath?"

"I'm in the bath right now" She replied, her vision began to blur which confused her again, she blinked.

"Okay well as soon as you come out the bath, go to bed Okay?"

"Yeah, yeah I know" She replied.

"Okay, I love you" Her mother said which caught her off guard.

"I love you too" She said and the phone line went dead. She moved, her left side suddenly hurting a lot more than it had earlier when she'd hit it. She looked down and noticed the skin around her ribcage was blotchy, and looked brusied and swollen. She sighed, it had only been because she'd banged into the counter, nothing else.

She shivered, and then the feeling of sickness swept over her, and she had to clamber out of the bath to get to the toilet, it hurt her to lean over the toilet bowl, as she puked up into it. It had been a long time since she was seriously ill like this. She had never been bad apart from that time when she was a child. It was more her left shoulder that felt sore than her actual side.

She sat up, her skin now freezing cold and she shivered, she rubbed her mouth and made a face as she flushed the toilet before getting up slowly and grabbing her sweat pants and baggy grey t-shirt and pulling them on. She unplugged the bath and went down stairs, just as she got to the bottom step the doorbell rang.

She pulled herself over to it and opened it, seeing Diggs. "Diggs?" She asked confused "What are you doing here?"

"I came to see how you were" He said "May I come in?"

"Yeah, sure of course" She shrugged and moved so he could come in.

"You don't look very well" he said.

"I have the I'd watch what you're doing" She smirked. "Why are you here?"

"I came to see if you would reconsider talking with Oliver, he's do I put it?"

"Lonely?" She asked her brown orbs fluttering.

"I suppose you could say that but he's also very upset, he wishes to talk with you"

"Tell him to call" She shrugged.

Diggs stared at her as she blew a wet strand of hair from her face. "You want him to call?"

She shrugged again "Yeah why not?" She said.

"Ally are you feeling okay?"

"I'm feeling fine, I'm just sick" She said.

"Okay then..will I tell him to wait a few days?"

"Whenever" She replied, her sholder began to hurt again "ow"

"What?" Diggs asked.

"My shoulder hurts" She said.

"You'll be fine in a few days"

"I know" She nodded "Thanks"

"I'll be on my way" he said and she followed him back to the door, he opened it but before he got to say or do anything a thump caused him to turn, Ally was now lying on the ground, unconcious. "Ally? Ally?"

He moved above her and moved the hair from her face, what was wrong with her? He wasn't sure whether to get her to a hospital or just put her to bed. Hospital seemed like the better option, he'd call Oliver on the way. He moved and picked her up, a whimper escaped her lips and Diggs frowned. He wasn't sure what was wrong with her, but it definetley wasn't just the flu.

He put her in the back of the car, buckling her up before getting in and calling Oliver, putting him on loudspeaker.

"Diggs, I was just-"

"You need to get to the hospital" Diggs said, and finally he arrived.

"Why? What's going on?"

"I have no idea, Ally collapsed and-"

"I'll be right there" Oliver said the phone going dead. Diggs put his phone into the passanger side and moved after shutting the door. He pulled Ally out of the back and quickly rushed into the hospital, getting aid nearly straight away.

"Do you know what happened sir?"The nurse asked.

"No, I was just visiting her, she just said she had the flu" Diggs replied.

"We'll get back to you straight away" She said and rushed off.
"What happened?" Oliver asked coming out of nowhere.

"She just collapsed" Diggs said to him. "I have no idea what happened, I turned my back for a second and she was on the floor"

Oliver watched as nurses moved around them, and he had to call Ally's parents as well.

A while later, her parents had showed up, but so had Laurel and Tommy, they were all sitting quietly, not sure what to say.

"Mr and Mrs. Greyson" A voice said and they both stood, Oliver leaned forward and looked to Tommy and Laurel and then at Diggs who gave him a small "She'll be fine" look.

"What's wrong with her?" Mrs. Greyson asked.

"It seems to be that Allison has suffered a ruptured spleen" The Doctor said

"How has that happned?" Mr. Greyson asked.

"The spleen's vulnerable location and softness means it's at risk of injury" he said "She's done some damage to it, I don't know how but luckily it's not happened that long ago, so not to much blood has gotten into the abdominal area. It's only a small tear, but it has to be operated on, she's on her way in to have the blood transfusion, and then she'll need to be on a drip to keep the circulation going to the organs"

"So what does that-" Her mother began.

"It means that if it's sucessful she'll be fine" The doctor said.

"You said "If!" Laurel said getting up.

"Blood tranfusions are difficult" The doctor said "Usually small tears are repearable, so she'll be fine. If it had left any longer and she hadn't been with someone when she collapsed, then it could have been fatal due to it not being treated quick enough, but she was brought in quickly no internal bleeding should occur. I'll let you know if anything else happens"

A voice stopped them all from talking "I want my mother!"

"Another thing, she doesn't seem to like the fact that she's in here" The doctor said and Mrs Greyson moved as the bed her daughter was on went past.

"Mom! You need to get me out of here!"

"It's fine, Ally" Her mother said rubbing her forehead.

"No, don't let them take me in there" She cried. She didn't seem to notice anybody else. "You can't let them take me in there!"

"You need to" Her mom replied softly.

"No, mom, no! Get me out, let me out! You need to get me out of here mom, please" Ally begged.

"Allison calm down"

" Mom, It hurts please make it stop, it hurts!" She cried, the tears brimmed her mother's eyes as she kissed her forehead.

"We'll let you know if anything else happens" The doctor said, and Ally was wheeled off and into a room, everyone watching in shock as her cries dulled down.

It had been hours, nobody knew how long, but the doctor came back and told them that everything had gone fine, and that Ally would be fine when she woke up, it was just then when she would wake up. They were allowed to enter the room she was in and it startled them all to see her hooked up to machines.

Tommy had taken Laurel home because she'd managed to get herself into a state, Diggs had left and now it was just Oliver and Ally's parents. Her eyes were fluttering and the machine would go a little wild every now and then but it calmed down after a few moments.

"When do you think she'll wake up?" Ally's mom asked.

"I have no idea" Her father replied.
"Oliver you need to thank your friend for bringing her in, anything could've happened" Her mom said.

"I'll let him know" Oliver replied.

"Thank you" She said. "I'm going to get a coffee"

"Well I need to use the bathroom, Oliver would you mind staying?" Her dad asked.

"No,, no of course not" Oliver gave a nod.

The two left the room and Oliver then moved over beside the bed, kissing Ally's forehead and staring at her paleface, he leaned in slightly "I love you" he whispered. He wouldn't know what would happen with them until she woke up and he needed her to wake up soon.

He needed to tell her how he felt, because he loved her and seeing her like this, or earlier pained him to watch and he nodded again "I love you" he said and stroked her cheek.