Renesmee POV

Now that I was at that point when I stopped ageing everything started to feel complete. I had always worried about what would come. How long would I have. Even though Alice found Nahuel, a half immortal half mortal, like myself who had stopped ageing at this point I was still worried. Maybe I wasn't like him. I mean the rest of my life wasn't "normal". I looked at a wedding photo of my parents as I thought about my own love life. The so far none existing love life. I knew ever since I was young... well.. YOUNGER than now, that I had strong feelings for Jacob and they finally started to make sense. I was technically just 7 years old but looked like a 17 year old. Age wasn't really a thing we kept track of but Jacob was around 23. Jacob...his perfect face... and his abs... I giggled to myself as I turned around to look for something to wear out of my closet. I picked out some black tight jeans and a white t shirt. I turned around to look in the mirror as I fixed my hair. IMPOSSIBLE. I wasn't as perfect as my vampire family. I still had that human side to me. I just brushed it out and ran down the stairs thinking how much I missed Jacob till I saw my dad then that stopped.

"Good morning dad." I said hoping he hadn't read my thoughts about Jacob.

"Good morning" He said with a slight smile on his face.

Great! I thought and sighed as he laughed. I felt someone embraced me from behind and unfortunately I thought I wished that was Jacob and my dad laughed again. I sighed.

"Good morning honey," My mother said happily. Surprisingly happy. I wonder what…? My thought was interrupted by my dad.

"Are you going to go hunt with us today Nessie?" he said quickly

"Uumm.. yeah.. Well if you're going to hunt I might as well come along."

"You look so beautiful today darling," My mother said with her hands around my cheeks.

"Okay what's going on?" I asked really freaked out by all the sneaky love.

"Well you are 17 now." My dad said.

"Yeah... I think I know that," I said walking to take a glass of water for some reason.

"We got you a car!" My mom said and my dad looking kind of disappointed that she had blurred it out but was still laughing.

"WHAT? Where is it?" We all moved quickly down to the garage where I saw my mom's old truck..

"Wow." I said trying to squeeze some excitement out.. "It...It's... Thank you." My parents had a huge smile on their face and pointed to the car right next to it. I just looked onto the ground. How could I have missed it? It was a brand new.. Some kind of a cool car. I didn't know much at all about cars but I knew it was pretty! I laughed and ran up to it.

"OMG! Are you serious?"

"Yes. And I don't want to see a scratch on this thing. Okay young lady?" My mother said with a loving smile.

I was speechless.

"If you wreck it I will buy you a new one" I heard Emmett saying from the entrance of the garage. All of my family was there with smiles and gifts.

"I thought we weren't celebrating my birthday. I said I didn't want to!" But I thought I'm so glad that they did celebrate it. And my dad laughed. DAMN. I have to learn to control my thoughts.

"Well it's a big deal." Jasper said as he and Alice came walking up to me hand in hand.

"Happy birthday Ness!" Alice said and gave me a beautiful package.

"We love you so much" Rosalie said as she gave me an even bigger gift.

"Wow thank you guys so much!"

They all came up and gave me gifts as we walked back upstairs. I kept looking for Jacob. My dad leaned to me and whispered "Just wait. Be patient sweetie," I gave him my best fake smile. I really wished he was here. But I still had my family and the gifts. I wasn't so much like my mother in that sense. She hates surprises and gifts. I kind of love them.

"Here you go kiddo!" Emmett said as he gave me an envelope. I opened it and it had money in it. Like I needed more of that.

I laughed and hugged him. "Thank you"

"Dad..." I thought about the keys to the car.

He laughed and dropped them in my hand. "Just be careful."

"I always try to be" as I walked to my new car. I felt a smell I loved. A familiar smell.

"Hello beautiful." I heard Jacob say and my family walked back inside.

"Jacob!" I ran to him and hugged him. God I have missed him so much. Being near him just made my knees weak. I could feel my lips tremble after the long embrace.

"Happy birthday big girl" he said and gave me a gift. God! A package from Jacob.. I'm not going to say no to that i thought and giggled.

"What?" he said with a smile on his face.

"Nothing I'm just happy your here. And thank you." I opened it and I saw the most beautiful necklace. It was a silver heart with little diamonds in it. I gasped and looked up at him. "Jake... It's so beautiful! Help me put it on?" He picked it up and I turned around and put my hair away.

"Glad you like it." He said and I could tell how relaxed he got. But then I tensed as he brushed my skin and put the necklace on. It was so beautiful. It was a diamond necklace with a small writing on the bottom. I didn't know what it said. It was in some weird language and I wasn't going to embarrass myself and ask him. I could just feel the desire for him. He was all I wanted. I turned around slowly facing him and looking into each other's eyes. He put his hand on my arm and let it slide down to my hand. We were standing there, holding hands, taking in the moment. Not knowing what was going to happen. "I've missed you." I said. He had been gone for a while on a trip with his friends. He finally took a break from everything and did it. But the time away from him was breaking me apart. "I've missed you too," He said back. I just wanted to grab him with all my power and kiss him. But I wasn't sure. Still not. Did he like me like that or was it just a protective imprint thing he had for me?

"So what do you want to do today?" He asked and broke the tension. Damn!

"Umm... I don't know. Go down to the beach?" I said and kind of gasped.

"Oh so they told you about the surprise party?" he said shockingly

"WHAT? Surprise party?! When?"

"Goddamn Jacob." My dad said looking down onto the ground walking towards us laughing.

"Dad..." I looked at him firmly.

"What's going on? I thought you were going to go someplace" My mom said who came right after dad.

"He spoiled it," dad said as he kissed mom on the head.

"You stupid mutt." she said and laughed.

"MOM!" I shouted as a reflex… oops.. They just looked at me and understood. But that didn't get me of the hook.

"Well you can at least take her out on the town while we get things ready." Mom said to Jake.

"eeeh.. yeah.. I'm sorry.." he replied and looked kinda sad.

"Don't worry Jake." I said and tapped his arm.

"I knew he would spoil the party!" Alice shouted as she walked down the stairs.

"Better run! Bye!" Jake said and we started running to my new car laughing.

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