Author's Note: This follows my personal headcanon that EQ!Regina was 35 when she cast the curse, along with the one that it's been around a year since the start of S1. Therefore, Regina would be 64 in the years she's lived, but turning 36 in the years her body looks.

"Hey, Emma?" Henry piped up, pushing his fries around his plate.

"Yeah, kid? What's wrong?"

"I just think… Maybe we should have invited mom. It's her birthday, and shedid save you and stuff."

"Wait wait wait, back up… It's herbirthday?"

Henry nodded and Emma set her fork down. "Henry, order her favourite cake. I'm gonna go get her."

"She probably won't come." He pouted.

"Oh, she will if I have anything to say about it." The blonde stormed from the diner, angry - for some reason - that Regina hadn't been selfish enough to bring it up.

When Emma started banging on Regina's front door, the older woman forced herself up from the foetal position on the sofa and shuffled her way towards the door.

She barely even batted an eyelid at the blonde. "What do you want? Come to take full custody away from me?" She grumbled.

The Sheriff frowned. "No. I've come to invite you over to the diner for birthday cake and junk food."

"Birthday cake? Who's birthday is it?"

Emma frowned even more. "Yours."

"H-how did you know that?"

"Henry told me, now come on. It's on me."

"I will come with you on one condition."

"And that iiiiis?" The blonde smiled.

"You get in here and shower, then borrow some clean clothes. You stink."

"Deal, I need a decent shower."

~Back at the diner~

"I don't see why we should pay for a cake." Snow huffed, folding her arms across her chest like a petulant teenager.

"She saved you and Emma. It's the least we could do." James muttered, having been unable to forget the woman's anguish when Monster!Daniel had come to town.

"What number candles do I get?" Ruby asked.

"Sixty four." Snow grumbled.

"No way! She's a good sixty-four."

"Ew! That's my mom!" Henry cringed. "And put thirty six on, I don't want her to feel old."

Ruby nodded in agreement. The small family sat for a while in awkward silence, wondering what was taking so long.

"Thanks for letting me borrow clothes." Emma called from the bathroom, buttoning up the silk shirt. "And whoever would have known you'd have a pair of jeans, huh?"

"They're my only pair." The brunette smiled politely as the younger stepped from the bathroom, kneeling down to lace her boots up.

The door of the diner opened and everyone turned to look. Regina blushed - actually blushed - at the attention, smiling a little.

Henry ran forwards and hugged her tight. "Happy Birthday, mom! Your present's on the table!" He grinned up at her.

Her eyes glazed over with happy tears as she looked down at his little face, keeping his arms around her as they made their way over to the table. The two slid in next to James, Henry sitting between the two adults.

Ruby set down the Red Velvet cake, with two candles in it. One three, and one six.

"But I'm six-" Regina started to protest, but Henry cut in.

"No. You're thirty six, and that's final."

"She probably doesn't even want cake." Snow grumbled.

"Oh, no, I d-"

"See? Regina doesn't want any cake." She grumbles again.

"No, I d-"

"See? Regina doesn't w-" Snow was cut off this time by Emma slapping a hand over her mouth.

"Regina, please continue." The blonde smiled.

"I do want cake."