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"There you are! What the hell is wrong with you?" Nassor gave a deep sigh and swivelled his chair around to face his accuser.
"Please keep your voice down Toshiaki; this is the library after all." A lesser man may have run from the glare he received. But the two had known each other for nearly nine years; and glares between them were more common than hellos, it meant very little by this point. Nassor attempted to turn back to the book he'd been reading but Toshiaki grabbed the arms of his chair and pulled him in so close that their noses were almost touching.
"Why have you been avoiding me?" he asked with a snarl in his voice "I know we usually try to spend as little time together as possible, but we've managed just fine with having to spend at least two hours a day together for the past few weeks. Do you really find my company so abhorrent that you've forgotten that we have a major English assignment due next week?" the fire in the other boy's eyes sent a shiver down Nassor's spine. Without breaking eye contact he carefully removed Toshiaki's hands from the arm rests and turned back to his work.

"I honestly expected you to know better Toshiaki" he replied "You of all people should understand that I would never endanger my academic career with something as trivial as contempt; I never would've finished Junior High were that the case." Nassor pursed his lips as Toshiaki slammed his hand down in the middle of his book; he gave him a cool look
"You still haven't answered my question" Toshiaki said "why have you been avoiding me?"

Nassor thought back on the last few weeks. The hours spent alone; working with, instead of against, each other. How Toshiaki was able to meet his challenges, and challenge him further in return. The discovery of Toshiaki's biting sense of humour. How refreshingly blunt and honest he was. The way he glared at the paper like it had personally wronged him when they were working on a difficult problem. How right it felt when their heads were pressed together, arms touching, so they could both re-read the chapter. The spark that had shot up his arm when they'd both gone to pick up the same pencil. He met Toshiaki's eyes.

"I felt as though I was emotionally compromised" He said carefully "I intended to return when I had devised a solution." Nassor watched as Toshiaki considered his words. The glare faded from his face, replaced by a thoughtful look. He tilted his head and gave Nassor a long analytical stare. He seemed to reach a decision. Nassor suspected, or maybe hoped, that he'd understood what he meant. Toshiaki leant in and gave Nassor a forceful kiss. Initially shocked, though not surprised by the daring move, it took Nassor a moment to realise that this was actually happening. He could feel Toshiaki's certainty wavering. He quickly wrapped an arm around his neck deepening the kiss and pulling him into his lap.

As first kisses went it was not gentle, or short. Each battling for dominance. Refusing to be the first to break it. Finally they both pulled away, gasping for air. They leant their foreheads together; breathing heavily and glaring at each other, as if to dare the other person to back away from this. Eventually Toshiaki looked away and pulled off his bag, dumping it on the table. He pulled out a copy of their assignment and settled back down into Nassor's lap. Nassor himself wrapped his arms around Toshiaki's smaller frame and rested his chin in his hair, to better see their report
"I think that the phrasing hear is ambiguous; we need to be clearer about our feelings on the work."