"Robbie walked into the store. He didn't see Wendy anywhere. But he did see Mabel. One of the mystery twins. And she seemed to be in a bit of a dilemma.

"Oof!" She grunted. She had been attempting to stack random junk on the shelf(as ordered by Gruncle Stan), and wasn't able to reach the shelves on top. She tried to climb up, and fell on her butt.

Robbie leaned over the counter, looking down at the determined, sweater-wearing girl. She was wincing as she turned her head to see him looking down at her curiously. "Need any help?" he asked.

Mabel sighed in relief. "Yes please." Then something occurred to her. "But Gruncle Stan would get mad if anyone but employees did the work," Mabel explained. Just then Robbie got an idea. "Here, come over here."

Robbie lifted Mabel up and over his head so she was resting on his shoulders. Robbie grinned and proclaimed, "Problem solved!"

Mabel giggled and drummed on Robbie's head in between stacking stuff on the shelves. When all the work was done, Robbie got on his knees and lowered his head as she scrambled down.

Mabel grinned mischievously. She ran up and pecked Robbie on the cheek. He looked down at her, startled.

She smiled. "Thanks!"

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