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Xin: A hardcore a high tempered seventeen year old. She is the half sister of Akahana and Kota, but considers her full family.

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Chapter 1

Death Knocks at Her Door

The molten color of the sky was intriguing yet scary at the same time. The comet was about to arrive and the gang had not seen nor heard that Aang would be there. They all felt abandonment but were all assigned on separate missions. Toph, Sokka, and Suki had to take out the fire nation fleet which included Ozai's large and decorative air ship as well, while Katara and Zuko had to face Azula. Even though Sokka was about to put up a fight about his baby sister battling a psychotic nut case, he put his over protectiveness on hold and let her go.

The water tribe woman and the former banished prince were sitting on the saddle of Appa watching as they gained closer to the fire nation capital. They could already see the distinct forms of five people on a stone platform. The main person was the fire sage, who was about to bestow the golden fire insignia in Azula's top-knot, that was until he came to an abrupt halt. His old weary eyes caught sight of the prince and the other girl that stood with him.

"What the hell are you waiting for you?" Azula asked impatiently her golden eyes filled with irritation.

"They don't know which one of us will be becoming fire lord today," Zuko explained gesturing to himself and then his sister. "but you're not becoming fire lord…I am." He added speaking confidently in his abilities.

Azula gave a wave of her hands in pure ignorance. "Ha, ha, you're hilarious." She sneered. She took sight of the water tribe wench that was beside him and a cruel idea came into her mind. She raised her hand instantly for the fire sage to stop the ceremony. The sages bowed and moved backwards in acknowledgement.

"Fine you want to become fire lord? Then let's settle this with an Agni Kai. Once and for all."

"You're on!" Zuko yelled.

Katara almost gave herself whiplash as she turned her head to face Zuko. Her eyes gave away everything and he gave her a silent nod that everything would be okay. He assured her it was for the best and that way no one else had to be hurt. She stood in the corner of the courtyard ready to see the battle, and ready to step in if she needed to. Little did she know that there were guards close by ready to attack. Zuko and Azula rose from their crouched positions and stood in their fire bending stance.

"I'm sorry it had to end this way brother." She spat out the word 'brother' like it had caused a bitter taste in her mouth.

"No you're not." Zuko shot back.

The fight had begun as both royal fire benders aimed their fists at one another. The lovely array of orange/red mixing with blue was a beautiful sight. Even though fire was dangerous it had a beautiful way of flowing through the air.

As Katara watched the fight that she was enthralled with she wasn't aware of the soldier that was creeping up behind her. She gasped as she felt a hand wrap around the back of her neck and flung her across the large stoned space.

Zuko turned his head for a slight moment to see the water bender on the ground.

"Keep going!" Katara ordered, forming a water whip with the slow pull of her hands. She did a back flip and stood once again on her two feet. There were a total of three guards that were armed and ready to strike. But she had been ready for them; she had been ready since the fire nation had killed her mother. She took a defensive stand and began to fling her water whip nailing two of the guards already. She smirked seeing she had the advantage, but this wasn't going to be an easy fight.

Zuko on the other hand was getting exhausted from his ongoing battle with his sister. She took every move to heart and sent it back to him. Finally the teasing and taunting began.

"No lighting today?!" he screamed holding his arms out toward the sky, "afraid I'll redirect it?"

Her golden held a burning anger in them. Her hair was blowing wildly as she connected her fingertips together before doing a motion with them.

"You want lightning?!" she screamed. "I'll show you lightning!" she threatened.

Zuko took a defensive stance ready to redirect the lighting that was going to be thrown at him. He had remembered his uncle's words and took them to heart. He was ready to let both his negative and positive feelings go at the same time. He was ready for her. He already redirected the lightning at his father his sister should be pretty easy.

Sadly the crazed princess had no mind to hurt him, but the water bender, who was busy fighting her guards. Of course Azula would have a decoy or she wouldn't be herself. That was her move. Tactics played one by one and she was positive she would win this one.

"Brother you're naïve as always," she taunted taking one step to the side. "you always were an idiot that's why father never wanted you. You're a fool. I have no need to hurt you. We're family after all aren't we?" her fingertips still held the lighting that was crackling wildly. "NOW!" she screamed at her occupied guards.

One of them jammed Katara in the gut making her jut forward. Azula had her chance. The water bender was suddenly confused but started to raise her bended body back up. Azula waited for the right angle and finally she sent her lightning shooting forward.

The electrical charge connected with the top of Katara's spinal cord while the other blast went through her heart. She gasped in surprise and turned around as much as her body would let her. She placed her dark hand on the back of her neck and felt warm oozing liquid gushing out. Her robes were becoming darkened with her own blood. She started to shake from the currents racking her body, and she finally fell knees first to the floor, before landing on her side.

"KATARA, NO!" Zuko screamed angrily. The fall of his new found friend had shocked him and now he knew what he had to do to complete his destiny.

He had read before the royal blood line lineage had been created and formed by Agni himself. He searched for his inner flame that rested in the chambers beyond human measures. His anger had spiked and he could feel his body turning into an inferno. The heat vibrated off of his body as he continued to grow closer to his inner sanctum, and he found it. A golden orange flame that was flickering vehemently. Since his anger had been fueled it suddenly turned into a pure white.

His golden eyes met the ones of his sister and he gave an angry yell before jutting his flaming fists forward. The white flames erupted from his hands and consumed Azula but not in the way anyone could think. The flames did not consume her flesh but instead it was consuming the insides of her soul, in other words it was extinguishing her inner flame.

How could Zuko have such power like this? The sensation was burning hot. It even hurt. She could feel her insides charring. Her fire starting to become smaller. Finally she let out a blood curdling scream to emphasize her point. When the flames finally dissipated there was only the once perfect and punctual princess lying on the ground shaking, and crying that it was cold. She had been shattered and finished.

With that aside Zuko quickly ran toward Katara who was still on the ground shaking.

"Z-Z-Zuko…" she stuttered. She could feel blood rush to her throat and it did. The red staining her white teeth as she struggled to stay alive. She almost cried as she heard the voice of Aang and the others as they ran to her.

"What the hell happened?" Sokka yelled as he plopped next to his dying sister's side. She was gurgling and everyone had tears coming down their faces, even Toph.

"Where is the bitch?" Sokka yelled immediately coming to terms with who had done it.

Katara shook her head. She had, had enough violence. The pain was beginning to become unbearable. She grabbed her brother's hand tightly and whimpered. She told him that she loved all of them. Then there was Aang. He placed his gentle hand on her cheek and tears fell.

"I..I'll miss you, Aang…" she started to gurgle worse and more blood began to pour from her mouth and onto her neck.

"Stay with me." Aang begged holding her hand tighter. He was about to admit his feelings for her, until her breathing suddenly stopped, and her eyes were glazed over.

"NO!" the water tribe warrior screamed. Everyone was in a tizzy over Katara's death, except for Aang who had remained silent.

His love was gone and he never had the chance to tell her how he felt. Whose fault was this really?

Azula's, Zuko's, or…his?

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