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Chapter 2

The Funeral

The Avatar stood behind the door post as close family and friends mourned over the loss of a strong warrior, daughter, and friend; Katara. The servants had just finished cleaning around the deceased girl's wounds and scurried from the grievous room.

Aang couldn't show his affections. He was the avatar and had to be strong for everyone else. He already lost his entire heritage and now he lost the one girl that he ever loved. The same one who had freed him from the iceberg, the same one who he had kissed. Their feelings for one another had been scattered and left unknown. It was his fault. He should have done this on his own, he shouldn't have asked for the help of his friends. In his mind he wasn't the thirteen year old who had defeated Fire Lord Ozai, instead he was a traitor and the worst Avatar in history. That's why he never wanted to uphold his duties of being the Avatar. No matter what good he did there was always destruction to ruin it.

He wanted Azula to pay for her crimes so badly. But instead he placed a stoic look on his face and remained silent. The viewing of the body had been three days prior to Katara's death. The sobbing was becoming too much for the young avatar, especially since he couldn't mourn with them. The young nomad waltz into the room and slammed the doors behind him, not allowing anymore servants to come in.

"Enough!" he yelled angrily. He marched over and stood in front of the grieving people, while avoiding to look at corpse before him. "No more crying, no more weeping! We need to get ready for the funeral…whether we like it or not, Katara is…d…dead! Katara is dead, gone, finished, no more! We should all grow up and let the reality sink in. Now let's go!" Aang ordered. To his hidden surprise everyone did as told. They fled the room feeling the avatar would go into his infamous avatar state and blow them out of the palace.

Without saying a word of goodbye to his former crush he fled from the room.

Meanwhile while everyone was preparing for the funeral there was a certain servant who had roamed down the halls of the palace for years. She was eighty years old and was imported from the Earth Kingdoms by Ozai. She was told to have been a good worker, and she served him accordingly, from cooking in the kitchen to sexual affairs. The sick bastard would lay with the older woman much to her chagrin. But it was either that or her children would have been annihilated on the spot.

Even though she was imported from the Earth Kingdom she was born from water tribe descent. She knew Katara well. Her family would secretly send her letters about the last water bender in the South Pole. She also heard that Pakku had actually trained a woman. The thought of that bitter old man and his old customs made her chuckle as he finally took the time to teach a water bender, who wasn't a man!

The elder finally came into the room of Katara. She looked pristine as she lay lifelessly on the small cot that was supported by rails. Her brown hair had been washed clean and her wounds had been cleaned but they still leaked through the robes. The robes were colored a nice ice blue mixed with white, and her face looked content. They had cleaned her teeth accordingly. Not a twinge of blood was on her teeth anymore.

"Wondrous child." Ling whispered moving a strand of dark hair from the girl's gentle face.

The elderly woman took a pouch from under her belt and opened it. It was a mixture of crystalline dust, water weeds, and polar roses. It was too make sure that the dead body would never rot away. She sprinkled it over Katara and gave a silent prayer. After that she used some of the spirit water on the wounds which happily stopped the bleeding. Lastly the woman placed a kiss on her forehead, and gave a small smile.

"Rest child, your time shall come soon." The woman whispered and travelled back into the halls, singing an ancient water tribe hymn.

Hours later

All citizens' non-bender and bender alike were at the funeral. The fire nation people wore white, the people of the Earth Kingdom wore a translucent green, and the water tribe wore light blues with black colored fur surrounded on the collar of their hoods, while Aang wore a white air nomadic garb decorated with each color that represented the four elements.

Katara's body lay on the cobblestone path on a comfortable spongy cot. She was beautiful. Her cot had been placed by the shores of the water.

The funeral was decided to be short therefore Aang—since he was the avatar- had to say a few words.

He stood next to Katara's body and gave a small smile trying to comfort the crying people.

"K-Katara was a great person. So warm and full of life and love, she was actually the mother of our group. She never looked at me as the avatar, or the boy he ascended from a block of ice," he explained strongly jutting out his chin for emphasis. "but she treated me as Aang. The twelve year old boy that I never had a chance to be. Even though a great warrior, friend, daughter, and sister is gone her spirit will remain with us forever."

The crowd gave a small clap for the avatar's moving and short speech. As tradition the water tribe sang in their native dialect, as Aang and Pakku encased Katara's body in ice.

Aang knelt down and rubbed the cool slick solid and kissed it. "Goodbye Katara," Aang whispered and with the help of Pakku her ice encased body was pushed out into the water, and sank lower into its depths.

It was done and finished. The death of Katara. Everyone left right after the body had sunken below the water. But Aang he had stayed and for the first time he was allowed to weep and curse himself that he was made the Avatar. He continued to cry as he looked at the water. His love and his chance for love were over, as well as ever having the chance to love any other woman again. The water had her now, and her spirit will always be on the water. Forever.

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