Abyss: A deep, immeasurable space, gulf, or cavity; vast chasm.

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Chapter 3

Enter the Abyss

100 ASC

6 months later


He was cold and distant from everyone and no longer showed a hint of emotion. The spark of excitement that was once in his youthful eyes were dimmed. Aang was different now. He kept his duties first instead of waiting at the last minute to complete them. He already reconstructed the Northern Air Temple by himself, now he was being called back to the Fire Nation to attend Fire Lord Zuko's peace treaty organization.

He didn't really blame Zuko for the loss of Katara's life. In his mind it was his fault alone. His friends denied his thinking vehemently, which caused him to go into the Avatar State, claiming they were lying. If only he could have defeated Ozai sooner Katara would be here. They would have gotten married and had many children, at least two or three. He would dream of the life they could have had but to no avail she was dead.

The Avatar was happy to see one person. The tough and boyish tomboy and close friend Toph. It had been three months since they last saw each other. Even though the elements were reunited the one-hundred year war heroes drifted apart. Toph stayed in the Earth Kingdom still participating in Earth Rumble competitions, Sokka was travelling back in forth between the Southern and Northern Water Tribes to discuss new architectural ideas, while at the same time studying to become Chief, so the young male barely got time to be around his former travel buddies.

Over the last six months Team Avatar had officially came to a swift end. Sokka couldn't look at Zuko anymore without snarling and Toph always ended up throwing rocks at the water tribe warrior for attacking Zuko, so life was strange, different, and confusing.

The young monk landed Appa he let out a usual large groan before he would land. Aang jumped off the large and magnificent creature, landing perfectly on his feet. His air bending had allowed him to be quick and graceful while his earth bending gave him the ability to sense other life forms nearby, and a very familiar one was right behind him. He knew exactly who it was.

The young boy was correct when he guessed it was Toph but he was surprised at her appearance. Instead of her traditional traveling garb, she was dressed in an outfit exactly like Katara's, except it was light green with dark green lining. The shoes of course had no soles which were known as the Toph way. Her hair was still in the same style the only difference was that her hair band was a lighter shade of green. He continued to stand there in shock.

'Why is she in Katara's clothes?'

Toph didn't need to hear or see the nomad to know what he was thinking. She felt his heart accelerate to new levels and finally decided to calm him down. With a small flick of her pointer finger and nice sized pebble hit Aang in the back of his head. His heart rate slowed down a small bit and she gave a proud smirk.

"Cool it Twinkletoes," She gave him a small punch his shoulder making sure it would bruise later. "I just thought this would be a nice thing to remember…Katara…by. It feels like she's closer to me. My mom bought some dye and dyed Katara's old outfit for me to wear. Of course I heard protests, yada, yada, yada-"

"Take it off and burn it."Aang growled in extreme anger.

Normally no one would ever expect a peaceful monk—especially from the air nomads—to speak in such a violent way.

Aang said nothing else and proceeded to walk inside the palace but Toph felt the need to coax him more about her new choice of clothes, maybe give him a lecture.

"Twinkletoes," she was interrupted when a blast of air and water came her way. The air sent her flying back and the water ruined the new clothes.

With a satisfied nod Aang walked into the palace, not bothering to greet the nobles that walked his way. He could've been at the temple right now or continue to search for air benders but no, it was the nobles who always pestered him about the world's problems…even if it was his duty.

He walked to the guest room not bothering to see Zuko. The boy just wanted to settle down first before he went into the mind slaughtering meetings. All they did was argue over money anyway. So what's the point? He closed the door behind him and locked it closed as well as the balcony. He pushed up his sleeves to get them out of his way as he rummaged through the drawers of the dresser.

'Where did I put it?' he questioned in his head.

He ran to the chest and opened it not caring if the wooden top hit the bed post with a loud thud. He pulled out the clothes that were covering his 'prized possession'. He gave a cruel smile when he had a dagger in his hand. The blade was sharper than ever and he wanted to feel it against his skin. In one swift movement he made four slashes on both arms, enjoying as the blood made a contrast against his pale skin. He reveled the blood over flooding the wounds. The trickles he heard on the wood made him feel on top of the world. After ten minutes of continuing his cutting his arms were mangled and covered in blood. Then a harsh thought came to his mind.

'It was Katara's fault! If she would have watched on what she was doing, she would be here!'

*Knock, Knock*

Aang gave an angered 'yes' to the person who was at the door.

"Avatar Aang the meeting starts in a few minutes you should get ready." A guard explained.

Grumbling, Aang water bended his arms clean but didn't bother to heal them. He liked the many scars that decorated both arms and planned on keeping them. He pulled down the sleeves put the dagger away and closed the chest. Finally he emerged from the room and walked down the large maculate halls. He didn't bother on pretending so he never smiled at anyone in the meeting hall, he only frowned and that frowned deepened when he saw Ty Lee. All happy in a new pink outfit. It sickened him. He used to be happy once.

"Hiya Aang!" the teenager smiled at the bald-headed monk and gave a wave. "I'm glad you're finally here in the fire nation, it's been chaos without you." She gossiped. "Zuko is Mr. Grumpy pants as always. He's been moodier since you left, imagine a grumpy fire lord." Ty Lee giggled at her own horrible attempt at a joke.

"Ty Lee." A somber, stoic, female voice called.

Mai. A person he could tolerate for once, since he was a male replica of her. After Katara died he had went to her for assistance on how to shut out all emotions. She helped and from the looks of everything it worked. The loving monk was gone and replaced with a stoic and crude human being.

"Ty Lee you have to get ready for your fitting." She ground out.

"But Mai the wedding is…two years away!" Ty Lee snapped in her giddy voice.

"I don't care. You should have thought about that before slinking your nails into Zuko." The stoic woman glowered.

It was true. Zuko had grown tired of Mai's unaffectionate attitude toward anything. How could a woman with no passion or feeling be able to rule an entire nation? He had broke everything off with her and a month later discovered his love and attraction for the pink clad 'circus freak.' She was so sweet and happy where Mai was silent and stoic. He was happy with his choice. Zuko had chosen Ty Lee but Mai still cared and respected their decision and surprisingly remained their friend.


"It's fine Ty Lee, I'm sorry." Mai turned to Aang. "You're here? It's about time. The fire nation is chaos." She repeated Ty Lee's words from before.

Aang grunted and walked past the two ladies grabbing a seat on the side of the table. The nobles were in relief that the Avatar was here.

He was sick when he saw Zuko give a small kiss on Ty Lee's small nose and walked into the meeting. She got into handstand position and walked out of the meeting room, Mai right on her heels.

"Let us start." Zuko stated.

"Well my lord, we have done many observations and the war was costly. Especially for our nation!" a noble squawked.

Aang grimaced at the man's logic. "Maybe if you wouldn't have spent all your money on weapons to destroy the world, you wouldn't be out of money to this day. You were selfish…all of you were selfish during the damn war." The Avatar cursed.

Nobles were always greedy for gain. It made him sick. Since the war was over, why continue to take money from the people. It was absurd! The Avatar could have been at one of the air temples, meditating, or at least try to make an attempt to find other air benders. Without saying a word the young man stood from his chair, and departed from the room, not wanting to hear any more of this nonsense.


Outside the Meeting Hall

Zuko gave an apology to the nobles and his council for the rude departure of his friend. He had never seen him react, not to mention the negative vibes around the bald monk. The Fire Lord rose from his gold adorned chair and ran after Aang, until he was outside of the meeting halls. He ordered his guards to close the door, and then leave, to give the two friends privacy to talk.

"Aang you're the Avatar, you can't walk out anytime you feel, like it. You have to listen to what they suggest."

Silence was the young lord's reply.

Aang said nothing.

The first reason he did not feel the need to explain his actions, least of all to Zuko, who practically let Katara be murdered! The second reason, he felt a spiritual pull in his body. He was still silent as he dropped to the ground, sitting in a cross legged position. He closed his eyes, finding an example of something spiritual, so he could connect to the other side. Such as the Koi Fish. His eyes opened.

Zuko was shocked to see his friend no longer had a white glow to his eyes, but red. He called for immediate help, thinking something was wrong, which was…correct.


Spirit World

It was so dark. It was also cold beneath his now bare feet. He took a closer look into his surroundings, recognizing a foe's presence. He would never forget the emotionless eyes, peering through what seemed to be a white mask. The lips a bright red…It was Koh. The demonic spiritual creature had unspeakable power, and this was a demonstration. He had pulled Aang into his territory, to scare him, and then take away his beloved face.

The centipede like creature was angry to find that Aang was just as stoic and serious as he was. He didn't like it.

"Where are we Koh?" the Avatar ended the silence, rising from his meditation pose.

"Welcome Avatar Aang," the creature crawled over by the bald monk. "welcome to the abyss. The cruelest world you will ever encounter. Evil spirits, demons, everything you could imagine is down here." The spiritual being explained in a hiss.

"Why did you bring me here?"

"I see what you do to your arms, you have no peace. I bought you here, to steal your face, when you least expect it. This is a test. One wrong move, I shall devour your face and your very being, and you will be trapped here for eternity. No one shall see you ever again." The spirit promised. And with that the test had begun.

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