Rise of the Guardians: Fairy-Frost

Tooth's POV

"Tooth! Fingers out of mouth!" North commanded while glancing back to make sure I had obeyed.

I did, temporarily. At this moment, I was unsure why, but I had felt a desperate need to see and feel every detail of his perfect snowflake white teeth. I watched on as he yawned. Without thinking about my actions or the consequences, my lips crashed into his. I plunged my tongue into his mouth.

I couldn't help myself, my act was not meant to be dirty or mature though, I just had to know what his teeth were like. I figured it was alright, he slung one arm around my waist as the other rested on his staff. I felt the cold rushing through me and a shiver coursed its way through my body. I brought my hands up to his white locks. They were softer than a bunny's fur!

I ran my tongue over all of his teeth, slowly. I felt the molars, incisors, every tooth in his mouth. As I became positive that I had felt every groove of his flawless pearly teeth, North snapped me out of my current daze. "Tooth!" He hollered eyes wide and a cross look appearing on his face.

"Sorry," I muttered blushing. "You said no fingers; you never said I couldn't use my tongue. I wanted to feel his teeth... I guess I just got a little caught up." I told them all sheepishly, positive I was still a bright shade of red. I glanced at Jack along with the rest of the Guardians; he had a smirk on his pale face. He acted as if nothing had happened. His frosty hair slightly ruffled and out of place. Probably my doing...

He froze a small portion of the floor and watched as the small elves slid around and fell excitedly. He stood back up, "What?" He asked seeing all of our staring eyes. "Just curious why you aren't listening, breaking elves, and making the fairies swoon." Bunnymund asked harshly.

Jack raised his eyebrows, a smirk still obviously dancing across his lips. He rolled his eyes and tapped the ground with his staff. The ice thawed out rather fast and he turned back to Bunny, "Happy?" He asked sarcastically. "Oh, and about making the fairies swoon, can't help it." He told the tall Aussie with a shrug before promptly turning to Baby Tooth and a few others and winking at them. My fairies fainted at his actions. Baby Tooth flew over and crawled into the crook of his neck and snuggled into him. "Can't blame them, they aren't blind." Jack told Bunny while shrugging, obviously enjoying this. "Enough!" North called as he shook his head at the boys and their child-like behavior. "Sorry" they both muttered in accidental unison. I immediately knew that he would fit in just fine. We all turned out attention back to North as he continued telling Jack all the perks of being a guardian.