Bold is in flashback.

Italic are thoughts.

Bold and Italic are thoughts in flashbacks.

Bold and Underlined are the time and day or the amount of time that has passed.

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Summary : Reikon no Kokoro. Translated as A Soul's Heart. Black Rock Shooter and Ron saw a girl when they were on their way back to the headquarters. But, the girl isn't just what she seems...



Hazama… This is the world between Heaven and Earth.

Souls that were vain prior to their departure from Earth will be trapped in their delusions here…

Unable to ascend to Heaven…

You're not a stagnated soul and, you are also not a Black Shooter…

"Finally done with this soul! Muahahaha! " Ron shouted and laughed happily when Rock picked the soul. Rock and Ron currently finding a stagnated soul in an old building. The soul was then defeated and was ready to be taken to the headquarters to get purified.

Rock shook her head, as if she was annoyed. Scratch that, she is annoyed.

"Oh c'mon… be a little happier. Oh well, next soul coming right up~! WHEEE!" Rock stood up and looked up at the soul that Ron was holding with his tail. Rock shook her head while seeing that scene and then looked down, thinking about something.

You're not a stagnated soul and, you are also not a Black Shooter…

Approximately 30 seconds later…

"ROCK! Don't tell me you are day dreaming inside there! I have been waiting for a million years already!" Ron shouted impatiently.

Rock then appeared in front of Ron and stared at him for about 5 seconds.


Ron is Rock's constant companion who comes in a form of a snake-like creature; well, for most of the time. When needed, he will transform into Rock's primary weapons like a curved katana and a cannon. As a companion, he can't leave Rock alone. In this case, Ron sometimes finds himself stuck with Rock, and he feels bored because Rock doesn't talk much.

Ron flew back beside Rock and tried to strike a conversation with her.

"So, what should we do now? How about going to slee-" before Ron could finish his sentence, Rock pulled his tail, hard, and tossed him in front of her. She glared at him; Ron knew he needs to quit fooling around.

Ron sighed as he flew up into the sky and grinned at Rock as he knew that Rock also wanted to find another stagnated soul.

Rock sighed, Not again…

You're not a stagnated soul and, you are also not a Black Shooter…

About 30 minutes of walking…

Halfway to the headquarters, Rock suddenly stopped walking and talked to Ron.

"What's the matter?" Ron asked Rock, feeling concerned.

Rock pointed out to the front, and said "A girl…"

There was a girl with a long blonde hair standing there. She was wearing a long black robe with a hood. She looked like a teenager when her back was facing them, but when she turned around facing Rock and Ron, they could tell that the girl was only about 10 years old.

As the wind blew, her long blonde hair swayed, just like a golden angel below the Sun, giving out her strength to all the people in this world. However, her crimson red eyes and her serious-looking face destroyed what Ron was expecting.

"Not her eyes…" Ron said, feeling depressed. Tears flowed out of his eyes anime style.

Rock quickly elbowed Ron, reminding him not to get carried away by his thoughts about the girl that was standing in front of them.

"Oh yeah, I forgot… LET'S GO!" Ron curled on Rock's right arm and immediately turned into a cannon. Rock ran as fast as she could towards the girl at full speed.

Ron then gave his 'best' aim and shot in the direction of the girl. A loud 'BOOM' can be heard after Ron's 'splendid' shot. The shot caused a thick smoke to form and it covered Rock's and Ron's sight. After the smoke cleared, there was nothing there.

"Where did she go?" Ron sounded like he was panicking.


"BEHIND US!" Ron shouted.

The girl used her hand to hit Rock's neck, successfully knocking Rock out. Rock fell on the ground in front of the girl, she blacked out on the spot.

"Tsk, pathetic losers…" the girl turned to Ron. Ron was paralyzed when he looked her crimson eyes, it was as if… she had killed others before…

"Get lost…" The girl said coldly to Ron. After she finished her sentence, she started to walk away.

Ron blinked.

"Huh? I thought you going to kill me."

The girl turned to Ron, she shook her head.

"Do I look like a person that will kill you?" the girl asked. Ron was startled; he could not believe what he had heard. What in the world is she talking about? he thought.

"Unfortunately, yes." Ron replied the girl with an annoying tone that had caused the girl to twitch. A vein mark was visible on her head.

"You're the one who attacked me. I can't just stand there and let you two to strike and kill me, I need to live too. Damn it, now you're wasting my time." The girl ignored Ron.

"You can't be one of the Black Shooters, can you…?" Ron was starting an argument with her.

"I had no idea what are you talking about, snake-head!"

"What did you say and what did you just called me? Does your mother teach you manners, little girl?"

"Shut up!"

"You must a stagnated soul, dummy!"

"Now look who is does not have manners?"

The quarrel between them was getting louder and louder. It had make Rock regain consciousness.

"Oh yeah, I forgot. Every Black Shooter has a least a companion. Acta has Nico, Dead has the two ugly skulls, I have you." Ron looked at Rock who was rubbing her eyes and was trying to get up.

"Rock, you're okay!" Ron shouted happily at Rock.

Rock ignored him and looked at the girl, and said, "What are you doing here? Where are you going? And the most important thing is, who are you?"

The girl stopped walking, she didn't say anything. Rock and Ron thought that she wouldn't give them an answer.

But, they were wrong. Finally she answered them, "To tell the truth, I can't remember anything. I have no idea how I get here and what am I doing here. I only can remember my name is RED, and I am 10 years old."

"A stagnated can't lost its memories, if it loses its memories, it means that the soul has already purified. Furthermore, it will automatically descend to heaven. So, you can't be a stagnated soul." Ron made a conclusion while Rock tried to figure out who the girl actually was.

A stagnated soul?


A Black Shooter?



Who is she?

"So, it means that we need to take her to the headquarters to investigate who is she right?"

Ron got hit by Rock on his head after Rock heard a foolish decision from him.

"Alright, alright...we need to think of another way to help this girl." Ron apologised to Rock.

"We need to find her memories and we need to find her purpose she came to this world." Ron was getting excited while Rock grabbed Red's hand and started their journey.

The journey to find Red's memories and purpose she came to this world…




To Be Continued…

How much longer should I scream?
How many more tears should I shed?
Enough already, I can't run anymore,
The world I once dreamed of is lost…

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