Bold is in flashback.

Italic are thoughts.

Bold and Italic are thoughts in flashbacks.

Bold and Underlined are the time and day or the amount of time that has passed.

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Summary : Reikon no Kokoro. Translated as A Soul's Heart. Black Rock Shooter and Ron saw a girl when they were on their way back to the headquarters. But, the girl isn't just what she seems...





There was awkward silence.

The soul in Red started to feel very uncomfortable and planned to run away. That very secret she accidentally said was enough to be a crime.

No one should know that secret… including her so-called sister, Red.

Ron was speechless at that very moment while Rock stared, as if she was shocked.

Sister? Rock thought deeply.

She recalled the day they brought Red to the playground, and she got a little part of her memories back. Rock was guessing that it was the memories about Red and her sister.

After thinking more deeply, she shook her head, what she had guessed couldn't be true. It was a wrong guess, Red shouted "Stop it!" back then, it was impossible that Red shouted that at her sister, but it was possible that she said that because someone was trying to bully her. In other words, that soul in Red was very good to her, even Red couldn't remember or… maybe, Red doesn't even know her, yet, the soul she still helped Red.

Embrace the warmth your past…

Meanwhile Ron was scratching his head, and was still thinking…

If that soul is so sure that Red is her sister, it means she is the only one who knows how to get Red's memories back, and maybe, she could be the one who knew who sealed Red's memories. Ron felt happy and he thought he was too awesome, but he then… he thought that was it childish. He turned to the soul, but there was no one standing there, he twitched and started to look around.

"SHE'S GONE!" Ron freaked out but probably he was just pretending… he flew to the sky and search for the soul. While Rock followed him they went into another small town. She looked up at Ron, Ron immediately told her that her job was to search for the soul while he will go and ask the villagers if they saw the Red.

Luckily, the town was small; there were shops and stores almost everywhere in the small town.

"Bakeries…bookshops…" Ron read the big signs on the shops building.

The villagers looked calm and peace, there was no chaos present in the town and sometimes it made Ron feel much discomfort.

Which one of these people do I need to ask?! At least one of them saw someone suspicious (the soul that was possessing Red), it might be easier to find that damn brat! Ron looked as if he was going to burst with anger (?) soon.

Embrace the warmth your past…

Ron asked many people around the town but no one was ever seen a girl with blonde hair, which was wearing red clothes and a black cloak.

He then sadly headed back to Rock and told her that he couldn't find the soul. After hearing it, Rock sighed and shook her head. Yup, she also couldn't find the soul. It was a disappointing. Rock walked to a small lane between two of the shops, Ron followed her from behind.

The lane was dark and cold, Ron suddenly muttered, "This really suits how we feel right now."

And was later hit by Rock on the head; Ron smiled to say that he was sorry. But it was true, it really fit how they were feeling now: down in the dumps.

Rock agreed it in her mind. Not long after, they reached a big bricked wall.

"Dead end." Ron laugh nervously as he wanted to cheer Rock up but Rock didn't have the time to stop and laugh, she felt that Red was very important to her, and she want to find and help her.

Rock touched the brick wall, and then gently hit her head on the wall. It made Ron felt sorry for Rock. At that very moment, a drop of water fell on Rock's trembling hand. She glance at the droplet, she murmured, "Cold as ice… Sad…"

Rock and Ron gazed up…

Embrace the warmth your past…

There was the soul that possessed Red (and she still is); she was sitting on top at the balcony, with her face in her arms. There were tears dropping down from her eyes, and they fell on Rock's hand again.

The soul is… crying? Rock asked herself, she decided to call her Ron was a step forward from her. He flew in front of the soul, and patted her shoulder.

"Great, we found you; I thought we were never going to see you again." Ron said, feeling relieved that they finally found her.

They felt something strange emerging from the soul, they looked into the soul's watery eyes, and darkness filled those crimson eyes and caused them to take back a step.

"Rock… this is not good." Ron started to feel scared. Rock sweated a little.

"I won't let you separate me and my sister…." She said as she stood up, and continued with a deep voice," I want to atone for my mistake myself!" A thick fog suddenly appeared and circled around the soul's left hand, a black aura started to form around her. Rock and Ron were shocked to see that extraordinary scene; they were paralyzed.

Combining with the black aura and the thick fog, a long black spear was created. The head of the spear was a long and sharp blade at the center, two small ones at each side, the shaft had a long black vein-shaped-thing was attached to it. The soul held it in her hand, it was about a head taller that her.

"Oh man…" she grumbled, it was obvious that she was grumbling about the spear's height.

"Rock, get up here," Ron commanded and Rock jumped onto the balcony. Ron instantly turned into a black katana and Rock grabbed him after he transformed.

The soul grinned; she took a few steps back, waiting for Rock to get ready. Rock took a step back, she squatted down a little as she held the katana with both of her hands and brought it in front of her.

The soul smirked and charged towards Rock with at very high speed. Rock knew she couldn't reach that speed so she tried to block the attack from hitting her with the katana that she was holding.

"…" there was no force coming towards Rock. She felt that something was wrong and she opened her eyes and looked. No one…is there…? She thought.

"Fools…" a voice spoke and Rock found the spear was at her right. The soul jumped over her obliquely by using the spear to help her.

When her feet almost touched the ground, she kicked Rock's back and it made Rock fall.

The soul was too fast… Rock wasn't able to avoid the kick, Rock panted tiredly, but she was not planning to give up.

She clenched the katana tightly and charged to the soul and swung the katana as hard as she could at the soul. Before her attack could reach the soul, the soul smirked again and blocked the attack with the spear. The soul then kicked Rock again, but this time wasn't that hard. Rock fell on the ground; she looked as she was in pain.

"Hey," the soul called abruptly as she places the sharp point of the spear right below Rock's chin. Rock looked up.

"I'm not going to kill you," she said before Rock could said 'Don't kill me', "I just want to get your attention," the soul continued, "Let me do this myself, you can see that my skills are better than yours… and I can protect Red better than you can. I also want to help her to get her memories back…" the soul looked away, feeling very wrong about something.

Ron turned back to his snake-like form and spoke to the soul, "What have you done to Red? You looked like you have done something really wrong to her…" Ron understood what the soul was up to, she wanted to atone for something and Ron wanted to know what it was.

Embrace the warmth your past…

"I-I don't want to talk about it…" the soul's dangerous weapon disappeared after she said that sentence to Ron.

"It's ok… but will you stay? Let's help Red together, ok?" Ron tried to make the soul stay so that Rock will able to help Red, just as she wanted.

"Um…well, since Red likes you two, I will let Red stay," the soul said as she smiled kindly, after her speech, she vanished. Red collapsed and Rock managed to catch her in time.

Rock held Red in her arms and said to Ron, "Let's go find a place to let Red rest".




To Be Continued…

Within the cradle of time,
What I saw was a terribly cold dream,
But you sang for me,
A gentle, gentle lullaby.
"What did you wish for?"
"A world that doesn't end."
"What did I wish for?"
"The end of the world."
The chosen voice is,
"Confused, Suffering."
"Laughing, Persevering."

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