D/A- I got this idea from HoAluver13, check out her story too!

Chapter 1 - NO WAY

Nina's POV

After dinner, everyone was watching TV, me sitting on the couch with all the girls and the boys sitting on the floor. That's when the announcement came on and everyone turned to look.

"We have recived news that Chanel, Gucci and Vogue are having a fashion show next month with models Yasmin Ramos and Jenna Target."

My mouth dropped open, while Amber screamed and started gushing about how Yasmin Ramos had stopped modelling and this was her big comeback. Joy, Mara and Patricia were talking about getting seats to the show and the boys were watching their last fashion show. I swear I saw drool.

'Have you heard my secret, the secret I need to te'- My special ringtone went of recorded by moi for my old life. I walked out, knowing that everyone was staring at me and answered the phone.

I screamed. HOW COULD YOU?!

I take it that you saw the announcement.

Yeah, the WHOLE house saw it! Care to explain?

Well, me and your manager, Rosie thought you might want to restart. This was the best chance we got, besides you can still keep it a secret from your friends NiNi. Anyway you kinda have to do it and me and Rosie are flying in tomorrow. I'm staying with you and Rosies gonna get a hotel. We have a fitting in 2 days at 12:00 and then a premier at 8:00pm so you have no choice Nina.

Fine, I guess I do miss it...

YAY! cya NiNi

Bye Jen!

I closed me cell, stuffed it into my pocket and turned around. Eight pairs of eyes were watching me.

"GUYS, what do you want?" Amber replied asking, "Why were you yelling and who was that?" "My friend Jen is coming over tomorrow and I was yelling cause she told me today." I said Hopefully they'll buy it , I don't want them to know my old life.

You see when I was 9, me and Jen Sleek got entered into a beauty pagent and we tied 1st place. Since then we got modelling invitations and we attended all of them and to keep our identities safe my alter was Yasmin Ramos and hers Jenna Target. Finally, the job was too much for me. Jen stayed, to continue her career, while i got accepted to Anubis. I hadn't heard from it since, till now. Also, I have a big secret to my wardrobe too - the bottom of my closet opens up and my designer brands are hidden there. I mean if Amber knew I'd freak! Plus I'll never hear the end of it.

Trudy came running in, snapping me out of my thoughts. "Deary, what time is your friend arriving? I've to make arrangments." "Tomorrow morning- could she sleep in mine and Ambers room?" She nodded her head and ran of to who knows where. Everyone who was gathered left and I hurried up to my room and locked the door, this is going to be one big secret to keep.