Chapter 27 - Shopping!

Nina's POV

So after the picture taking and sticking we all fell asleep in the common room. Some on the sofas, some on the floor, Jerome on the window sill. After Victor screamed in our ears to get up, calling us lazy, it was Amber's plan - of course - to go shopping. All of us agreed since we still needed to buy our dresses for the Dance tomorrow night. I ran upstairs, took a quick shower to wake me up properly and got dressed in tights, shorts, and a cut off t-shirt. I slipped on my purple converse and jogged down to the hall and stood with Mara, Patricia, Jen and Joy, waiting for Amber to come down. Mindlessly tapping my foot, Amb's came down in a flowy dress. I shook my head, smiling and headed for the door, picking up my purse on the way. I had £40 tops to spend. Yes, I know how can you afford a proper dress with that? Well, there's a shop that sells dresses for £20 and they are amazing! Shoes and accessories I can worry about later. Amber headed into PAUL'S BOUTIQUE and the rest of us sprinted into LIKEWISE.

I skimmed the racks trying to find the perfect one. On the other side of the room Patricia and Joy were looking at mini dresses. Mara and me wanted long ones; more suited for us, while Jen was hunting. I saw a dress hanging off the side of the rack and grabbed it.

"Found It!" We all shouted. We turned to each and said "That was easy!" and then we headed straight for the dressing rooms. Mara went first. She came out in a strap dress that was white and tightened at the waist, then flowed out in pink net with flowery patterns that ended just above the knee. It was defiantly he right one.
"It looks amazing Mars, Jerome is going to be blown away!" Joy and Jen assured her. She blushed and got changed back into her normal clothes. Next was Joy. Joy was wearing a shoulder strap pink mini dress that had a black belt around it. I would say it would be revealing but on her it looked gorgeous.
"Perfect" Me, Trix, Jen and Mara said in unison. She gave us a smile and changed back. Patricia went in and came out in a black strapless mini dress that had a ruffled skirt. She looked mind-blowing.
"Your going to get that dance with Mick in that, Trixie" Mara teased. Patricia blushed while we giggled, changed then pushed Jen into the dressing room. When Jen pushed back the curtain she wore a strapless dress that reached her toes, and had a mixture of colours. A colourful flower was at the top right hand side and it went well with her skin tone.
"Good choices as always" I praised her.
"I just can't wait to see what you've got NiNi" She smirked back. After she changed they all shoved me in to get changed. My dress was turquoise; my favourite colour and looked like it came out of a Taylor Swift video. It had so many layers that it flowed perfectly. It was strapless and tightened around my waist. I walked out and Jen spoke first.
"Nina that suits you perfectly! It was made for you!" The others nodded in agreement. I smiled and put my other clothes back on and went to pay for the dresses. Before I did, I noticed the 2 for £20 sign and picked up another dress.

We walked out to meet Amber to buy shoes and things but she was still in the shop choosing. I sighed and walked in.
"Amber! Amber!" I shouted and she raced towards me.
"I can't find the dress! The one that's made for me!" She cried. I giggled and handed her the other dress. She took it out and screamed.
"Omg it's pefect!"
"Well it's yours, been paid for and everything" She screamed again and wrapped me into another snake hug.

"Okay, shoe time!" Jen told us as we made are way to WALK IN. I bought silver heels, Mara - Pink, Joy- Black, Trixie - Black stilettos, Jen - Green and Amber - White.

Amber told us that we can borrow her jewellery so we skipped the accessories and headed for Anubis. When we got there and dropped our bags the boys stared at us.
"Why the bags?" Jerome asked.
"Why the faces?" Patricia snapped back. We took a quick drink, picked up our bags, headed up stairs and collapsed on the bed. Shopping is the most fun and tiring thing in the world.