Anko skipped through the streets of Konoha with what some people might call a slightly manic grin. She made sure to direct this look on anybody and everybody who crossed her path; she was definitely in a good mood today. She didn't really know why, it might have been the recent slew of interesting A-ranked missions she had been getting or perhaps it was because Hana had asked her to be her maid of honour. She didn't really care, all she knew was that she was happy, those occurrences were too rare in her book to be wasted pondering.

Her grin diminished slightly as she looked up at the Hokage monument, noticing a lone figure standing atop the head of the Yondaime Hokage. She couldn't make out any features except the long billowing coat they wore because the sun was behind them, making the jounin cover her eyes with a hand. For a moment she could have sworn the man was smirking in her direction but before she could get any closer he vanished, just like that. In that brief instance she swore she could have seen a mop of sun-kissed blonde hair.

She shook her head, wondering if she had been out in the sun for too long before remembering what she was doing. Her grin returning she quickly took off in the direction of the Inuzuka compound; it wasn't every day she got to be a bride's maid to her best friend.

Mei sighed as she leafed through another stack of documents idly, not really focused on what she was reading. It was mostly senseless drivel about this mission or that; she didn't care too much as long as they were completed successfully without many problems. She groaned as she leaned back in the chair; she really needed a day off or something. The last time she had been able to really kick back and just enjoy herself was at Naruto's wedding, she smiled as she remembered the day fondly.

She peered out over the village, her village, watching the sun reflect off the moisture covering the white-washed buildings. She peered a little closer as she noticed a single man standing tall, high up on one of the buildings, just looking out over the village. She couldn't make out any details but he definitely caught her eye with his clothing blowing out in the wind like that. As quickly as she had noticed him a cloud passed over the sun, briefly darkening the village for just a moment.

When it passed he was gone, as if he had never been there in the first place. Mei just blinked as she leaned back even further into her chair, she really needed a break.

Yugito slid underneath another of Bee's attacks, bringing her body down low to the ground before springing back up to wrap around the larger man's neck. She was swiftly backhanded away before doing any actual damage but before he could fully recover she was on him again, a flurry of lightning fast punches and kicks. Bee dodged or parried all of it with the face of one of his swords before grabbing one of Yugito's overextended arms, quickly throwing her across the plateau to impact painfully with a boulder.

"You gotta be faster than that little miss two or the mighty Killer Bee will always beat you, yeah!" The blonde just stood up with a smirk on her face before both jinchuuriki raised an eyebrow, turning their heads to where they felt a familiar chakra signature. Both smirked lightly as they gazed up at the mountain they were training under, just catching a glimpse of red and yellow before it vanished, taking the familiar presence with it.

"So it's that time of the year again huh?" Bee just nodded with a small smile, his arms over his chest as he looked up from behind his shades.

"It would seem it's that time for lil' nine-" he was cut off before he could rap anymore as Yugito promptly kicked him across the training ground.

"Gotta keep your guard up Bee-sensei."

A lone figure suddenly materialised atop a rooftop deep in Earth Country, standing easily with their arms crossed over their chest. Their eyes narrowed briefly before softening as they took into the night above them, the stars shining in the cloudless sky. They sighed to themselves as they took in Iwagakure, harnessing its own rugged beauty with its rough-hewn buildings. It wasn't their favourite village of all time but ever since Oonoki had passed on the title of Tsuchikage it had become more tolerable, dropping its inherent hatred for Konoha and its allies, slightly.

Two chuunin were out on the late shift patrolled through the streets, boredom evident on their faces. It was the most pointless job in the elemental nations; the walls of Iwagakure were unbreachable, almost. In the history of the continent only one man had ever breached the city, and he was dead. One of them suddenly stopped, the cigarette in his mouth dropping to the ground as his mouth opened in surprise, pointing up at a rooftop.

"H-hey isn't that...?" His friend looked around, noticing his friend trail off with an apathetic indifference; he just wanted the night to end. He didn't see anything up on the roof so just quickly slapped his partner around the back of his head before walking on down the street.

"Shut up you moron, who the hell's gonna be out here at this time of night? You're probably just tired." The other chuunin just blinked as he scrutinised the spot again, he was sure he had seen somebody, and not just anybody. He shook his head; it must have just been exhaustion and boredom, there was no way it could be him anyway, no way.

Kakashi jumped through the trees, only stopping when he finally came to the edge of the training ground. He was about to jump down until he spotted somebody else standing in his usual spot; instantly he recognised the long red coat and bright, spiky blonde hair. He paused for a moment before turning around, he wouldn't want to interrupt somebody paying their respects, he could come back later. He chuckled, thinking it might be worth it to see the shock on people's faces when he actually showed up on time for once.

Naruto just stared down at the simple black polished stone in front of him, the smallest of smiles on his face. He knelt down, placing the handful of flowers that he had collected from all across the Elemental Nations down on the memorial, focusing on three names in particular. He closed his eyes, breathing in deeply for a moment before he felt a hand lightly rest on his shoulders. He stood back, up, turning around to see his wife looking sadly down at the memorial.

"Come on Naruto, time to come home." The blonde just nodded with a sad smile as Tayuya wrapped her arms around him in a warm hug. They both disappeared, vanishing in an instant, the flowers resting on the polished black marble being the only indicator they were even there.

Naruto and Tayuya reappeared inside their home, still wrapped up in each others' arms until they heard a cough behind them. Naruto turned his head with a smirk as he saw Fuu stating at the two of them, her arms under her chest, crossed over her Jounin jacket.

"Good to see you back Oniisan, you know they were worried about you." As if on cue Naruto spotted a blur of blonde suddenly run into the room, bowling him back as the yellow bullet crashed into him.

"Tou-san!" Naruto just chuckled as he stood back up, picking up his daughter as he did so.

"Hey Konan-chan, you know you're getting a little old to be jumping into me like that." The four year old just giggled as she wrapped her arms around her father's neck, shaking her head furiously.

"Nuh uh, Tou-san will always be there to pick me up!" Naruto just chuckled but nodded all the same, who was he to say no to his little girl? He was right though, she was starting to get a little big, only four years old and already she was becoming awkward to hold the way he used to. Her long, straight blonde hair fell in sheets around her rounded face, always trying to emulate her mother. The three whisker marks on either cheek however marked her as her father's little girl.

"Pff, you know you're going to have to get her out of that fucking habit sooner or later." Naruto just turned around to the doorway with an amused expression, his eyebrow raised at his son. He didn't have to say anything though as Tayuya was quickly behind the eight year old, slapping around the back of the head.

"Arashi Uzumaki, you swear one more fucking time and I'll get Fuu to fly you up so high you won't be able to see the clouds." The boy turned pale before he coughed nervously, grumbling under his breath about hypocritical mothers. Naruto just smirked at the scene; it was the same thing almost every day. He was never happier than the day Arashi had been born, inheriting his father's spiky hair and his mother's colour. However like his sister the three whisker marks on either cheek clearly display his heritage to the world.

"Hey Tou-San, you know when Nagato-ojisan is next coming over? He promised me he'd teach me some awesome technique." Naruto chuckled, he swore if Konan didn't keep his cousin on a tight leash he would spoil Arashi rotten, something to do with being a true Uzumaki which always made Naruto grumble.

"No idea, take it up with your aunt." Arashi smirked, nodding before he went back outside, no doubt to train. He had been trying to replicate the rasengan for a few days now and of course Naruto was no help, not wanting to ruin the feeling of working out a jutsu all on his own. He had caught Fuu trying to give him pointers once but he quickly sent her packing to Yukimaru for a while. If it involved training or jutsu Arashi was all over it, yet at the same time he seemed to have taken up his mother's love of music with a righteous passion, which was unfortunate when he would spent all night practising.

He carefully set Konan down, much to her displeasure if her pouting features were anything to go on. It was lucky that he had slowly grown immune to what he had lovingly dubbed the 'puppy dog eyes jutsu' thanks to Tayuya abusing it during her first pregnancy. Naruto suddenly shivered as he remembered back to those times. Sure Tayuya was possibly happier than he had ever seen her but she had 'moments' and that was all Naruto was willing to remember.

"Hey Tou-san, why are you always gone this time every year?" Naruto looked down at his daughter in mild surprise, for one so young she was certainly turning out to be shrewd. He wondered briefly if she got that from her grandfather but dismissed it as he knelt down.

"I was just visiting some very special people." Konan smiled brightly, a sight that would prove irresistible to even the most hardened of Shinobi.

"Can I visit them too?" Naruto smiled right back as he ruffled the top of her hair gently.

"Sure thing, but not right now, when you're older." Konan just grinned and nodded while Naruto chuckled, that was definitely one difference between his kids, Arashi would fight him tooth and nail over ever little point, as stubborn as his mother, while Konan would accept everything Naruto said, not that he lied to her or anything. He made sure that he never lied to his children about anything, he wouldn't have them growing up the way he did. Unless of course it was an awkward question, then he would pass it off to Tayuya before vanishing for a few days with Gaara.

He smiled as he thought of his friend; there was one who had taken to married life well, or at least Matsuri had made him take to it well. Arashi and Kin were best friends and outside of the Academy the pair were inseparable. If it kept up this way he was going to have to recommend they be placed on the same genin team. He was sure Gaara would agree, after all besides Matsuri he always took Naruto's opinions into consideration; then again he figured that was how it was supposed to be between jounin commanders and their Kage.

He watched as Konan ran off out the back door, she enjoyed watching Arashi train, knowing that it would be her as well one day. Naruto just stood back up, watching her run off with a smile as Fuu walked over, leaning back against the edge of a table.

"So how was Iwa? Any trouble from Kurotsuchi?" Naruto just smirked, finally tearing his gaze away from his daughter to look at his sister. She too had changed over the years, she was definitely taller, curvier too although Naruto didn't generally like to think about her that way. She had let her hair grow out a bit, still trying to make it spiky like his, mostly unsuccessfully. It was almost a rare sight now to not see her flying through the village, swerving in between buildings.

"Nah, I don't think anybody even saw me. And even if they did you know they wouldn't give me any trouble." Tayuya just smirked from behind him as she draped herself over his back.

"Yeah, benefits of having a flee-on-sight order directly from the Tsuchikage eh?" Naruto just chuckled, he didn't even know why he had that on his bingo book profile, all those talks with Oonoki to prove that he wasn't his father and his granddaughter turns out to be exactly the same. Fuu smiled as well, rolling her neck back and forth, playing nanny to Naruto's kids was fun, but tiring.

"Yeah, being the second man to ever receive an SS-ranking might help just a little as well." Naruto just smiled and nodded, that had certainly been a surprise when he saw it; it also made him feel a little bit proud. He felt as though he was at least living up to his father's reputation while at the same time he kind of hoped he wasn't casting too much of a shadow for his own son to follow in. He shrugged it off, he was training his son himself and one day he knew Arashi would surpass him as well. At least until then he could enjoy beating his son around the training field, all in good sport of course.

"Well it's been a long day so..." Fuu just nodded kindly.

"Yeah, I better get back to Yukimaru anyway." Naruto waved her away as she took off into fading sunlight, quickly lost amongst the twinkling stars. He felt a tug on his hand and looked around to see Tayuya grinning at him deviously.

"I hope you aren't too tired. I have plans you know?" A large grin broke out over Naruto's features as he swiftly picked his wife up bridal style, immediately flashing to their room before carefully laying her out on their bed. She just smiled seductively; twiddling a strand of hair between her fingers in a way she knew drove him mad. As if to punctuate that point Naruto quickly dived on her, shedding his coat as he did so.

Tayuya quickly got the message and began to pull off her own clothes, helped by Naruto where he could and soon the two of them were lying next to each other completely naked as Naruto began trailing soft kisses across Tayuya's body. The redhead could only moan her approval, at least after checking that the privacy seals were up. Naruto took her groans of pleasure as a sign his ministrations were working and grinned as he continued to play with her nipple in between his teeth. He was about to stray lower when Tayuya grabbed his head, bringing him back up to face him as she planted a heated kiss on his lips.

"Not tonight Shithead, I need you right now." Naruto just smiled warmly, nodding as he readjusted his body, lining them up together. Tayuya gasped as she felt him slide inside her but quickly adjusted and began to move with him, getting the most out of his thrusts. Naruto continued to kiss her when he could, on the lips, on her shoulder, just over the small blue diamond next to the spiral seal on her neck, a wedding gift from Tsunade.

Finally Tayuya screamed out, unable to hold it back any longer, she clamped down around Naruto as he groaned in sync with her cry. They released together, both left panting on the bed, wrapped in each other's arms. Naruto continued to plant light, fluttering kisses across his wife's body while Tayuya tried to get her mind back from her post-orgasmic haze. Finally her vision cleared and she could look across at her husband with a smile.

"Happy birthday Shithead." The blonde just smiled as he fell back onto the comfortable bed, sighing happily. His life was just the way he always wanted it, he had a family, he had respect, he had a great friend and best of all he had the woman he loved lying next to him, sweaty, but beautiful. He sat up quickly when he heard a knock on their bedroom door, frowning as he got up and threw on a robe. The ANBU knew better than to see him for anything less than an emergency today; even so, he sighed and walked over. His eyebrow raised in surprise when he looked down at a mane of long blonde hair before his daughter looked up at him with her piercing green eyes.

"I couldn't get to sleep." Naruto just smiled kindly down at her as he took her small hand, leading her into the room where Tayuya just watched the scene with amusement.

"Was it the man in the orange mask again?" Konan just nodded making Naruto sigh, he regretted telling her that story now, he should have known it would give her nightmares. "Alright, you can sleep with us tonight." Konan just gave him the biggest smile as she immediately shot across the room so fast he feared she had somehow figured out his Fujin no Iki. Tayuya just laughed as she quickly pulled their daughter into a hug, after making sure she was clothed of course, wrapping up the little blonde with the bed covers.

"You know I think you just make up these nightmares so you can sleep with Kaa-san and Tou-san." Konan shook her head quickly but both Naruto and Tayuya caught the small blush that found its way onto the bridge of her nose. Naruto just shrugged as he flashed over the bed, making his daughter giggle as he vanished, only to reappear behind her.

"Well I don't mind, it just means I get to spend more time with my little girl." Konan beamed before snuggling in-between her parents, looking up at them both with wide eyes.

"Can you tell me a story?" Naruto looked across at Tayuya who simply shrugged, giving him a look that clearly said 'it's your turn'. He sighed internally but masked it with a kind smile as he pulled Konan in closer to him with one arm around the young girl's shoulders.

"You didn't always live in the Sand Village?" Naruto just shook his head with an understanding smile. "Are you going to let me tell the story?" The younger blonde quickly quietened down as she got more comfortable "Well you see, one day I was running..."

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