Hi guys, so I have decided to make a Camaya fanfic, i'll start it out with one chapter and if alot of people like it I will continue! Enjoy!

Maya's POV

Hi, my name's Maya Matlin, and I go to Degrassi Community School. Here at Degrassi, if you're a nerd you're not cool, and you're basically not allowed to hang out with the cheerleader or the jock. If you're a jock or a cheerleader you're basically not allowed to be friends with band geeks, science nerds, or nerds of any sort, but I Maya Matlin am about to change that. I'm currently walking down the hall on my way to Coach Rain's office, she's the coach for the cheerleaders. I knock on the door to her office lightly.

" Come in!" Coach Rain says, I step into her office, I can practically feel the drop in temperature.

"Hi Coach, I wanted to ask you something." I say staring into her eye's.

"If it's to move your little friend up to head you can turn your sweet little butt around and back to where-ever you came from." Her voice is scratchy.

" Actually, I'm here for me." I say, confidence taking over my whole body. "I want to be Head of the power squad." Now she's looking at me, sharply without hesitation I get a reply.

"Sure"she says, this suprise's me. "Your very confident and I like that in a person." She hands over a cheer outfit for me. "Go to the bathroom put his on and put that blonde hair of yours up into a high pony tail." I nod quickly and walk out of the office.

I'm basically running down the hall so I don't notice a boy around a year older then me walking the opposite direction, and the next thing I know I'm on the ground.

" Oh my gosh, I am so sorry!" I say quickly getting up, then helping him up.

" It's fine." He responds, he glances at me. " Campbell Saunders" He say holding out his hand for me to shake.

" Maya Matlin" I respond by shaking his hand.

" Well, maybe i'll see you around" He say's, then he starts jogging down the hall, probably late to a class or something.

I continue to walk to the bathroom and once I'm there I get on the outfit and do my hair, I notice that my outfit is the only one with the letter C on the top right corner, I smirk. As I walk down the hall I feel all eyes on me, I see Campbell and I wave, he smile's and waves back. This might actually be a good year.

So I know it was really short but hopefully the other chapters will be longer and please review nice things! :)