Et voilà, c'est fini!

Now, I suspect some of you might think: "Hey, you can't leave this story with an open ending. That's not fair!"

Well, allow me to counter this gently by saying: "Why, of course I can." (smiles deviously)

I thought it'd be nice if Severus just said: "Fuck this war, I'm going to Hawaï!" :-)... Not that he's actually going there... I personally picture him as a fine medicine man somewhere in the deepest part of Africa. No? :-)

To me this story is finished, and I've immensely enjoyed writing it. But if anyone should feel the urge to have his or her way with this story and continue it, be my guest. I would really understand it. Believe me, I do realize I've left a lot of loose ends (especially concerning the outcome of the war, which will probably be terrible) but that's how I like it. I know, it's horrifying.

I would like to thank each and every one of you for reading this and sticking by. This was my first fanfiction story, and in the few months that I've been visiting this site, I've come to realize that there is still a lot left to learn for me. Therefore, it was very nice to read your enthusiastic reviews. Well, more than nice really. Mostly, they left me floating :-). Special thanks to the people who reviewed most (XxZessxX, Falconlux, MMWillow13, Alishabear, goddessonmyknees, delia cerrano and metamorphstorm, to name a few). Your reviews were really useful and yes, they did make my day!

I'm also a little proud to tell that I've officially received one real 'hate-review'. Though about 200 readers seem to disagree, it was still very brave to post that anonymous message full of constructive information… I'm astounded that that person still made it through until chapter 5. That must have been really hard :-).

Joking aside, I just wanted to make this point: if you didn't like my story, you can really just tell me. Don't need to bludgeon me to pieces with insults :-).

I might write other stories, but I'm out of good ideas for the moment. If anyone has a suggestion, feel free to PM me. I think I'm in the mood for something with a little bit more humor now. Or the opposite: something ridiculously brutal or cruel.

I've also been considering asking the help of a beta for a next story. If you are that person that keeps shaking her head in pity after every chapter, please contact me. You might be just what I need!

I will leave you on this note. I've just got one more thing to say. As you can see, I've got exactly one hundred reviews right now. But I know you can do a lot better, people. Your comments are quite addictive and I think I really need at least 30 more to get me through the week. So come on folks, help a poor girl out!

Hopefully until soon!

Sister of Mayhem x