A Guardians Revenge

Hello and welcome to my story everyone. I'm crafty-boy-FTW and this is my story. Just to let you know all the birds in this story live human years instead of bird years and I'm also going to use words like racdrops from the books. But words are the only thing I'm taking from the books. Hope you enjoy and remember if you like the story live a review :D. Anyways, on with the story.

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Chapter 1: Prologue

"Mama, Papa look what me and Alex did!" a young seagull shouted as he ran towards a nest near the cliff face, excitement deep in his voice. The little seagull appeared to be at very young age. He did not look any older that nine years old and still had some baby feathers on him, giving him that grey colour new chicks always have.

"James, dear, I can't right now I have things to do and you know your father is out hunting," a feminine seagull said with a small sigh, she was obviously the chick's mother.

"Aww mama please, please come look," the chick called James whined.

"I'm really sorry dear but I can't right know, maybe later," James' mother said with a warm smile before she turned back to the nest and began to move the sticks and twigs in different places then pushing some soft moss into the gaps.

"Oh, ok then, I'll go back and check on Alex," James said slightly disheartened as he walked away from the nest. But it wasn't long before he perked up again.

James' nest was located on the edge of a cliff in the Beak's. The cliff was tall itself, so tall in fact that the bottom was obscured by a layer of mist. James' nest was not the only one on the cliff however; there was actually an entire colony of seagulls living there. There were nests scattered here there and everywhere along the side of the cliff, all with happy families in them and chicks running around playing merrily. The nesting areas were on rocks and boulders with a massive expanse of a green field behind it all, which a lot of chicks were currently using as a playground. All in all this place was a seagull's version Glaumora, so peaceful and happy, and James loved it.

Before he knew it James was at his brothers' location, and there next to him was the small formation of pebbles arranged into what could only be described as a small fort.

"Hey big brother, what did mama say?" the small chick, known as Alex, asked excitedly.

"Sorry little brother, but mama's busy and papa's out hunting," James replied with his head lowering slightly.

"Aw," his little brothers whine caused James to switch to big brother mode.

"Come on little brother we still have time to play and mama said that she might come and see it later!" he said enthusiastically trying to cheer his brother up. It worked.

"Okay brother what should we play?" Alex asked a smile pressed on his beak.

Alex himself was younger than James but only by a year, being eight years old he had the shape all hatchlings had. He had quite a lot more baby feathers than James, even though there was a year difference. He was a chirpy little seagull and was nearly always smiling. He sheared a great bond with his brother and his parents and James was likewise.

"Well I was thinking that we could play catch the fish with Jake and Sam" James said. Jake and Sam were brothers and they were also best friend with James and Alex.

"Yeah, let's go now!" Alex said in a rush and ran striate passed James in the direction of Jake and Sam's nest. James only giggled a bit before running after his brother.

Alex and James had been running for a few minutes now, passing many nests along the way. You would expect to get lost in the vast amount of nests everywhere, but for Alex and James, after living here since they were born, they knew this place like the back of their wing feathers. They stopped when they came across a nest with a rather large seagull in it. His white feathers and large frame clearly showed he was a male and he actually knew James and Alex quite well.

"Hey there Alex and James, are you here for Jake and Sam?" he asked in a friendly manner.

"Yes Mr Quake," James and Alex said simultaneously.

"Your mothers making you use formalities again isn't she?" Quake asked earning a small nod from the two chicks in front of him; he gave of a small chuckle.

"You don't have to do that around me lads… don't tell your mother I said that though"- pulling a smile, he continued-"anyway the boys are over there and I think they could do with some company," he said pointing to two board looking chicks sitting on a small rock.

"Thanks Quake," Alex said before running of towards the two chicks.

"Hey wait up," said James running off after his brother but not before saying thanks to Quake as well.

Quake looked at the two chicks running towards his own and smiled 'There just like me and Danny were back in the day.' Danny was James and Alex's father and he is best friends with Quake. He is an amazing story teller and often keeps the kids entertained with amazing stories, of what he and Quake did when they were little.

"Quake, honey, could you help me with this?" a feminine voice sounded out, which was Quakes mate.

"Yes, dear, I'll be there in just a sec," he said. He took one last look at the chicks before going to help his mate.

Meanwhile James and Alex had made it to Jake and Sam.

"Hey, Alex and James are we glad to see you!" Jake said happily, getting up quickly and his once board expression had vanished completely.

"Yeah I thought I was going to die of boredom!" Sam said just like his brother.

Jake and Sam were both the same age as James so unlike James and Alex who hatched on different years, Jake and Sam hatched as together, becoming twins and also making Alex the youngest. Jake and Sam were just like their father, always jolly and full of crazy ideas.

"Hey guys!" James greated.

"We were wondering if you wanted to play a game with us," Alex asked.

The twins looked at each other then back at their two friends in front of them with smiles.

"YEAH, a game," they said in union.

"Yeah, we were thinking about playing catch the fish," suggested James getting smiles from the two in front of him.

"Well what are we waiting for, let's go!" Sam said taking of like a rocket.

"Wait up Sam," Alex shouted chasing after him leaving James and Jake standing there. They looked at each other but then Jake raised a wing and placed it firmly on James' chest.

"You're it!" he said before running away giggling.

"Hey that's not fair, I wasn't ready!" James pouted before chasing after him, it was on now.

James started chasing Jake through the rock area of the nesting area. Running over the rocky was hard work for the chicks and the fact that they were weaving in and out of nests didn't help. A small rock stuck out from the ground. Jake saw it and managed to do a small jump to clear it but James however failed to see it and the next thing he knew he was flat on his beak. He quickly recovered by looking up and managed to see Jake getting away quick. He slammed his wing on the ground in frustration, there was no way he would catch Jake now… unless he took a short cut. James looked around to spot anything to help and spotted a ramp shaped rock that Jake was heading to. If he ran fast enough he might be able to cut Jake off. A smile came to James' beak as he quickly got to his talons and began to run flat out towards the rock. He saw Jake closing fast and glace behind himself, it was obvious that Jake had no idea where James was and that worked to James' advantage.

James closed on the rock but so was Jake. Closer and closer they got until it was convergence time. James reached the edge of the rock just before Jake passed under him and thought 'here goes nothing' right before he jumped. Jake passed right under James as he leapt forward and he stopped when he saw a shadow pass over him. In mid leap James raised his wing above his head, ready to bring it down on Jake. He landed directly on Jakes chest, knocking him over and pinning him to the floor. James brought his wing down gently before whispering to him "You're it".

James got of him and helped him to his talons.

"James, that was… AWSOME!" Jake shouted, amazed.

"That was nothing I just thought of it, didn't think it would work though," James said, the last part barely audible.

"It was still cool!" Jake exclaimed.

"No, it was just another one of my crazy ideas," James said casually.

"That's why it worked!" causing a smile to appear on James' beak.

"Come on Jake bet you can't catch me or the others!" James shouted behind him, as he had already started running.

"Hey, now that's not fair."

The sun had just begun to slip below the horizon and the light was fading fast. All the chicks were being called back to their nests by their parents and soon the noise had died down to small chatter between families whilst some had already turned in for the night. James' family had just finished a tasty fish James' papa Daniel, or as Quake calls him Danny, had brought home from his fishing trip.

"That was great papa," Alex said as he hugged his dad.

"Yeah thanks papa!" James said as he copied Alex's motions. Their dad just smiled warmly. Their dad was an averaged sized seagull but was way more muscular and built. He had smooth feathers and a playful yet fatherly nature to him and his kids loved him.

"You're very welcome boys and not to rough, I'm not as young as I used to be," he said with a chuckle

"Oh, dear, your still only 34," Gilder said smiling at her mate. Gilder was the mate of Daniel and the mother of James and Alex. She had the traditional grey feathers female seagulls have and was a little smaller than average. That didn't change her way of being a loving and caring mother and mate who had an undying love for her family.

"I thought it was the guys that flatter girls?" Daniel said with a sly grin.

"Well it works both ways dear," she said and joined the hug with her sons and mate.

"Alright that's enough hugging for one night, time to turn in," Daniel said.

"Alright, night mama night papa," the two chicks said simultaneously before going to sleep. Once he was sure they were both asleep Daniel and Gilder started talking.

"They're going to be fine seagulls when they're older, you know?" Gilder told her mate.

"I know dear, I think tomorrow I'm going to teach them a few things for later on in life, like hunting or flying or maybe…" he was cut off by his mate

"Daniel, you worry too much, they have plenty of time to learn and they're going to be fine."

"I know but, I just want them to be ready," Daniel said. His wife smiled reassuringly at him before both of them fell asleep together.

'I'm flying I'm finally flying. I can't believe it. This this so cool I feel like I can take on the world. I can do loops and tricks. whoosh, this is amazing. Wait what's that? It's coming striate at me! Wait its saying something, what's it saying? Pure… Pure Ones, what? Wait stop, stop, STOP!

James woke with a start. His nightmare, clearly, has scared him a lot. As he gathered his senses he became aware of an odd smell. It was a horrible smell that made it hard to breath. It smelt like smoke? Smoke! James was up and on his talons in an instant; his eyes focusing and he took in a sharp gasp as he saw what was around him.

Fires raged all around him from different nests, bodies of seagull were scattered about bloody and broken and the once green grass suddenly had a tint of red to it. James couldn't believe what he was seeing. This once paradise of a place was looking more and more like hell the more he looked around. An ear piercing scream filled the air which caused James to turn around quickly. He saw a female seagull being dragged by, what looked like, owls in masks behind a rock before the scream died and blood slowly run out from around the rock. She was dead and James new it. The devastation and destruction around him mentally shocked James to his core and he was frozen in place, but it was about to get much worse. He looked down and was stunned, collapsing onto his small knees with his eyes wide and tears welling up, and he couldn't believe what he saw. His mother and farther splayed out motionless on the ground with blood surrounding them and claw marks all over them. His father was laying a few feet away from the nest next to none other than Quake, who seemed to have joined his farther in some struggle against something.

His mother however was still in the nest, lying on her back with her stomach cut and scratched. James saw her right wing wrapped around something small and he dreaded to see what it was. He moved his mother's wing using great effort and immediately burst into tears at what he saw. His little brother was what his mother was trying to hide, she must have been trying to protect her youngest son but it was to no avail. His little brother was dead just like the rest of his family. James couldn't believe it; his family was dead and taken from him so quick he was stunned. How could this have happened? As James wept at the amount of devastation, a cough brought him out of his crying state.

"James, dear, is that you?" the voice of his mother rang out, though it sounded weak and distant but still gave James hope.

"Mama, you're ok!" James exclaimed, his voice full of hope.

"No sweetie mamas' not ok," she said obviously straining to speak as she got weaker and weaker.

"No, no I'll get help and you'll be fine!"

"James, honey, be strong, be strong for us, don't forget us and live a good life for us. Promise me you will sweetie," his mother said with a smile.

"But mama…" he was cut off in mid-sentence.

"Promise me," she said again, more desperate this time.

"I-I pro-promise mama I promise I will," James said with tears welling up again.

"Good now listen you must get away from here as quick as you can, run and don't stop until you get far away,"

"Wh-what do I do then?" his voice giving out slightly.

"Grow, grow and become a strong seagull and once you do that you need to… you need to…" she was dying fast and struggling to speak.

"To what, what do I need to do?" he said desperately.

"You need to find the guardians on an Island on the sea of Ga'hool, they might help you… they have good hearts,"

"I-I will mama, I will,"

"Good boy, be brave James and good bye…. I love you," she layed her head down and closed her eyes and that was it, she was gone.

"Mama, mama NO!" James cried as he let tears fall quickly and freely. He simply couldn't believe what was happening.

He did not have time to weep though because a gruff voice sounded out behind him.

"Hey look this one's still breathing," the voice said. James spun around only to find three figures standing before him, two of which were wearing scary masks with red eyes whilst the other had white feathers and looked to be a tall barn owl.

"What should we do with it my queen?" the owl on the right asked causing a wicked smile appeared on the white owls face.

"What is your name young seagull?" she said harshly whilst ignoring the owl's question.

"James… my name is James," James said with fear clear in his voice.

"Well James you are lucky I'm in a good mode, I'll spear your life same can't be said for your putrid family though," she said. Her words stung James badly yet he couldn't do anything. If he tried anything he would be killed by these owls in an instant. He remained silent but thought 'they did this, all of this!' Rage began to build inside the young chick. The white owl turned but before she and the other owls could take off into the smoky black sky James gathered his courage and asked "I've told you my name, now what is yours?"

The white owl turned back to face James, surprised at his sudden question. But that surprise quickly turned into a little smile and she gave a small laugh before saying "I am Nyra, queen of the Pure Ones and mate to the lord, high Tyto. I came up with this little attack on your home here, which could have easily been avoided if your stupid kind would have cooperated with us."-she looked at the floor as she said that last bit, as if to recall the memory's but she quickly looked back up to face the little seagull again-"and what is it to you seagull?"

"I'm going to find you and you are going to die," James stated, standing back up to showing he wasn't kidding.

"Oh, what a brave young seagull you are by threatening me. It seems such a waste. If only you were a Tyto owl, we could have made a great solider out of you, such a shame," she said the last part with the same wicked smile as before and then without warning hit James striate across the beak knocking him out completely.

As James' world faded to black all he could hear was the laughter from the three owl's that were slowly flying away into the night.

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