A Guardian's Revenge

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Chapter 6: Tourist

James and Adina were now outside amongst the branches of the Great Tree. By now the night sky was beginning to turn into the early morning and most of the inhabitants of the Great Tree were beginning to retire to their hollows. However a small number of owls were beginning to emerge from the many holes in the tree to go about their various duties' and lives. It was not lost on James that the owls were awake at a rather bizarre time; He was confused at this behavior. Perhaps they had special reasons for being out late at this early time. He presumed that Adina might provide some explanation.

So whilst Adina led him down the wooden bridge that connected his hollow area to the Great Tree James asked her.

"Why are so many owls about at this time? I thought this was considered a late time to your kind," was what he asked whilst looking out at the rising sun which cast a luminous orange glow over the great sea that surrounded the Great Tree. Beautiful shades of purple radiated off the clouds and new days light reflected off the leaves and bark off the Great Tree. The sight was mesmerising to James. 'Tell you what, I could get used to living here,' he thought as he continued to look at the amazing view. He almost missed Adina's answer.

"Well there isn't a curfew here you know? Owls here can be out anytime really but I suppose a lot of these owls are out doing jobs to benefit the Tree. Maybe a few are out to have drinks and such or maybe some aren't tired yet," she replied as they came to the end of the bridge and towards one of the many entrances of the main tree. A small outcrop surrounded the entrance and allowed the two to stand by it with enough room to fit several other birds as well. She heard a slight 'hmm' come from James as he acknowledged her response. She turned round to face James, who had finished gawking at the sunrise, and proceeded to explain their first stop.

"I think you'd like to see the 'main area' so to speak. It's a good place to start are little tour," she told him and tilted her head towards the entrance.

"Seems reasonable, let's go," he said encouraging her to lead on with a point of his wing in the direction of the entrance. "Ladies first," he added. Adina gave him an amused grin at his 'gentalbird' attitude.

"Charming…" was all she said as she walked into the entrance. James allowed a small chuckle to escape his beak as he followed her, the entrance nearly five times the size of himself. Upon passing through the massive entrance James found himself immediately in a large corridor. It was wide enough to allow several lines of owls to walk next to each other without bumping into each other and the ceiling was tall enough to fit two great grays in with one stood on the other's shoulders. The size of this one corridor was a surprising reminder to James about just how big the Great Tree actually was. He couldn't fathom how a tree could grow so big and it astounded him.

Adina, who had proceeded to walk alongside the seagull instead of in front of him, noticed James' eyes explore the vast corridor and noticed the curiosity held with his grey-blue eyes.

"You seem to be in awe at everything you look at," she pointed out to him. James snapped his eyes away from the arch shaped corridor, filled with fire basins for lighting, and towards the fixated on the barn owl.

"What do'u mean?" he asked generally puzzled with an arched brow.

"You just seem to keep getting this amazed gaze in your eyes at practically everything, you know? Or do you just fail to realise that you're doing it?" she replied to his question with one of her own.

"Ohh, sorry, I'm just really surprised at how big this tree is. I mean it's… cool I guess," he said bluntly and returned to look at the corridor that had now been decorated with the natural branches and leaves of the tree that grew within the tree!

"'Cool'. Really? That's the only word you can think of to describe the size of the Great Tee?" Adina asked James as she grabbed his wing and pulled him down a new corridor he had not seen her walk down during his sightseeing.

"Well I could have thought of a lot of words, I just chose not," he told her and gave her a smug smile as he regained his balance when Adina let go. Adina just scoffed in response and offered no other answer as she continued to lead the seagull deeper into her home. 'If he's amazed by simple corridors then he'll have a bloody heart attack we he sees the main hall' she thought to herself and found the thought funny as she couldn't stop the amused grin creep onto her beak.

"What you grinning at," she heard James ask her. She looked back at him and noticed he still wore his smug grin that she wanted to wipe of his face, so she did.

"Nothing important, just that you might pass out once you see the main hall if you're so impressed by simple hallways," she replied with a smug smile of her own which only grew when James' expression fell into a frown.

"The hall's weren't what I was admiring you know? I was surprised at the size of the tree again," he explained to her.

"Still the sight is quite spectacular," she informed him.

"Oh, I expect to be blown away," James replied back sarcastically, earning him a poorly held back giggle from Adina.

The two continued their short trip to the main hall and found themselves at its entrance in several minutes. Along the way they had encountered a few different owls of different races and quite a few gave James wired stares at the sight of the seagull. James however wasn't unnerved by the stares they gave as he knew that it would take time for the owls of the Great Tree to except him, maybe they wouldn't. However a few of the owls they passed greeted him in a friendly manner that surprised him as he wasn't expecting them to be so kind. James was just grateful that it was dawn as there weren't as many owls out as there could have been to judge his sudden appearance.

Soon the barn owl and seagull pair rounded their final corner and emerged into what James could only assume was the great hall Adina was on about. The hall seemed to reside directly in the middle of the Great Tree. Adina hadn't exaggerated when she had told James it would be quite a sight and he was eager to take in the sights before him.

Overall the hall seemed to be a terrifically large hollowed out section of the centre of the Great Tree which curved into a sphere. Like the hallways leading up to this place, the great hall had fire basins providing light for the immense hall. The natural flowers and green produced by the tree were used to decorate the hall and hung from vines and swells in the trees bark to give the large place some natural beauty. From his position James could see that stained glass was arranged in different colours to form many images. These colourful examples of expert craftsmanship were placed all around the hall with light radiating through them, produced by fire basins that lay in corridors and hallway behind them. Upon closer examination the glass the images they projected could be made out with some showing great battles and others depicting owls committing great deeds. But some looked to have dark colours to them and looked almost evil. 'Perhaps they help remind the owls what they fight for.'

Drawing his gaze away from the great interior, James looked at the edge of the platform the two were stood upon. He noticed that it spread around in a full circle, tightly grasping the wall of the hall. Curiosity grabbed his attention as he found himself walking and coming to a stop right at the edge of the large platform. He leaned over to peer down at what lay beneath him. When he saw the large drop that greeted his gaze he instinctually placed his wait on his back foot. 'That's a death drop with this condition my wings in,' was what James thought before quickly forgetting the danger and focus on the sight presented to him.

This great hall was a lot bigger then James first thought as it appeared that the platform that he and Adina shared was one of many that defined the many floors and layers in the hall. All of these separate 'floors' had many doorways like the one the two birds had entered through and rope bridges helped connect the many layers for easy access. In total he counted twelve layers descending down into the hall, each one further in than the last to match the curve of the sphere shape of the hall. Glancing upwards he saw another three layers of hard wood platforms that must have been carved from the tree by the owls who first lived here. 'They did a hell of a job,' James thought to himself.

From where he stood James felt Adina's presence walk and stand next to him. He turned to face the barn owl to find her looking at him expectantly.

"I'll admit, I'm impressed. You owls know what you're doing when it comes to interior decorating," he said to her earning him a small smile from the owl and a roll of her eyes. Moving on from how the great hall looked, James began to wonder what the main purpose of such a large space in the middle of the Great Tree was. As far as he could see no businesses were present on any of the spacious floors and it appeared as though the area was only used by the owls of the tree for walking. 'Quite a dull purpose for an area like this,' James thought. A thought came to him quickly, maybe his tour guide could shed some light on the subject.

"So, Adina, what exactly is this 'great hall used for? It just looks like empty space from here," he asked taking another glace at the halls interior. In response to his accusation of the great hall being 'empty space,' Adina scoffed as if insulted but was quick to drop it as she could see his reasoning behind it. There was practically nothing happening and the early time did nothing to help the usually busy area.

"Well this place is usually used by us here as short cuts to other areas of the tree…" she took a breath as she explained.

"That it?" James interrupted to Adina's annoyance.

"I wasn't finished you know?" was her response mixed with a glare.

"Year, err… sorry," he apologized not liking the look he was given. Adina just shook her head at the seagull before continuing.

"But I guess its main use would be for the king and queen of the tree to address everyone living here."

"Really?" James asked sounding generally interested at this information, "Well where do they…perch or stand," he followed up not quite knowing what word to use. Adina gestured, with her wing, for him to look over the platform again. He did so with a look of curiosity plastered on his face.

"Right at the bottom. You see the last floor?" she asked to which James nodded.

"Well the monarch's perch themselves on that platform that stretches out for half the floor, do'u see it?" she asked again.

"Right yes I see," he said, "Well that's defiantly a better use for a place such as this." Sparing a moment to look over the platforms floors below him he could defiantly see the benefit in addressing everyone in this place as he guessed that practically everyone could fit inside the great hall.

"That's not the only purpose of this place."


"Yeah we host a lot of our festivals in here. We set up a lot of shops and booths here on the multiple layers. Granted that a lot happens outside as well but it's nice to be able to come inside if it gets cold or something. I'll tell you it's a great sight when everything's set up and full of owls and it's a lot of fun. You'd enjoy it." Adina explained.

"Bet I would but I've never been one for festive occasions," James said with a small smile at Adina's giddiness over the festivals.

"Oh… that's a shame. Maybe you should try it if you get the chance," she said sounding slightly disheartened at his statement.

"We'll see… if I get a chance," he said before saying "I'd like to go down there, can we?"

"Yeah I'll take you there late but now I should show you something a bit different than the hall," Adina said.

"Ok you're the boss, I mean literally you are in charge of me as my supervisor," James said with a chuckle.

"Haha very funny, now follow me before you're punished," Adina demanded and released her own quite giggle earning a light hearted sigh from the seagull.

"Lead on mam."

Both of them set off around the floor of the great hall. Adina had said that the location she had in mind was through one of the doorways on the other side of the great hall and was outside. As the two walked, James looked at the stained glass windows they passed and tried to decrypt what each ones story was about. As he did this he decided that conversation was a good way to kill time and so enquired about what festivals the owls of Ga'Hoole celebrated.

"Well we celebrate a lot of festivities throughout the year: The Milkberry harvest, the Winter Feast, the Return of Spring, oh that one was interesting last year. We had this great big hunk of a great grey called Twilight get challenged by the small snowy owl we call 'Spots' to a drinking game. Spots thought the old guy couldn't take it but it was the other way round as he was all over the place and floor by the time it finished. Still remember having to guide his butt back home," she reminded herself of funny memories.

"Bet you would've liked to have been there, huh?" she asked James. She was confused when she heard no response and turned round to see if the seagull was still with her. However James was standing still before one of the stained glass portraits having stopped walking without her knowing. She now stood a good ten feet away from him. Slowly approaching him, Adina saw that he looked at the stained glass with a distant gaze and a mixture of anger and determination were clear on his face. With a furrowed brow and narrowed eyes, Adina noticed that the look he gave was actually quite frightening. She reached his side in only a few seconds and turned her head to look at the image that had gained so much attention from the seagull.

Bright shades of orange and red was what Adina saw was most apparent on the large artwork. These ominous shades formed the distorted shapes of flickering fire that nearly consumed the rest of the large image. The colours of green and brown were a rarity but were present as they made up the background of the artwork; mostly in the form of grass and sticks cleverly moulded together to form what appeared to nests on the glass. But in the middle of this chaos was a large white figure that loomed over Adina as she gazed upon the image. Resembling that of a large barn owl, the figure stood with its wings folded and facing directly forward. From this clear red markings streaked across its face but were most prominent were the eyes that burned with a soulless red intent, further intensified by the fire behind the glass. Adina knew what this depicted and knew who was in the picture. Everyone had heard the stories of The Pure One's and Nyra. The queen and mate to 'the high Tyto' Metal Beak.

Adina glanced from the stained glass and towards the seagull before her and remembered what James had said to her earlier; about how he had lost everything in what he called 'a night of smoke and fire.'

"James…" she said to him gently, hoping to bring him out of his murderous gaze. He said nothing.

"Hey…" she said to get his attention again and put a wing on his shoulder. This seemed to snap James out of his stare as he blinked in surprise before turning to look at the owner of the wing on his shoulder. Adina noticed that his eyes had returned to their laid back and calm nature.

"You alright?"

"Yeah I'm er… fine, Adina," he responded now aware that he had zoned out. Adina removed her wing from his shoulder and paused for a moment to look over the seagull, noticing that his mood had become slightly bleak and down. After a few seconds she cast another look at the large stained glass image.

"You know they called this the Great Burning when I was a hatchling. I remember thanking Glaux that I hadn't been there. I'm sorry you had to… I mean I… er," Adina said but was cut off by James who looked at her knowingly.

"I know you're sorry but you have nothing to be sorry about Adina." he told her in a monotone voice before letting out a heavy sigh. "The great burning huh? That's certainly one way to describe it."

Adina said nothing as she couldn't think of a response to James' comment. She was surprised however when the seagull let out a small chuckle and saw a grin form across his beak.

"Is the 'great' the only term you owls can use to describe things?" he asked her mockingly out of the blue. She took a while to process his sudden mood change before realising that lightening the mood was for the best.

Allowing her own smile to form she just rolled her eyes at James' question, "Very funny seagull."

They both stood there in front of the stained glass for a few awkward moments, neither knowing what to say or do, each randomly glancing around at nothing. James was not one for staying in these situations and so was quick to fix this.

"If I recall you were going to continue this amazing tour you were generously giving me," he said to her making sure his humorous and sarcastic tones were heard.

"Oh yes… this way then," she said beckoning James to follow her. As the two resumed walking James couldn't help but cast a final glance at the image next to him.

Adina had proceeded to show him a few areas of importance that were scattered throughout the insides of the tree. For example, she took him to the blacksmith at the bottom of the tree. Nothing really of much interest was here as James found it was similar to the rouge smith forges he had found in caves throughout his travels. The only real difference here was that this forge was many times larger than those he had found in the wilderness. The armory was another place she had wanted to show him but they were only allowed to up to the entrance as two rather large guardians stood guard, blocking any chance of entering. After, she had shown him a small market area that had a large quantity of stores which provided a very wide range of goods to buy. They had not spent a lot of time in these places but it was nice to see them as James could make a mental note of where they were for future preference.

By now Adina suggested that the two of them should head back up outside to which James agreed stating that 'she knew the tree better than he did'. To get back out and into the branches of the Great Tree the seagull and barn owl pair had to pass back through the great hall. As they did James noticed that Adina had lead him on a different route than the one they had previously used and James suspected that this was due to his reaction when he looked at that horrible image. He now found himself walking along the bottom layer of the great hall, directly opposite the King and Queens perches. New details presented themselves to him, the most prominent was the rays of natural light pouring through plain glass and shining on the Royal platform. This created a godly glow that surrounded the area. As they passed this spectacle Adina mentioned that four owls had recently undergone a guardian initiation ceremony there.

After a maze of corridors filled with twists, turns and many different rooms, James found himself emerging from the bowels of the Great Tree and back into the morning sun. Judging by the sun's position in the sky in comparison to what it was previously, James assumed that Adina and he had been looking over the great tree for a little over an hour. Like before he found himself stood on a wooden platform that was connected to various other sections of the tree by wooden bridges.

"I figure you'd like to see where we get food here, right?" Adina asked.

"You'd be correct miss. While grubs and caterpillars aren't my preferred choice of food I'll eat them and anything else you throw at me," he replied confidently. Throughout his years living and training in the many different lands that made up Hoolian kingdom he had gotten used to eating anything that was considered edible.

"Well, I saw that back at the hollow," was what she said in return, "and anyway 'grubs and caterpillars aren't the only things we eat you know, we have meat and such that fit the diet of any owl here."

"The key words you used there mate was 'Owl's diet' which doesn't really match my physique."

Another few minutes passed as Adina led James down a few different bridges here and there, occasionally descending down the tree via ramps. These minuets passed quickly for the pair and soon the two found themselves stood at the entrance of what James could only assume was a cross between a bar and a pick and eat.

"Just want to point out that there are many different places to eat and get food but this is just my favourite so…" Adina began to trail off as she found the rest of her sentence irrelevant. With that the two walked through the archway made of thin branches and James noticed that the place was rather simple.

To his left was the bar area. It had the traditional long serving table where the owls would stand and talk to one another as the bar tender slid them a drink. Behind this were several large barrel of liquid lined up for easy access when an order came through. Stereotypical yet simple.

To his right was the pick and eat area. This, James noticed, had tables with 'seats' around them for the visiting owls to perch themselves on when they gathered their food from the many make shift tubs of wood, in the far corner. The place as whole had no roof as one should expect as they were outside. The only sign of a wall came from the thick tree branch that surrounded the whole establishment encasing it in a low screen of wood. As James expected the area was almost deserted due to the early time. Only an ancient looking long-eared owl was behind the bar counter rubbing a cup in his talons with his wing. Joining him were a few groups of owls all in threes with varying species of owls in each of them.

"Hmm, it's simple… I like it," James said with a nod of approval.

"You hungry?" Adina asked.

"Yeah a little I guess."

"Well we have time to spare, let's sit for a bit." James was about to go over to the tubs of grubs but was stopped by Adina's wing. Giving her a questionable look James was about to ask her what was wrong but she beat him to it.

"If I'm not mistaken someone I know should be here and since we're here I thought you'd like to meet him. He's usually out at this time," she said. James was unsure about this as he had had mixed responses from the owls of the tree, some good and some bad. He didn't know which he would receive from Adina's friend.

Moments after she had said this she must have found the bird she was looking for as she darted off towards a table at the far end of the room, leaving James stood there like an idiot before quickly deciding to follow her. Having a look at who they were heading towards James noticed that the bird in question was a young looking snowy owl eating quite quickly from a wooden bowl, practically stuffing his face with a large mouse and a side of grubs.

When he started following Adina to the owl James couldn't help but feel more than one pair of eyes on him at that moment, it was his sixth sense that he had learned to listen to over the past few years, but he decided to ignore them. He looked around during the brief window of time he had walking up to the table and noticed that no one apart from the snowy owl was occupying the seating area. After crossing the room Adina started to address the snowy owl.

"Still stuffin' your face, huh?" she asked him with no small amount of humour. Quickly realising he was being spoken to the snowy owl snapped his head up to see his visitors with a mouth full of grubs and the small string like tail from the mouse that had just been in the bowl hung from the side of his gently swaying from side to side. Recognition was quick to spark in his eyes as he beheld the barn owl before him and he quickly swallowed the rest of his meal.

"Adina!" he exclaimed jumping to his feet, "What brings ya here at this fine hour?" He rounded the table to stand in front of Adina.

"Nothing much, Spots," Adina told the snowy owl known as spots.

"Looking for ya old friend aye?" Spots asked her grinning.

"You wish," she joked.

"Oh Adina ya break me poor heart," he said half-heartedly. After the two shared a brief laugh Spots saw James standing behind Adina.

"And who be this fella you have with ya Adina?" he asked prompting Adina to turn around. Quickly comparing the two he noticed that Spots was taller than Adina by a full head size.

"Oh, this is James. He arrived here recently," she explained briefly. "James this is Spots."

"Pleasure," he said sincerely not wanting to give the wrong impression.

"The pleasures be all mine. We don't get hardly any seagulls turn up around here or any other species at all," Spots replied in a friendly manner with a heavy accent that was foreign to James. "I'll tell ya, this is a rare opportunity to meet someone of your kind."

From the first impression that he got James determined that Spots was a nice guy and thus found no trouble with talking to the snowy owl.

"Well I wouldn't say I turned up, more like crashed," he said nodding towards his wing that was drawn close to his side by the bandage that encased it.

"Well you know what they say 'it's best ta arrive in style'," Spots said jokingly. Adina just raised a brow at his remark.

"Who says that?" she asked.

"I do lass!" Spots exclaimed with a wide grin, his humour lightening the already peaceful mood.

"Gathering from what Adina said earlier I guess you two aren't just out at this time for no reason," Spots pressed.

"Well I've been 'instructed' to give a tour guide to the newest citizen of the Great Tree. We'd seen a few things before I decided to show him where he can get his grub," Adina told him.

"Right well now that you're here would you care to join me, as ya can see not a lot of folks are out at this time and a poor soul like me self gets rather lonely after a few hours."

"Of course Spots we were going to ask that anyway," Adina said.

Spots went back to his original place that he had been seated on previously and James and Adina went to grab some food. They came back quickly each with a bowl with various meals inside. Adina had picked out a rather small dead mouse while James had picked at random and returned with only a few caterpillars and a very dead looking centipede. Both of them seated themselves at Spots small table that could fit one more person on. Adina perched on the beam under the table next to Spot and James was likewise but in front of him. It wasn't long before conversation broke out.

"So, James, tell me what happened to ye that caused ya to crash?" Spot asked.

James found no problem in answering the snowy owl, "Well let's see. You know that storm we had recently?" James asked prompting a curious nod from Spot.

"Aye, I do," he replied. James just raised a brow at the snowy owl hoping that he would catch on, which he did after a brief look of confusion emerged on his face. Confusion was replaced with shock in an instant and Spots eyes widened greatly as he grasped at what James implied.

"Don't tell me ye tried to fly through it did ya?" he asked.

"Well…" James began but trailed off to rub the back of his neck sheepishly with his good wing.

"Glaux above man what the hell were ye thinking!?"

James took a moment to ponder an answer before saying "Let's just say determination got a hold of my better judgement."

"Huh, I'll say. You're a crazy bastard for pullin' that stunt… I respect that," Spot finished. The two shared an amused smile.

"You never said what actually made you drop out the sky like a stone," Adina piped up.

"Oh yeah, right. Well it seems that flying through a heavy storm makes you a prime lightning rod."

"You got struck by lightning… that's considered to be good luck by some folks," Spot pointed out.

"Well it didn't bloody feel like good luck at the time!" James said much to the other twos amusement and they all soon found themselves chuckling and giggling quietly.

Time passed quickly as the three birds sat and shared info and stories whilst munching on what an owl would call a late morning snack, well two of them did. The other stuffed their face quite literally as the group chilled in the small feeding area. James had learned in this time that Spots was actually seventeen which one would not immediately notice upon seeing his childish behaviour and wacky humour. He had moved here with his parents when he was only a hatchling as they felt that the Great Tree was a safe place for them to raise their son. Not much was shared in what happened during the their time at the tree but he had learned that Spots' parents had given him their nest to keep as his own as they felt he was old enough to live on his own. It turned out he agreed with his parents and was more than happy to take the hollow for himself. Only recently had he had to bid his parents farewell as they had moved to the northern lands beyond the Great Tree. But Spots didn't say he missed them much. Instead he explained how he loved this new solo life.

"I'll admit I do miss me ma and pa but not to an unbearable extent. I like to think of it as me growin' up," he stated proudly.

By now the group realised that their food was now no existent having been consumed during the lengthy conversation they had shared.

"Well I done," James said.

"Me too. I guess this is a good as time as ever to carry on our little 'tour'," Adina said before turning her attention to Spots.

"Sorry Spots but we gotta shoot; still some things I got show the gull," she told him. James just scoffed at her way of referencing to him.

"Don't worry ya pretty little head lassie I understand. Besides I feel as if I need to retire to the hollow. Even an owl like myself needs to rest," he replied, chuckling lightly.

"Really, Spots? I thought you'd just go back to fattening yourself up," she jokingly said to him. The snowy owl just grinned at her remark.

"Ya know they say you can judge an owl by the depth of his gizzard."

"Yeah well 'they' say many things."

"Hmm. Well I'll be seeing ye Adina take care of ya self," he then turned to James "and you my fine fellow, I hope we see more of each other in the future."

"Count on it," James said with a smile. He extended his right foot to the snowy owl who in turn grabbed James' extended talons with his own before shaking them in a traditional greeting. After a moment the two stepped away from each other.

"See ya," was all Spots said before walking out of the bar/food court and disappearing from sight.

"Well you two seemed to get along well," Adina said happily.

"Yeah, seems like nice guy. Got an… interesting personality to him. I like him."

"Well moving on would you like to walk around the tree for a bit?" she asked.

"What are there no more locations of interest?"

"Well other than the infirmary, a few shops here and there and the hollows of the owls, there ain't much left to see," she told him.

"Well sure why not. I haven't got anything else to do," he said with a friendly smiled.

The pair of them managed to walk out of the establishment, with James feeling some stares piercing into his back, and were about to set off to their left when Adina suddenly stopped upon realising something; she spun quickly to face him.

"Actually there is one place I think you'd be interested in seeing," she said.

"What is it?" he asked sounding genially curious.

"Well Ezylryb's library."

"A library?" he asked his curiosity was replaced with disappointment at her anti-climax.

"It's not just a library, genius, it's practically the Great Tree's archive. It has information on just about every historical event. I think you'll find it to be quite useful," she told him. She turned back around before walking further up into the tree via a selected rope bridge. James had another sudden change of mood as his curiosity came rushing back to him. 'If what Adina says is true then there must be some useful information on the Pure Ones there' he thought as he followed after the barn owl with a quickened pace, this realisation giving him an eagerness to see if he was right.

Again James found himself stood on an out crop at the entrance of a hollow. This was nothing like the entrance to the Great Trees inside as you would have to duck to get through the small space. Also the outcrop was barely large enough to fit the two birds on and they found themselves standing single file outside the library. Adina just nodded her head towards the tiny entrance as she looked back at the seagull before proceeding to clamber through. James just followed her example and quickly found himself inside the Great Trees library. He'd be lying if he said he was impressed. The place was small and confined with a low ceiling and scattered pages littered the floor. It did look like the place could use a touch of spring cleaning. A good thing, James noticed, was that there were many, many shelves carved into the wooden walls and even better was the fact that they were occupied by many, many books. He also noticed that there seemed to be another room full of books behind an archway that was at the back of the room he found himself in.

"So this is what I presume you call the 'great library'," he jokingly said.

"Haha, very funny," she said with a roll of her eyes.

"Looks like nobody's here. Where's that guy you owns this place, Ezylryb right?"

"I don't know he usually always here when he's not doing anything."

A sudden jolt of movement drew both of their attention to the left. They both snapped their heads in the direction of the sound and on instinct James pushed Adina behind him with his goods wing, shielding her from what was there. Both of them stared into a dark corner of the room Adina leaning over James' shoulder and straining her eyes to try and make out what was there. Soon, however, Adina could make out the shape of an owl lying on its side with wings splayed out wide and beak open, a steady rise and fall of its chest let her know whoever this was was asleep. Noting the shape and size of the owl that was cast over in a shadow, Adina soon figured that the owl that had spooked her and James was the crazy old owl Ezylryb.

"I think we found Ezylryb, James," Adina spoke quietly while walking around James' form so she wouldn't wake the old owl.


"I guess hardly anyone's up at this time," casting a glace out the hollow entrance she could just make out the position of the sun. Making a rough estimate she guessed that it was the very late morning.

"Right, you owls and your bizarre sleeping patterns," James muttered quietly.

"Hey, if anything you're the one with the weird sleeping patterns here," she shot back in a hushed voice.

"Come on, let's go. We can wait until it's later to come back here," Adina said after a few moments.

James wanted to protest but quickly grabbed a hold of himself. She was right. They would just disturb the old owl and probably create a few problems. Besides he suspected that it would take some time for his wing to heal and so he had plenty of time for research. Just nodding at Adina he let her know that he agreed and o followed the barn owl back outside and onto the platform they had just left a couple of minutes ago.

"Sorry about that, I didn't stop to think that he might be sleeping," Adina apologized.

"Ahh don't worry mate, like you said we can wait until later," he told her.

"Yeah, I guess."

"Tell you what why don't we go for that walk you wanted?" he offered.

"Yeah that's a good idea," she said. They both began to walk back down the way they came, set upon wondering aimlessly throughout the branches of the Great Tree.

"Hey!" a masculine voice piped up behind them. Both birds stopped as they turned to look at the source of the voice. They were surprised at what they saw.

"Oh, hello Guardian how can we help you," Adina asked the small armoured owl that stood in front of James. At James' feet was a small elf owl with a signature Guardian helmet resting atop his head. His feathers produced a dirty brown colour down his back and a light grey was set upon his front.

"I've been looking for Mister James here ma'am. His presence has been requested by the king," the Guardian told Adina.

"What, right now?" James asked.

"Afraid so sir. His majesty wishes to see me escort you to his chambers as soon as possible."

James pondered the reasoning behind Boron's request to see him but did not pay it much heed for long. He turned back to Adina looking apologetic.

"Sorry, Adina, I'm gonna have to cut this short," he apologized. She just rolled her eyes at his apology finding it humorous.

"Don't worry James, I'm sure that his is far more important than what we were doing," she told him. "Besides I'm sure I can offer my assistance to the infirmary. I haven't been there for a while."

"Right well I guess I'll see ya later then?" he asked.

"Of course," she replied with a smile "see ya later". She then turned round and spread her wings as she jumped off the out crop before flying away in what James presumed was the direction of the infirmary. After watching her leave for a moment James diverted his attention to the elf owl before him.

"Okay, shall we be off? I presume the King does not want to be kept waiting," he said.

"Quite right, let's go," the elf owl Guardian said before spreading his wings.

"Whoa whoa whoa, wait a second," he called out.

"What is it?" the Guardian asked.

"Well I'm kind of unable to fly at the current time due to injury," he said and turned his body so that the guardian could see his previously hidden bandage.

"Oh, I see. Well then in that case follow me," the Guardian said as he turned to walk down the over crop and onto a path James had not seen beforehand. James followed the Guardian quietly towards Boron and Baran's private chambers thoughts returning to him about what exactly they wanted him for.

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