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Frank's turn now. And one thing to address—no need to be a homophobe. That's not nice.

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Alright, now they were taking the game too far. Frank had nothing against gay people; they were just like everyone else, in his opinion. But Frank was straight as an arrow, and he was only interested in Hazel. No way was he going to choose between Percy, Jason, and Leo.

Frank hadn't known Leo for very long at all, and so far, Leo wasn't giving a very good first impression. To put it mildly, Leo Valdez was annoying. Very annoying. He knew Piper had meant well, but it had been insulting to have been killed. He supposed he felt better when she changed her mind, but still…

And now, Leo was taking obnoxious to a whole new level. Frank glared at him. "Oh, no," he protested. "I absolutely refuse."

Jason managed a smile at Frank. Frank had only known Jason through his legend at Camp Jupiter, and so far, most of the stories about his personality were true. He was kind, just, and powerful. He was a lot like Percy. Except much more reserved. "Frank, you don't have to," he said.

Percy smirked. "Yeah, please don't," he agreed.

Leo cocked an eyebrow. Frank couldn't stand that obnoxious look of his. "You have to," he said simply. "It's the rules."

Piper rolled her eyes. "Leo, this game is dumb! Stop!"

Leo held up his hand to silence her. "You had two turns, Beauty Queen," he reminded her. "Frank has to choose or else the game doesn't go on. Simple as that."

Hazel gave Leo a look that was hard for Frank to decipher—a mixture of irritation and confusion. "Leo, why did you give him three guys to choose from?" she asked.

Leo shrugged in that irritatingly impish way of his. "Because I want to hear his answer," he replied casually. "Trying to shake things up a little bit." He turned to Frank, a hint of apology in his eyes. "Not suggesting you're gay or anything, dude, okay? I just want to know how you'd answer. You know…if you were a girl."

"But I'm not," Frank told him, like that obvious fact needed to be stated out loud.

Piper closed her eyes and buried her face in her hands, clearly annoyed. "Leo, can you ever quit being obnoxious?" she groaned.

"No," he answered firmly. "I pride myself in being obnoxious."

Annabeth pinched the bridge of her nose, like she wanted to be anywhere but there. Annabeth was a little scary, the way she'd threatened Leo with that dagger. She reminded Frank of Reyna, in a way. If Reyna were blond. Finally she looked back and forth between Leo and Frank. "Can you guys compromise so we can go to bed or something?" she asked wearily.

"It's up to Frank to answer the question," Leo told her. "It's out of my hands now. The faster he gets it over with, the faster we can move on."

Oh, right. Like it was Frank's fault. "Ugh!" Frank threw his hands up in the air. "Fine, I'll answer, if that'll move this along faster. Geez."

"Oh, gods," Percy groaned, rolling his eyes.

Frank couldn't believe he'd conceded, but he had, and he couldn't go back now. Wed, bed or dead. Percy, Jason, and…Leo. Leo was going to die; that was decided easily. Frank couldn't stand him. Maybe one day, he'd do something to redeem himself, but as of that moment…he wasn't making himself very liked. As for Percy and Jason…that was a horrible decision. The two were so similar. Hazel had married Jason and slept with Percy. Piper had slept with Percy, and then killed him. Whoa, that sounded…so wrong. Annabeth had slept with Poseidon because he reminded her of Percy. Frank shuddered. Why am I thinking about this? He asked himself. I wouldn't sleep with or marry either of them. Dang it.

Frank shot Leo one more death glare before letting out a huge sigh. "Alright…you guys may or may not like this, but it's not my fault. I was forced into it. So…marry Jason, bed Percy, and kill Leo."

Percy went redder than ketchup and stared at Frank with a look of horror. Then, after two seconds, he covered his ears and squeezed his eyes shut. "Stop choosing me to sleep with!" he shouted. "Seriously, am I never good enough to marry?"

Annabeth laughed. So did Jason. And forget about Leo. The kid was rolling on the floor gasping for air. If his goal had been to totally humiliate the heck out of everyone involved, mission accomplished. "Dude, I'm sorry!" Frank tried, but Percy had already buried his face in his hands, shutting everyone out.

Jason raised an eyebrow, trying to suppress the smirk forming on his face. "Thanks for marrying me…I guess," he added a little hesitantly.

"Shut up, Grace," Percy muttered from beneath his hands.

Leo shook his head in amusement. "I had a feeling you might kill me," he mused. "But see? Everyone agrees that Percy's good in bed. General consensus."

Percy uncovered his face to glare menacingly at Leo, who didn't seem fazed by it. "Stop!" Percy commanded.

Annabeth laughed. "Yeah, Leo, you say that like you know he's good in bed."

Leo gained an even more obnoxious look than before, which Frank didn't even know was possible. "What, do you, Annabeth?" he asked innocently, his expression anything but innocent.

Piper held up her hands. "Leo, shut up!" she ordered. Frank closed his mouth immediately, even though the command hadn't been for him. Leo did shut up and sat back, chuckling to himself.

Hazel got up from her spot on the floor next to Frank. "So!" she started with a forced casualness. "Who's ready for bed?"

"I think Percy is," Leo smirked.

Percy got to his feet, his face still pink. "Yeah. Alone. To go to sleep," he emphasized each syllable.

Piper got up with Jason's help. "This is a dumb game," she muttered for what seemed to Frank like the fortieth time. "We're so not doing this again."

Leo shrugged. "I don't know; I had a blast."

Annabeth wrapped her arm around Percy's waist. "Bed time," she told everyone. "We have stuff do tomorrow, like save the world from evil giants."

Hazel pulled Frank to his feet and turned back to everyone else. "Goodnight, guys," she murmured.

"G'night," Jason responded as he left the room, hand-in-hand with Piper.

Percy sighed. "I feel extremely uncomfortable right now," he muttered. "Sorry, Frank," he added with an apologetic look.

Frank felt himself blushing. "Forget it. Seriously. Pull a Juno and just erase it from your memory." He left the room awkwardly as Hazel wrapped an arm around his waist.

Hazel took a deep breath and sighed. "That was…interesting," she decided.

Frank rolled his eyes. "More like mortifying," he corrected.

She shrugged. "Well, it was a good distraction from all of this craziness," she admitted.

Frank supposed it was. But that didn't make it any less awkward. Oh well. In the morning, it wouldn't even be important, he thought to himself. Back to the quest, I guess.

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