I was inspired by another's fanfiction to write this. I really loved the twins a lot when I read the books and watch the show, and I figured, why not give them someone to be flustered over, besides Haruhi? Kaoru is my main man, I love him, don't worry though, I will have just as much for Hikaru as well. My plots is really, well there isn't one. So if anyone would like to throw an idea at me, I will be more than willing to take in down and write it into the chapter. I may just make this a reviewer based story. that could be fun! Anyway, have fun! This is just a short bit about the girls I'm using, I hope you like it!

They felt so alone, they only felt whole in the other's company. They were seen as the same, so they acted the same. They weren't, though, they knew the other inside-out, but they didn't know themselves. They were diverse persons, but neither of them knew what their defining differences were, they never had a reason. They never really looked inside themselves for who they were; they only found the similarities, that many figured, made them the same person. They mirrored each other, perfecting their doubles act. They wanted to be told apart, they didn't want to be told apart. They didn't really know what they wanted, because if they were told apart, why would they every stick together?

The morning was quiet, only a few birds whistled their sweet tunes in the branches of the large, old oak outside the bay window. Two children, with no visible differences, slept on the bunk beds that their father built for them. The craft of the bed was beyond any store model bed, it's carvings and paint reflecting the twin girls personalities, which were almost identical to their parents. A gentle breeze outside blew in from an open window across the room, playing lightly with the younger girl's softly curled, auburn hair. The light brushing across her delicate eyelashes woke her calmly, hazel eyes opening just a crack. The peace didn't last long, for the other was dangling precariously over the edge of her bed, almost falling on top of her sibling.

"Mia! wake up! Mia! Amami" flicking and poking her sister, trying to wake her from her dangerous sleep, the duplicate tried everything, even her hated nickname. "MIMI!" Another pair of hazel eyes snapped open, her body having other plans than rolling back over. Both girls screaming, one falling upon the other, ending up in a heap of sheets, blankets and auburn hair on the floor. Hair tangled in a mess of curls, the girls fought the mass of blankets and try to untangle the massive rat that was their hair. When they finally separated themselves, they stared at the other, like looking into a mirror, and it horrified them.

"We ought to do something about our mirrored-image issue, Zo, we have to start school today, and I don't want your teachers thinking I'm you." she pointed at her accusingly, making a humorously pained face. The twinkle in Mia's eyes giving away her mockery.

"Don't worry; I had the same thought…" Sarcasm dripping from her voice, as Zo smacked away her sister's hand as she stood, playing the bully in the morning sunshine. Mia whimpered a her hand was stung, the less-than-gentle hit had irritated the ring on her finger. Zo meandered over to the vanity mirror, looking at the array of colorful accessories hanging around the mirror's edge, glancing between herself in the mirror and her twin on the floor; both clad only in t-shirts too big for their small frames. A flash of blue silk out of her right eye made Zo turn her head towards the item of her search, along with Mia's.

"...I'll wear the blue bow." The unison startled them, their eyes met before either could finish speaking, and a fit of laughter followed soon behind. They had spoken in turn numerous times before, but it somehow was the only thing that kept them from losing their sanity in the search for their own identity. They knew they couldn't fight who they were, but they also knew that sometimes, the hardest part was giving people something to identify their differences. Even their parents had trouble telling them apart, but that wasn't something new, and the girls didn't really let it bother them. Besides, today was a new day in their history together, they were going to receive a new responsibility, but not purposefully.

School was today's big priority because they were starting in a higher class this year. They were going to be moved from A-3 to A-1. They had no idea why this was occurring, seeing as this was their first day at Ouran in the first place. But due to transferring and scheduling conflicts, they were moved into a bigger homeroom. They didn't really like school, it was too easy for them; they aced every test and never really faced a challenge. They could miss weeks at a time, and still never fall behind. This was how they landed at this new school, because they had turned to trouble-making for fun, instead of stitching and painting, like other classy ladies did.

They had an ulterior motive for missing so much school; they preformed shows with their constantly moving dance company. They are usually given the understudy position, since they weren't official members until they graduated from an actual dance school. Their mother ran the company and had higher hopes than either of them could have ever accomplished on her own. So without a choice or say in the matter, they traveled and attended school. But this year, their mother gave them a by, making them attend all year round school, so that she could focus on auditioning new dancers. Knowing this fact, the girls had more free time during the day, and they didn't have to spend it dancing and studying.

So it was a new day, and they wanted to find out who they were getting to spend their time with every day. So they donned the sunshine colored uniform and just for kicks, pinned and curled their hair the same, only Zo parting hers on the left while Mia the right. They rushed out of their we're-richer-than-you mansion and hopped in their dad's company's car with their ever so loving driver, Mal. Never saying a word, he drove them to the school entrance, dropped them off, and said to call him when they needed their ride. Skipping off to their new school, Zo and Mia were ready for anything, well, almost anything. The only thing they weren't ready for was what traumatically changed them for the rest of their lives, and it was all going to be over a silly little tea set.

Alright, I know their twins, bigshocker there, but I really never wrote anything about two personalities before, and I think it will be knida fun. I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone to give you guys a good story. I tried to make them as none-generic as possible, no blondes or blue eyes, or brown anywhere, I went with something new. So I hope you liked it, but I'll only know if you review, so please, REVIEW!