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Haruhi did not know how it happened; one minute she was enjoying her time eating ice cream, waving at Tamaki as he came into view, and the next she's being pushed into a black car and being blindfolded. Honestly, bizarre things like this never happened to her until she was forced into the Host Club. A bump in the road tossed Haruhi onto the floor, her arms flailing to find the floor before her face did. She heard a muffled conversation in a strange language. A loud commanding voice yelled to the backseat and shuffling started next to her. She felt rough tugs on her arms as stiff rope was applied to her wrists. Her heart was starting to quicken, blood was pounding against her restraints, this was going to end badly unless she did something.

The car braked hard before Haruhi had the chance to think of a plan and she was hauled from the vehicle by the cuff of her dress. She listened to the footsteps around her and the echoes that bounced of the close walls. She thought she heard the sound of a metal door moving as she was shoved into a smaller sounding space, the scuffle of shoes bounced around. Haruhi was not so gently pushed into a chair and more rope was knotted around her to the back of the chair, her blindfold removed. Three, scraggily, rough looking men surrounded her.

"I beat you're wondering why you're here? well, the boss told us that you got connections with people with lots of money. And if we got you, we got the money." His accent was strange and his vowels mispronounced, his bald head looking strange among the other men. The man next to the speaker smacked him on the back of the head.

"You idiot! Don't tell her the plan! Now she knows why she's here!" They continued in their strange language, mumbling to each other and glaring at the bald man. Haruhi was slightly relieved at the lack of sense these men had, at least she might be able to talk her way out of it. She cleared her throat, staring the trio down. Freezing, they slowly turned to her.

"You said your boss mentioned a connection I supposedly have? That I know rich people? Please, do I look like I know rich people?"

"Well, now that she mentions it, Moe, she does look rather low class. She was at a park festival," The bald man nodding in agreement. The third smacked the other two, clearing angry.

"Curly, you liver-brained fool! She's trying to talk you into a stupid story!"

"I am? Really? If I was in with those filthy rich jerks, why would I bother to come to a park festival if I could be eating fatty tuna in a mansion?"

"Fatty tuna isn't really a rich person food…"

"Shut it Curly! Listen here, girl! We aren't falling for it! Boss told us our job and we're going to do it!"

"Well, it's a waste of both our times then…" Haruhi was trying to play it off as best as she could manage, trying to remember how Tamaki worked people over. If she could plant the seed of doubt, she could get out.

"What do you mean, 'waste of our time?'" It was working, the bait was set.

"Think about it, if you give me to your boss and I'm not associated with the filthy rich, what would he think? That you're incompetent, what does your boss do to the incompetent?" The questioning look on her face must have sealed the deal, one of them cracked.

"we ain't got a boss! He's the boss!" He pointed to the one named Moe, "We just run this little laundry mat and we're almost out of money! We just needed a little cash to keep it going!"

"And kidnapping was your first thought?!"

"Well Boss said that he saw you in the papers with some rich kids! And we needed the money before our father found out we failed is shop!"

"You don't even own it? What are you, the worst laundry shop workers ever?"

"No! We are the best laundry mat in the lower quarter of the city! It's just that the new, cheaper laundry mat has got more attention than us recently and we were gonna go under!"

"Why didn't you just ask your dad?"

"He would be angry with us!"

"Yeah, and never want to see us again!"

"Both of you shut it! Stop telling her stuff!"

"I'm pretty sure kidnapping a young girl will not make him any happier. Maybe if you just tell him whats happened, he'll help out. I mean, if you're the best laundry mat around, surely your costumers will come back once they realize the other store is ripping them off. If not, just advertise, that will surely make you look better than kidnapping does. Its only for a short time, just go talk to him. And let me go."

"She's right, Moe."

"… It's a pretty good argument…"

"And kidnapping is more of a crime and unhonorable compared to asking for forgiveness."

"Yeah, we should let her go, Boss."

"Yeah, Moe, she could have just solved our problem for us."

"Fine, cut her loose." A car door slammed outside, everyone tensed. It was quiet, no footsteps, and no echoes off the wall outside. Suddenly the garage door was knocked in while Mori and Honey raced in, ready for action.

"Set her loose, or you'll never forget the meaning of pain." Honey spoke quietly and deadly.

"Honey-senpai! Stop! It's okay! They were just letting me go!"

"What?!" Honey straightened up, confusion playing across his childish features. He was ready to launch himself after the closest man, Curly, if she remembered correctly.

"No, its okay, seriously. They were just having financial trouble and needed money. They saw me with you guys on a paper or something and thought that bribing you for money would help them. I talked them out of it."

"You did?! Ah, Haruhi! We were so worried and you took care of yourself! You're growing up so quickly!" He launched himself into Haruhi's arms as soon as she was free of the ropes. He hugged her until someone cleared their throat behind them. Tamaki was standing in the doorway, Kaoru and Hikaru peering over his shoulders. Tamaki looked as if he was going to burn the world. He stalked over to Haruhi, who was still holding Honey, and looked her right in the eyes, frowning.

"Do you realize how much stress you put on the members of the Host Club?! Do you know how worried Mai and Zo were?! Do you understand that they thought that you disappeared and that I'd never see you again?!"


"They! I said they! Daddy was very worried about his little girl! And you!" Tamaki pointed to the kidnappers. "You tried to hurt my little girl and that is frowned upon!" Haruhi reached a hand out and ran her fingers over Tamaki's ribs. He double in a fit of laughter.

"Tamaki! Were you not listening! They let me go and are going to apologize! They know what they did was wrong!"

"Do they?!"

"Yes! Yes! We do!" The trio looked as if they were going to faint.

"See?! Now let's just go back to the festival and enjoy it, I want another ice cream, they kept me from finishing the last one." Haruhi walked out before anyone else could say anymore. The twins couldn't decide if they wanted to laugh or rant and rave. One thing was for sure, Kaoru wasn't going to let the scene he interrupted be dropped so easily for Hikaru.

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