*About 2 hours before the Cullen's should arrive*

For the past ten hours, I have been fussed over in Jane's room by her and Heidi. Meanwhile, Alec has been in our room being dressed up by Felix and Demetri. Jane picked out my dress for me, and I have to admit, she did a great job. She got me a long, strapless white gown with a silver belt around the middle. Heidi put my hair up into a half updo.

"Renesmee, it's time to go downstairs."


"Before we go, I just want to tell you again that I'm very happy you're going to be with my brother."

"Thank you Jane. So am I."

Jane, Heidi, and I walked down to the throne room. By Jane's orders, I waited at the bottom of the stairs until they walked into the throne room. This is because Alec is already in there, and they refuse to let me see him before I'm supposed to. When the door closed, I got off of the stairs and stepped in front of the doors in the hallway. I waited, alone, until the doors opened for me to walk in.

Aro offered to have Marcus or somebody walk me in, like at a traditional wedding, but I told him that it wasn't necessary, so I walked in alone. As I walked in, I looked around at all of the red eyes and pale faces staring back at me. To my surprise, they actually all seemed genuinely happy at what was taking place. It didn't take long for me to look at Alec. He was dressed in a dark grey suit and he looked the most handsome that I've ever seen him. When he smiled at me, I smiled back, anxious for my new life to begin.

When I reached Alec, we took each other's hands and faced each other, and then, Aro started to speak.

"We are gathered here today to join Alec and Renesmee into the status of mates. Alec, do you take Renesmee to be your mate until the end of time?"

"I do."

"And Renesmee, do you take Alec to be your mate until the end of time?"

"I do."

"Then as the king of the vampire world, I declare you mates. Alec, you may kiss your mate."

With that, Alec and I kissed and the whole room erupted in applause.

(Sorry to jump ahead, but I'm having writers block and I want to get this story done. So, in this next part, Alec and Renesmee are in their room after she becomes part of the Volturi and they become mates.)

Alec is preparing to make me into a full vampire. There is a party going on downstairs, but we decided to skip it. We figured that this is more important. He helped me get into my new Volturi uniform (imagine what Jane wears) and now I'm laying on the bed, waiting for him to bite me.

"Renesmee, are you sure this is what you want?"

"Of course, Alec. What I want is to be with you forever. And if this is what I have to do for that to happen, then so be it. Why are having doubts about this now?"

"It's just that, you're going to be in so much pain."

"I know that, but the pain won't last forever. And besides, you can numb me while I'm changing if it makes you feel better."


He gave me a kiss and then moved down to my neck. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see his mist forming, so it was ready for when the pain sets in. Just before his teeth sunk into my skin, there was a knock at the door.

"What?" Alec growled through his teeth.

"Alec, we have a major problem downstairs." Alec got up off of me and opened the door. It was Felix. The sense of urgency in his voice and eyes made me sit up with worry.

"Felix, what's going on?"

"Alec, the Cullens are here."

"WHAT!?" Alec and I shrieked in unison.

"Alec, if you want to change her, your going to have to do it now. They're coming up the stairs now. They're almost here."

Alec ran over to me and, without a second thought, bit me on the neck. I let out a scream in pain as his venom pumped through my body, setting me on fire from the inside out. Muffled from my screaming and the pain, I heard a thump. I looked up the best I could and saw a blurry image of Alec and Felix trying to hold of my family. Just as I saw, what I think was my father grabbing a hold of Alec's shirt, I blacked out.

*Edward's P.O.V*

We stormed the Volturi castle a barged right past the guard and ran upstairs, where we caught Renesmee's scent. Once we reached the top of the stairs, we heard Renesmee scream out in pain. We followed her screams to a room and we found it guarded by Felix, with Alec leaning over Renesmee in a bed.

Bella and Emmett went after Felix and I went after Alec.

"Carlisle, Esme, get Renesmee. What did you do to my daughter, you monster?"

"Edward, listen to me for a second, you need to know…" That's when I grabbed him by his shirt and got up in his face.

"I don't need to listen to you. You need to listen to me. We're taking Renesmee home with us, and there's nothing you can do about it." I then picked him up and threw him into the wall.

"Edward, we can't take her home."

"Carlisle, what are you talking about? Of course we're taking her home."

"We can't. Come look."

I walked over to the bed and saw what he was talking about. In his hand were the crests of Renesmee's to new necklaces. One, was the Volturi crest and the other, was the symbol of mates. I looked over at Alec, who was picking himself up out of the rubble, and I saw that he was wearing the same two crests. I turned to the rest of my family and shook my head, signifying that we would never be able to take her home.

*Renesmee's P.O.V. : About 20 years later.*

When I woke up from my transformation, Alec and Felix were still there, but my family was gone. Alec told me that, because of all the ruckus they caused, the Cullen family had been banished from Volterra forever. After I fed, I asked Aro if I would ever be able to talk to my family again. He said that I could call them whenever I felt like it. Unfortunately, even though I felt like it, I couldn't. I immediately got started in training and then, we got swamped with missions. First, there were about six immortal children scattered around the world that had to be taken care of. And then, we spent about three months hunting down and killing Vladmir and Stephan, because Caius wanted to be rid of all of the Romanians for good. With all the work I had to do, I honestly completely forgot about contacting my family.

About 10 years ago, myself and the rest of the guard had to go to Alberta, Canada to kill, yet another, immortal child. After the job was done, I talked to Alec, and we traveled up to Anchorage, Alaska, where my family had supposedly moved. We found them living with Tanya and her family. We sat down and I explained everything to my family. Luckily, they finally understood what I had been feeling so many years ago, and we make amends.

When Alec and I got back to Volterra, we showed Aro what had happened, and he lifted the banishment from the Cullens, so they could come see me whenever they wanted to.

As for Alec and I, we have been very happy together for twenty years. As I look back on my life from twenty long years ago, I have zero regrets about my actions, because they led me to the place where I truly belong: With the Volturi and Alec.


Author's Note

First of all, I want to apologize to all of my fans of this story. I didn't realize that it has been six months since I have updated.

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