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A small brunette boy. If you ask about it around the small town of Namimori, you'll get shrugs or appalled looks. If you ask about Sawada Tsunayoshi, you'll get the same, maybe a few shakes of the head or passing solemn looks. He was considered a 'lost case' to the adults and a 'loser' to the younger ones. That was all that was known. A small boy who never spoke or smiled. One who had no friends and only had his loving mother and outgoing twin for company. No one in the town realized it would all change soon.


"Tsu-kun!" A smiling woman called up the stairs. She had short pretty brunette hair and big eyes that were always sparkling with glee. She pouts when there's no answer and calls again, "Tsu-kun! You're going to be late!" She sighs when there's still nothing. She turns to go back to the kitchen when she sees a flash of brown out of her eye. She smiles happily and claps her hands together, "Tsu-kun! Why did you take so long?"

A boy with thick gravity-defying brown hair and big dull eyes looks to her and shrugs quickly. His eyes dart to the stairs and his mom lets out an 'oh!' in understanding. Her son was always scared of the stairs; they always managed to trip him up. She didn't notice the trip wire that had been disengaged. She grabs Tsuna's hand and leads him to the kitchen before he decides to go back to his room. She leaves him in a chair and goes to get the plate of breakfast she made for him an hour ago. Tsuna silently turns to the other person in the room. Ieyasu, his brother, was an outgoing boy with slightly spiky dark brown hair with bangs usually slicked back. He's regarded around town as a friendly teen with lots of friends and athletic with a small attitude and a little bit of a temper. The complete opposite of his brother, they were considered to be like night and day. Especially in the way they treated the other. One of the only similarities is their looks as they're twins and their bad grades. Tsuna nods to his brother but Ieyasu clicks his tongue.

"Dame-Tsuna, you're going to make me late again!" He says with anger seeping from him. Tsuna twitches but shrugs. He picks up his bag before heading towards the door. He looks back to his brother who looks shocked to see his dim foggy eyes staring at him like always. He looks away and runs to catch up. Nana, their mother, comes back with the plate to see her two boys leaving. She sighs heavily and looks concerned at them from the window. Her stubborn boy and her forgiving one. She shakes her head and wipes her eyes unsure of what to do. Later she will find a flyer in the mail and will smile slyly, knowing, if only by instinct, that it will be the perfect thing to fix her failing family.


It's a quiet walk to school as per usual. The only talking is by Ieyasu who either tries to start a conversation and then becomes angry or when he tries to ask Tsuna a question about homework and the other looks away to the trees. Which makes him even madder.

By the time they reach the school, Ieyasu is done with Tsuna. He runs off to be with his friends and Tsuna stands left in the dust. But he's used to it so he just continues to the classroom after looking suspiciously behind him again. He keeps getting the weird feeling that someone's watching him.

To get to the classroom, Tsuna always takes a rarely used way as to avoid other people. He walks in heavily to his seat, glad he didn't run into anybody that hates him, which is basically everybody.

"Ah! Sawada-san!" Calls a cheerful voice that stops him from getting to the safe zone. A.k.a. - his chair. He turns around to see the glowing Kyoko and her friend, Hana. They always try talking to him, being friends of his brothers. Or 'friends' in Hana's case. She usually hated his monkey-like guts as she once announced loudly to everyone. Tsuna didn't understand the metaphor and Ieyasu just gritted his teeth and ignored it. Kyoko and Hana walk over to him and Kyoko waves happily, "Hi Sawada-san! You're early today!"

Tsuna nods and looks nervously at his seat before trying to edge around them. Hana gets in his way, "Are you trying to avoid us?" She demands angrily, "Kyoko always is so nice to you and says hi every time she sees you and yet you avoid her every time! I understand not talking but you could at least wave or something!" She clenches her fists and her eyebrow twitches uncontrollably.

"Hana, wait!" Kyoko tries to calm her down but Hana turns on her heel and stalks off, making sure her hair whips the emotionless Tsuna in the face. "Sorry, Sawada-san!" Kyoko looks to Tsuna once more before running off after her friend. Tsuna himself just stands there until he hears someone whispering in the corner about what happened. He looks at them before heading back to his seat, afraid of what's coming, but refusing to show it.

"Dame-Tsuna, you dropped something!" A boy calls as he enters the classroom. Tsuna was sitting quietly in the corner wishing hard for the bell to hurry and ring but his luck, if he ever had any, ran short a few minutes before. A paper wad is thrown at his head, knocking him clean out of his seat and to the floor. The boy who did it sashays to where Tsuna now sits on the floor. Tsuna glances up hesitantly and recognizes him as a baseball team member, Arashi, and as one of his main bullies. Tsuna looks away quickly, making the boy laugh. He leans down so he's right in front of Tsuna's face, "What? Are you scared Dame-Tsuna?" Tsuna visibly flinches and scoots backwards slightly, biting his lip, making the boy laugh even harder. With tears in his eyes, he tugs at his stomach and brushes the tears away carelessly while shouting, "Haha! You're so pathetic!" He picks Tsuna up roughly by the shirt and stands up.

"Arashi-kun!" A voice calls from outside the door. It makes everyone in the room freeze with guilt. When the door slides open, a happy brunette comes in while calling cheerfully, "Yamamoto-kun said you were already in the classroom, so—" Ieyasu stops short when he sees Arashi and his brother, an unknown expression crossing his face. But then he continues, pretending Arashi didn't look like he was going to beat the snot out of Tsuna, "There you are! Yamamoto-kun said you were in here and I needed to get the baseball schedule from you! Remember?"

Tsuna looks to the floor before Arashi shoves him back into his seat and walks to his brother, Ieyasu, "Of course! I was waiting for you to come in! You sure were taking forever, did you get lost again?"

Ieyasu pouts, making all the girls in the room blush. He then shakes his head and averts his eyes while mumbling quietly, "No, I didn't! I just…took the long way around…" Arashi laughs hard and slings his arm around Ieyasu's shoulder, animatedly talking to him. When the other baseball members come in, he tells them about Ieyasu's adventure, much to his embarrassment. The others gather around and laugh when they say something funny or gasp when everyone else gasps.

Just another one of those times. When everyone goes along with the 'popular crowd' and tries to climb the social ladder. People are influenced and people are changed. Tsuna reminds himself. It's one of those deadly things that you should be warned about but you're not because 'it's a part of life and its experience'. Except it shouldn't be because people get hurt when you trample them on your way up…

Tsuna sighs inwardly and goes to staring out the window, except this time he stares in the opposite direction he feels the eyes from. He was sick of confrontation and people. The bell rings but Tsuna ignores something that means so little to him. And when teachers call on him; knowing he won't answer (only to make fun of him), he'll keep staring out the window. At the big blue sky that's always there watching everyone with mixed emotions, never saying a thing but protecting those in silence.

It made Tsuna feel better and even a little happier.


Tsuna didn't move an inch until the bell rang for after school. During lunch he had continued to sit there by himself and stare out the window. He noticed Kyoko give him a forlorn glance and saw she started to go his way before Hana marched out the door with her nose in the air. Kyoko had reluctantly followed her friend.

"Hey, Dame-Tsuna!" He doesn't move but knows it's one of those kids trying to talk to him. "I'm handing the chores to you, okay? I've got baseball practice and Arashi-kun said you said you would be willing to do them for me!" The boy looks expectantly at Tsuna but he stays still and the boy takes it as a yes, giving a small thumbs-up to his buddies as he runs out. Tsuna begins to consider if the boy is stupid or just a naïve follower. He was heading for the latter. As if he told Arashi he would cover for him, he hasn't spoken in years. Everyone knows that and calls him Dame-Tsuna for a reason. Tsuna rolls his eyes and finally gets out of seat. He picks up the dusty broom from the closet in the back and begins to sweep. Everything wasn't too bad, he decided, those eyes weren't trained on him anymore and now he has the entire school to himself. Tsuna takes out his iPod from his pocket, and pulls his ear buds from their hiding place under his shirt. He clicks on a song and begins to sing, his voice hoarse but sounded beautifully whimsical even without years of regular use. He pushes the dirt around and just lets out all his emotions into the song.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night

Take these broken wings, and learn to fly,

All your life,

You were only waiting for this moment to arise…

It felt like minutes but it was an hour before Tsuna stopped singing and finished cleaning. He goes to put away his iPod when he hears footsteps approaching the door. He holds his breath and only releases the captive breath when the door slides open and it's Arashi and his gang of friends.

Arashi speed walks over to the fumbling Tsuna, whose desperately trying to put his iPod away.

"Whatcha got there Dame-Tsuna?" Arashi grabs the iPod from Tsuna's hand and holds it out of his reach, not waiting for the silent response. He examines it in the air, "Wow! Dame-Tsuna has an iPod! Who knew? Do you like music or something?" Tsuna jumps up to get it, for once actually doing something, which surprises Arashi and his friends, "Haha! Is this your only friend or something?" Tsuna doesn't respond but his usual listlessness is replaced by pure determination, his dull brown eyes replaced by gleaming orange brown eyes. Arashi stalls, allowing Tsuna to get it back, but Arashi easily steals it again and tosses it to his friend. He begins getting mad about the fact that Tsuna was able to get the better of him. He shoves him roughly again and again while Tsuna's eyes follow his iPod that is being used to play catch with. He pushes Tsuna hard up against the wall, making him fall on his butt, his head slamming against the cold bricks. He gives a silent grunt that makes Arashi smile joyfully, "Saw you near Kyoko-chan today!" He presses his foot against Tsuna's windpipe and Tsuna begins gasping for air, making fish faces and his eyes pop out of his head while he struggles for breath, "What'd I tell you about that? You're going to give her a bad image!" Then he catches the iPod. Tsuna's eyes watch as Arashi taunts him with it and then throws it hard against the wall.

His eyes fade back to the dim pools of dirt brown as the only thing keeping him happy makes contact with the wall and breaks into a million little pieces, his heart flying with it.

"You're stupid, and an idiot. You don't belong here. You don't deserve to live."

Tsuna just sits against the wall lifelessly as he receives burning kicks and scratching punches that scar his skin. The shouts from the boys about how useless he is don't reach his ears but he still soaks it in. They kick and abuse every part of his body; his stomach, his arms, his feet…but they leave his face pure. Clean. Innocent. Only his eyes show the damage that's been done to him. Later when he limps home, he'll ignore everyone; including his worried sick mom, the weird baby with a gun, and his guilty brother. And he'll stay in his room for what seems like eternity to him. Until he feels those eyes on him. But he'll do nothing but endure them boring holes into him, like he endured the bullies.

And the words they muttered will haunt him and the image of his iPod smashing to pieces will play behind his eyes every time they slam shut.

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