Part 1 – The Start

Ever since the case of the Rosalia virus, CR-S01 got a change to atone his sins. Instead of spending all of his time in jail, he got a change to work as a surgery doctor. However, working at the hospital after spending so much time in the cold prison is really hard for him. It's not about the skill because his skill is excellent. It's about how he handling the patients. Most of the patients were afraid of him because of his lack-of-expression face. At first he thought it was the cold prison effects to his cells in his face. However, he couldn't use those reason to show his patients. Meeting his dead end, he decided to ask the most expert doctor in the hospital to handle his case.

" Wow, it's rare for you to visit my lab…" Gabriel Cunningham, a diagnostic doctor asked. " Do you have any problem?"

" I want you to cure me…" CR-S01 answered.

" You are sick? Wow, it's rare for a doctor like you to get sick. Please tell me the symptoms…" Gabe asked RONI, his personal computer to write down important.

" It's hard for me to smile…" CR-S01 stopped for a while, " I think that's all..."

" Can't find any diseases with those symptoms," RONI said, " Please investigate more further to get more information."

" Er… I'm sorry to say it, but… I don't think it was a disease as well…" Gabriel laughed so hard. It made CR-S01 face turned to red. When CR-S01 wanted to leave his room, Gabriel took his hand. " I'm sorry. If you want to learn how to smile, just think about the smile of the one you like. It's easy, right?" Gabriel smiled.

The smile he likes… Is that means that he has to imitate someone's smile? CR-S01 thought so hard to think about Gabriel's suggestion. Hank's smile was great, but he didn't think that he could imitate Hank's smile because their face shape was very different. Gabriel's smile… well, too naughty and wild for his personality, he thought. Tomoe's smile was cute, but she was a girl. He didn't think he could imitate a smile of a girl. And there was also go to Maria and Naomi.

Thinking hard about his way to smile, he didn't realize that a guy was running in the corridor. He bumped into the guy. The blue-suited guy who bumped into him stood first, " I'm really sorry… Hey…" The blonde guy examined CR-S01's face, " You're the doctor who cured Miss Kirishima, right? Thanks a lot for curing her. It's a pleasure to meet you..."

CR-S01 was fascinated by the smile of the guy in front of him. His smile is perfect! And the shape of his face and the shape of body were not really different from him. And the aura of elegance shone from his face as well.

" Em… Are you all right? Can you stand?" the guy in the suit asked.

" Little Guy, what are you doing?" Naomi Kirishima asked.

" Ah, Miss Kirishima!" Little Guy turned his head. He found out that Naomi just have a walk with Alyssa. " I just want to visit your room to give you the documents you asked…" Little Guy looked at the documents that scattered around the floor. He began to collect them.

" Let me help you." CR-S01 said as he collected the documents on the floor as well. As he helped Little Guy, he examined every inch of his face. He tried to move his lips so that he can form a smile like Little Guy did.

" Hey, you're smiling…" Naomi said as she helped Little Guy as well.

" Is that strange?" CR-S01 blushed.

Naomi shook her head; " It's good on you. Keep that up!"

After collecting all of the pieces, Little Guy gave them to Naomi. He looked at CR-S01 and smiled, " Thanks for helping me. I'm Navel… How should I call you?"

" I…" CR-S01 paused. He didn't know how to introduce his name.

" He didn't remember his own name…" Naomi poked Little Guy. " What he remembered is only his own ID, which is CR-S01…"

" Oh, I'm sorry to hear that… then how about if I call you, Scarlet, just like the color of your eyes? It's much easier to say!" Little Guy smiled at CR-S01.

" Little Guy…" Naomi warned him.

" You can call me anything you want…" CR-S01 answered.

" Okay, Little Guy…" Naomi poked Little Guy, " Enjoy your little chat with your new friend. I will investigate more about the case…"

" Wait, Miss Kirishima, how about having lunch together?" Little Guy asked.

" I want to investigate more about the corpse. You better have lunch now, so that I can ask for your help after I finished my investigation." Naomi left both of them.

Little Guy looked a bit down. Alyssa took his hand with her left hand, " Let's have lunch with me!" and she took CR-S01's hand too with her right hand, " And you too!" Alyssa pulled both guys to the cafeteria.