IMPORTANT AUTHOR'S NOTE: This multi-chapter crossover story takes place after "Clash of the Connoisseurs", which would make good sense. This story will only introduce characters from the following shows: Pokémon, Beyblade: Metal Masters, Ben 10, Generator Rex, and Naruto. Please do not bash me for this crossover story, for I like it like this. Furthermore, DO NOT BASH ME FOR WHO WINS EACH BATTLE IN THE TOURNAMENT. Enjoy the story, and please feel free to leave a review!

"So, there's supposed to be a battle tournament in Icirrus City?" Ash asked he trekked along the road back to the city.

"Right!" Masamune replied, "We were on our way to the tournament anyways until we got picked up by that butler guy," he said. The group had just left the Hatterly estate after Cilan had to make a connoisseur evaluation for a little girl named Marigold.

"And the reason he picked you guys up is because Tsubasa's an S-Class connoisseur, correct?" Cilan asked.

"Exactly!" Masamune replied, "Now, come on, we don't wanna be late!" he shouted as he dashed off.

"Same as always," Iris sighed as she stopped, "What a kid."

"Uh… um…" Hinata stuttered. The group, excluding Masamune turned to see the shy 17 year-old girl, quaking in her sandals at the thought of participating in this tournament. "I-I don't kn-know if I c-can do this…" she said, stressed. Tsubasa put a hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry," he said, reassuring her, "It's the first tournament I've actually participated in for a while," he admitted.

"Yeah!" Ash said, remembering, "Back at the Club Battle you battled-" Ash stopped when he realized the name he was about to say. Everyone minus Tsubasa began to look down in depression.

"What's wrong you guys?" Tsubasa asked in worry.

"It's just that," Cilan began to say, "We haven't seen Gingka for a while since Mistralton City…"

"There hasn't been one sign of him at all ever since he left so suddenly…" Iris said sadly.

"Ax Axew…" Axew said, agreeing with Iris. Ash then dug into the pocket of his vest and took out something.

"We found this from where we last saw him," Ash said holding out the object for Tsubasa to see. Tsubasa gasped as he saw that Ash was holding Gingka's trusted beyblade, Galaxy Pegasus.

"W-Why do you have Pegasus?!" Tsubasa asked in shock, "Gingka would never leave his own beyblade behind!" Ash then dug back into his pocket and took out a piece of crumpled paper, unfolding it, and then showing it to his friend.

Tsubasa looked at the writing placed on the paper, able to understand what was written. "So that's what it's all about…" he said handing the paper back to Ash, "I can't believe Gingka left like that, not even taking Pegasus…"

Everyone was now feeling gloomy after reminiscing Gingka's departure. Ash then looked up as he saw the city, dead ahead. "You know what?" he said, getting everyone's attention, "Let's win this tournament for Gingka's sake!" he exclaimed.

"Pika Pika!" Pikachu agreed. Everyone, even Hinata nodded in agreement that they wouldn't let this little mention bring them down.

"All right," Ash said, "Let's go!" he exclaimed as he jogged down towards the city.

*BW Rival Destinies Opening*

The group consisting of Ash, Cilan, Hinata, Iris, and Tsubasa, along with Pikachu and Axew arrived back in Icirrus City to see a huge dome stadium being crowded with spectators and trainers.

"Wow!" Ash said as he saw the stadium, "This place is huge!" As the group awed the dome's immense size, Cilan noticed a large billboard placed around the corner.

"Look!" Cilan said, running over to the board. He then put his hand to his chin as he read what was placed upon it.

"Well, what is it?" Iris asked, wondering what got Cilan so perplexed.

"These are the rules for the tournament," he began to explain, "It says trainers must have up to three Pokémon, are able to register as much as six into the tournament, and that this is a 32 trainer competition!" he noted thoroughly.

"Wow, that's a lot more competitors than the ones in other tournaments we've been too!" Iris said.

"Axew Ax!" Axew said as well.

"So, what's the prize?" Ash asked excitedly. Cilan kept on reading the board.

"It says that the two finalists will each earn themselves a Pokémon egg, but the winner gets to select which egg he or she wants along with getting a supply Pokémon type items!" Cilan exclaimed.

"P-Pokémon type items?" Hinata asked.

"Correct!" Cilan said, "Items such as a Charcoal, a Miracle Seed, and even a Mystic Water!" he explained joyfully, "All the items that power up any type of Pokémon!"

Ash and Iris grinned as he heard what Cilan had explained. 'I bet that item set has a item that powers up Electric types!' Ash thought.

'I bet there has to be an item for Dragon types like Axew!' Iris also thought.

"I'm gonna win this tournament!" Ash and Iris exclaimed in unison, also pumping their fists into the air.

Pikachu, Axew, and the rest of the group laughed as Ash and Iris both became flustered for saying the exact same thing at the exact same time. Even Hinata let out a little giggle at their unison. Just then she heard a loud noise.

"This was my spot!" the voice echoed angrily.

"You stepped out of line!" another voice shouted.

"What line? There hardly is any!" the first voice shouted back.

The whole group stopped laughing to hear the confrontation as the shouts became louder and louder. "I have a feeling that's Masamune…" Tsubasa sighed, "Does he always have to pick fights like this?" Tsubasa then walked towards the screaming voices, with the rest of the group in tow.

They turned the corner to see the hot-blooded beyblader arguing with a man with spiky red hair, a red tank top with a blue stripe across the belly, white wristbands, and green shorts right in front of the registration booth.

"I got here first, so I register first!" Masamune screamed into the man's face.

"Like I said, you stepped out of line, so I register first!" the man shouted back.

"No, I do!" Masamune yelled.

"I do!" the man argued. They both glared at each other, growling angrily.

"Hey Masamune!" Tsubasa shouted, getting his attention.

"Tsubasa?" Masamune said, surprised to his friend standing right there. Both of the boys stopped arguing to turn to the Tsubasa. Ash then smiled when he saw the man who argued with Masamune for himself.

"Stephen, what's up?" Ash asked running towards his friend. The man nearly fell over at the mispronunciation of his name yet again.

"Not too much, though my name's Stephan…" Stephan sighed, "I'm competing in this tournament too!" he said, "Or at least I was until this little squirt cut in line!" he shouted pointing at Masamune.

"There was no line!" Masamune shouted back, pointing to the registration booth, which had no trainers there at all, "And who're you calling squirt, tough guy?!"

"You, that's who!" Stephan shouted. The two boys began glaring at each other once, leaving Ash and Tsubasa to sigh as Iris, Cilan, and Hinata to walk up.

"Oh boy…" Iris sighed. As the argument continued, Ash saw a counter with unfilled registration sheets. The counter was next to a lovely fountain of water.

"That must be where we get our registrations," Ash pointed out as he walked over to the counter.

"Out of the way! Out of the way! OUT OF THE WAY!" a high-pitched voice screamed as Ash turned for only a split second when he felt a huge shove, he then suddenly found himself in air, hurdling towards the fountain.


Masamune and Stephan stopped arguing once they heard the splash. Everyone turned to see that it was Bianca that had accidentally knocked Ash into the water, and was breathing heavily as it looked like she had been running all day.

"Bianca!" everyone exclaimed.

"Oh, thank goodness I finally stopped…" Bianca said as she caught her breath, she then turned to see the entire group staring at her. "Oh, hi everyone!" she said happily, "Hey, where's Ash?" she asked looking for the capped trainer.

"One guess…" Iris sighed, pointing at the fountain. Bianca turned to see Ash was soaked from head to toe as he had fallen into the fountain, with Pikachu struggling to get him out.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" Bianca apologized over and over.

"It's okay Bianca," Ash replied, "Accidents happen all the time!" he said as he was still surprised that Bianca yet again, knocked him into a fountain.

"Need a hand?" asked a voice. Ash turned to see a man standing next to him, holding out his gloved hand, wanting to help to young boy.

"Rex!" Ash exclaimed as the goggled evo pulled him out of the fountain. "Are you here for the tournament too?" he asked, as he tried to dry himself off.

"Yeah, there's a whole lot of people participating so I figured I should join in too!" Rex replied with a smile. Just then, Ash noticed another man behind Rex, who was also filling out his registration form. He was wearing brown pants, green and white shoes, a shirt with a green collar and stripe down the middle with a white number ten on the front, and a strange looking watch on his left wrist.

"Ben!" Ash said, getting his other friend's attention, "You're gonna participate too?" Ash asked excitedly.

"Yeah!" Ben replied, "This tourney'll be a good chance to test out my skills." Hinata then walked up, seemingly excited to see Ben again. "Hey Hinata!" Ben greeted.

"Hi!" Hinata said, now excited.

"So are you participating too?" Ben asked, getting a nod from the shy girl, "Cool!" Ben said, "I'm sure Naruto would be proud to know that you're battling in this tournament." Hinata blushed upon the mention of her beloved one's name. Just then, she felt a hand placed on her shoulder.

"Hey, Hinata, what's up?" a voice asked. Hinata turned to see Naruto standing right next to her, his hand on her shoulder. "So, are you gonna compete too?" Naruto asked.

"N-N-N-N-Naruto?!" Hinata asked, her face turning bright red in an instant, she began to stumble. Ben noticed this, and stopped filling out his form, rushing over and catching Hinata before she fell onto the ground.

"Phew…" he sighed as he lifted her up, bridal style. "Do you always have to make a surprising entrance?!" he asked Naruto angrily, "It wouldn't kill you to walk up to us normally and say hi rather than surprising Hinata!" he yelled.

"Whoa Whoa! What did I do?!" Naruto asked, surprised by Ben's anger. The group laughed at their antics, enjoying the hilarious moment as the two boys continued to argue.

"Well, would you look who's here?" a voice asked from a distance.

"Oh no…" Iris sighed as she turned around to see her rival, the Dragon Buster Georgia standing tall as ever.

"So Iris, have your Dragon types gotten any better since the Clubsplosion?" Georgia asked smugly.

"Well, we've been training…" Iris began to reply, "So yeah, I guess you can say we got stronger. Right Axew?" she asked the Tusk Pokémon.

"Ax Axew!" Axew replied in agreement.

"Well, we'll just have to see about that won't we?" Georgia asked rhetorically as she walked towards the counter to get a form.

Tsubasa filled out his form carefully, for he wasn't in a rush to get started with this tournament.

"Greetings, fellow connoisseur Tsubasa!" said a voice right next to him. He sighed as he knew the voice came from Burgundy, a C-Class Connoisseuse.

"Oh, hey Burgundy…" he said, continuing to fill out his form without looking up. Cilan noticed Burgundy as well, smiling as he saw her.

"Hello Burgundy!" he greeted with a wave. The connoisseuse just growled as she heard that familiar voice.

She turned towards him with fury in her eyes. "Mark my words Cilan, you will face utter defeat at my powerful hands as I show you what kind of a connoisseuse I can really be!" she exclaimed.

"I look forward to seeing that in the tournament Burgundy!" Cilan replied happily.

"Hmph!" Burgundy said, turning away from him and getting herself a form. 'Still as spicy as ever I guess…' Cilan thought as he grabbed a form himself. Ash had just finished filling out his form, when Pikachu's ears twitched all of a sudden.

"Pika!" Pikachu exclaimed, pointing out away from the registration area. Ash then noticed a boy about his age walking over to the area. He had blonde hair, an orange jacket covering a black hoodie, grey pants, and a one-strap backpack.

"Hey Trip!" Ash shouted out as he ran over to his friend, registration in hand. "So how've you been?" he asked.

"I've been just fine," Trip replied, "Training as usual, evolving my Pokémon, coming up with strategies, basic stuff." He then walked past Ash and took a form from the counter to fill out.

'Man, I wish I get to battle him this time!' Ash exclaimed in his head.

"Pika?" Pikachu said as his ears jumped up again.

"What's the matter buddy?" Ash asked the yellow mouse, leaning down. They then noticed a shadow lurking upon them as they both turned to see a figure they wished they weren't seeing. "R-Ryuga?!" Ash asked in shock. Everyone, even Trip looked to see that holder of the beyblade, Meteo L-Drago was standing right in front of Ash, looking down on the frightened trainer and Pokémon.

"Don't tell me he's participating too…" Masamune whispered to Tsubasa.

"He probably is…" Tsubasa replied. Ryuga then walked over and picked up a form, filling it out, and then walked over to the registration booth to get it checked. Everyone was still wide-eyed at his appearance at the tournament at all, even Trip. He then left to the inside of the stadium, smirking at the frightened trainers.

"Man, what a shock!" Ash said as he stood up.

"To think that Ryuga would also compete in this tournament as well…" Cilan said, "It's unimaginable…"

"He may be a good trainer," Iris began to say, "but he has such a creepy atmosphere around him…"

"Not to mention, the last time we saw him on Milos Island, his Accelgor was able to hold his own against Tornadus and Thundurus!" Tsubasa noted. Everyone was silent as they continued to fill out their forms for their registration. By the time they were all done, everyone handed their forms in at the booth. Georgia was about to hand her form in when she felt something hug her from behind.

"Simi Simi!" said a voice from behind her. Georgia smiled as she realized who it was and turned to see that a Simipour was hugging her happily, looking like she was glad to her again.

"Cool, a Simipour!" Ash said as he took out his Pokedex. The device Ash held split into two screens, one showing Simipour herself, and the other displaying information about the water monkey.

"Simipour: The Geyser Pokémon & the evolved form of Panpour. Simipour prefers places with clean water. When its tuft runs low, Simipour replenishes it by siphoning up water with its tail, the Pokedex stated.

"So, is that Simipour yours?" Burgundy asked as she finished handing her form in.

"Nope," Georgia replied, "But she belongs to someone just as special." The group then turned to see a surprising sight. Gingka Hagane was walking towards the registration booth, looking as proud as ever.

"Gingka!" Ash exclaimed excitedly, running over to his friend. Iris, Cilan, Masamune, Tsubasa, and Hinata, whom had recovered from fainting also jogged over to see him. "You're back!" Ash said happily.

"Yep!" Gingka said as Simipour jumped on his shoulder.

"So is that your Simipour?" Iris asked.

"Sure is!" Gingka replied, "We've only been with each other for a while, but we definitely are the best of friends!"

"Simi Simipour!" Simipour agreed.

"So, how many badges do you have now?" Ash asked.

"Seven," Gingka replied, "I'm gonna get the last one after this tournament so that I now I'm ready to get it!"

"That's great!" Ash said. He then realized something, and his cheerful look vanished.

"What's up?" Gingka asked, looking at his friend.

"Ryuga's in this tournament too…" Ash said looking down. Surprisingly, Gingka just chuckled at the mention of Ryuga's name, and smiled.

"Hey, the more the merrier, right?" he asked joyfully. Ash then smiled at his confidence. The group, along with Gingka finished filling out and passing in their registration forms before heading into the stadium.

"Oh, Gingka wait a second!" Ash said as he reached into his pocket. Gingka stopped to Ash pull out Pegasus, his beyblade. He smiled brightly as he received his beyblade back from Ash.

"Thanks Ash," he said, looking at Pegasus as it gleamed in the sun.

"All right folks, are you ready to get this tournament started?!" Freddy O'Martin shouted over the microphone, making the stadium's crowd cheer loudly. "Then get be prepared as we're about to declare this Pokémon Club Battle Ninja Tournament begin!" Freddy boomed on the loudspeaker. "Introducing, our host for this tournament, the Icirrus Battle Club's one and only, Don George!" he introduced as a large, mustached man, with a light blue-collar sleeveless shirt, and a light blue belt came up to the broadcast booth. He then picked up a microphone from the table Freddy was sitting at and began to speak.

"Thanks a bunch for the introduction Freddy!" Don George boomed, "Now it's my turn to introduce a special co-host that will be talking alongside us for the upcoming battles of this tournament!" The center of the stadium was suddenly covered in a white mist. "The gym leader of Icirrus City, also a famous movie actor, the Ice Mask, Brycen!" Don George exclaimed as a man jumped out of the mist, wearing a light blue mask and robe, landing right between Don and Freddy. The entire stadium was filled with cheers as Brycen bowed to the crowd as the mist cleared.

"Thank you for the introduction, Don George," Brycen said, holding a microphone, "Now I'm proud to announce the Ninja Tournament, open!" he exclaimed as shots of confetti blew into the air.

"Cool, Brycen's here too!" Ash exclaimed, "That gets me so stoked!" he said as he pumped his fist.

"The Ninja Tournament…" Cilan pointed out, "A mysterious, yet spicy name! I can't wait to see the flavor of the battles that ensue!"

"Well for one thing, I can't wait for you to stop being so ridiculous…" Iris sighed.

"Axew Ax!" Axew said, pointing at the large screen above the broadcast booth. The screen looked divided into two separate columns, each with sixteen trainer places on each side.

"That's odd…" Cilan noted, "Why is it divided into two columns?" he asked. The connoisseur then noticed Tsubasa looking around at all the trainers.

"Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen…" he counted, "That can't be right…"

"What's the matter Tsubasa?" Cilan asked as he walked over to his friend.

"There's only sixteen trainers here, counting all of us…" Tsubasa explained.

"So, where are the other sixteen?" Cilan wondered. Just then, Freddy lifted up his microphone to speak.

"Now folks, we'll introduce out two teams competing in this tournament!" he exclaimed.

"Teams?!" Cilan exclaimed in shock.

"For our first team, we have an outstanding roster of trainers!" he said as he pointed towards the area where Ash and everyone else was, "So, what's your team name?" he asked.

"Team name?" Ash said in surprise, "All of us are a team now?" he asked as he looked at everyone else, who were having mixed feelings about the idea of being on a team together.

"Hey Gingka, why don't you pick our team name?" Iris suggested, "Since you came back, it's only fair that you pick." Gingka nodded upon Iris' suggestion just as he thought of something.

"The Galaxy Trainers!" he exclaimed.

"The Galaxy Trainers?" Ash said, confused, but then smiled at the idea. "Sounds good to me!"

"Pikachu!" Pikachu agreed.

"How about you guys?" Ash asked everyone else. They either replied with a nod or a "Yep!" while Trip and Ryuga didn't really care what their team name was.

"The Galaxy Trainers it is then!" Freddy boomed over the microphone, with the crowd cheering once again. "So with our first team being the ever so faithful Galaxy Trainers, let's introduce our second team!" Just then there was creaking noise from the opposite side the Galaxy Trainers were of the stadium. A sliding door had opened, and walking out of it were the other sixteen trainers mentioned earlier.

Naruto and Hinata gasped in surprise. "S-Sakura?! Sai?! Kakashi Sensei?!" he said in shock.

"K-Kiba?! Shino?!" Hinata also asked, surprised as Naruto was.

"Naruto, you know those guys?" Ash asked.

Naruto nodded, "They're all my friends and teachers," he said, still in shock, "But what're they doing here?" he asked himself.

"I would like to present to you the Shinobi 16!" Freddy screamed over the microphone. The group across from the Galaxy Trainers were consisted of Kakashi, Captain Yamato, Sai, Sakura, Ino, Shikamaru, Choji, Kiba, Shino, Neji, Tenten, Rock Lee, Gaara, Kankuro, Temari, and even Killer Bee.

"Wow, they all look pretty tough!" Stephan pointed out.

"Agreed," Cilan said, "I bet it won't be so easy to beat them."

"We'll just have to do our best, right guys?" Gingka asked the group.

"Right!" they all said, nodding in agreement.

Don George then stood up to speak. "All right trainers," he began to say into the microphone, "The first round will consist of single battle matches, each match pitting a Galaxy Trainer against one of the Shinobi 16," he explained, "Furthermore, all matches will be selected at random, so when your card is up, that's when you battle it out!"

"So the matches are all selected at random…" Cilan noted.

"That means we won't know who we're facing until one of our cards is put up," Georgia explained. Suddenly, the cards mentioned on the board began moving around in random directions, shuffling into different positions. They moved up and down, and side to side.

"The first match up of the first round is…" Don George began to say, as two blank cards made their way to the center of the screen. They both flipped to reveal the first match up. "Kakashi versus Tsubasa!" Tsubasa looked over to the side of the Shinobi 16, looking for Kakashi. Wearing his forehead protector so that it covered one eye, along with his mask covering most of his face, Kakashi was also glancing at Tsubasa, interested to see what he had in store for him in battle.

"Let's do this," Tsubasa said, stretching his fingerless gloves.

Kakashi jumped over the wall, going to his position on the battlefield. Tsubasa was just about to leave and take his position too, when Naruto stopped him.

"Naruto, what is it?" he asked.

"Kakashi Sensei is my teacher," Naruto began to explain, "He might be pretty tough for you to handle…"

The S-Class connoisseur just grinned. "Don't worry, I'll have a plan," he said confidently as he jumped over the wall on the Galaxy Trainer's side of the field.

"I sure hope you will…" Naruto said in worry.

"All right folks, our first match of the first pits the masked man Kakashi against S-Class Pokémon Connoisseur Tsubasa!" Freddy O'Martin boomed over the microphone. As Tsubasa got over the white lined box on his side where he would be making commands for his Pokémon, he noticed the battlefield opened up and split into two, retracting the pieces of the regular field to each side.

"W-What's going on?!" Tsubasa asked, suddenly nervous.

"Oh, they're just changing the stadium's environment," Kakashi said coolly, "Nothing to worry about." Tsubasa cringed at the idea that there also was a changing stadium environment. For the last tournament he entered didn't have this kind of battle aspect.

"So folks, what will the stadium be?" Don George asked the crowd. Just then, something emerged from the hole that the first field had left. It was another field, but conversely, it was only a large amount of logs sticking up from the metal ground all of them in different places, with a large stump in the middle with the Poke Ball symbol in it to represent the battlefield. Tsubasa was still worried that there was more to this stadium than his eyes could currently see, and he was right. Water began to gush out from the sides of the field, almost submerging the logs, but leaving them standing up straight, while others were not so balanced.

"The water log field!" O'Martin boomed, "What an interesting field to battle upon!"

"Indeed," Don agreed, "Brycen, what do you think these trainers will need to overcome the obstacles of the current field?" he asked the gym leader.

"It all depends on what type of Pokémon the trainers each use, not to mention if they are to remain on the logs, then they'll need to find their balance…" Brycen noted.

"Not to mention, the water doesn't look too safe when those unbalanced logs could possibly topple over into the water onto a Pokémon perhaps!" O'Martin added.

"So let's see what kind of Pokémon Tsubasa and Kakashi have in store for us!" Don shouted into the microphone. A referee came out to the middle of the field, on the side.

"All right trainers, this is a one on one battle with no substitutions," the referee announced, "Furthermore, if one side's Pokémon is unable to continue battling, then the match will be over. Are both of you ready?" the referee asked.

"Yeah!" Tsubasa and Kakashi said.

"Then let the battle begin!" the referee announced as he swung his arm down.

"Watchog, go!" Kakashi exclaimed, throwing a Poke Ball into the air. The ball opened and emerging from it was the bright blue and white lights that formed into the brown furred, yellow-striped, red eyed, Lookout Pokémon, Watchog.

"Watch Watchog!" he exclaimed as he landed on a floating log, finding perfect balance.

"Whoa check that out!" Ash exclaimed.

"That Watchog found balance in no time flat!" Stephan noted.

"What do you know!" Freddy echoed, "Watchog is already firmly balanced on the log, making it seem like an easy task!"

"Now, let's see what Tsubasa has to counter Watchog's balance…" Don George added.

Tsubasa began to ponder. 'Let's see, Watchog's a Normal type, and has good balance from what I can see, so maybe I should fight that balance from the air with Unfezant…' he thought as he looked at the water, 'Or maybe I should try battling from the environments I've been given!' he exclaimed in his head as he took out a Poke Ball. "Alomomola, you're up!" Tsubasa exclaimed, throwing his ball out into the open air. The ball opened, and the light coming from it formed into the pink fish, and the Caring Pokémon, Alomomola.

"Mola~," she sang excitedly as she splashed into the water.

"Alomomola, huh?" Ash said as he reached for his Pokedex. Splitting into two screens again, the Pokedex now stated facts about Alomomola.

"Alomomola: The Caring Pokémon. Alomomola gently holds injured and weak Pokémon in its fins. Its special membrane heals their wounds," the Pokedex stated.

"Sounds like a pretty helpful Pokémon!" Masamune said.

"Yes," Cilan agreed, "But I hope Tsubasa does all right…"

"Alomomola, use Aqua Jet!" Tsubasa ordered. The Caring Pokémon shot off like a rocket as she became encased in a stream of water heading directly for Watchog.

"Watchog, dodge and use Thunderbolt!" Kakashi called out. The standing squirrel jumped out the path of Alomomola's Aqua Jet and landed safely on another log, then he began to charge up electricity, launching a bolt of lightning heading for Alomomola, who landed back in the water.

"Alomomola, Protect!" Tsubasa called out. Alomomola covered herself in a light blue shield as the Thunderbolt struck, which did absolutely nothing to her whatsoever.

"A great defense displayed by Tsubasa and Alomomola!" O'Martin boomed.

"Not bad," Kakashi complimented, "But this battle's only getting started! Watchog, Shadow Ball!" he ordered. The Lookout Pokémon created a black ball of energy in front of his stomach and launched it towards Alomomola.

"Counter it with Water Pulse!" Tsubasa called out. Alomomola jumped out of the water, creating a sphere of water from her mouth, and the launching it at the Shadow Ball. Both moves collided, resulting in a small explosion that covered the field in smoke.

"And the entire field in shrouded with smoke!" O'Martin exclaimed, "What will the trainers do next?"

"Watchog, Super Fang!" Kakashi ordered. As Alomomola swam through the smoke in the water, searching for Watchog, the Lookout Pokémon ambushed her by sinking his glowing white tooth into her top fin.

"No way!" Tsubasa exclaimed in shock.

"Now use Thunderbolt!" Kakashi commanded. Watchog then jumped back onto a log, finding his balance, and then shooting another bolt of lightning, which struck Alomomola badly.

"Whoa!" Stephan exclaimed, "How did Watchog find Alomomola in all that smoke?" he asked.

"I would have to guess Watchog's ability is Keen Eye," Cilan noted, "Even in that smoke, it was still able to detect Alomomola's presence…"

Alomomola was cringing at the pain of Watchog's Super Fang and Thunderbolt as she splashed back into the water. 'Now what do we do?' Tsubasa asked himself as he saw Watchog land safely on another log. He then suddenly realized something. 'If balance is what Watchog needs then… That's it!'

"Watchog, finish this up with Hyper Beam!" Kakashi ordered. Upon the command, Watchog created a sphere of sparkling red energy, which then turned into a laser beam headed directly for Alomomola.

"Alomomola, dodge it and use Water Pulse on that log!" he called out, pointing to the log, which Watchog was standing on. Alomomola easily avoided the Hyper Beam and created another sphere of water, firing it at the log, and striking it, making the log begin to shake.

"Wa Wa Watchog?!" Watchog asked as he was losing his balance. This also surprised Kakashi as well.

"Watchog, jump away!" he called out. But Watchog couldn't find his balance and was afraid he'd end up in the water if he tried.

"Now, use Water Pulse on Watchog!" Tsubasa ordered. Alomomola launched another Water Pulse, hitting Watchog right in the face, sending him flying onto the large stump in the center of the field. However, when he got up, he looked completely unbalanced as he began spinning around the stump, almost falling into the water a couple of times.

"Watchog, what's wrong?!" Kakashi asked.

"Watchog's confused!" Ash exclaimed.

"Pika!" Pikachu cheered.

"All right, finish it up Tsubasa!" Gingka cheered.

"Alomomola, wrap this battle up with Wake-Up Slap!" Tsubasa ordered, waving his hand. Both Alomomola's top and bottom fins began to glow white as she raced towards Watchog, whom was still stumbling. She then jumped out of the water, and span as she struck Watchog fiercely, sending him crashing into the water.

"Watchog!" Kakashi exclaimed. A few seconds later, Watchog floated up on his back, his eyes in swirls.

"Watchog is unable to battle, Alomomola wins, and therefore, the victor is Tsubasa!" the referee announced. The giant flat screen then showed Kakashi's card being completely erased as Tsubasa's went into the center, with a "WINNER" title right below to indicate he won the battle. Everyone cheered loudly, clapping and applauding Tsubasa's victory.

"Way to go Tsubasa!" Gingka cheered.

"Who would've thought he'd beat Kakashi Sensei…" Naruto said, a little jealous that he didn't get to face his teacher himself.

"Great battle Alomomola," Tsubasa said as he kneeled to his fish Pokémon with her Poke Ball in hand, "Take a good rest," he said, returning her to the ball. He then saw Kakashi returning his Watchog as well, sighing about his defeat. "That was a good battle!" Tsubasa shouted to him, "I hope we get to face each other another time!" Though he had his mask on, Tsubasa knew Kakashi grinned at the thought of facing him again.

"Now that battle was a great kick off for the Ninja Tournament!" Freddy said.

"Indeed, using great tactics and power is the best way to bring out your Pokémon's strength, along with your burning passion for battle," Don George added.

"Now, let's take a look at what our second match up will be like!" Freddy announced as the screen shuffled the remaining 30 cards on the board. Two blank cards finally made their way to the center of the screen, flipping over to reveal the match up. "Kiba versus Trip!" Freddy exclaimed.

"Sounds like this'll be an exciting match up!" Don said.

"Hey Trip, good luck!" Ash said as Trip jumped onto the field.

"I won't need it," he replied walking off to his position.

"Jeez, what's his deal?" Ash asked as he watched Trip take his position. Trip's opponent, Kiba had on a dark colored jacket and pants, along with red marks on his cheeks that resembled fangs. The field then began to change again, this time, the battlefield that emerged was a rocky land based battlefield.

"Looks like a familiar field to me!" Freddy said.

"Regardless of the field, I'm excited to see what kind of battle these two trainers will have," Don George said.

"First, we have the hound handler Kiba!" Freddy introduced, "Along with his opponent being the genius trainer Trip!" The whole crowd cheered loudly as the two trainers took their positions.

"All right then, are both trainers ready?" the referee asked.

"Yes!" they both said.

"Then let the battle begin!" the referee exclaimed, swinging his arm down.

"Stoutland, show him what you got!" Kiba called out as he threw his Poke Ball. The ball opened, with the light coming from it revealing the Big-Hearted Pokémon, Stoutland.

"Vanillish, you're up!" Trip exclaimed throwing his Poke Ball as well. The light from the ball formed into what appeared to be an ice cream cone of a Pokémon, also known as the Icy Snow Pokémon, Vanillish. The two Pokémon glared at each other as they were about to battle.

"Great battle Tsubasa!" Gingka said happily.

"Totally!" Ash agreed, "Alomomola was awesome!"

"Pika Pika!" Pikachu complimented.

"Thanks you guys," Tsubasa said. Just then another person came up, shoving Gingka and Ash out of the way.

"Pardon me Tsubasa," Burgundy said, "that battle was most riveting, like the finest of wines!"

Tsubasa let a sweat drop go by as he sighed. "Uh… thanks Burgundy," he said. He really didn't want to talk to the C-Class connoisseuse, for she had been obsessed with him being an S-Class connoisseur for quite some time.

"A fine flavored battle indeed Tsubasa!" Cilan exclaimed, "One that simply brings out the marvels of you and your Alomomola!" Tsubasa smiled in agreement, for Cilan had inspired him as long as he can remember, and enjoyed receiving feedback from him. Burgundy however, was not happy that Tsubasa enjoyed his praise rather than hers.

"Cilan, don't you dare interfere with my evaluations of this esteemed connoisseur, compared to your bad tastes," she said with a huff, and then walked off.

"Oh boy…" Ash said, knowing that this would be a long tournament. He then turned his attention back to the field as he Trip faring well against Kiba.

"Stoutland, Fire Fang!" Kiba ordered. The large dog's mouth was filled fire as he jumped in the air to strike the floating ice cream cone.

"Aim for Stoutland's mouth with Ice Beam!" Trip commanded. Vanillish then created a bright blue sphere in front of his mouth, which shot multiple zigzag lines directly into Stoutland's mouth, resulting in the dog's mouth being filled with steam.

"What an effective tactic!" Freddy exclaimed.

"Stoutland!" Kiba exclaimed as the dog fell to the rocky ground. "All right then, use Take Down!" Kiba commanded. Stoutland immediately stood up and charged towards Vanillish again, covered in a yellow aura. However, Vanillish easily maneuvered and avoided every single chance Stoutland tried to strike him.

"Vanillish, Mirror Shot!" Trip ordered. Vanillish's body then became coated in steel as he created a ball of metal, shooting it at Stoutland, sending him flying back to the other side of the field.

"Come on Stoutland, we're not finished!" Kiba called out as Stoutland tried to stand up.

"It looks like Stoutland's on the ropes," Don George said.

"I wouldn't be so sure…" Kiba said, "Stoutland, Hyper Beam!" he ordered. Stoutland then created a sphere of red, sparkling energy, which became a laser beam aimed for Vanillish. But Vanillish just floated in the same without even trying to dodge.

"Trip, watch out!" Ash called out to his rival. Vanillish took a direct hit from the Hyper Beam, resulting in an explosion, with smoke across the entire field. Fortunately, the smoke cleared in a matter of seconds thanks to the wind.

"Looks like we got him!" Kiba exclaimed happily, but he wrong by a long shot.

"Vanillish, Mirror Coat!" Trip ordered. All of a sudden, the smoke on Trip's side cleared to reveal Vanillish still in one piece, glowing in a pink aura, and then launching his own Hyper Beam right back at Stoutland, exploding on impact.

"What the heck?!" Kiba shouted, as smoke and dust blew into his face. The smoke cleared once again to reveal Stoutland lying down on the ground with his eyes swirled up.

"Stoutland is unable to battle, Vanillish wins, and therefore the victor is Trip!" the referee announced. The crowd cheered again as the big screen showed Kiba's card being erased, and Trip being indicated as the winner of the battle.

"Good job Vanillish," Trip said as he returned his Icy Snow Pokémon to his Poke Ball. Kiba also returned his Stoutland, and walked off the field upset that he lost.

"It's too bad Kiba didn't win…" Hinata said, upset for her ninja friend.

"Ah, man…" he moaned in complaint, "I can't believe I lost so easily…" "Don't worry!" Sakura reassured him, "We'll get those wins back in no time!" she said.

"All right folks, as of right now, Tsubasa and Trip are moving on to the second round!" Freddy announced.

"Looks like the Galaxy Trainers have the early momentum," Don George commented, "Let's see if the Shinobi 16 can pull themselves together for the next couple of battles!"

"Great battle Trip!" Ash complimented, "Vanillish's Mirror Coat was awesome!"

"Pika Pika!" Pikachu agreed. Trip just smiled at his rival's compliments. Though he didn't care what his rival thought of him, it was nice to know he was being acknowledged for his strength.

"Hey, they're shuffling the cards again!" Stephan exclaimed. Ash and Trip looked up at the screen to see the remaining 28 cards being shuffled randomly yet again, with only two coming up to the front of the screen, flipping over to reveal the third match up.

"It's Rock Lee versus Ash!" Freddy exclaimed.

"I'm up next!" Ash exclaimed, "That's totally awesome, right buddy?" he asked Pikachu.

"Pika Pikachu!" the yellow mouse cooed in excitement.

"Good luck Ash!" Iris and Stephan said.

"You'll win for sure!" Bianca said.

"Show them what you got!" Ben said.

"Give everything you into your battle Ash!" Rex said.

"Put all that training to good use!" Cilan said.

Ash nodded, and then turned to Gingka, who reached out his hand for a fist bump which Ash gladly gave back before he rushed out onto the field.

"Good luck," Trip said, surprising Ash, but making him smile nonetheless. The field had begun to change once again, this time the field was covered by ice, with stalagmites all around, along with the slippery ice as the ground.

"Well, what a treat!" Freddy exclaimed, "It seems these trainers are lucky enough to have Brycen's ice field as their battlefield for this match up!"

"So Brycen, what do you recommend these trainers do about this ice themed battle?" Don George asked.

"Their Pokémon need to use the momentum they gain from sliding to their advantage," Brycen said, "They'll also need to understand to use their environments as their advantage as well."

"True good words from a true good gym leader!" Freddy complimented, "Now let's introduce our next two trainers!"

"To my right, we have the martial arts master, Rock Lee!" Don George introduced, "And to my left, we have the strength of spirit trainer, Ash!"

"Greetings Ash!" Lee said, "It is a pleasure to meet you!"

"Same here!" Ash replied, "Now let's get this battle started!"

"Are both of you ready?" the referee asked.

"Yes!" Ash and Lee said.

"Then, let the battle begin!" the referee announced, swinging his arm down.

"Come on out Throh!" Lee exclaimed as he threw his Poke Ball into the air, "Show them just what we can do!" The ball opened, and the light from it revealed the Judo Pokémon, Throh, wearing his black belt with pride. Stephan took out his Pokedex upon seeing Throh.

"Throh: The Judo Pokémon. When Throh encounters a foe bigger than himself, he wants to throw it. Throh changes belts as he gets stronger," the Pokedex stated.

"Throh a fighting type…" Cilan noted, "So the best option of Pokémon choice that Ash can have would be Unfezant!" However, Ash had other plans to take on Lee's Throh.

"Pikachu, I choose you!" he exclaimed.

"Pika!" the yellow mouse replied, running onto the battlefield, his red cheeks sparking with electricity.

"Pikachu?!" Iris asked, shocked Ash would make such a decision. "I hope Ash knows what he's doing…"

"Pikachu, Quick Attack!" Ash commanded. Pikachu began to charge onward towards Throh with a stream of white coming from behind him.

"Throh, Bulk Up!" Lee ordered. Throh's muscles suddenly expanded as he crossed his arms over his face to block Pikachu's Quick Attack. Pikachu skidded backwards on the ice as he tried to find his footing, which he did successfully.

"Good strategy," Neji pointed, "Using Bulk Up will not only increase Throh's attack power, but will also work as a good defense for physical attacks."

"That's pretty smart for Lee," Tenten noted.

"Pikachu, Iron Tail!" Ash ordered. Pikachu's lightning bolt tail became coated in tail as he was about to strike Throh.

"Chu Pika!" he screamed as he was about to strike.

"Throh, get Pikachu away from you with Storm Throw!" Lee called out. Throh then grabbed Pikachu's Iron Tail before he could strike as the arm he used to grab him turned light blue, and then looked like a storm as he tossed Pikachu fiercely, sending him into a block of ice, smashing it to pieces.

"Pikachu!" Ash exclaimed in worry. He was relieved when he saw Pikachu emerge from the chunks of ice, looking very angry.

"Storm Throw's a move that always results in a critical hit," Stephan noted, "Ash, Pikachu, be careful!" he called out.

"Pikachu, Quick Attack from the side!" Ash said pointing to an ice block near Throh. Pikachu understood what his trainer was planning and ran speedily, jumping onto the ice block and then jumping towards Throh, striking him in the face, sending him spinning, and then crashing into the icy ground.

"Not bad Ash!" Lee complimented, "But this is far from over!" Throh then got up right away from hearing his trainer call out.

"THROOOOHHHHHH!" he shouted into the air.

"Throh seems to be as persistent to fight as ever!" Freddy exclaimed.

"With his trainer by his side, it seems like nothing can stop Throh!" Don George commented.

"We'll just have to wait and see…" Brycen said coolly, looking down at Ash and Pikachu.

"Bulk Up!" Lee ordered.

"Thunderbolt!" Ash commanded. Pikachu shot a huge bolt of lightning directly for Throh, whom was expanding his muscles yet again. The Thunderbolt struck Throh, hitting him painfully, but Throh used his strength to break the Thunderbolt away from him.

"Excellent!" Lee exclaimed, "Now use Body Slam!" he ordered. Throh then jumped into the air as was about to dive upon Pikachu.

"Quick Pikachu, dodge it!" Ash called out. Pikachu jumped out of Throh's intended path for the Body Slam, but the shockwave that came from it knocked Pikachu back quite a bit. Not to mention, the collision with the ground left mist covering the field.

"Now Throh!" Lee ordered, "Seismic Toss!" Throh then jumped out of the mist, grasping Pikachu by his tail as the Judo Pokémon jumped into the air.

"Pikachu!" Ash cried out. Pikachu couldn't do a thing, for Throh had him grasped tightly as he somersaulted in the air, sending Pikachu hurdling towards the ground, shattering the ice.

"What an attack!" Freddy exclaimed, "With all that power, Throh seems invincible!"

"Oh dear…" Iris said as she watched Pikachu struggle to get back up.

"Axew…" Axew also said in worry.

"Guess that's it," Ryuga said bluntly. Gingka glared at him before he ran to the field wall.

"Come on Ash and Pikachu! Don't give in now!" he shouted to them, "You guys wanna battle me, right?" he asked them.

"Gingka…" Ash said, surprised Gingka would say something like that.

"Pi… Pika!" Pikachu said, getting up from the shattered ice crater.

"Are you still able to continue?" the referee asked.

"Yeah, of course we are!" Ash said.

"Pikachu!" Pikachu said with his cheeks sparking.

"Battle resume then!" the referee said.

"Bring it on!" Lee said excitedly. Just then Throh was beginning to look weakened. "What's the matter Throh?!" Lee asked in worry. Throh's body was sparking with electricity all over, looking like he was paralyzed.

"It's Pikachu's Static ability!" Cilan exclaimed, "Now that Throh is paralyzed, Ash might have a shot to win now!"

"Go for it Ash!" Masamune cheered.

"Ax Axew!" Axew cheered too.

"All right Pikachu, Electro Ball!" Ash ordered.

"Pika!" Pikachu replied as he jumped into the air. He then began to generate electricity as a ball of it formed upon his tail.

"Static will not stop us!" Lee exclaimed, "Throh, finish this battle with Seismic Toss!" he ordered. Throh, disregarding his current paralysis, jumped into the air, ready to grab Pikachu again. The Mouse Pokémon was just about to launch his attack when Throh accidentally struck it with his hand, meaning to grab Pikachu's tail.

"Hey, that looks like…" Naruto began to say, but disregarded it as the Electro Ball knocked Throh straight down, crashing into the icy ground, leaving a huge shroud of mist and smoke from the shattered ice.

"Throh!" Lee shouted. Pikachu landed back on the ground just as the mist had cleared to reveal a crater of ice with Throh in the center, his eyes in swirls.

"Throh is unable to battle, Pikachu wins, and therefore the victor is Ash!" the referee announced.

"All right Pikachu!" Ash exclaimed as his partner jumped into his arms for a big hug. The entire crowd cheered as the screen revealed Lee's card gone, and Ash's being seen as the winner of this battle.

"You did a good job Throh," Lee said to his fallen Pokémon, "Take a good rest," he said, returning him to his respective Poke Ball. He then walked over to Ash before returning to his side of the stadium. "Ash!" he called out getting his attention, "That was a tremendous battle," he said holding out his hand for a handshake.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it!" Ash said, accepting Lee's hand, shaking it gently.

"A trainer as strong and youthful as you are… I hope to be that kind of trainer too someday!" Lee said with passion.

"Of course!" Ash said happily.

"Pika Pikachu!" Pikachu said.

"Three defeats in a row…" Neji noted, "We could be in trouble…" "We'll get those victories back by the end of the day," Sakura said confidently, "There's no way the Galaxy Trainers are going to outshine us!" she said, clenching her fist.

"That was incredible Ash!" Gingka complimented his friend.

"A true taste of your strength that your Pokémon obtained!" Cilan added.

"Thanks Gingka! Thanks Cilan!" Ash said.

"Pika Pika!" Pikachu said too.

"I've got to admit too," Trip began to say, "Even though you did get kind of lucky with Static, you have gotten a lot better." Ash and Pikachu beamed at Trip's unexpected praise as they were both filled with joy to be heading to the second round.

"All these amazing battles are working up my appetite!" Don George said, patting his stomach.

"Don't worry Don!" Freddy said, "After this next battle, we'll give these trainers a much needed lunch break!" he announced, "So without further ado, here's the fourth match up for round one!" The screen began to shuffle cards once again, with only 26 remaining. Two cards made their way to the center of the screen, flipping over to reveal the match that would lead to well deserved lunch. "The fourth match up is Tenten versus Cilan!" Freddy boomed, making the crowd cheer even more.

"Good luck Tenten!" Lee encouraged.

"Don't worry," Tenten said, "I've got this one handled!" She then jumped over the wall and went to her position.

"You're up Cilan!" Ash exclaimed.

"All right, let's have a battle to be proud of!" Cilan said, jumping onto the field excitedly.

"Let us introduce our two battlers!" Don George shouted.

"We have the mistress of tools and weapons, Tenten!" Freddy announced, "And her opponent, the A-Class Connoisseur and former Striaton Gym Leader, Cilan!" The two trainers took their positions on the field, which had changed once again, into a muddy marsh environment.

"The perfect stage!" Cilan said enlarging a Poke Ball, "Time to shine, Stunfisk!" he exclaimed as he threw it into the air. Emerging from it, the light formed into the Trap Pokémon, Stunfisk.

"Stun Stunfisk!" he cried out excitedly.

"Here we go Escavalier!" Tenten exclaimed as she threw her own Poke Ball, which opened to reveal the Cavalry Pokémon, Escavalier.

"Escavalier!" he cried out, readying his lances.

"All right, are you both ready?" the referee asked.

"Yes!" the two trainers both said with a nod.

"Then let the battle begin!" the referee said, swinging his arm down.

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