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Back at the Icirrus City Pokémon Center, Masamune was waiting outside the emergency room as he looked through to glass to see his Gurdurr having his chest treated by Nurse Joy and Audino.

"Gurr…" he moaned as Nurse Joy patted his chest with some healing ointment.

"Don't worry Gurdurr," she replied, "You'll be just fine." Afterwards she then wrapped bandages over Gurdurr's chest as he sat up.

"Gurr…" he moaned again as the pain still wouldn't go away.

"Oh, of course!" Nurse Joy said with a snap as she realized something, "Audino, could you get me a Pecha Berry please?" she asked.

"Audino," the Hearing Pokémon replied as she skipped over to a cabinet, opening it up, and then grabbed what appeared to be heart-shaped fruit and brought it over to Nurse Joy.

"Gurdurr?" Gurdurr asked as Nurse Joy finished wrapping his bandages.

"This berry will help heal you from that poison you received in your last battle," Nurse Joy said, handing it to Gurdurr. The Muscular Pokémon took the berry into his hand and took a small bite.

"Gur Gurdurr!" he said happily, taking another bite out of the berry.

"All right then," Nurse Joy said happily, "Audino, Heal Pulse please."

"Au!" she replied as her hands began to form bright pink sphere, which then burst into a sparkling radiant aura that soothed Gurdurr.

"Gur…" he said, feeling relaxed. Masamune smiled as he saw that Gurdurr had finally recovered, but he was still feeling guilty for losing the battle against Yamato's Seismitoad, and running off the way he did. Just then, he noticed the bright red ER sign above the doors to the emergency room had been turned off as Nurse Joy and Audino walked out.

"Nurse Joy, thank you so much!" Masamune said as he ran over to her, "Is Gurdurr going to be okay now?" he asked.

"Gurdurr is expected to make a full recovery soon!" Nurse Joy replied.

"Audino!" the Hearing Pokémon said as well.

"What a relief…" Masamune said, putting his hand over his chest.

"You should let Gurdurr rest for a while," Nurse Joy recommended, "You're welcome to stay with him as long as you'd like."

"Thank you," Masamune said with a bow. Nurse Joy smiled, and then walked back to the reception counter to see to any more patients. Masamune then looked back into the emergency room to see Gurdurr had fallen asleep, lying on the countertop. Masamune touched the glass with his right hand as he observed his Pokémon resting peacefully. He clenched his fist angrily as he was still feeling so stupid and pathetic for losing that battle.

"Masamune," a voice called out. The beyblader turned to see Gingka standing right beside him, looking at him with worry in his eyes.

"Oh, hey Gingka…" he groaned.

"Are you okay?" Gingka asked as he looked into the emergency room.

"Yeah, I'm fine…" Masamune said, turning away from his friend.

"You don't sound fine…" Gingka noticed. Masamune didn't say anything and just sighed. "What happened back there?" Gingka asked, "It's not like you to ignore a compliment from somebody for doing a good job in battle…"

"I know," Masamune replied, still sulking, "I just feel like I've let Gurdurr down, even after he worked so hard to try and win, and even evolve!"

"Yeah that's true," Gingka said, "But don't forget that you gave your best effort out there, and so did Gurdurr," he said with a smile. Masamune blinked, but then smiled as he realized that a battle was just a battle. He could've won, but he didn't, and yet he still shouldn't have been upset about it.

"Thanks Gingka," Masamune said, reaching out his fist for a fist bump, which Gingka gladly returned. "Next time though, I will win!" he said confidently, "You just make sure you get into the second round, okay?"

"Yeah!" Gingka replied. Suddenly, both boys heard their stomachs growl. They both laughed loudly rather than be embarrassed.

"Man, I guess all those battles worked up quite an appetite, huh?" Masamune said.

"Yeah, let's hurry before all the good food gets taken!" Gingka said as he raced down the hall.

"Hey! Wait for me!" Masamune shouted, running after Gingka, leaving Gurdurr to rest in the emergency room.


"Ugh…" Naruto moaned as he looked down at the food on his plate. He had chicken fingers, some fries, and even some pork. Unfortunately, that wasn't what he'd usually have.

"What's up dude?" Rex asked, "You've barely touched your food, and you're gonna need the energy since you're battling in the next half, so what's the matter?"

"GAAAAAAAHHHH!" Naruto screamed, surprising the evo, along with Ben and Hinata who were also among them.

"Dude!" Ben shouted.

"It's always chicken, pork, or some kind of meat, but why isn't there any ramen?!" Naruto asked angrily.

"Ch-Cheer up Naruto…" Hinata said, "I'm sure Rex and Ben don't have what they usually like to eat here either…"

"Oh yeah?" Naruto said pointing at Ben. The alien hero was slurping down a smoothie, while his plate still had a ton of fries covered in chili.

"What?" he asked as he noticed everyone at the table stare at him. Meanwhile, Ash, Cilan, and Iris were all sitting with Tsubasa, Bianca, and Stephan as they were discussing the remaining battles of the fourth round.

"Let's see, the only ones who haven't battled yet are Georgia, Gingka, and Naruto…" Cilan noted.

"Not to mention there's also that Ryuga guy too," Stephan mentioned.

"Stephen's right, Ryuga hasn't battled yet either," Ash said, making Stephan sigh at the mispronunciation of his name.

"How strong is this Ryuga anyway?" Bianca asked.

"He's very strong," Tsubasa replied, "His Accelgor is probably one of the fastest Pokémon I've ever seen."

"Yeah, and he also uses a Carracosta too," Iris mentioned.

"Did you say a Carracosta?!" Tsubasa asked in surprise.

"Yeah…" Ash said, "When we visited Twist Mountain, we saw Ryuga there using his Carracosta."

"Pika…" Pikachu said with a shiver.

"It's strong, huh?" Stephan asked.

"It's beyond powerful, and quite rare to see a trainer using an ancient Pokémon such as a Carracosta," Cilan added.

"We can't say that for sure until he actually see him battle though, right?" Bianca asked.

"Yeah, I guess so…" Iris said.

"Axew Axew!" Axew called out, pointing down to the doorway as Gingka and Masamune entered the mess hall, heading for the buffet table quickly.

"Glad to see that Masamune's still feeling okay," Stephan said as he noticed that Masamune looked excited to eat.

"Definitely," Tsubasa added, "Looks like Gingka was able to talk to him."

"So, if Gingka's going to battle in the next four match ups, then who might he be facing?" Bianca asked.

"Gingka has a one in four chance to face someone from the Shinobi 16," Cilan noted, "Yet, who's left from that group for Gingka to face?"

"Let's see…" Ash pondered, "There was that guy with the weird looking sunglasses and the moustache…"

"There was that one guy with all the purplish-red face paint…" Iris noted.

"There's also that girl with the ponytails or whatever…" Stephan added.

"Oh! And there's also the one whose eyes look like Hinata's," Cilan added.

"So, any ideas on what they're like?" Bianca asked. Everyone began to ponder for a second and they all came to the same conclusion.

"No…" they all said simultaneously. Bianca sighed, and just went back to eating her lunch.

"Hey, you guys!" Gingka called out as he and Masamune walked over with their trays of food.

"Hey, Gingka, Masamune, what's up?" Ash asked.

"Not much, just getting some good energy for the rest of today's battles!" he said excitedly as he sat down next to Ash.

"So Masamune, how's Gurdurr doing?" Stephan asked.

"He's just fine," Masamune said, taking a bite out of the sandwich he got, "He just needs rest right now though."

"That's good to hear," Ash said.

"Pika Pika!" Pikachu said happily as well. Just then, the Mouse Pokémon's ears twitched upward. "Pi?" he asked himself, but then realized what was up as he saw a certain person come down the hall.

"What's up Pikachu?" Ash asked as he noticed the electric began to hide behind his head. He then turned to notice Ryuga walking towards them.

"Oh boy…" Masamune said as he began to sweat a little. Ryuga then stopped at the group's table, glancing menacingly at Gingka, who glanced back with a serious look in his eyes.

"Heh," Ryuga said with a smirk, "Make sure not to lose too early, because I want the pleasure of facing you myself as trainer," he said, walking off.

"Man, you were right when you said that guy was something else," Stephan said, "He was giving me a creepy feeling for sure…"

"Yeah, I know…" Iris said.

"Axew…" Axew said, shivering in fear.

"Wow, that sounded so different…" Tsubasa said.

"That's because I'm gonna have to face Ryuga as a Pokémon Trainer, not a beyblader," Gingka replied. Everyone stared at Gingka for a second before smiling brightly. Ash then grabbed his cap off of the table.

"Okay, let's get back to the stadium!" he called out, pumping his fist into the air.


"Welcome back everybody!" Freddy O'Martin boomed through the loudspeakers, "Are you ready to see the climatic finish to our first round battles?" he asked, making the crowd cheer quite immensely.

"We are now down to four final battles," Don George began to explain, "Currently, the Shinobi 16 have the lead with 7 wins, while the Galaxy Trainers only have 5."

"But the battles have only just begun," Brycen mentioned.

"Indeed!" Freddy echoed through the microphone, "We'll see if the Galaxy Trainers can still hold their own as our remaining four battles begin!"

"Man, I can't wait to see to I'm up against!" Kankuro exclaimed, "After seeing Gaara battle, I figure I deserve some time to shine."

"You and me both," Temari agreed, "I'm really looking forward to battling."

"Yo yo yo!" Killer Bee shouted in the air, "The final battles of today may have just begun, but in the end, I'll have won!" he rapped.

"Okay…" Kankuro and Temari said, backing away from Killer Bee.

"As long as I can win this battle, I don't care who else gets into the second round," Neji said confidently.

"You sound quite sure of yourself Neji," Lee noted.

"I would like to see Lady Hinata's progress as a Pokémon Trainer, so I will get into the second round," Neji replied.

"Of course, our opponents are definitely something to take into account," Sakura added.

"That's right," Shikamaru said, "Naruto still hasn't battled yet, and so he is likely to face at least one of you."

"Yeah," Kankuro agreed, "There's also those three others that look pretty tough too."

"We'll just have to our best," Temari said, "After all, we always do our best back in our villages with missions."

"And doing our best makes us better than the rest, yeah!" Bee rapped again.

"Seriously dude, chill out already…" Kankuro said, sweat dropping. Meanwhile everyone else on the Galaxy Trainers' side began wishing each other luck for the next round.

"All right, best of luck out there Gingka," Tsubasa said, "I can't wait to see how much you've progressed as a trainer."

"I'll be sure to leave quite an impression!" Gingka said with a thumbs-up.

"Hey Iris," Georgia said, getting the Dragon trainer's attention, "Watch and learn how a real Dragon Buster battles out there, and then I'll wipe the floor with you later!" she taunted.

"You might wanna save that line for after you win your battle…" Iris said with a sigh.

"Ugh…" Naruto moaned as he sat down.

"S-Something wrong Naruto?" Hinata asked.

"I've got a pretty good idea what is wrong with him…" Rex said as he noticed Naruto wasn't looking sick, but was just sulking.

"Some ramen would be nice once in a while…" the blonde boy said as he yawned.

"Hey, you better be ready to go, 'cause you might be up first," Ben said as he looked at the giant board behind Freddy, Don, and Brycen. The board showed the remaining eight trainers' cards in the middle of three sections. The section on the left had the Galaxy Trainers' winners of the first round, while the left had the winners of the Shinobi 16.

"Now, let's see what our second half of the second day of round one will bring as the random shuffle selects our next battle!" O'Martin shouted as the cards in the middle section began to flip and shuffle around. Everyone watched with anticipation as two cards made their way to the center of the screen. The cards flipped over, revealing the 13th match up.

"It looks like Kankuro will be facing Naruto next!" Don George boomed through the microphone.

"Looks it's my lucky day!" Kankuro said as he cracked his knuckles, "I can't wait to take Naruto down right away!"

"Don't get too overconfident," Gaara said, "This is Naruto we're talking about."

"Yeah, I know," Kankuro said as he jumped over the railing.

"Oh boy, Naruto had to be up right away, didn't he?" Rex said, face palming.

"Hey, where'd he go?" Ben asked.

"Huh?" Rex asked as he turned to see that Naruto was no longer sitting at his place on the bench, "Wait, where did he go?"

"Hey, you guys!" Naruto called out. Ben and Rex turned to see Naruto standing at his position on the battlefield, which had changed to a grass environment.

"L-Looks like Naruto is ready to go I guess…" Hinata said with a smile. Ben and Rex sweat dropped at Naruto's sudden change in mood.

"All right folks, here we have the puppet master battler, Kankuro against the ace ninja trainer, Naruto!" Freddy introduced.

"Introductions aside, let's see how these two will end up battling," Don said.

"All right, ready, set, begin!" the referee shouted as he swung his arm down.

"Okay Durant, let's hit it!" Kankuro exclaimed as he threw a Poké Ball into the air. The ball opened, with the light from it forming into the Iron Ant Pokémon, Durant.

"Durant Ant!" he shouted, snapping his pincers together. Gingka then took out his Pokédex to scan the Bug and Steel type.

"Durant: The Iron Ant Pokémon. Durant dig nests in mountains. They build their complicated, interconnected tunnels into mazes," the Pokédex stated.

"Okay then!" Naruto said, enlarging a Poké Ball, "Sigilyph, go!" he exclaimed, throwing the ball. The light from it then began to form into the Aviation Pokémon, Sigilyph.

"Sigilyph," he hummed as he floated in the air. Gingka then took his time to scan Sigilyph as well.

"Sigilyph: The Aviation Pokémon. The guardians of an ancient city, Sigilyph always fly the same route while keeping watch for invaders," the Pokédex stated.

"Let's see, with Sigilyph being a Flying and Psychic type, and Durant being a Bug and Steel type, this battle looks like it'll be dead even!" Don George noted.

"I wouldn't be so sure about that," Kankuro with a grin, "All right, Durant, you ready?" he asked his Pokémon.

"Dur Durant Ant!" the Iron Ant Pokémon replied.

"Sigilyph, Air Slash, go!" Naruto ordered. Sigilyph's wings became covered in a bright white light as he swung them downwards, launching shuriken-like discs of air directly for Durant.

"Dodge it with Dig!" Kankuro called out. Durant reacted quickly and dug his way underground before the discs could strike him.

"Dang it!" Naruto said as he searched the ground for any sign of the ant Pokémon.

"Well, it looks like Durant has easily avoided Sigilyph's Air Slash!" Freddy exclaimed.

"Now use Bug Bite!" Kankuro commanded. Durant then popped out of the earth below Sigilyph, with his pincers glowing a bright white, about to bite down onto Sigilyph's bottom wing.

"Not so fast!" Naruto exclaimed, "Use Reflect!" he called out. Suddenly, white glowing spheres began orbiting Sigilyph, and then merged with Sigilyph, forming a rainbow colored aura all over him before Durant struck.

"Well, that certainly was an effective tactic for Sigilyph!" Freddy noted.

"Reflect halves the damage from physical attacks, so that was a smart move to call out, especially when in a situation like this," Don said as well.

"Now, shake him off!" Naruto called out. Sigilyph then flew all over the arena, until Durant finally let go, slamming into the ground quite hard.

"Durant, are you okay?!" Kankuro asked frantically.

"Durant…" he moaned as he stood up on his iron legs.

"All right, Iron Head!" Kankuro ordered. The top of Durant's head became coated in steel as he lunged upwards at Sigilyph. He struck him, but it didn't seem to have a lasting effect as Sigilyph stayed floating in the air.

"Heh," Naruto said, "You should know that physical attacks like that won't do much at this rate," he gloated.

"Well as long as we keep hammering away, we're sure to get some kind of result," Kankuro added, "Iron Head, again!" he ordered Durant lunged into the air again, with his head coated in steel, about to strike Sigilyph.

"Sigilyph, Psybeam!" Naruto commanded. Before Durant could attack, the eye upon Sigilyph's head fired a rainbow-like beam of energy that hit the Iron Ant Pokémon back down to the ground.

"Durant…" he growled as he stood back up.

"Now, Air Slash!" Naruto ordered. Sigilyph's wings glowed a bright white as he folded them inwards, and swung them down, launching more shuriken-like slashes of air towards Durant.

"Apparently you've forgotten how we've dodged that before!" Kankuro noted while grinning, "Dig!" Durant dug his way underground again, avoiding the Air Slash.

"Durant has once again shown a speedy getaway as he has avoided Sigilyph's attack!" Freddy boomed.

"Avoiding Sigilyph's attacks like that is quite effective, but what is Kankuro aiming for by doing that?" Cilan asked, putting a finger to his chin.

"Maybe he's going for another attack?" Stephan suggested.

"That may be so, but with Sigilyph's Reflect, I don't see how Kankuro could finish the battle with an Iron Head or a Bug Bite…" Tsubasa noted.

"So, do you think he has another move?" Bianca asked.

"It may look that way," Iris said. Meanwhile, Durant was still nowhere to be seen as Naruto looked around at the ground of the field. 'I don't get it! What the heck is Kankuro even going for here?!' he screamed inside his head.

"All right, come out and end this battle with Guillotine!" Kankuro ordered. Durant suddenly leaped out of the ground, with his pincers looking much larger, with a grayish-white glow to them.

"That's what Kankuro was going for!" Cilan exclaimed, "Even with Reflect, Guillotine is sure to finish off Sigilyph!" But Naruto was smiling on the field.

"Huh?" Hinata said.

"What's the matter Hinata?" Rex asked.

"I-I thought I just saw Naruto smile for a second…" she replied.

"Sigilyph, knock him back with Ice Beam!" Naruto called out. Just then a bright blue sphere formed in front of the Aviation Pokémon's eye, which fired several zigzag lines at Durant, hitting him back onto the grass.

"What quick thinking from Naruto!" Freddy shouted as mist shrouded the crater left by Durant.

"I gotta admit, that was clever," Kankuro complimented, "But still, Ice Beam's not gonna do a thing to Durant." But when the mist cleared, Kankuro gasped as he saw that his Pokémon had been frozen solid.

"Hah!" Naruto laughed, "How's that?"

"Nice one Naruto!" Ben cheered from the sidelines.

"Wow…" Hinata said smiling.

"Now use Psybeam!" Naruto ordered. Sigilyph's eye launched another rainbow colored beam that shattered the ice encasing Durant, sending the Iron Ant Pokémon through the air.

"Quick Durant, find your footing before-!"

"Too late!" Naruto exclaimed, cutting Kankuro off, "Air Slash!" The Aviation Pokémon once again launched his slashes of air, only this time they struck Durant fiercely, sending him crashing into the ground. When the smoke and dust cleared, Durant was lying in the grass, his eyes all swirled up.

"Aw nuts…" Kankuro sighed as he realized the battle was over.

"Durant is unable to battle, Sigilyph wins, and therefore the victor is Naruto!" the referee announced, making the crowd in the stadium cheer loudly as Kankuro's card on the board was erased, leaving Naruto's card to be depicted as the winner.

"All right Sigilyph!" Naruto exclaimed as he jumped up happily.

"Sigilyph!" the Aviation Pokémon replied happily. Just then, Kankuro walked over as he finished returning Durant to his respective Poké Ball.

"Naruto!" he called out, getting his attention, "Great battle out there, and you really caught me by surprise with that Ice Beam."

"Hey, you did good too you know!" Naruto said, reaching his hand out for a handshake, which Kankuro did take.

"Thanks dude, and best of luck in the next round!" Kankuro said.

"What an amazing start to these afternoon battles!" Freddy boomed into the microphone, "It looks like the Galaxy Trainers aren't out of the race just yet!"

"Naruto definitely showed a surprising amount of strategy, despite the position he was placed in at times," Brycen added.

"All righty then, let's get ready for 14th first round match up of the Club Battle Ninja Tournament!" Don George boomed into the microphone.

"Th-That was great out there N-Naruto…" Hinata stuttered.

"Thanks Hinata," Naruto replied, "Besides, I can't fall behind you when you had such an awesome battle with Sakura!" Hinata blushed a bright red upon his compliment.

"Hey, they're shuffling the match cards again!" Stephan shouted. The large board was shuffling the remaining six cards until two made their way to the center of the screen. They both flipped over, and the match up surprised everyone.

"Temari will be facing off against Ryuga!" Freddy boomed excitedly. Gingka looked around to see Ryuga step onto the field, making his way to his position as the field was changing again into a rocky land environment.

"Ryuga's battling…" Masamune said nervously. Gingka looked on the battlefield seriously as he remembered that Ryuga's Accelgor had stood his own ground against the legendary Tornadus and Thundurus back at Milos Island. 'I hope this fight doesn't turn out too badly for that girl…' he thought as he gritted his teeth.


"All right folks, as our two trainers take their positions, let's introduce them!" O'Martin boomed into the microphone.

"First off we have the mistress of the wind, Temari!" Don George introduced.

"And her opponent, the fearsome Dragon Master, Ryuga!" Freddy exclaimed.

"Did he just say Dragon Master?!" Iris and Georgia shouted simultaneously. The Dragon Buster then shoved Iris out of her way, keeping her eyes on the battlefield.

"If I get the chance to battle an actual Dragon Master rather than some wannabe, I can prove that I'm the ultimate Dragon Buster!" Georgia gloated loudly.

"Hey!" Iris shouted back, "I'm standing right here you know!"

"Naruto, do you have any ideas on what Temari would use for a Pokémon?" Ash asked.

"I would think it would probably be a flying type, considering her relation with wind, I guess," Naruto replied.

"All right, you may begin when ready!" the referee announced, swinging his arm down.

"All right, Braviary let's go!" Temari exclaimed as she tossed a Poké Ball into the air. It popped open, with the bright blue and white light forming into the Valiant Pokémon, Braviary.

"Brav!" he shouted into the air, spreading out his large wings.

"So it's Braviary?" Tsubasa said, crossing his arms.

"I guess that's what would be what's best for her," Naruto said. Ryuga was not even fazed by Temari's choice of Pokémon as he simply took out his own Poké Ball.

"Carracosta, go," he said, flinging the ball onto the field. It popped open, and the light from it formed into the Prototurtle Pokémon, Carracosta.

"CARRAAAAAA!" he screamed into the air.

"Come on!" Georgia screamed, "If you're supposed to be a Dragon Master, why not use a Dragon type?!" Ryuga then shot the Dragon Buster a sharp glare, which she noticed, making her step back a bit.

"Wow!" Freddy exclaimed, "Carracosta is quite a unique Pokémon to be battling before our very own eyes today!" Gingka took out his Pokédex to scan the Prototurtle Pokémon.

"Carracosta, the Prototurtle Pokémon and the evolved form of Tirtouga. Living in the sea and on land, Carracosta has incredibly strong jaws and is capable of destroying a giant boulder with one powerful slap," the Pokédex stated.

"When concerning type advantage, Carracosta is a Water and Rock type over Braviary, who's a Normal and Flying type," Don George explained.

"Still this battle could go the other way if Temari has a strategy for dealing with Rock types such as Carracosta," Brycen added. However, no moves were being made as the two Pokémon looked at each other, waiting for a command. Ryuga's arms were crossed, and his eyes closed as he waited for Temari to strike first. 'Well there's no point in waiting for an invitation to attack, but why isn't he attacking first?' Temari asked herself.

"All right, use Wing Attack!" she ordered.

"Brav!" the Valiant Pokémon replied as his wings began to shine a bright white as he soared towards Carracosta.

"Block it," Ryuga said. Carracosta then crossed his flippers, defending himself as Braviary attacked, which practically did nothing.

"Okay then, use Air Slash!" Temari commanded. Braviary's wings still showed a bright white glow as he folded them inwards, and then spread them out again, firing dozens of shuriken-like discs of air towards Carracosta.

"Knock it away," Ryuga said, sounding somewhat annoyed. Carracosta's flippers then swung downward, dispersing the Air Slash with just one mighty slap.

"W-What?!" Temari exclaimed in surprise.

"B-Braviary?!" Braviary also asked. Neither of them were aware of how powerful Carracosta actually was, and were both amazed by how strong he could be at this point.

"Wow! What a defense from Carracosta!" Freddy boomed.

"Whoa, Temari's already up against the wall here, and the other guy hasn't even called out a single move!" Kankuro said.

"Whoever this guy is, it's best we watch out for him in the upcoming rounds," Gaara said.

"Hey!" Kankuro shouted, "Are you saying Temari won't win?! I know she will! She has to!" Gaara said nothing and continued to observe the battle.

"Shadow Claw!" Temari ordered. Braviary's talons then became covered with a dark aura that resembled claws as he swooped down, ready to strike.

"Block it," Ryuga said. Carracosta was quick to react as used his flippers skillfully, knocking away Braviary's claws before he could land a clean hit. 'Darn it!' Temari screamed in her head, 'I wanted to save this move to finish the battle so there wouldn't be any big risk, but now I've got no choice!'

"Braviary, Superpower!" Temari ordered. Braviary's body then was surrounded by a blue outline as he flew back into the air.

"Brav!" he screamed to Temari, indicating he was ready.

"All right, let him have it!" she called out. Braviary then swooped down straight for Carracosta again, his talons ready to attack. The Valiant Pokémon collided with the Prototurtle Pokémon, sending dust and smoke all across the field. 'Yes! Did we get him this time?' Temari asked herself as the dust and smoke cleared.

"Nice try," Ryuga said from across the field, getting Temari's attention, "But it's going to take a lot more than a surprise Superpower to even faze Carracosta." Just then, the dust cleared to reveal that Carracosta had once again blocked Braviary's attack with his flippers, smirking menacingly.

"What?! No way!" Temari exclaimed.

"Shell Smash!" Ryuga called out. All of a sudden, Carracosta's body began to glow a bright white as blue lines that resembled cracks began appearing all over his glowing body. The white light shattered off of Carracosta, and the force knocked Braviary back into the air, but he found his grip and still soared gracefully.

"Phew…" Temari said, "That was close…"

"Aqua Jet!" Ryuga ordered. Carracosta's body glowed a bright blue as water began to surround his entire body. He then rocketed upwards, hitting Braviary right in the chest.

"Oh no!" Temari exclaimed.

"Smack Down!" Ryuga commanded. The water surrounding Carracosta dispersed as an orange-brownish sphere formed in front of his mouth, shooting it downwards, striking Braviary in the back, sending the Valiant Pokémon crashing into the ground.

"Incredible!" Don George exclaimed, "Carracosta isn't letting up for a second when it comes to attacking!"

"Braviary!" Temari exclaimed.

"B-Brav…" he moaned as he tried to get up. Carracosta then landed right behind him, waiting for his final command.

"Quick Braviary, fly away!" Temari called out. Braviary flapped his wings, but even as the wind was at his back, he couldn't fly.

"Smack Down prevents Pokémon from flying away when it hits," Ryuga explained, "This battle is as good as over."

"Grrr… Braviary use Air-!"

"Rock Slide!" Ryuga ordered, cutting off Temari command. Carracosta glowed in a grayish-white aura as rocks came tumbling down on Braviary from seemingly nowhere. Dust and smoke filled the air as the field became covered.

"Whoa!" Kankuro exclaimed, grabbing onto the railing. The dust cleared the field, with Carracosta standing over a fainted Braviary, who's eyes were all swirled up.

"Braviary is unable to battle, Carracosta wins, and the victor is Ryuga!" the referee announced. Temari's card vanished from the screen as the "WINNER" sign was placed under Ryuga's card.

"Whoa…" Iris said, "That was unbelievable…"

"What a strong and powerful flavor Ryuga shows…" Cilan noted, "It may be so that he is a fearsome Dragon Master…"

"I'll be the judge of that when he actually uses a Dragon type," Georgia said, crossing her arms. Ryuga had returned Carracosta and was walking back to the Galaxy Trainers' side to be greeted by his teammates.

"Hey Ryuga!" Ash called out, "That was an amazing battle out there!" Ryuga simply ignored the capped trainer and pushed him out of the way as he left the stadium.

"Ryuga?" Gingka said as he saw the feared beyblader depart.

"Jeez, what's his deal?" Stephan asked.

"That's just Ryuga's way of doing things," Gingka replied. Meanwhile, Trip had also seen the battle, and was amazed by Ryuga's strength. 'Now there's a trainer that'll be worth battling!' he thought to himself.

"All right then folks, let's get onto the next match up!" Freddy announced as the board began shuffling the last 4 cards.

"At this rate, there's a fifty-fifty chance that either Georgia or Gingka will go up against Bee or Neji," Ben noted, "And those two might be tough opponents…"

"We'll just have to wait and see," Naruto said as he looked at the board. Two cards made their way to the center of the screen and flipped over to reveal the 15th match up of the first round.

"Killer Bee will be facing Georgia!" Don George announced.

"About time I got called up to battle!" Georgia exclaimed excitedly.

"Aw yeah!" Bee shouted, "It's my time to shine, and everything will be just fine~!"

"Well then, get going," Kakashi said ushering him over the railing. The field had once again been changed into the ice field from Ash's battle yesterday.

"Folks, let's introduce our two trainers!" Freddy announced, "First we have the fearsome Dragon Buster, Georgia!"

"Along with her opponent, the rap master of Pokémon battling, Killer Bee!" Don George introduced.

"Rap master?" Ash asked.

"Octopops usually raps most of the time, so I guess that's why he's called the rap master," Naruto said, "But his raps can get annoying sometimes…"

"All right, here we go Georgia!" Gingka cheered from the sidelines.

"Why are you cheering for Georgia?" Iris asked.

"Hey, she may be your rival, but she's also my friend too!" Gingka replied.

"All right, ready, set, begin!" the referee exclaimed as he swung his arm down.

"Bisharp, battle time!" Georgia exclaimed, throwing a Poké Ball. It opened, and the light from formed into the Sword Blade Pokémon Bisharp.

"Sharp Bisharp!" she said, extending her blades.

"Yo yo Jellicent!" Bee shouted, "Show this girl how much training we've spent!" he rapped as he threw his own Poké Ball into the air, which opened and the light from it formed into the Floating Pokémon Jellicent.

"Jelli!" he exclaimed, floating above the ice. Ash took out his Pokédex to scan both Pokémon.

"Jellicent, the Floating Pokémon and the evolved form of Frillish. Using life energy for food, Jellicent swims by absorbing seawater, then expelling it," the Pokédex stated, and then began to scan Bisharp.

"Bisharp: The Sword Blade Pokémon, and the evolved form of Pawniard. This pitiless Pokémon commands a group of Pawniard to hound prey into immobility. Bisharp then moves in to finish the prey off," the Pokédex stated.

"Jellicent is a Water and Ghost type, while Bisharp is a Dark and Steel type, which makes Bisharp have the type advantage here," Don George noted.

"Still, let's see how these two battle on my famous ice field," Brycen added.

"You said it Brycen!" Freddy exclaimed, "Let's get this battle started!"

"All right, time for a quick finish!" Georgia exclaimed, "Guillotine, let's go!"

"Sharp!" the Sword Blade Pokémon replied as her blades glowed a whitish gray while they extended. She then jumped forward ready to attack Jellicent. However, Bisharp did nothing more than phase right through Jellicent as she skidded to a halt on the slippery ice.

"What?!" Georgia exclaimed, in disbelief that Bisharp's signature move was rendered useless.

"Georgia, you kid!" Iris shouted from the sidelines, "Normal type moves don't work on Ghost types!"

"Hey!" Georgia shouted back, "Don't tell me how to battle!"

"Now here's an attack that's sure not to miss, Jellicent, use Will-O-Wisp!" Bee rapped. Several blue flames orbited around Jellicent, who then launched them at Bisharp.

"Bisharp, dodge it and use Iron Head!" Georgia called out. The Sword Blade Pokémon then jumped off the ice, avoiding the blue flames, and then the blade upon her head became coated in steel as she began to dive down towards Jellicent. She struck him fiercely, sending the Floating Pokémon crashing into the ice, leaving mist to spread around the field.

"Nice one Georgia!" Gingka cheered. However, all of a sudden, Bisharp came out of the mist with a dark looking aura surrounding him.

"Bisharp, what's wrong?" Georgia asked.

"Bisharp seems to have hit Jellicent right on the mark, but at a terrible cost!" Freddy boomed through the microphone.

"Since Jellicent's ability is Cursed Body, when a Pokémon attacks him with a move, that move is disabled for the rest of the battle," Don George explained.

"Oh great…" Georgia sighed.

"Come on Georgia, don't give in now!" Gingka cheered.

"Yeah Georgia, let's go!" Ash cheered as well.

"Pika Pika!" Pikachu cheered.

"Gingka…" Georgia said to herself as a small blush came across her face, "He's right, we're not done yet!"

"Bisharp!" Bisharp said as she was still able to continue.

"Hey, hey," Bee said, "I like how you're not down in the dumps, so let's see if you can handle Jellicent's Hydro Pump!" Jellicent then launched a huge stream of water from the front of his face, headed directly for Bisharp.

"Bisharp, Metal Sound!" Georgia called out. Bisharp's forearm blades became coated in steel as she rubbed them together, creating a piercing sound wave that not only dispersed the Hydro Pump, but also made Jellicent flinch as he tried to endure the sound.

"Whoa, awesome!" Gingka exclaimed.

"Bisharp is still in this battle despite having two of her moves disabled!" Freddy exclaimed.

"Now, Dark Pulse!" Georgia ordered. Bisharp then created a dark purple, spiraling aura from her hands, and fired it at Jellicent, knocking him into a block of ice.

"Oh man, she must have some kind of plan…" Bee rapped in shock.

"Come on Bee, get serious!" Sakura yelled from the sidelines.

"Right," Bee replied, sweating a little, "Jellicent let's go, show this girl how we roll!" Bee rapped again.

"Jellicent!" the Floating Pokémon replied, still ready to go.

"Dark Pulse again!" Georgia commanded.

"Look out, and use Energy Ball to knock 'em down!" Bee ordered back. Jellicent avoided the Dark Pulse and then formed a green ball of energy from his tentacles, which he then shot at Bisharp, knocking her down into the ice.

"Come on Bisharp, hang in there!" Georgia called out.

"Sharp…" the Sword Blade Pokémon groaned as she emerged from her crater.

"Now take this!" Bee exclaimed, "Use Will-O-Wisp!" Jellicent launched more blue flames at Bisharp, who couldn't avoid the attack, and was hit immediately, creating smoke around the field. When it cleared, Bisharp's entire body was glowing bright red.

"Oh no!" Georgia exclaimed.

"Oh dear folks!" Freddy exclaimed, "It looks like Bisharp has just been burned by Jellicent's Will-O-Wisp!"

"Time to see what's up next, and that will be Jellicent's Hex!" Bee rapped. Jellicent's eyes glowed a bright purple as Bisharp was surrounded by a dark aura, and was then suddenly forced by seemingly nothing, into another block of ice.

"Bisharp!" Georgia exclaimed in worry. The mist from the collision cleared to reveal the Sword Blade Pokémon lying on the ice block with her eyes in swirls.

"Bisharp is unable to battle, Jellicent wins, and the victor is Killer Bee!" the referee announced as the board cleared Georgia's card, and depicted Bee's as the winner.

"Aw yeah!" Bee yelled happily, pumping his fist in the air.

"Bisharp, return," Georgia sighed as she returned her fainted Pokémon. She then feel to her knees in depression.

"Oh man…" Ash sighed.

"Pika pi…" Pikachu said sadly.

"Well, that's what she gets for getting too confident," Iris said.

"Axew," Axew agreed. Just then, Iris noticed Gingka jump over the railing, heading towards Georgia.

"Gingka? Where are you going?" Iris asked.

"Georgia, are you okay?" Gingka asked as he ran up to the Dragon Buster. Georgia just let out a big sigh, looking extremely depressed. Suddenly, Bee came over after returning Jellicent.

"Yo Georgia," he said getting her attention, along with Gingka's, "That was some great battling, and Bisharp shows that you've got great handling!" he rapped.

"Huh?" Georgia asked, confused by Bee's rapping.

"What I'm saying is, it doesn't matter if you win of lose," Bee began to say, "No matter the result, you should always stay cool~." Georgia understood what Bee was saying and smiled, along with Gingka who was happy Bee was such a good sport. Bee then held out his fist in front of Georgia, waiting for a fist bump. The Dragon Buster gladly accepted it, bumping his fist with her own. The crowd cheered loudly as they saw both trainers stand up proudly for showing a good effort.

"Well, what a good show of sportsmanship here!" Freddy said.

"Truly an amazing battle to behold, with proud trainers through and through!" Don George exclaimed. Just then, Georgia realized something as she noticed Gingka was still out on the field.

"Gingka, aren't you up next?" she asked.

"Hey, I am!" Gingka replied as he noticed that the board had just placed the final match up of round one on there.

"G-Gingka's facing Neji…" Hinata said, "I hope he'll be okay…"

"Don't worry," Ash reassured, "I know that Gingka won't give up against anyone so easily."

"All right Gingka, let's go!" Iris and Masamune exclaimed.

"Here we go Gingka!" Tsubasa cheered. The battlefield had changed into a plain land based field with the Poké Ball symbol in the center as usual.

"Time to introduce our last two trainers of the first round!" Freddy exclaimed, "First, we have Neji, the cutting edge offensive master of the Shinobi 16!"

"And secondly, we have the trainer who relies on his spirit and will to win, Gingka!" Don George introduced.

"All right, you may begin!" the referee announced as he swung his arm down.

"Mienshao, you're up!" Neji exclaimed, hitting a Poké Ball with his palm. The ball opened, and the light from it formed into the Martial Arts Pokémon, Mienshao. Gingka took out his Pokédex upon seeing Mienshao for the first time.

"Mienshao: The Martial Arts Pokémon, and the evolved form of Mienfoo. Using the long fur on his or her arms like whips, Mienshao launches into combo attacks that, once started, no one can stop," the Pokédex stated. 'If that's the case then…' Gingka thought as he took out a Poké Ball.

"Galvantula, let it rip!" he exclaimed, throwing the ball. It opened with the light from it forming into the EleSpider Pokémon, Galvantula.

"Gal Gal!" Galvantula buzzed as he rubbed his feelers. The final battle of the first round was about to begin…


Gingka goes up against Neji in the final battle of the first round! Using Galvantula against Mienshao, Gingka has a special strategy to beat Mienshao! But how is dodging attacks with Agility helping his strategy…?!

As night falls upon Icirrus City, Naruto mysteriously goes missing overnight! Rex and Ben search tirelessly for him, but can't figure out where he went! However, Naruto shows up the next day acting like nothing had happened! Just what is going on?!

The second round begins, starting with double battles throughout the round! Tsubasa is placed up against Tenten, and is eager to get vengeance for Cilan using Unfezant and Whimsicott against Tenten's team of Samurott and Liepard! But as the battle rages on Tsubasa's ambition overwhelms his spirit…?!