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The main story takes place in Scotland in 13th century.

"How many times did I tell you not to go to the master room without my or my sister's permission? Don't you know how much it irritates the queen?" she yelled at one of the maids and walked away. She went to the garden behind the little castle. She was waiting for someone special. "There you are." He said coming from the behind of the tree. "Mark! You scared me to death." she said. "Not as much as the head maid scares those poor maids to death." He said smirking while stealing kisses from her. "I'm not the head maid yet. I should wait until Meredith gets her promotion and then I will be." He rolled his eyes. "You are scarier than her, Alexandra Caroline Grey." She kissed him again passionately. "It's an honor that the great minister of war left his duties for me."

"You are doing well enough as a new maid. Keep being good. I'll check on you later." She said to the new maid. "Yes ma'am." The maid answered back. She nodded and walked away. "Are you going to see anyone ma'am?" he asked jumping on her way from nowhere. "Oh my God, Derek. What's wrong with you?" she snapped knitting her eyebrows. "I'm in love that what is wrong with me." He said between kisses. "Stop it someone might see us. You do know I'll be in trouble if anyone finds out I date the prime minister." She said grabbing his arm and dragging him to some hidden place. "Alright, you're right. But we can't continue like this." He said sadly. "Just let me get my promotion. I'm still nothing as the head maid, but when I become the queen's special maid, it will be less troublous." She said. "Don't worry." She kissed him on the lips passionately and walked away. "I'm looking forward to that eagerly." He said and smiled softly.

"Hey!" she yelled. "Where are you going Prince?" She walked to him and gave him a naughty kiss. "Theodora! You scared me. I'm going to the royal meeting; father has something to tell us. I'm in some kind of hurry." He said kissing her back. "I was just thinking we would go the little hut in the back garden for tonight." She said playing with his golden buttons. "Theodora, don't! Someone will see." He said quietly. "Oh for God's sake Owen. I'm your fiancée. We're going to marry this summer. It's a total okay." She said. "Yes, but not in the hallways. I'll meet you tonight at the hut, promise. Now I'm in a hurry." She smirked. "Alright." She said and then left.

"Owen! Come and sit, son." His father, the King Albert said. "Yes, father." He said as he sat between his father, the king and Derek, the prime minister. The people who'd attended the meeting were: The King Albert Noah Hunt himself. Owen Robert Hunt, the crown prince. Derek Christopher Shepherd, the prime minister. Mark Evan Sloan, the minister of war. Alexander Michael Karev, the young minister of state. Preston Xavier Burke, the honored African commander, and other people related to the war related stuffs. Owen nodded at them and waited for his father to talk. "I don't have so much to say. Sloan you go on." He said looking at him. He nodded and started, "As we've talked several time about it, we're finally going to actualize our plans. Our soldiers and commanders will get ready and we altogether are going to Asia to assail Korea. As we all know King Albert and King Yang-Haemosu have had major problems over the years." He said. "Now we're going to tell you our plans." And they went on and on about the plans. The soldiers with Mark and Preston as the head leaders were going to go Korea by the end of the week. The king was too old to attend the war and there was no way he was letting his precious 22-year-old son and his crown prince attend the war either.

"Thanks for the tea darling." He said as his daughter came to his room with two cups of tea. "You are very welcome father. You asked me to come. Is there any major matter?" she asked concerned. He smiled inwardly; his little daughter Mi-Joo was so clever. She wasn't that little though. She had just turned nineteen. "Yes, it's about your fiancée, Jin-Hu. He wants to marry soon, and there's only one person he wants as his wife. My beautiful Yang-Mi-Joo." He said stroking her cheek. She was taken aback. "Father how many times should tell you I won't marry him? He is annoying. Do you know how many women he had harassed? By the way, I want to marry a man I love with my whole heart not someone I hate with my whole mind and heart." She said frowning. King Haemosu didn't like seeing his daughter irritated, but it was not under his control. "I know, but I can do nothing about it. I'm sure he will be a loyal husband to you. You can fix him." He said. "No, father no. I can't fix him and I'm not marrying him. So please, father, I even beg you, don't do this to me."

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