Bring Bring!

"Bye Mr. Burse" The class cheered as the bell rang signalling the end of the day

Today was a special day though, the bell that just rang was not only the single of the end of the day, but more like the last day of grade 11. It was summer, and I was pretty upset that school ended. I mean I loved math, and English, and history, and I am going to miss seeing my friends.. or friend.. every single day of my life.

As I was closing my locker I heard my best friend Trish calling my name "Ally!" I heard Trish come up to my locker.

"Hey Trish!" I said emptying out my locker

"So what are your plans for the summer?" she asked me. There were two sad things about summer 1) I worked most of the time and 2) Trish always went up to her cottage in the summer which was why I rarely ever saw her

"Well, I was going to start the reading list for grade 12" I said proudly to my friend who knew I was like this. I loved books, and I do mean LOVE! I mean I like them so much more than people.. so much more.

"Oh come on ally! I know that I don't see you.. but you have to promise me one thing!" she said holding out her finger for a pinky swear

"depends" I said looking at her strangely.. funny how her "promise me something" never ever end well

"Promise you will have fun this summer! Come on ally.. you get over 90's in everything! And you never ever have any fun.. you wont even let me bring you to a party" she said going off again. Trish says this ever other weekend when she invites me out and I don't ever go. Its not my fault I don't think a weekend should be spent drinking and getting high then waking up the next day with a hang over.

"Ughh Trish" I said sighing. I knew if I didn't give in I wouldn't stop hearing her nag about it "fine" I muttered under my breath

"Yay!" Trish screeched jumping up and down. The only good thing was about it was that she would never really know since she will be up at her cottage the entire summer with her family.

"You know I'm really going to miss school" I began to say and I saw Trish roll her eyes but I didn't really care, I decided to go on "I'm going to miss waking up and getting ready and going to my classes and im going to miss-" I was going to continue when someone rudely cut me off

"Awe Freak I know your going to miss me and all" someone said when I turned around to see who it was I regretted it.. it was none other than.. Austin Moon… the same Austin Moon that tormented me and made my life a living hell for the past 3 years of my life. I don't know why.. but he decided it would be fun from grade 9 to constantly annoy the living shit out of me..oh and did I forget bully me constantly every single day of my life..

"You know what I love about summer Blondie.. that I wont have to see your face every single day" I spat slamming my locker door and walking off with Trish before he had a chance to speak, but I could tell he was smirking..

"Urgh! I can't stand that kid!" I said walking out of the school with Trish

"Hey, think of the bright side… you don't have to see him for a whole two months" she said trying to cheer me up. and I guess that was another plus to the summer.

"Well, I'll see you soon ally!" Trish said hugging me before getting into the car with her mom and I waved to her. .It really sucked that I wasn't going to see her

Walking home wasn't my favourite part… mostly because I would get interrogated by Blondie and his friends.. or what he calls his "friends". The only people that I would consider his real friends are Dez. But honestly besides that, no one.. Dammit here they come.

"Hey freak" Austin said rolling slowly by in his car. I decided to ignore him and put my head pones in and just keep on walking.

"What the-" I began to say then stopped realizing I was drenched with soda after I saw Kyle throw it at me and they all laughed.

"So Alls.." Austin began as I cringed at the fact he just called me 'alls' like we were 'friends'

"When are you going to suck my balls" Austin joked but all of his 'friends' found it funny, which in reality it wasn't.

"When you grow a pair Blondie" I said as I walked away quickly. I could tell that the laughing stopped when I said that but then continued… not at me this time, but at Austin. I kind of smirked at it, I had no clue what got into me today. I guess it really just got to me, all of his rude and snarky comments. I mean if it was last week or even yesterday I would have just took what ever Austin said and shut my mouth, not wanting to cause anything. But that god I don't have to go to school and see him tomorrow or else I would pay for what I said today.. BIG TIME..

"Dad!" I called as I came walked into my house… but no response. Hum... that's strange. I mean usually by this time he's done working. My dad owns the sonic boom and I usually work there during the summer, which is where I am probably going to work this entire summer.

I walked into the kitchen and I found a note stuck to the fridge which is where he usually sticks them and it read:

Dear Ally,

I am at Mike and Mimi's house and please

come over for dinner, I have a surprise for you



"Great" I mumbled to myself. I mean my dad is never the best at "surprises". And Mike and Mimi were amazing people, they have a son about my age, which I have never met within 2 years when my dad and Mike became really close friends. This boy that I always seem to never meet is never there. But I don't mind really, I just bring a book there every time we visit and read.

"Hey Mike, Hello Mimi" I greeted them as I walked into their house.

"Hello Ally, I am so sorry my son isn't going to be home tonight. He said he has to stay after school to finish a project of his" Mimi was telling me. Funny enough she never even said his name. It is always "my son" and they didn't really have any pictures of them as a family, since they just moved in into their new house, but still. But apparently her son is really smart. Well I guess I will never know right?

"Wow these mash potatoes are really good Mimi" I said finishing up my plate as my dad and Mike went out in the front for a beer.

"That you sweetheart" she said smiling at me as I helped her clear the table. Mimi was like a second mother to me, since mine died of cancer when I was 8. she was always there for me and I told her everything, well almost everything, I never really brought up Austin. Only for the fact that she would probably kill him if she ever met him. She had no daughters so she was very protective of me, which was totally fine.

"Ally, please come into the den honey" I heard my dad call as I finished the dishes with Mimi

"Well honey I have a big surprise for you!" he said smiling and hugging me when I walked into the room

"Is it a dog?" I joked with him. He knows ive wanted a dog since I was small and STILL never got me one, but it was fine.

"Better!" Mimi added as she came in beside me. What's better than a dog?

"Since I am going on a business trip this summer, and I don't want you staying alone for two whole months without me, mike and Mimi were generous enough to let you spend the summer with them!" My dad added. Well it wasn't as good as a dog but still!

"Yes, but were spend our summer at our cottage up by the lake for two months, so you must pack tonight! We leave tomorrow!" Mike said while Mimi added in everything that I should pack

"Thank-you guys so much!" I cheered. I mean I was pretty excited so stay at a cottage and maybe I could finally meet this "son" of theirs. But just as I thought that I heard-

"Mom I'm home!" I hear a familiar voice call from the front door. I mean it sounded familiar, too familiar

"Sweetheart come in here!" Mimi called as herself, my dad, and Mike went to go into the kitchen to get another cup of coffee leaving me in the den as I was about to meet the moon's son.

"What mo-" a familiar voice walked into the den and I was speechless. My jaw just dropped.

"Freak? What are you doing in my house?" questioned the confused blonde head boy standing in the den wearing black jeans a red top and a leather jacket. He smelt like beer, so I am guessing "staying after school to do a project" was just a cover-up.

"Blondie.. what the.. Austin!" I was still shocked.. I could not believe that the Moon's son was Austin Moon. Dammit ally, you should have figured that our. I mean know what I think about it, he looks identical to Mimi and Mike.

"Oh Ally, I am glad you finally met my son" Mimi said as she came inside the den

"Hi." I said very dryly to Austin and I could tell he took note of it

"Austin, dear, Ally is going to be spending the summer with us up at our cottage!" Mimi said walking into the den

"Wait.. What!" Austin said almost in a 'what the fuck' tone.. I could tell he wasn't happy about it..

Please… please… please… tell me this was a dream… please…. You cannot tell me I have to spend two whole months with the guy that made my life a living hell.

This was an unexpected surprise…

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