Just so you know, this will randomly switch between a "chapter" filled with multiple drabbles and a "chapter" that is a single one-shot.

Danny can see the guardians because he is a ghost. Sam and Tucker can see them because of all the ecto-radiation they have been subjected to. For Sam: the dragon amulet and being possessed by Undergrowth. For Tucker: Desiree's wish and the scepter. Plus, after all the ghosts, I would think they would be willing to believe anything.

Just a note: You can probably just ignore Phantom Planet in most of these drabbles unless I specifically say that it happened.


Deep in a forest in northern Canada, two teenage boys sat in a snowy clearing. The first boy was about sixteen and was wearing a white and black hazmat suit. He had snow-white hair, tan skin, and neon green eyes and was covered in a glowing white aura. The other boy appeared to be fourteen, but was actually over three hundred years old. He was wearing a blue hoodie that had frost on the shoulders and sleeves with a pair of brown pants and no shoes. He also had snow-white hair, but his eyes were an icy blue and he had extremely pale skin.

Danny Phantom, the green-eyed teen, stuck his tongue out as he focused on his ice powers. Unfortunately, all his work came to was a simple ice crystal. Danny glanced over at his friend to see that the blue-eyed teen was leaning against a tree, staff resting in the crook of his arm, while holding up a small ice sculpture in the shape of a wolf.

"Show off," Danny mumbled under his breath, looking away.

Hearing the ghost-teen's comment, Jack Frost leaned forward and held out the wolf. He smirked and said, "Jealous Inviso-Bill?"

Danny glared at the other teen and said, "Not a chance Frost," before returning to his work on the crystal.

Jack let out a small chuckle before leaning back against the tree. "Hey, you're the one that asked for the lessons.


E. Aster Bunnymund was calmly walking around his warren, when a sudden chill took to the air. Bunny sighed, already knowing who had showed up before he even heard the customary, "Hi Kangaroo."

"What do you want Frostbite? I'm busy," the Easter Guardian said, turning to the winter spirit.

"Busy? It's like, six months until Easter. What could you be busy with?" he asked, but before the "Kangaroo" could answer he said, "Never mind. Want to see a new trick I learned?"

Bunny considered telling the boy to get lost, but knew Jack would just continue to pester him until he agreed. So knowing he was going to regret it, he said, "Fine."

Jack smiled, but did not even move. Instead, Bunny felt a small tap on his shoulder. The Guardian of Hope turned around, but immediately wished he did not as he jumped three feet in the air. Because when he turned around, he came face-to-face with Jack Frost. A white-haired, blue-eyed, floating replica of the Winter Guardian who was now behind him. The only difference was the fact that the double's staff seemed to be made of ice instead of wood.

"Bloody hell," Bunny cursed, looking back and forth between the two. Jack smiled and floated over to the double and dropping to the ground. The double quickly followed, also smiling.

"You like him? I finally figured out how to make duplicates of myself. Pretty cool huh?" He wrapped his arm around the duplicate, smiling at the near-hyperventilating rabbit.

"H-how? That's not... you can't..."

"I can even make more, right me?" Jack said looking at the duplicate.

Bunny thought he saw the duplicate throw him a worried glance, but it was gone before he could be sure.

"Sure can," the duplicate said, but Bunny noticed it was slightly off from Jack's voice and had a sort of echo. However, before he could put much thought into it, another Jack popped up just to the side of the duplicate with a small flash. The duplicate quickly stuck its hand out and an ice staff formed in his hand.

The Easter Guardian slowly started to back away. This had to be a dream! Sandy was messing with him! That had to be it! Bunny would even take Pitch being back compared to having three Jack Frosts.

Both Danny and his duplicate looked away from the rabbit and towards Jack. Maybe we should stop it now. I think he's having a panic attack," they both whispered in sync.

"Just a few more seconds. I'm so glad Tucker's getting this on tape. This will be an awesome video to watch at the Christmas party."

"Okay, but I'm pretty sure Sam's going kick both our butts if something happens to him. He's still an animal after all, even if he's a magical talking one that's six feet tall."


There is no way this is going to work.

Jack sat, perched on the desk next to the door, leaning the device on his shoulder. He had actually been surprised on how light it was when he first grabbed it.

He was just messing with me, telling me the story as a joke.

The Guardian of Fun double-checked the device to make sure it was facing the right way. His target would be arriving in just a few more minutes.

Why am I even trying this?

The sound of footsteps on the stairs could be heard. Jack listened as the footsteps stopped at the door and the handle began to turn.

Well here goes nothing.

The door opened and Jack pushed the device over so that the ring went around the person that had just walked in. There was a shout and a flash of light that made Jack cover his eyes. When he opened them, he smiled.

Standing over the Fenton ghost catcher was a Danny Fenton with long hair and a slouch and a Danny Phantom with hands on his hips in a heroic pose.

What do you know? It works. Now let's see how fun this "Fun Danny" really is.


Lessons takes place a few weeks after the Easter in the movie and soon after Urban Jungle. Danny was having problems controlling his ice powers in a more defined way (as opposed to just blasting and freezing stuff) so Frostbite helped him search out the mischief making winter spirit to give him a few pointers. The two quickly became friends. The drabble was actually based on a picture, but I do not know where it is, sorry.

Double takes place late fall after the movie and after D-Stabilized. After meeting Danny's friends, Jack decides to introduce Danny to one of his. Of course, it cannot be as easy as "Hello" when it comes to the spirit of mischief. This idea actually came to me after seeing the millions of Danny/Jack comparisons on Deviantart and reading a portion of Miki Mecheta's story "A Fairy's Wish". Great story by the way.

Fun takes place in the springtime after Double. I think it is self-explanatory. Jack gets a little too curious after Tucker tells him about Super Danny and Fun Danny. I do plan on having a few more drabbles depicting Fun and Jack's adventures.