This takes place after Double.

"I'm telling you exactly what I saw. There was three of him!"

"Come on Bunny, how would Jack make three of himself? Are you sure you weren't just seeing things?"

"Tooth is right. Jack controls snow and frost. He is not copy machine."

"You guys are having a meeting without me?"

The four eldest guardians swiftly turned around to see the topic of their conversation floating in an archway, staff in hand.

Bunnymund glared as he hopped over to the winter spirit. "Alright Frost, tell them about your new power."

Jack raised an eyebrow and said, "What are you talking about Kangaroo?"

The pooka glared at the Guardian of Fun as he said, "You know exactly what I'm talking about."

The boy just smirked and said, "Not a clue."

"Bunny, cut it out. You must have been seeing things," Tooth said, trying to calm down the agitated Easter spirit.

"I wasn't seeing things," Bunny growled. "He's just being a dill. Now show them that duplication power!"

"Duplication power? I can't duplicate myself. I wish I could though, think about all the stuff I could do if there was two of me," Jack said with a Cheshire smile.

"But I... He... Gah, never mind!" Bunny tapped his foot on the ground and glared at Jack before disappearing into the newly opened rabbit hole.

"What happened to him?" Jack said, looking at the flower that had popped up in the hole's place.

North shrugged before turning to leave the room, bellowing commands to the yetis as he went. Tooth quickly left after him, muttering something about "section 9" and "molars." Jack was about to leave also, when he felt a small hand on his shoulder. He looked down to see Sandy looking up at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Hey Sandy, what's up?"

Sandy crossed his arms as a sand image of the DP logo appeared above his head.

Jack smirked and said, "What? I said I can't duplicate. I didn't say anything about Danny. I'll tell the kangaroo about him... eventually."

Sandy shook his head and mimed a sigh before waving and floating out the window, off to deliver good dreams to the children of the world.


This takes place after Fun.

"You frosty fiends, what have you done?"

Jack sighed. Oh yes, this "Super Danny" was really getting on his nerves.

"Hey dude, what do you think?" Fun asked gesturing to their work. Jack had snuck Fun into the warren and after laying down a thin layer of snow in one corner, the two had proceeded to make multiple snowmen that resembled Bunny and were set in ridiculous poses.

"Sniveling snowflakes! You both better clean this up right now or I, DANNY PHANTOM, will have to teach you both a lesson!"

Fun narrowed his eyes and opened his mouth to argue, but Jack put his hand over his mouth before he could say a word. "Sure thing Super. We just need to go get some supplies. How about you wait here and we'll be right. Okay?" the winter spirit asked, giving the hero an innocent smile.

Super stared at him for a moment before nodding. "Fine, but be quick for I, DANNY PHANTOM, have much to do!"

"Oh, we'll be really quick," Jack said before grabbing Fun and shooting off down a tunnel.

"What's up dude? I don't wanna clean!"

"Sh, you're not going to," Jack said. He set Fun down before walking back down the tunnel in the direction they had just come from. Fun raised an eyebrow, but followed.

"What are we doing?" Fun asked, sitting down with Jack at the end of the tunnel.

"Just watch."

"Hey you!" Jack and Fun snickered as an angry Bunny approached Super.

The hero spun around surprised before smiling. "Hello my reclusive rabbit friend!"

Bunny froze, taken off guard by both the boy's weird voice and the way he had been referred to, before shaking it off and pulling out a boomerang. "What did you do to my warren?"

Super looked confused for a second before realization flashed across his eyes and he glanced back at the snow covered portion of warren. "W-wait, no, this isn't-"

Jack grabbed Fun and took off down the tunnel, as their laughing started to become too much.

"Glad I'm not him," Fun said as he laughed.

Jack smirked down at him and said, "But you are."

Fun looked up at the winter spirit before facepalming, earning a few more chuckles from the spirit.

"Now, let's go have some more fun. Where to next?"

I think I was a little cruel to Bunny in this one. First Jack making him look like an idiot in front of the others, then Jack and Fun!Danny coating part of the warren in snow and making those snowmen.

As I said, Trouble is meant to be just after Danny and Jack played their prank on Bunny in Double (as in Double Trouble) and Bunny ran to the Guardians for help. Blame is of course set after Jack separated Danny with the Fenton Ghost Catcher. Just a little bit of the two having Fun. I may have made Super a little too insane, but oh well.

And with this, I have exhausted all the ideas I had for this (or at least the one's I can remember). So until I get some more ideas (or prompts) I will be putting this aside for my other ideas. I really should be working on the sequel to my Danny Phantom/Harry Potter crossover.