Avatar/Superman: World's Finest

By OhioGuy





Long Ago, A world similar to ours once lived in balance. Then the balance shifted when their Fire Nation started a war; A war that only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could end. But then he vanished... without a trace. With his absence, The Air Nomads were annihilated along with any hope the world still had.

85 years passed, and the council grew concerned over the state of the planet. In a unanimous decision, they elected me , Jor-El, a scientist fresh out of the Academy to investigate and examine the world to determine if any solution could be found. I told them I could not as I began to notice strange phenomenon within Krypton's very core.

They rejected my findings...and now I must enact my plan.

Within a tall tower with a large shield emblazoned on the roof, A scientist named Jor-El completes the final preparations for a small escape shuttle. The Shuttle is triangular in shape and can carry only one passenger. A very small passenger. He motions to a miniature android.

"Kelex, Are you ready to be integrated in the ships' mainframe?" The young man asked.

"Indeed, Sir. I have already re-configured my exo-structure to become a part of the ship." The machine said as he transformed into a small compact box. Jor-el placed the robot into a small compartment on the ship.

He then pressed a small button on wrist. Suddenly a large holographic screen appeared. Three interconnected dots then appeared on screen. Jor-el approached the screen and it addressed the scientist.

"Greetings, I am the Brain Interactive Construct of the House of El version 1.0; Please state your inquiry."

Jor-El Then pressed a small button on the screen and typed in a command.

"Inquiry Made. Calculations made. It is possible to store all knowledge known to Krypton into a storage device. But, the process requires that a back-up system be made to preserve the information." The artificial intelligence told the Kryptonian.

Jor-el approved the action and began the procedure. Within Minutes, two shield-shaped diamonds emerged from the floor. This is the key to my sons future, He thought. Then heard footsteps from the hall adjacent to the lab. He turned and saw his wife Lara, who was holding a small newborn baby in arms. The small infant was wrapped in a large red blanket. Lara approached her beloved husband and saw the shuttle.

"It is true then? Krypton will be destroyed?" She asks with sadness.

"Yes, It is. By my estimates it will happen within two hours, depending on the number of tremors that have occurred today." He replies with despair in his voice. He then looks at his son and asks if he could hold his son. Complying with her husband, she hands Kal-El to him. Jor-El looks upon his only son and speaks.

"My little Kal-El, From the moment I learned that I would be a father, I looked forward to watching you grow up... To go to School, Attend the Academy, and have a family of your own. But fate had a different plan in mind; Your Mother and I, sadly, will not make this journey with you for you deserve to be raised without our mistakes and demons to plague you." He finishes speaking before letting a small tear grace his face.

Lara wipes the tear away with her hand. She continues to speak for her husband.

"The planet that we are sending you to, Earth, is much like Krypton. It is filled with being just as complex as we are and you'll be raised among them. We do not know who will raise you or if you'll even make it, but your Father and I know that you will and you will help humanity charter its path into the stars, just as the spirits did with our ancestors."

After finishing speaking, they placed their son within the small cockpit. They fastened his seatbelt and wrapped him in his blanket. Finally, Jor-El places the two crystals into the ships mainframe. Kal-El gazes upon his parents and smiles. Lara smiles back at him and kisses his forehead, Jor-El also smiles down on his and speaks to him for the last time.

" My father gave this speech upon his death bed, he told me to say the same thing to my own child should my time come: You will travel far, my little Kal-El. We will never leave you, even in the face of our deaths. The richness of our lives shall be made yours. All that I have done, Everything I had felt, all this and more I bequeath to you, my son. You will carry our families' legacy inside you, with all the days of your life. You will make my strengths your own, You shall my life through your own eyes, as yours will be seen through mine. The son becomes the father, and the father the son." Jor-El looks down with sadness in his eyes. Lara finally finishes the speech.

"This is all we can send you, I can see you now. You will have your fathers Wisdom and Looks, and my love and eyes. All I can say is, you will be a handsome man and you will find a woman who will love you despite your origins. I know in my heart, you will have many children who you will love just as much as we do. We know your destiny will be great."

then she embraces her husband and starts sobbing. Jor-El inputs the coordinates into the shuttle. Before he closes the hatch on the cockpit he whispers.

"Farewell, My son." He then closes the hatch and activates the sedatives and life support systems. He then feels a great Tremor coming from the planet. He looks out and sees various buildings collapsing. Volcanoes spew toxic ash and lava into the atmosphere. He finally presses the launch button and the shuttle ascend to heavens. Looking as their son flies away to his new home, Jor-El and Lara kiss each other for the last time. Then a great explosion destroyed their home and themselves.

(Dividing Line)

Several miles above the planet's atmosphere, the sleeping Kal-El was oblivious to destruction being wrought upon his world. The onboard computer was making the last preparations for light speed, when the planet finally exploded. A small shard of debris embedded itself into ship's hull, exposing the baby to radiation. The computer disregarded the small fragment of krypton and made the jump to light speed.

Within the asteroids that were once krypton, A small computer floated through space. On the screen, Three Interconnected dots began to glow. Finally, the once red dots dimmer and fade and finally glowed a bright green. From its advanced processor, it thinks.

"I ...am...ALIVE!'

(Dividing Line)

And so ends the prologue for this short story (which is being written as a response to Megabob452s' challenge). If you want a description of Jor-El and Lara, here they are.

Jor-El looks like a twenty-four year old Hakoda with Blue eyes, lighter skin, and a goatee. His hair has a few streaks of grey, despite his age.

Lara Van-El looks a lot like Kya at the same age, except with black hair and lighter skin.

Kal-El( Or Kenta, once he's adopted by a Certain Water Tribe Chief and his Wife) Looks like Bolin, except with blue eyes but skinnier.

I hoped you enjoy and the next chapter will be up soon.