E/O Challenge
WoW : Double
Spoilers : None
A 100 word drabble and a bonus double drabble.
Disclaimer : Still not mine...Crap.
A.N. No squint, no "Wincest", no way!


Sam looks out for his poorly brother.

It was a double whammy. Flu and gastroenteritis. Hard to say which was the runnier, Dean's nose or his...?
With Dean weak as a kitten, Sam patiently cleaned both ends, concerned that Dean didn't protest. He was completely compliant; fevered, and only half conscious.

Back in bed, Dean simply moaned softly, snuggling his head under Sam's chin whilst Sam held him, making reassuring noises. Throat too sore to swallow, he choked and gagged whenever Sam tried to get him to drink. Sam gave up, concentrating instead on holding his brother close. Keeping Dean protected. Keeping him safe. Watching over him.



One bed, two brothers.

"God, not again!"
"Sam...it's all they had, an' really? I'm too tired to care. Anyhoo, it's kingsize, better than a standard double."
"Doesn't make any difference."
"To what?"
"Nothin'...forget it."


There it was...the whimper. The whimpering's always first. Sam waited...Yup. The twitching's started. Tiny little movements in his hands and feet, with soft little noises like a puppy dreaming. Sam considered getting up before Dean rolled onto his back. Too late.
A moan, one arm flung wide clonking Sam on the nose, quickly followed up by another arm landing across his waist as Dean turns onto his side.
A leg is carelessly slung over Sam's body, for some reason a finger is poked into his ear.

Another shift leaves Sam wearing a Dean blanket. Clearly Sam's head isn't a very comfy pillow, Dean tries pummelling it into shape. Dissatisfied, he attempts to throw his "pillow" off the bed. Sam tries to slide from under his sleeping brother. A hand grabs where it shouldn't, a forearm presses across his throat. Time for drastic action.

Dean wakes just as Sam has wrestled him onto his back.
"What the...? Gerroff me bitch...Stick to your own side of the bed, can't you?!"


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