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I am suffocating

And I just need to breathe

I'm smothered under pressure

I must be relieved.

Nothing I do is right,

Nothing they say is fair

I cry and scream and throw a fit,

But no one seems to care.

Nobody will listen,

To what I have to say.

My life is not important,

Yet I'm living every day.

I cant do what I want

I cannot stay out late

Here I sit and write this poem

To release my pain and hate.

I'm confused and I'm alone

I'm lost inside my mind.

No one will search behind my looks

To see what they might find.

So many thoughts confuse me,

Feelings I cant perceive,

In this time of adolescence

And I just need to leave.

None of this makes sense

None of this seems real.

And no one understands the feelings that I feel.

I'm still suffocating

And I still need to breathe.

I'm smothered under feelings

Let me be relieved.