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The Ministry of Magic had instituted some surprising laws after the war under the leadership of Kingsley Shacklebolt, Amelia Bones and Arthur Weasley. All Hogwarts students had to return to school and redo the year they spent under Snape and the Carrows. Those students who hadn't been at Hogwarts would obviously be doing the year for the first time. That law was to be expected by most everyone. The law that no one saw coming was the one that said all of the seventh years, the ones who had been most affected by the war and the divided house loyalties, were to go to Hogwarts for the summer and stay there the whole time. The Ministry insisted that it would create bonds among the students and make them friendly to each other. Some who knew of it suspected that that law might have come about after Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley almost got into a fight with Draco Malfoy and Gregory Goyle when the four met in Diagon Alley. Thankfully, Hermione and Ginny had been there to talk sense into the boys.

It had been decided that Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, Hermione Granger, Ginevra Weasley and Luna Lovegood were to be part of the seventh year class, even though Ginny and Luna were supposed to be sixth years. When everyone got to Hogwarts, they received the surprise of their lives. Instead of being roomed according to house, they were assigned roommates and dorms. Each dorm had four rooms and ten people living there. The dorms were co-ed, the rooms weren't. Room assignments were received in a letter detailing the purpose of the law and what each student had to bring.

Hermione, Ginny and Luna were in the same dorm along with two unknown other girls. Harry, Neville and Ron were also put together in the same dorm as the other girls, but with two unknown guys to be with them. The dorms were in a brand new building on the Hogwarts campus, somewhat behind the castle. The seventh years would be living in the dorms the whole year. The dorms were good and comfortable. There was a sitting/common room with a small kitchenette. From the common room there were two staircases, one leading to the girls' rooms and one leading to the guys' rooms. All they had been instructed to bring was clothes, both wizard robes and muggle clothing. Hermione seemed a bit upset about not needing books but she recovered.

"Man, it felt good to be on the Hogwarts express again, even though it was in the beginning of summer and not September" Harry said pensively, walking towards the castle. The rest of the group walked after him, remembering what had happened on the grounds just a few short months ago. The bodies lined up as families wept. Harry vividly remembered the bodies of Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks side by side, where someone had made them hold hands. The Weasleys were remembering the body of Fred lying on the ground.

"Quickly now! Come on!" they heard Professor McGonagall calling to them. The group sped up their pace and walked to the entrance of the building of dorms where the new Headmistress was waiting.

"Alright seventh years. You all received your room assignment in your letters. Your luggage has already been delivered to your room. There will be two or three people in each room and the same magic as in the normal dormitories applies. I'm sure you all know what that means. You are to stay in your dorm unless you have been called to an activity. There will be activities and classes for you, but not all will be academic" at this a squeak was heard from Hermione, provoking laughs from all around, "but you will be required to go to all of them. Anyone not in class will receive a detention. That is all. You may go to your rooms now" and with that, McGonagall swept off to her office in the castle.

Hermione, Ginny and Luna walked to where they thought their dorm was. To their surprise, they saw Ron, Neville and Harry already in the common room of their dorm.

"Ron! Neville! Harry! You aren't supposed to be in a dorm that isn't yours!" said Hermione with surprise, not realizing what their presence meant.

"Oh Hermione! They're in the same dorm with us! We knew they would be, you just have the memory of a goldfish when it comes to things that aren't books and spells!" said Ginny, laughing at her friend's forgetfulness. Ron, Neville and Harry were laughing so hard they could barely breathe.

"But wait! Are boys and girls sharing dorms?" said Luna in her breathy voice, "I didn't think Professor McGonagall would do that"

"Anyways, I wonder who the rest of the people here are going to be" Harry questioned. He had no idea.

"You've got to be joking" they heard from the door area. They all turned and gasped. Draco Malfoy was standing there looking dumbstruck, while Blaise Zabini, Pansy Parkinson and Millicent Bulstrode stood behind him with similar looks.

"You're shitting me. You guys are our roommates?" Ginny said angrily.

"Oh shut up Weasel, its not like we requested to room with you just so we could make your lives miserable." Pansy retorted quickly, her ire visibly rising.

"Guys! Guys! Can we just calm down and go unpack? McGonagall wants us assembled in the lobby in half an hour!" Hermione yelled over the arguing that had started.

Now it seems like they had gotten off to a rough start, but they soon became, if not friends, then friendly. However, in a week Theodore Nott dumped Millicent Bulstrode, which was when all of them became friends. The girls banded together to comfort Millicent and the guys banded together to beat the shit out of Nott. Harry and Draco discovered that they had rather a lot in common and had just gotten off on the wrong foot. Hermione, Ginny and Pansy soon became a trio to be feared. If you pissed off one, all of them would descend on you like the wrath of god.

There were several relationships among the dorm mates as well. Harry and Ginny were going strong, having gotten together again after the final battle. Pansy and Blaise had also been a couple in secret for a while, since her father wouldn't have approved of a non-Death Eater for his daughter. Ron and Luna were flirting, as were Millicent and Neville. The most surprising relationship was that of Hermione and Draco. The two had discovered that they had a burning romantic tension between them and had acted on it. Within a week, the group could find the twosome together everywhere. Each member of the group had walked in on them making out at some point. Hermione and Draco, on the advice of the rest of their group, had decided to keep their relationship a secret because they knew others wouldn't understand.

The new friendships weren't to be kept a secret and when school resumed in the fall, people would see Hermione and Pansy talking amicably and Draco and Harry playing a friendly game of Quidditch. The five girls became known as GGW, which the girls knew to stand for Girls Gone Wild, while the rest of the school had no idea. The guys, coincidentally, happened to be the hottest guys in the school, which irritated the other girls (the ones not sharing the dorm). They figured GGW got to see the guys half-naked a lot.

"We have to what?" the girl gasped.

"Miss Granger, You and Mr. Malfoy, as Head Girl and Head Boy, have to participate in the First Hogwarts Annual Talent Show. The other professors and I agree that the participation of the two Heads will encourage other students to sign up. We have also agreed that there will be no auditions and the winner of the talent show, for this is a contest Miss Granger, will not have to attend classes for a week" Professor McGonagall said.

"No classes for a week? I'm in", Draco Malfoy, Head Boy, said. Hermione turned and stuck her tongue out at him.

"Unlike certain ferrets, oops I mean people, I don't want to miss classes. I enjoy my learning," she said primly. Her words made Draco grin.

"Miss Granger, Mr. Malfoy, that's enough! I want you both to go back to your dorm and start working on your act. The talent show is in a month. I'm sure that's enough time" and with that McGonagall swept out of her room, leaving the two students sitting there.

"So now Draco and I have to do this stupid talent show thing!" Hermione ranted to GGW.

"I have an idea!" Millicent cried excitedly, "You know how you and Draco are still a secret? Well you can use this to reveal your relationship! Since you'll be organizing the talent show, you can be the judges and then at the end sing a song together then kiss!" the other girls were nodding at the good plan.

"So what should I do?" Hermione asked anxiously.

"Well McGonagall said you could do this in a group? Well GGW can do something. We can all sing and dance right?" Ginny said.

"We can do some of the songs that Hermione has on that muggle device of hers. The music device?" Luna said.

"We can do a sexy performance!" Pansy cried. She and Ginny had heard some of the songs on Hermione's iPod, and they quite liked some of the songs by some artist named after cat dolls.

Hermione grinned. Their performance was coming together quite well. She knew exactly what songs Pansy was thinking of. And, unknown to everyone but the people in her dorm, the five girls were VERY good dancers. Hermione could also sing very well, which none but the girls knew, as Hermione was given to singing in the shower. Loudly.

"Wait, you said Draco has to do a performance too. What's he going to do?" Millicent asked, laughing.

"Maybe he and the guys will do a strip show. I'm sure most of the castle will like that!" Ginny laughed loudly. The rest of the girls joined in the laughing. People knew of Harry and Ginny's relationship and of Pansy and Blaise's relationship, but as far as they knew Draco, Neville and Ron were single. Ron and Luna hadn't gone public yet and neither had Neville and Millicent, but both couples were official.
Meanwhile, Hermione had gone and fetched her iPod and speakers. She had charmed them to work in the magic-rich environment of Hogwarts.

"Okay, I have a couple songs that will work well, but feel free to look at others as well" Hermione said. She then played the music videos for the songs because she wanted to do similar dance moves. By the end of the two songs, the other girls were sitting on the floor awestruck.

"Those are amazing," Pansy grinned.

"Our boys are gonna have the biggest boners ever!" Ginny laughed.

Luna and Millicent flushed. They hadn't become had sex with Ron or Neville before. The other three couples were very active in their love life. They had a simple signal to indicate if a room was "in use". The door would glow a subtle red, which meant the room was occupied.

Hermione laughed, "And I know the choreography like the back of my had because my muggle friends and I always used to dance to these songs! So, now that we have this figured out, all we have to do is practice the shit out of it! Now, I wonder what the guys are doing?"

Draco was stumped.

"So let me get this straight. You have to do this talent show thing, and you're making us do it with you so you don't look like a complete dumbass?" Harry questioned. He wasn't sure if Draco had lost his mind or not.

"Pretty much. I'm sure we can figure out something." Draco said.

"Well does anyone know how to play an instrument?" Ron asked.

"I can play drums," Blaise offered.

"My gram made me learn piano and keyboard," Neville said.

"And Ron and I learnt how to play guitar one summer when we were bored," Harry finished.

"Wait, Draco, you can sing can't you? We've all heard you in the shower man" Blaise laughed. It was a not very well hidden secret among the boys that Draco had a small passion for singing muggle music. His favorite was a muggle singer named Enrique Iglesias.

"Alright, so we're doing a band then? Potter and I can sing, there are some songs where there is a rap part though. Can anyone here rap?" Draco said.

"I can actually," surprisingly the voice came from Neville.

"We need a name though," Ron said.

"How about Hot and Dangerous?" Blaise suggested. This provoked laughing from everyone there. "No seriously, what about it?"

"Well no one will guess it's supposed to be us, so let's do it!" Draco yelled.

"Hey do you know what the girls are doing?" Harry asked.

"Nope, let's go find out," Draco said.

The girls were talking quietly when they heard the guys' calling to them. They had finished practicing for an hour and had gotten the choreography down perfectly. Now all they had to do was refine it and commit to muscle memory. They ran down the stairs quickly.

"Oh hey there!" Draco said, leering comically at Hermione, who looked down.

"Oh shit, our clothes," she said. The girls were all wearing neon sports bras and short black spandex shorts, their practice gear.

"Hm, I like this. Ok, Hermione Granger, you are hereby forbidden from wearing anything but this ever again" Draco announced dramatically.

Hermione fake-gasped. "Fine, then you are never allowed to wear a shirt again!" she yelled.

Draco smirked, "Fine" and whipped off his shirt in a smooth manner.

"Hey wait, if he isn't allowed to wear a shirt, neither are you four. Hermione and the rest of us are all dressed the same, you guys should be too!" Pansy said gleefully. The other girls began laughing as their boyfriends started taking off their shirts, taking great care to throw them at Draco.

"Let's play truth or dare slash I never!" Harry yelled. Hermione and Harry explained the game to the group and made sure they knew the rules and how to play.

"Okay, but no asking about the talent show performance." Hermione said firmly, "It should be a secret" everyone nodded to show their agreement, Draco got the shot glasses and the butterbeer that Hermione put truth potion into and the game began.

"Neville, since you decided we had to play; truth, dare or I never?" Hermione asked.

"Um, I've never given head to a man" Neville laughed. All the girls except for Luna took a shot of butterbeer. Luna was blushing.

"Harry! Truth, dare or I never?" Neville said.

"Dare! I'm not a pussy!" Harry yelled.

"I dare you to turn McGonagall's robes bright pink the next time you see her!" Neville laughed.

"Oh god, I'm going to die now. Ginny, truth, dare or I never?" Harry asked.

"I've never made out with a girl!" Ginny said. All of the guys took shots and, surprisingly, so did Hermione and Pansy.

Blaise and Draco stared at their girlfriends. "How did we not know this?" Blaise asked Draco.

"I don't know. When was this?" Draco asked Hermione. She and Pansy were laughing at the others' faces.

"We were semi-drunk and neither of you guys were here and she got horny and I wanted to experiment…but nothing else happened! I swear on Merlin!" Hermione explained, "And then we had hang-overs and then forgot to tell you! Damn truth potion!"

"So what did you decide based on your experiment?" Draco asked, laughing.

"I'm completely into my boyfriend, but I am bisexual," Hermione said, pecking him on the cheek. Pansy was saying similar things to Blaise. Both girls were bisexual, but didn't make a big deal of it.

"That's alright baby. I couldn't give a flying shit what sexuality you are, just as long as you know, you like me," Draco said quietly to her.

"Yeah, yeah enough of the loving affirmations. Okay, Ron, truth dare or I never?" Ginny asked her brother.

"Truth" said Ron. Harry and Draco threw wrappers at him, calling him a pussy.

"How far have you been with a girl?" Ginny asked, grinning.

Ron blushed a shade of red that matched his hair, "Making out", he said. Harry, Draco and Blaise, having been all the way, howled with laughter at Ron's admission.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah it's not that funny. Draco, truth, dare or I never?" Ron grumbled.

"Hm, dare. I'm not a pussy, unlike a certain male Weasel," Draco smirked. He had a feeling his dare would involve Hermione in some way.

Ron grinned. He had been quietly talking with Luna, who had filled him in on the girls' plan. "I dare you to go public about your relationship at the talent show in front of all of Hogwarts" the girls grinned.

"Accepted. Now we need a plan," he said, "I say we pause the game and start making diabolical schemes" he grinned evilly.

Everyone laughed at his expression.

"Well, I think how it should go is our performances don't count as part of the competition. Everyone else goes before us, then we go, then we do our little judging thing, which I need to talk to Professor McGonagall about, and then we announce the results, and then I have no idea." Hermione said. The girls hadn't quite figured out how to reveal Hermione and Draco's relationship. Pansy wanted them to have an aggressive snog session in front of the whole school, but Hermione and Luna vetoed that. Ginny wanted Draco to make an impassioned declaration of love, while Millicent was a strong advocate of telling the guys first and seeing if they could come up with any better ideas because she thought all of the girls' ideas sucked.

"After the winner has been announced, Draco and Hermione sing a song expressing their love/relationship and kiss, BRIEFLY, at the end of the song," Blaise said. Everyone looked thoughtful after he said that. It was a pretty good idea, but the whole plan depended on McGonagall letting them be the emcees and not have their performances count towards the competition.

"Yeah, that could work!" Harry said, excitedly.

"Do you guys have a performance figured out?" Pansy asked.

"Yeah, and it's amazing! You girls won't be able to top us!" Neville bragged.

"Does it involve stripping?" Ginny asked, laughing.

"What? No! Why would it involve stripping?" Ron said, confused.

"No reason. I mean, we aren't stripping," Hermione said with a very Draco-like smirk on her face.

"Hey! That's my smirk! No copying!" Draco yelled. Everyone laughed at his child-like display. He had the grace to look sheepish, "But it looks sexy on you baby" he amended. Hermione smirked, and then kissed him. He kissed her back, pulling her body close to his. His tongue nudged her lips and their mouths opened, so that they were full on snogging. At this display, the rest of the group left Hermione and Draco to their affection and went upstairs to either work on homework or talk with each other.

"Ah, Miss Granger, Mr. Malfoy, what can I do for you today?"

"Professor McGonagall, we have a proposition for you" Hermione said.

"Does this involve attempting to get out of performing for the talent show? Because if so, my answer is yes, you still have to perform," McGonagall said bluntly.

"No, in fact, it is about our performances. We thought that since we are the Heads of Hogwarts, we could be the emcees of the talent show, with three faculty members as judges. Everyone else would go, and then we would perform while the judges deliberate on the winner. The judges would announce the winner, then Hermione and I, as the emcees, could perform something together in a show of House Unity," Draco explained to the Professor. They had changed the plan slightly, making Hermione and Draco emcees instead of judges.

"Well, that certainly is unusual. I think that would be a really good idea. Do you have ideas for judges?" McGonagall said, pleased.

"We were thinking Professor Vector, Professor Sinistra and Professor Trelawney. We want the judges to be fairly balanced and nonbiased, so we figured those three were the most like to judge on talent rather than playing favorites," Hermione explained to the Headmistress.

"And what are your acts?" McGonagall asked.

"Well, we're keeping them a secret from each other so…" Draco said.

"Alright then, Miss Granger, can you go outside for a minute so Mr. Malfoy can tell me what his performance will be? Thank you."

Hermione got up and walked out of the office, leaving Draco behind.

McGonagall raised her eyebrow, inviting Draco to talk.

"Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, Blaise Zabini, Neville Longbottom and I have formed a band and we're going to do some songs. We're also going to be wearing masks so that the audience doesn't know who we are. I know it sounds kind of cheesy, but it's the best we could come up with," Draco said.

"Alright, now can you go outside and tell Miss Granger to come in? You are free to go, by the way." McGonagall said.

Draco got up and strode to the door. Pulling it open, he saw Hermione leaning against the wall. He walked over to her and put his arms around her.

"McGonagall wants to see you now," he said to her.

"Alright. I'm going in. Do you want me to tell her about the song after the judges?" Hermione asked.

"Yeah, she likes you more. She'll agree to anything you say" Draco smirked.

"Babe, get used to it. Everyone likes me more," and with that, Hermione walked into the office, leaving Draco standing there. He muttered something that sounded like a string of curse words, then walked back to their dorm room to wait for his girlfriend.

"Hello again Professor." Hermione said brightly.

"Ah, Miss Granger, what might your talent show act be?" McGonagall asked with a slight smile on her face. Hermione was obviously her favorite student.

"Well, Pansy, Ginny, Luna, Millicent and I are going to do a song and dance routine to two muggle songs that I know. We're going to have on masks that cover our identity though. After Draco and my performances, the judges are going to come on stage and announce the winner. Then after the winner is congratulated, both of our groups are going to come onstage and we'll reveal ourselves. Then, to promote inter-house unity, Draco and I will sing a song together. Sounds good?" Hermione said. Their plan was genius, if she did say so herself.

"Oh Miss Granger, at first this talent show was just a way to provide students with a fun distraction to school-work, but you and Mr. Malfoy have made it so much more! I'm so proud of you two. This should work out just fine!" the professor enthused.

"Thank you Professor. Your approval means a lot to me. I'm so glad that you came up with the idea of the talent show. Now I have to go finish my homework if you're done with me here?" Hermione said, relieved that McGonagall hadn't asked exactly what songs they were going to sing. She knew that the conservative professor wouldn't approve.

Hermione walked into the dorm and saw everyone sitting in a circle with the shot glasses out, apparently waiting for her because they all shouted "Finally!" when she came through the door.

"Hey baby, we've been waiting for you so we can continue our game!" Draco said excitedly.

"The plan is approved?" Ginny questioned.

"No need to ask, Red. Her smirk answers that question," Pansy laughed.

"Yeah, we're all good. Let's play! Whose turn is it?"

"Yours, since we waited for hella days for you" Harry said, laughing.

"Okay, Harry, truth, dare, or I never?" Hermione said, smirking.

"Fine. Um…I never had sex with a Slytherin," Harry said. He had a good one.

"Argh!" several people shouted. Hermione, Pansy, Blaise, and Neville had drunk their shots. The rule was whoever got to five shots lost. You didn't want to have to drink a shot.

"Ohh my turn now!" Blaise yelled, excited. He wanted some good dirt on these people.

"Fine, you go Blaise," Ron said.

"Neville, truth, dare or I never?" Blaise asked.

"Truth" Neville said. The usual shouts of "Pussy!" and "Grow a pair!" accompanied him.

"Since you drank at the last 'I never' I'm assuming you've had sex. Where is the freakiest or weirdest place you've had sex?" Blaise grinned.

"Probably a bed" Harry muttered. Draco high-fived him at this.

"Maybe it was your bed Harry!" Neville retorted.

"You'd better not have!" Harry growled.

"No, I'm kidding. It was probably in one of the greenhouses while Professor Sprout was in the other greenhouse," Neville said, laughing. Millicent was laughing as well, apparently remembering that time. The guys all high-fived him, laughing while the girls giggled.

"Yeah, okay, Hermione, truth, dare, or I never?" Neville asked her.

"Hm, I never had a crush on Professor Snape," she smirked. The guys all groaned in disgust, then gasped with horror. Pansy and Ginny had taken shots.

"Whore." Pansy said to Hermione.

"My turn. I never gave someone a hand job during class," Ginny said quickly. All the guys, except Blaise and Draco, gaped when Pansy and Hermione had done their shots while glaring at Ginny.

"Why are we friends with her?" Hermione asked Pansy.

"I have no idea," Pansy said to Hermione. Ginny just laughed.

"Hey, Pansy! Truth, dare, or I never?" Harry yelled to her. The group had become smaller. Neville, Millicent, Ron and Luna had left to go hang out in the library. They all had a Herbology test the next day, so they needed to study. The others had dropped Herbology, so they didn't have a test.

"Dare! I'm not a pussy," Pansy said.

"I dare you and Hermione to show us some of that girl on girl action you mentioned earlier!" Harry been bribed by Blaise and Draco to say that. They really wanted to see their girlfriends making out and knew that neither of them would back down from a challenge.

"Boy-who-doesn't-die-said-what-now?" Hermione said. Pansy laughed, and then whispered something in Hermione's ear. Harry, Blaise and Draco saw Hermione's expression change from shocked surprise to a positively evil smirk. Suddenly they were scared. That smirk never meant well. The last time they saw that smirk was right before Daphne Greengrass ended up in the Hospital Wing with every appendage swollen after flirting with Draco. No one could prove anything unusual had happened to her.

"Fine," Hermione said, leaning over to Pansy, who was sitting next to her. Pansy also leaned in and then their lips met softly. Their soft kiss progressed until the girls were making out with tongue and with some groping. Hermione's hands were in Pansy's hair while Pansy's hands were running up and down Hermione's sides, then began to unbutton Hermione's shirt.

"Whoa! Okay there!" Blaise shouted. The girls had been making out for like five minutes and Draco and Blaise both had major boners. They needed to do something about it.

The girls broke apart at Blaise's interruption. Their chests were heaving and Hermione's shirt was partially open and Draco could clearly see her black lace bra.

"Time for some different fun," he growled, then picked up Hermione and slung her over his shoulder. He ran up the stairs with her over his shoulder and went into his, Blaise and Potter's room. The door then started to glow red. Blaise quickly grabbed Pansy and they ran into the other guys' room, where the door also started to glow red.

"Goddammit. Bastards took the rooms," Harry cursed.

Ginny laughed. "And why can't we just go here? They won't be down for a while and the others said they would be in the library until dinner," she said.