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In the girls' dressing room, they were quickly changing. Ginny planned on suggesting another game of Truth/Dare/I Never when they got back to the dorm.

"Is everyone ready?" Millicent asked. She was already changed, and was wearing a simple pair of blue skinny jeans with a black V-neck tee and black knee high boots.

"I'm ready," Luna answered. She was wearing a simple floral skirt with a light yellow three-quarter sleeve shirt and pink Converse. Her fashion sense, although calmer, was still somewhat strange.

"Almost!" said Pansy, pulling her sweatshirt over her head. She was wearing grey leggings with black Uggs and a green sweatshirt that said Zabini across the back (clearly stolen or borrowed from Blaise), "And done!"

"Now I am," Ginny replied, sliding on her red TOMS. They matched her red Gryffindor Quidditch team shirt that had Harry's last name written across the back. She was also wearing blue skinny jeans, like Millicent.

"Wait, where's Hermione?" Luna asked, noticing that the brunette girl was missing.

"Here!" Hermione called, emerging from the bathroom. She had fixed up her hair, since it looked somewhat like sex hair. She was wearing almost the same thing as Pansy, except black leggings with brown Uggs and her sweatshirt said Malfoy on the back. In addition, she was wearing a green Slytherin scarf. She stopped and looked at Pansy.

"Matching!" Pansy yelled.

"Twinsies!" Hermione agreed, and the two hugged.

"If you two are done with your lovefest, we should be going by now, the guys are probably waiting," Ginny said, giggling.

The girls, still laughing, left the dressing room and made their way back to the dorm, telling jokes and gossiping the whole time.

Meanwhile, the guys were also changing in their dressing room. They all had on some variant of a V-neck shirt and blue jeans. They were either wearing Converse or Vans on their feet. Neville and Ron were the only two wearing hoodies. Draco and Blaise couldn't find theirs, but they had a sinking suspicion as to where they were. Harry had just forgotten his in the dorm.

"Ready?" Neville asked. A chorus of "Yeahs" answered him.

"Let's go!" Ron and Harry yelled. They walked off to their dorm room. When they got there the girls still hadn't arrived so they all sat down in the "common room" and waited for them to get there.

"Good God, why do girls take so long to get ready?" Ron complained. Unfortunately his complaint came at the same time that Pansy and Ginny walked in the door together.

"What was that Ronald?" Ginny smirked.

"Yeah Ronald, what was that?" Pansy echoed her redhead best friend. They both crossed their arms simultaneously and glared at him.

"Um…uh…nothing…nothing at all" Ron stammered, intimidated by the two girls who were the scariest women he knew. Well, after Bellatrix Lestrange (serious nutcase that one, thank goodness she's dead), his mom (have you seen her get mad? Not pretty), and Hermione Granger (he still has nightmares of being attacked by those damn birds!).

His obvious fear of the two girls made everyone burst out laughing.

"What's happening?" Hermione asked as she walked in with Millicent and Luna.

"Ron's just making a fool of himself as usual," Pansy responded, turning to look at Hermione.

"Draco, would you look at that? I think I've found my missing hoodie," Blaise drawled. He had seen his name on the back of the hoodie Pansy was wearing.

"Well, my goodness, I think I recognize the one Hermione is wearing as well," Draco caught on to the fact that his sneaky-as-hell girlfriend had stolen his hoodie.

"It's warm and comfy, besides, you do have that possessive streak. Don't you like seeing me wear something with your name on it?" she teased him, walking up to him, and pressing her body against his. She went on her tiptoes and pressed a kiss to his cheek, then sat down on the floor. All the other girls followed her lead.

"We're gonna play Truth/Dare/I Never, you wanna join?" Ginny said playfully.

"Unless you don't have the balls to play…"Pansy teased.

"Never underestimate my balls," said Blaise, sitting down next to his girlfriend. The other guys also sat down next to their girlfriends. Millicent got up and ran to get the bottles of butterbeer, coming back quickly. Once she sat down again, the game started.

"Who's first?" Neville asked.

"Oh! Me!" Luna said, "Hermione, truth, dare or I never?"

"Hm, truth!" Hermione responded.

"Okay, how did you get the idea for that song that you and Draco sang?" Luna asked. Everyone else leaned it, wanting to hear the answer to that question as well.

"Well, I first heard it over the summer, while watching one of my favorite TV shows called Glee. Two characters, Sam and Quinn, sang it at a competition, and I just really liked the song," Hermione explained.

"Well that…wasn't nearly as interesting as I expected, but oh well, who's next?" Pansy remarked.

"Oh, uh, Ron!" Hermione said, "Truth, dare or I never?"

"Um I never. Okay, well, I never made out with a guy," Ron said. All the girls, predictably, took drinks.

"Well, after that lame statement, someone please say something actually funny," Pansy pleaded.

"Fine, Ginny, truth, dare or I never?" Ron asked his sister.

"Dare!" Ginny replied. She was ready for this.

"I dare you to…not kiss Harry for a week, or any other action for that matter!" Ron said triumphantly.

"What?" Ginny and Harry said simultaneously. Everyone else was laughing because Ginny and Harry were the worst at not doing PDA, and they all knew that Ron hated watching his baby sister making out with someone, even if it was his best friend.

"Yeah, we know that's gonna be impossible," Pansy joked, making Hermione laugh.

"Oh shut up you two, you're just as bad as we are!" Ginny shot back at her two laughing best friends.

"Yeah, but we're hotter than Potter, so people aren't disgusted by it," Blaise smirked, gesturing at him and Draco. His joking, but egotistic comment made everyone laugh even more.

"Wait, why are you laughing?" Harry cried out to his girlfriend, who was giggling.

"Love, let's face it, those two are considered the hottest in the school. You do come in third though, if that makes you feel better," she told him comfortingly.

"Wait, what? We're considered the hottest guys in school?" Draco asked.

"Oh, as if you didn't know!" Luna said exasperatedly.

"Yeah, it's all those brainless girls talk about in the loo," Millicent added.

"Oh and the stuff that they say! The stuff they say about you makes me want to puke!" Pansy added, speaking to Draco.

"What, why?" he asked.

"I don't want to hear about how good they think you're in bed or whatever, thank you very much!" Pansy retorted, "You're like my brother, that's nasty!"

"Awww, my widdle baby sister, Pansy-poo," Draco cooed at her, acting like he was going to tickle her. She smacked his hands away.

"Wait, hold up, who was talking about how good they think you're in bed?" Hermione jumped in.

"I don't know, ask my baby sister over here," Draco told her, putting his arm around her and pulling her into his side.

Hermione turned to Pansy and raised her eyebrow.

"I don't know who it was, but seriously? You think you have competition?" Pansy told her, "He's freaking wrapped around your little finger and whipped, and you think some little bitch slut is gonna steal him from you?"

"Hey, wait I'm not whipped! I'm just smart enough to stay away from her anger!" Draco protested. His complaint made everyone laugh.

"Well, I guess you're right Pansy, besides, I think that she'd be too busy trying to escape you, Ginny, Luna and Millicent to even try stealing Draco away," Hermione said.

"Damn straight!" Ginny said.

"I would cut her," Millicent said with a completely straight face. Her apparent seriously made everyone quiet down and stare at her, a little fear in their expressions. Suddenly she burst out laughing, startling everyone.

"You…should…have…seen…your…faces…oh my God," she gasped out between laughs.

"No joke, you were pretty scary when you said that," Luna told her best friend, "I thought you had been infected by Blimper-doodles"

Everyone took that last comment completely normally, having gotten used to Luna's strangeness after the first couple months of living with her.

"Gosh, classes tomorrow are going to be crazy," Harry remarked.

"Yeah, people are going to be swarming us," Hermione agreed.

"What classes do you guys have tomorrow anyways?" Neville asked.

"I have Herbology first, then Home Ec, then Charms, then Etiquette," Blaise said. They all had the craziest classes because of the new curriculum.

"I have Advanced Transfiguration, Potions, English and Calc," Hermione said. She, along with Draco, was taking some of the most advanced classes that Hogwarts offered.

"I have the same schedule as Hermione, but I have French instead of Potions," Draco put in.

"I have Charms, French, English and then Etiquette," Pansy added.

"I have Herbology, Potions, Social Dance, then a free period that I usually use out on the Quidditch Pitch," Harry said.

"I've got Advanced Transfiguration as well, but then I have English, Social Dance and a free period that I'm in the library during," Ginny said. She was really good at transfiguration, having picked up lots of tips from Hermione.

"I have History of Magic, Muggle Studies, Herbology and French," Luna said.

"I have exactly the same schedule as Luna, I don't really know how that worked out, but oh well," Millicent added. Out of all the girls, she and Luna were best friends with the other three being best friends. It was an odd friendship, but it worked.

"I have Charms, Home Ec, Herbology, and then a free period," Ron finished.

"Alright, so to keep from crazy people question-attacks, everyone stay with someone from this group. I think everyone has at least one class with one of us," Hermione planned, "If you have a class with none of the rest of us in it, speak up"

Nobody said anything, so Hermione clapped her hands briskly.

"So we're good?" she confirmed.

"Yup," chorused everyone.

"Right, now that we're done with all this planning, can we do something fun?" Pansy mock-complained, making an exaggerated pouty face.

"Oh stop complaining," Ginny told her.

"Oh, you wanna go Ginger?" Pansy yelled at her, standing up.

"Yeah, fight me! Do you even lift?" Ginny yelled back at her, also standing up and stepping really close to Pansy. They were right up in each other's faces, both looking pissed.

"Okay," Harry and Blaise both said, each grabbing his girlfriend around the waist and hauling her away from the other girl. Everyone had genuinely thought the girls were going to fight each other.

"Aw damn, why'd you stop them? It was just getting good, dammit," Draco complained. He gasped when Hermione smacked him on the chest.

"Draco!" she gasped.

"Oh that's right baby, say it just like that," he leered.

"Oh God, you two are disgusting," Ron said, "Can you wait to have sex until we're not in the room?" he complained.

"Draco, stop it. Now!" Hermione ordered.

"Jesus, yes ma'am," Draco said.

"Am I the only one who thinks that she's fairly scary?" Ron said in an aside whisper to the others.

Unfortunately for Ron, Hermione managed to hear his comment and whipped her head to look at him.

"What was that Ronald?" she inquired sweetly, smiling at him.

"Oh, no, I said nothing, nothing at all, dear Hermione," Ron said quickly.

"That's what I thought, Ronald," Hermione smiled.

"Bloody hell," Ron whispered.

"Anyways, Hermione, if you're done scaring Ron, why don't we all go down to dinner?" Ginny said. Her stomach had just growled at her.

"Yeah, we all did a lot of singing and dancing today," Millicent added.

"Oh please, you just want to show off your boyfriend to all those Hufflepuffs who keep trying to flirt with him," Luna said to her.

"Damn straight!" Millicent agreed.

"Wait, Hufflepuffs try to flirt with me?" Neville asked, confused.

"Oh babe, you're cute, but you're kinda oblivious sometimes," Millicent told her boyfriend.

"Yeah, sometimes," Blaise said, jokingly. Neville was usually the confused one of their group. Well, Hermione had her moments sometimes, but Neville was pretty confused sometimes.

"Oh shut up," his girlfriend told him.

"Are we going or not?" Ron asked, "I'm hungry!"

"You are always hungry Ronald Bilius Weasley," Ginny and Hermione said at the same time, making everyone laugh. He shut up really quickly after that. His appetite was well known among pretty much everyone.

"No seriously, can we go? I'm hungry too," Draco said.

"Yeah, me too," Blaise added.

"Oh, me three!" Harry chimed in.

"Sweet Jesus, alright, we're going, we're going," Pansy said, calming down the hungry boys.

"Teenage boys, always freaking hungry," Ginny muttered, "And I live with five of them"

"Yeah, I've never been so glad to be an only child," Luna said.

"Amen," echoed Pansy, Draco, Blaise, Hermione and Neville.

"Oh well, stop complaining," Harry said, getting up. He pulled Ginny up with him and dragged her to the door, "We're going for food"

The rest of the group stood up, some more reluctantly than others. Ron bounced up like a rubber ball while Pansy sat there and held her arms out to Blaise with a puppy-dog face. He grumbled, and then picked her up bridal-style.

Hermione, meanwhile, got up on her own, but then jumped on Draco's back and demanded a piggy-back ride. He grudgingly complied, but then starting running fast towards the Great Hall.

"Oh my God!" Hermione screamed, startled by the sudden increase in speed.

Draco stopped running, and soon they reached the Great Hall. As the group of ten entered, the normal chatter in the Hall died down. People began to turn and look as the friends walked down the aisle. As part of the new unity scheme, the four long House tables had been replaced by seven smaller tables, one for each year. However, that wasn't enforced, and it usually ended up with people just sitting with their friends where ever. Also, instead of Prefects from each house, there were two from each year, beginning with the fourth years. The Head Boy and Girl were chosen from the eighth years, who were basically included with the seventh years in terms of seating. This year's Head Boy and Girl were Draco and Hermione, obviously. They were both the brightest students at Moreau and they had a lot of natural leadership ability. Well, once Hermione stopped living in the Library and Draco stopped bullying people.

As the group walked to their normal spot, someone in the back (later on, Draco guessed it to be a fifth year) yelled, "Dramione kiss!"

"What?" Hermione said, confused. None of them knew what 'Dramione' meant.

"Dramione equals Draco and Hermione! It's your couple name!" someone else shouted, not the original person.

"Kiss!" another person yelled, and then someone else echoed it.

This cry snowballed until the entire Hall was yelling: "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!"

The teachers were sitting up at the main table, looking amused at the predicament Draco and Hermione were in.

The two teenagers looked at each other, then Draco shrugged. He grabbed Hermione's wrists and pulled her in close, kissing her passionately. Her momentary gasp of surprised was silenced, and then she pulled her hands free and rested them on Draco's chest. His hands found their way to Hermione's hips, almost but not quite touching her butt. After about thirty seconds, Blaise and Harry stepped in to pull them apart. The couple didn't look like they were in any hurry to separate and they sensed that a teacher's interruption was imminent.

"Damn," a student whispered in the sudden hush that followed their separation.

"Alright, they kissed, can we eat our dinner now?" Ron asked plaintively, making laughter break out.

"Sure, sure I suppose," some other student responded.

"Yes, please do eat, before we have another pair try to follow that example," Professor McGonagall muttered loud enough for everyone to hear, causing another burst of laughter.

They all sat down, and Ron hurried to pull most of the food on the table onto his plate and began shoveling it into his mouth.

"Oh God, the human bottomless pit has returned," Pansy quipped, "Someone grab some food for us before he inhales it all" everyone laughed.

"Well this has been an interesting day," Hermione said.

"I'll say! You and Draco went public, and that Talent Show went off without a hitch," Ginny agreed.

"Who would've thought?" Harry said, "Last year, we were bitter enemies," gesturing to the Slytherins, "And now we're all friends, and there are some relationships that would've never been possible"

"That's so true," Luna stepped in, "This time last year, everyone thought Draco and Pansy were together, Ron was with Lavender, and none of us were in this big happy group,"

"Well Harry and I stayed together, that's something that's still the same from last year," Ginny chimed it.

"Doesn't count. You two are freaking meant to be together. Everyone knew it," Millicent said.

"Awww Millie, you're such a romantic," Ginny said, teasing her.

"If you call me Millie…" Millicent trailed off threateningly. Everyone knew she was joking though. They thought.

"Man, I didn't think about that," Draco mused, "Life without you people…I probably would've ended up married to that Greengrass chick, with the weird name"

"Astoria," Pansy supplied.

"Yeah her. And Hermione would be dating Ron…okay I'm stopping there. Too bleak of a future," he turned to her, "I'm so glad you realized that I'm much, MUCH better than Bottomless Pit over there," she giggled.

Ron paused from his eating to say, "Hey!" but his outcry was garbled by the vast amount of food in his mouth. Everyone laughed at his response.

"Oh, okay Mister Egotistical," Hermione laughed, "Explain to me exactly why I put up with you?"

"Because of my devilishly good looks?" Draco quickly replied with a smirk.

"Mhm sure, whatever you say dear. How do you like sleeping on a couch for the rest of your life?" she said sweetly. At this, everyone laughed as Draco turned pale.

"Because I love you? Because you love me?" he tried.

"Yeah, better. Good save babe," she relented, pecking him on the cheek.

"You are so whipped bro," Blaise laughed.

"Like you aren't," Draco smirked back.

"I have accepted the fact and moved on, so has Harry, but you sir, are in denial," Blaise told him.

"I…have no answer to that. Can we move on now?" Draco complained.

"Yeah, alright. But this isn't over!" Harry told him.

The group continued chatting and laughing. Their friendships would continue on strong, as would the relationships. After they graduated, they moved in different career paths, but still stuck together. Harry and Ginny were the first to marry, followed by Ron and Luna, then Draco and Hermione, Pansy and Blaise and finally Neville and Millicent. They each had children and were the godparents to each other's children. There were a lot of grey hairs on their heads after their children demonstrated how much like their parents they were with all the trouble at Hogwarts they would get into.

Eventually, Draco and Hermione's daughter fell in love with Harry and Ginny's son, causing a rush of the same when Pansy and Blaise's son began dating Ron and Luna's daughter. Neville and Millicent had children a lot later than the rest of the group, so there wasn't any dating there. Yet.

They lived happy lives, with occasional hardship that was overcome by the strong bond between all of them.

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