Blood Stained Cherry Blossoms

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Chapter One –

Matthew quietly sat at his desk as he watched his crush do his presentation about Prussia in world history. He kept rambling about how awesome it is that he is very similar to the Prussians (except they are not as awesome as him, of course.)

Nobody in the class room really paid any attention to the vain German except for Matthew. Matthew was always attracted to how loud and confident he was, even if he was a bit conceded, because he had a right to be. His ruby eyes and silver hair fit his slim, muscular body in the strangest perfect way possible.

When Gilbert finished his presentation and went to his seat, he took a quick a glance at Matthew and slightly blushed. This perked Mathew's curiosity and he felt his own cheeks redden. Then he looked at the window he was seated to and sighed in disappointment.

'Don't bring your hopes up Matthew. Nobody ever notices you, so why would he?' He thought to himself.

The bell rang its beautiful chime that called all the students to their next class. Matthew gathered his books and lunch and proceeded to the cafeteria.

'I shouldn't be thinking about this, but Gilbert looked so cute when he blushed' Matthew thought with a small smile. He happily thought of the crush he's had since ninth grade until someone abruptly and rudely ran into him. Matthew violently fell to the tile floors as his books and paper scattered everywhere and his glasses fell from his face. He began to frantically search for the glasses until he felt someone pull his chin gently and he suddenly began to see clearly.

Matthew closed his eyes for a second and then opened them to see Gilbert holding his chin and another male picking up his things. Matthew began to quickly redden.

"Are you okay?" Gilbert asked, still holding Matthew's chin. Matthew could only nod for he was at a loss for words. Gilbert let go of Matthew's chin and turned around as Matthew straighten the glasses that Gilbert put on for him.

"God Antonio! Be more careful! Say sorry to the awesome guy!" Gilbert yelled. Antonio held Matthew's things with one arm as he offered Matthew up with his other. Matthew hesitantly grabbed the hand and hoisted himself up with a slight grunt. Antonio handed Matthew his books things with an apologetic look on his handsome face.

"Sorry amigo, I didn't see you there," Antonio said with guilt.

"Nobody does," Matthew muttered under his breath as he took his things and brushed himself off. Gilbert patted Matthew's shoulder and smirked at the smaller male.

"Aren't you heading to the cafeteria? You could come with us Matt!" Gilbert offered. He and Antonio turned around and walked to the cafeteria as Matthew meekly followed. When they reached the loud cafeteria Antonio and Gilbert went to a table that was in the corner and Matthew went to the table that was directly in the middle of the cafeteria and was surrounded by a bunch of girls. It wasn't until then that he realized that Gilbert knew his name.

Matthew stopped in his tracks and lightly blushed at the thought. He turned towards Gilbert's table and saw him laughing and joking with his friends. But there was this one man that was sitting next to Gilbert that seemed very fond of him. He had chocolate brown hair and beautiful eyes that reminded Matthew of amethyst. He had a fitting beauty mark beside his mouth and an abnormal cowlic in the parting of his hair. Matthew sighed his hopes away and walked to his table with his lunch in hand. He weaved through a bunch of girls before he sat next to his twin brother.

"Hey Mattie!" Alfred yelled over the girls rambling. Arthur, who was sitting across Alfred, smiled at Matthew as a greeting. Matthew smiled back and looked to his brother.

"Why are these girls here?" he asked, barely over a whisper, but Alfred heard him clearly. Arthur grunted and looked away, deepening the Canadian's curiosity.

"Artie here is jelly 'cause I gotta fan club!" Alfred boasted with a wide grin. Arthur looked at Alfred with disbelief.

"I am not jealous because these girls are attracted to your American stupidity! And don't call me 'Artie!'" Arthur protested. "I still don't get why they prefer you over a handsome gentleman such as myself."

"But I don't want a bunch of girls all over you, Artie," Alfred protested with a pout. Arthur blushed and tried to hide it with a scowl.

"W-well I don't want these bloody bints all over you!" Arthur yelled. Matthew and Alfred's face went blank as Arthur's grew a beautiful pink. Alfred slowly smiled mischievously.

"You admitted it!" Alfred boasted with a loud laugh. Matthew giggled and opened his container full of pancakes as Arthur tried to take his words back. Matthew looked over Gilbert and sighed.

'How did he know my name? Nobody knows my name except for a handful of people that knows me really well. Even the teachers either mistake me for my brother or they just forget who I am.' He thought as he sighed again. Arthur stopped arguing with Alfred and looked at Matthew how was looking at Gilbert.

"You like him don't you?" Arthur asked, snapping the little Canadian out of his thoughts and making him blush.

"M-m-m-me? I-I like him? No! No way! I-I-" Matthew was interrupted by Arthur's laughing. "I-it's not funny!" Matthew pouted. When Arthur calmed his unappreciated laughter, he wiped the tears of amusement forming in his emerald eyes and looked at the pouting blonde.

"Sorry chap, it's just so obvious," Arthur said calmly. Alfred scowled Matthew and then sent a scowl Gilbert's way.

"Is this damned albino making you like him?" Alfred angrily asked

"What the maple Alfred, no!"

"So you admit that you like him?" Arthur asked teasingly.

"Damn him! I'll kick his ass!" Alfred grumbled. He looked to Matthew with anger burning in his eyes. "Don't worry," Alfred softly said as he smiled sadistically. It seemed as though he wanted to do it for his own satisfaction. Matthew knew that Alfred just made up an excuse to beat up Gilbert. Matthew also knew that Alfred hated Gilbert with a passion ever since last year; only God knows why.

"Wait, Alfred!" Matthew tried to stop him, but he was already only his way towards Gilbert's table as the fangirls cheered him on.

When Alfred got to Gilbert's table he started to yell something that Matthew couldn't here over the girls' cheering. Then he pointed in Matthew's direction, clearly making Gilbert blush as he looked at Matthew. Matthew blushed and in a different direction to avoid eye contact.

'What in maple's name is Al doing!?' He looked back at Alfred and Gilbert when he suddenly heard the girls get exceptionally loud to see Alfred holding Gilbert by the shirt. Matthew immediately got up and sped walked over to his brother with Arthur following behind. When he reached Alfred he lightly grabbed his arm with a shaky smile.

"Brother, there is no need to fight anybody let's just go back-"

"No Mattie, you just don't know. You wouldn't understand," Alfred said darkly as he still glared at the albino that he held with an iron grip.

"Alfred listen to your brother and just let him go," Arthur told him. When Alfred didn't let go Gilbert smirked tauntingly.

"What, you too afraid to hit me? You always were afraid," Gilbert teased. With a snarl, Alfred drew his arm back, ready to punch the arrogant albino, until another hand held his arm back. By this time the whole cafeteria got silent and all that was heard were quiet murmurs. He, Arthur and Matthew looked behind Alfred to see Antonio smiling brightly and Lovino beside him giving a rare worried look toward his friend Matthew. Antonio let go of Alfred's arm and smiled at Gilbert.

"Are you okay amigo?" Antonio asked, knowing what the answer would be.

"Awesome. I just want this ass to let me go," he answered. Alfred grunted and looked back at Gilbert.

"Just stay away from my brother damn it," Alfred warned as he let go of Gilbert with a shove.

"Al!" Matthew yelled, a little surprised by his brother. Alfred grunted and walked away with Arthur following him. Matthew and Antonio went up to Gilbert and fussed over him.

"Gilbert are you okay? I'm so sorry about that!" Matthew fussed.

"God, amigo! What did you do this time!" Antonio joked. Lovino busted out laughing.

"Damn albino bastard go what was coming to him!" he laughed.

"Whatever Lovi!" Gilbert playfully defended. "So is he really your brother Matt?" Matthew blushed at the sound of his name being said by the German.

"Yeah, my twin brother to be exact," Matthew answered. Antonio 'ohhh'ed as Gilbert furrowed his silver eyebrows.

"Really," he asked, incredulous, "I don't see it." Matthew's eyes widened.

"What?! But they have the same hair, eyes, everything!" Antonio argued.

"Not quite," Gilbert said calmly. "Matthew has more of a purple tint in his eyes rather than just having blue eyes. And his hair is long, wavier, and darker," Gilbert said matter-of-factly. Matthew couldn't believe what he just heard. Antonio looked at Matthew sternly and then at his brother. After about a minute Antonio's green eyes sparkled with understanding.

"Ohhhhhh," was all he could say. Gilbert gave him a 'Dear God' look and then glanced back at Matthew with a smirk.

"Well, I heard something interesting today," Gilbert stated with a smirk. Matthew immediately blushed.

'Please tell me that Alfred kept his mouth shut' Matthew truly hoped he did, but knowing his brother, he probably didn't.

"W-w-w-well I-"

"Mattie!" Alfred suddenly yelled across the cafeteria. Matthew and Gilbert looked to Alfred to see him waving his brother over. "Let's go Mattie!"

"B-but I didn't get to eat my pancakes!" Matthew childishly whined.

"Mattie!" Alfred yelled even louder with authority in his voice that surprised the Briton beside him.

"B-but brother G-Gil-"

"Matthew," Alfred warned calmly with a smile. Matthew sighed and smiled apologetically at Gilbert before he jogged over to his twin brother.

"See ya Matt!" Gilbert waved with a smile.

"Ya know, you missed your chance to ask him out," Antonio said to him with a sigh. Lovino's eyes widened.

"What! You like Matthew?" Lovino asked in disbelief. Gilbert sat down and began to eat the wurst his younger brother made for him.

"Yeah, what of it?" Gilbert grunted. The young man that sat beside him scoffed.

"What's wrong Roderich, jealous?" Gilbert joked at the scoffing male.

~ End of Chapter One

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