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-Prologue: Awakening and Questions-

Meta Knight's eyes slowly opened; he was filled with a dizzying sensation. 'How long was I out?' he wondered. He rubbed his eyes; he immediately realized that his mask was gone. He frantically looked around, but he did not see it. However, he finally noticed that he was inside a warm bed, inside a dark room that was vaguely familiar to him. He kicked off the covers and stepped off the bed. His limbs felt rather stiff, 'Seriously, how long was I out?' he asked himself again.

He tried to remember what happened beforehand...

"So... so glad you're safe..."

He remembered now; he took a hit for Pikachu. He, Pikachu, and Fox were standing off against Giygas on top of the Empire Pork Building. He recalled that he got hit by something sharp, which was followed by intense pain before he collapsed.

"Pikachu!" Meta Knight perked up; he heard Fox's cheerfully optimistic voice outside of the room. "Pikachu, I forgot how to mail letters! This is not as easy as writing e-mails; where's the send button on the envelope?"

"Damn it, Fox." Pikachu's deadpan voice was heard as well; why were both of them here? Shouldn't they be off in their own universes? "Have you ever heard of mailboxes? Yeah. Put it in a fucking mailbox."

"Oh. Okay. ...Hey, what's the stamp for? Do you use it close the envelope?"

Silence followed. "...You know what, I'll come with you to mail that letter." The Pokémon was heard sighing. Meta Knight heard a door briefly opening before being slammed shut.

Meta Knight had a lot of questions on mind, but the number one question of course, is where the hell is he. He opened the door and quickly threw his hands over his eyes to protect him from the rays of... an ordinary light bulb. To Meta Knight though, it shined with the intensity of the sun. "Where's the light switch?" He muttered as he ran his hand on the wall; he found the switch and turned the light off, bringing back the blissful darkness.

He could see a bit better now. He looked around the hallway and curiosity overtook him; he saw pictures of Kirby hung on the wall. Why was he in Kirby's house? Then, he turned his attention to another collection of pictures, and saw that most of them were pictures of Fox and Pikachu, hanging around various locales on Pop Star.

"...Seriously, what is going on here?" He ran down the hall and into the living room; it looked like how it was the last time he was over, but there were a few notable changes. New knickknacks were strewn about the room, more pictures of Fox and Pikachu were on the walls, and the ceiling was elevated (likely to accommodate Fox's height). The knight walked into the kitchen and opened up the fridge. There was a moderate amount of food... which was suspicious, because since this is Kirby's house, it should be bursting to the brim with food. Then he realized something else; he was ridiculously famished. He took a bowl of leftover pasta and started digging in, not caring about warming it up. 'Dear god, how hungry am I?' Meta Knight thought as he ashamedly ate the cold noodles using his bare hands.

Then, the front door swung open, prompting Meta Knight to look over as Fox entered the house. The mammal looked subtly different than how he looked during their battle against Giygas (how long ago was that?); his fur was a bit darker, there was a sharper look in his eyes, and notably, he was not carrying any of his usual technological devices. Fox looked over at Meta Knight and gave a casual, friendly wave. "Hey Meta Knight!"

"..Hey...?" The knight feebly answered. Both of them stared at each other awkwardly before it all clicked in Fox's head.

"META KNIGHT!" Fox suddenly pounced on Meta Knight, his arms hugging around him. "Oh my god, you're actually awake! It's been a long time, just, holy crap!"

"Fox, can you-" Meta Knight tried to question him.

"Pikachu and I missed you so much and... PIKACHU! He needs to see this!" He dropped the knight and ran back out the front door. A few seconds later, he was running back in, dragging a reluctant Pikachu with him.

"What is it that you have to show me Fox?" Pikachu growled at him, annoyed.

"It's Meta Knight!" Fox said, pointing at Meta Knight. Pikachu looked at him; Meta Knight noticed that he was a bit more furrier and had a tuft of fur at the top of his head, resembling hair. Pikachu looked annoyed, but that expression turned to shock as he dropped his jaw.

"HOLY SHIT! IT'S ACTUALLY YOU!" The Pokémon rushed over to hug him; he looked downtrodden "Meta, I'm sorry this happened to you. It was my own damn fault for blindly attacking that bastard and not thinking about the..."

"Guys, stop hugging me. I really wasn't out for that long, was I?" asked Meta Knight.

Fox sheepishly scratched his head, clearly trying to think of an excuse. "...Um... Oh, hey, check it out! We're living in Kirby's house!" He led away from the subject.

"Yeah, I noticed. Where is Kirby, anyway?"

"Er... not here. We're sort of living here alone." answered Pikachu.

"Why? How come both of you aren't in your universes?" Meta Knight inquired. Pikachu and Fox shared a glance, looking a bit heartbroken.

"We... we can't..."


"Meta Knight... we lost. That bastard, Giygas, won." Pikachu said bitterly; Meta Knight could not believe what he was hearing. Pikachu, with some help from Fox, filled in what happened during the time span between the fight against Giygas and now: the gateway to Subspace opened up almost immediately after Meta Knight took a poisoned needle to the face; Fox and Pikachu barely managed to escape the Empire Pork Building. Giygas, his lieutenants, and their army was already inside the gate by the time the Smashers regrouped, so it was too late to close it. Once there, their enemies used the powers of Subspace to upgrade their weaponry, and practically annihilated the Subspace Emissary army; the only one who had enough power to create things that could combat them, Crazy Hand, turned and fled as soon as Giygas, or, as he knows him, Tabuu, came on the scene. Fox and Pikachu managed to get the poison removed from Meta Knight and they and the rest of the Smashers opened up portals leading to different universes; Mario, Luigi, and the Ice Climbers went back to Mario's universe, Kirby had actually taken Captain Olimar to his universe to get more Pikmin, Ganondorf's location was unknown, Snake, Jigglypuff, Young Link, and Pit went back to the GAG (Galaxies Against Giygas) headquarters in the Wind Waker universe, Mr. Game and Watch headed back to the Kid Icarus universe, Peach took Ness to the Animal Crossing universe, Falco was sadly captured, and no one knows what happened to Master Hand afterward. They then went on to recount how Giygas visited them a few weeks after this catastrophe to offer a deal; show no more resistance against them, and they get to continue living their happy(?) lives. Of course, if they decided to not take the offer, they would have died right there. Obviously, Fox and Pikachu chose to lie down and surrender.

"I see..." muttered Meta Knight, still trying to digest all this information. "...But why come to Kirby's house?"

"Kirby's universe was a happy place! Duh!" said Fox, trying to put on a smile.

"...What do you mean by 'was'?"

Fox quickly backpedaled. "Uh, nothing. Just a grammar mistake."

That wasn't a grammar mistake.

"I see that you're still active, Hyper." responded Meta Knight; to those who forget, I break the fourth wall a hell of a lot.

Yep. Get on with the story. I'm trying to look professional here, sheesh.

While we were having that discussion, Fox had closed all the blinds and locked the door. "There's nothing wrong, Meta. Certainly nothing terrible is going on outside. Yep. Nothing terrible."

"Yeah. Hey, Meta Knight, were you eating that pasta cold?" Pikachu tried to change the subject.

"Er... yes." The mask-less warrior said, feeling embarrassed.

"Well, you need to heat it up." Pikachu scurried to pick up the plate of food and put it in the microwave. "Only dumbasses eat it cold. ...No offense."

"I made the pasta, by the way!" said Fox; this shocked Meta Knight, as Fox had admitted to him (see: The Trapped Series) that he had no idea how to cook.

"Really? Wow, it looks like you've improved. The pasta admittedly tasted good, even when cold, and... hold on, you guys are changing the subject!" Meta Knight yelled.

"No we're not. Sit down and eat your damn pasta." said Pikachu quickly. Meta Knight ignored him and walked up to Fox, who was blocking the front entrance.

"Open the door Fox."


Meta Knight sighed and diverted his gaze to an umbrella stand; there, he saw his beloved Galaxia, having been kept there for a long time. He made a quick grab for the sword and slashed at Fox; unlike the center of the dimension, the Universal Laws were applied here, and the sword simply hurt and knocked Fox back. Meta Knight quickly opened the door while he was down. He squinted his eyes as they got adjusted to the light.

The sky was tinted red, being filled with familiar red clouds. Meta Knight looked across the green landscape, and discovered that the world no longer stretched to a horizon, but rather, cut off at a cliff. Then, he stepped outside and looked directly above himself and saw a landmass floating above him; he scanned the skies and saw more landmasses behind some of the red clouds. Fox and Pikachu walked outside and stood next to him.

"...So Popstar sort of split into several pieces while you were asleep." explained Fox.

"But... why?" Meta Knight was genuinely horrified by what had happened to his homeland (if you follow the Kirby anime canon, then replace 'homeland' with 'place that he lives that gets attacked by demonbeasts all the damn time').

"You're asking a lot of questions." muttered Pikachu.

"I've been unconscious for... well, at least three weeks. I have a lot of questions to ask."

"That's fair. Okay, basically, after Giygas took over, he handed control of each universe to each of his batshit followers while he commanded them; except for King Boo, apparently, according to rumors. But who cares. Anyway, instead of giving proper control for this universe, he just told his lieutenants to share this place. They each took a planet of their own to rule; I know that those Melee assholes took over Neo Star. However, without Giygas' input, they're a bunch of dysfunctional loons and they fought over Pop Star. Then, that dumbass Porky decided to split Pop Star into pieces using a bomb. And it fucking worked."


"Yeah. At first, they decided to evenly split the pieces between themselves, but as time went on, they got greedy and decided to go to war with each other to get more Pop Star territory."

"Guys, look!" shouted Fox, pointing at the sky; a missile was traveling across the sky and it collided with the landmass above Kirby's house; they took cover as rocks and dirt fell down. "Darn it. I just took care of the lawn yesterday."

Meta Knight looked up into the sky, very confused. "What... but... why would they launch such a petty war over this when they work together for everything else?"

"Not all of them are fighting. Just the idiots and psychos." Which was about half of them.

"Personally, I think that those guys secretly hate each other and is battling over Pop Star as an excuse to fight each other." Fox theorized. Pikachu and Meta Knight looked at him. "...What? I'm just sharing ideas here."

"Well, sadly, we're in the territory of those Melee jerks. Luckily, Roy is the one leading this war, and that guy just wants to burn the shit out of everything; if Pichu was in charge, he would have probably nuked this house a long time ago."

"Who else is involved?" Meta Knight asked.

"Does it matter?"

"Yes. We should be getting to know our enemies."

Pikachu sighed. "Meta Knight, we're not going to fight them."

"...Really? You're just going to give up?"

"Meta, as soon as we go rogue, all of those warring idiots will destroy us."

"I know that, but-"

"Meta, it's over. Besides, you just woke up! There's no way you can fight, well, anyone." said Fox. Although Meta Knight disagreed with them over surrendering and letting Giygas and cronies stomp all over everything, he admitted that he's still rather weak; he decided that it was best to rest for now. Fox shoved the knight back into the house and went over to the fridge. "Meta, why don't you finish your pasta?"

"...Fine." Meta Knight walked over to the kitchen, took the pasta from the microwave, then plopped on the couch in the living room. He watched the TV, which was showing a documentary about the Orange Ocean, which was standard fare for television programming. Then, as soon as it cut to the commercials, things quickly turned batshit.

Many posters were shown plastered on a wall on screen, saying things like 'Burn our enemies', 'Warm yourselves with war', 'Fire good, Porky bad', 'Burn the witch!' and 'Burn your dread'. Then, Roy stepped into the shot. His hair was shorter than it used to be, his armor was recently shined and polished, and he wore a cape that looked like moving flames, radiating shining light. "Hey, what's up? I'm Roy, future ruler of Pop Star and current leader of Neo Star. You guys are all probably thinking, 'Roy, why do you hate that Porky kid so much?' Well, it's certainly not because he's a twerpy asshole, but it's because he was the one that split your world into pieces in the first place. I hate him, and you guys all probably hate him. So, the clear answer is to raze the shit out of his territory. We'll also burn the shit out of everyone else while we're at it. So, join the definitely not petty war effort toda-"

Suddenly, Roy's commercial cut to a view of Porky. The boy was a little taller and his hair now dragged over his nose; he wore his cool suit from Earthbound, which now had a tie with an image of Giygas on it. Lastly, he looked a bit slimmer, as if he had actually exercised. "Don't listen to that loser! Besides, none of you want to piss me off, do you? I am very close to Lord Giygas, and if you upset me, I'll ask him to wreck your shit! So, don't fight against me; in fact, why don't you turn on Roy and hand the territory over to me, okay?"

Roy's commercial switched back on. "Real mature, fatass! Besides, if you could ask Giygas to do that, why haven't you done it before?"

Switch. "Because... shut up!"

"I will burn everything you love to the ground!"

Then, the screen flashed to someone else; Link was on screen. There were bloodstains on his clothes, which was barely covered up by an emerald colored chestplate. He did not wear his hat, which was perhaps the most shocking thing of all. "They're both losers, and I would gladly cut their heads off if Giygas actually approved of it, so I'll just settle on taking their crap." Clearly, there was definitely some in-fighting in Giygas's inner circle; Meta Knight was curious if the demon himself would show up on the screen. "Citizens of Pop Star, join me, and I will not cut you down when I go on my bloody crusade!"

The TV switched to the other swordsman. "Hey! Don't take my future citizens! I'll build a wooden effigy of you and burn it to ashes!"

Then came Porky. "You guys are both losers, and I'll be taking you down!"

And so the bickering continued to happen for the rest of the commercial airtime. "Man, the trash talking is the best part!" Fox said, eating a bowl of leftover pasta; Meta Knight finally noticed that Fox and Pikachu were sitting next to him on the couch.

"Has... has it been like this?" asked Meta Knight, referring to the dumb, petty war over the apparently scattered pieces of the planet.

"Yeah. It's been like this since Porky pulled a Legend of the Seven Stars and split Pop Star, which was like, two months after Giygas talked to us." answered Pikachu. "You just get used to it."

"Hold on... how long was I out?"

Fox and Pikachu shared awkward, worried looks. Pikachu bumped Fox on the arm, wanting him to answer that. "Er... it was definitely more than one day."


"Okay, um, it was one, three... carry the four... um ...eighteen months. You were out for eighteen months." announced Fox.

Meta Knight choked on his pasta and fainted.

To be continued...

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