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Prologue – The conviction of a teacher

Konoha Forest – Late at night

Late at night in the moonlit forests of Konoha, Iruka Umino ran like the demons of hell were on his heels. This was for one reason, and that was his foolish, naive, gullible and pure students, Naruto Uzumaki. Earlier that night he had heard of his students actions and had instantly set out to find him with all due haste, because if he didn't find him, then the person that did would surely kill him. Spotting bright orange, Iruka thanked the Gods for his luck and instantly headed for it.

Out of breath and obviously angry, he shouted "What do you think you're doing out here Naruto?". His scarred face and brown ponytail stood out in the moonlight as the it bounced off of his green chunin vest.

He looked down at a young blonde boy in an orange jump-suit with blue and whit trims, and with whisker-marks on his cheeks.

The question was rhetorical of course, mainly because everyone ranked chunin and above was out searching for him. The main reason for this being that Naruto had been caught leaving the Hokage Tower with the Forbidden Scroll of Seals, the scroll with all of Konoha's secret and most well guarded techniques combined. This was an act of treason of the highest order, even for a child like Naruto.

Naruto just held his hand behind his neck, rubbing it while grinning sheepishly, "Te he he he he. "

Iruka's eye twitched, his expression then hardened, "Naruto, what are you doing out here?! And with the Forbidden Scroll of Seals no less".

Naruto chuckled lightly for a moment before standing up and looking proud of himself, "You caught me fast Iruka-sensei, I only had time to learn one jutsu." That made Iruka's eyebrows rise under his headband in surprise, "Listen Iruka-sensei! I'm gonna show you this amazing jutsu and you're gonna let me graduate, then everything will be okay! That's the way it works, right? Anyone who learns a jutsu from this scroll passes."

There wasn't any doubt now for Iruka, someone had tricked the easy and naïve Naruto, the thought of it pissed the teacher off to new levels. And the worst part was he honestly believed what he was saying, "Huh?! Where'd you get that idea?!"

"Mizuki-sensei told me about it. Believe it!" Naruto said loudly, almost a shout. "He told me where to find the scroll and this place…" Then it hit Iruka, the boy had been deceived. But that wasn't what hit him, what was was that he had been deceived by someone who should have had his best interests at heart and was to be used as a scapegoat. And what could Naruto do but to trust his sensei to do what was right. Naruto didn't deserve this treachery of his trust, no teacher should break that trust.

"Naruto, I'm sorry to say this but Mizuki lied to you" Iruka shut his eyes so that he could think. Naruto was lucky he was the first one to find him, others would have probably killed him before he even knew what was going on.

Naruto looked up at Iruka, his eyes on the verge of tears, "I-Iruka-sensei am I in trouble?" Naruto had no idea what to do now. Should he give himself up? Run? Fight!? No that was stupid in of itself, how could he possibly beat Iruka, a chunin. No he had no delusions about his skills compared to that of Iruka, Iruka would hand Naruto his ass several times over and wouldn't even break a sweat.

Iruka sighed, what was he going to do? He placed a hand on Naruto's hair, "Honestly, Naruto? Yes. But if you come with me now I'll do whatever I can to vouch for you and help you get out of this." He said with as much conviction as he could. He could see Naruto was having an inner conflict, he was trying to decide whether he would run, fight, or just give up.

Naruto looked at Iruka, his eyes almost as if they were searching Iruka's to see if he was telling the truth. Mizuki had already lied to him today, apparently, so why trust Iruka-sensei wouldn't either? But he did give him his word. "Do you promise?"

Iruka smiled warmly "I just gave you my word, stupid." He couldn't help but to sigh in relief as he saw Naruto was going to come back, "Now, let's get going, Naruto-." that's when he heard the tell tale whistle of a bladed weapon travelling through the air "Naruto, look out!" Iruka tackled Naruto to the ground just as a massive shuriken passed right where he had been standing a second earlier.

"Nice work, Naruto. I see you found us out, Iruka" Mizuki stated as he appeared standing on a tree branch looking down at them they got back to their feet, standing defensively, "Now give me the scroll."

"The games up, Mizuki, he knows that you lied to him. What you've done is despicable, Mizuki, just tell me why? That's just what I can't rap my head around, why betray the leaf, your home?!." Iruka said moving his hand down his side, pulling out a kunai.

Mizuki just looked at Iruka for a moment before bursting out in laughter, "Why? You ask why? I'll tell you why. When we were children we both lost our parents to that demon brat, so I decided to befriend you Iruka, after all we were the same. That was until other people began treating you better than me, including our friends, the Third Hokage, and even people we didn't know. Why did you deserve all that compassion yet I received none!? I was left to rot, practically ignored. Is that fair? No! And now I'll have my revenge on this village by handing over that scroll to...lets say Iwa, I think they'll be pleased with the means to destroy Konoha." As Mizuki finished he broke into a manic laughter that filled the area with the crazed sound.

"I'm sorry you felt that way about our friendship, and you may say that everyone ignored, but I didn't. That's because our friendship meant something to me, but now you've forsaken that trust, I have no choice but to kill you" Iruka said launching himself at Mizuki.

Naruto just sat there wide-eyed as his two teachers exchanged blow after blow at speeds that Naruto almost couldn't keep up with. 'So this is a fight between two high level shinobi'. It was almost unreal in Naruto's mind how Iruka-sensei was able to keep up, but as he watched more closely he realised that Iruka was lagging behind and taking more and more blows. After a few more minutes Mizuki scored a knee to Iruka's stomach that wrapped him around his leg, just before he used both of his fists to knock Iruka to the ground which caused an updraft of dust and dirt.

Iruka lay there breathing heavily, he could feel that he'd broken several ribs from that knee and damaged them further on the trip down. He watched as Mizuki walked up to him with a sickening smile on his face," You were never a match for me, Iruka, so why bother? Why even protect this demon brat with your life, after all he is just an annoying little demon who killed your parents".

Naruto sat there listening to what was being said and once again was on the verge of tears. Why? Why did people call him a demon, was it the pranks. No it was happening before the pranks. And how, how did he kill Iruka's parents.

Mizuki looked to the side to see Naruto's tear lined face "Naruto, did you ever wonder why everyone hates you? Why everyone in the village knows about it but you."

Naruto looked at Mizuki, "I don't care what you say, you're just another of many who thinks I'm some kind of demon! You tricked me! You betrayed my trust, you're the demon!" Naruto shouted as more tears streamed down his face.

Mizuki just laughed again " Hmm, I guess you're right about me, I don't really care anymore though. But you...you care very much what people think about you, and that is that you're nothing more than a blight on the face of this village, something that needs to be taken care of"

Iruka saw that Mizuki's words cut deep into Naruto from the change of expression on his face. Even he knew it was true, "Mizuki…" Iruka growled lowly, "Stop this!. You know you cant talk about this."

Mizuki let out a loud bark of laughter, "Why would I care about that, I'm already a traitor. Naruto do you want to know why everyone hates you...Huh thought so. They've been lying to you your whole life Naruto. Since the decree twelve years ago."

"What decree?" Naruto said confused. Why would there be a whole decree based on him, it didn't make sense.

"Everyone knows except you. Iruka's trying to hide it from you, even now. He'd do anything to shut me up!" Mizuki said with a laugh at the snarl that escaped Iruka's lips.

Naruto couldn't take anymore, why was he treated like this?! He had to know "What is this decree? Why does everyone else know about it but me?"

"Don't tell him, it's forbidden!" Iruka tried to shout but started coughing up some blood from some internal injuries.

"The decree is that no one can tell you that the nine-tail fox is inside of you!" Mizuki said smiling in glee as he saw Naruto's eyes widen in shock. "The fox spirit that killed Iruka's parents and destroyed our village has taken over your body! You are the nine-tails fox!" Mizuki said and seeing Naruto frozen in shock took the chance to throw his giant shuriken at the unmoving Naruto.

"STOOOP IT!" Iruka screamed, this time not caring about his injuries. Acting quickly he grabbed the back of Naruto's shirt and him behind his own body, as shortly after the shuriken hit him in the back piercing his lung and several other vitals, "Agghh!" Iruka screamed as blood flew out of his body and mouth spattering against Naruto who stood there staring transfixed at the blood that covered his body.

"W-Why...I-Iruka-sensei?" Naruto said his voice breaking halfway through "W-Why..."

"Because you're the same as me. After my parents died, no one ever complimented me or recognised me. Being the bad student I was, I screwed up a lot during class...Because I wanted to get everyone's attention. I couldn't get anyone's attention when I was a good student... So I acted like an idiot." Iruka said to Naruto, looking at the tears that were once again flowing freely "It was tough..." Iruka tried to continue but found his breath escaping him.

"Right, Naruto? You were lonely, right? It was tough, right? I'm sorry, Naruto. You didn't have to feel that way if I was more aware." Iruka said with a sad smile, he slowly reached up to his Hitai-ate before taking it off. He then reached up to Naruto, taking the goggles of his head and switched it with his own Hitai-ate.

"I-Iruka-sensei...w-what are you" Naruto started to say but was interrupted by Iruka.

"You pass Naruto,..*cough*...ugh, for showing exemplary skills in taking that scroll. Now listen closely Naruto... I think we both know these wounds are fatal" Iruka said and raised his hand to silence his protests "They are Naruto, so listen up to what I'm about to say to you. Even though you don't pay attention in class and you're not that intelligent, you'll one day make an excellent ninja... and eventually a great Hokage, the greatest. Just keep working hard and never give up and know that I have total and utter faith in you...*cough*...*cough*..*cough*.. urgghh, the worlds a tough place Naruto and in it you will find situations that you may find insurmountable, but just keep at it and keep strong and I know you can pull through..."

"I-Iruka-sensei..I-I promise you I'll study hard, I'll re-do all your lessons, I...I promise I'll become the greatest shinobi and I'll make sure everyone knows that you're the person that taught the greatest of the great. You'll be the..*sniff*..famous Iruka-sensei" Naruto said all this with tears now making rivers down his face, but with a strong flame of determination burning through his eyes.

"Huh...I l-like the...sound of...tha-..." Iruka said with a sad smile as his features softened and his eyes lost their colour, and Naruto felt the heat and life leave Iruka as he held up the motionless body. As Iruka died Naruto's sobs racked him to the core, his mind had gone numb, how could this happen, how could this happen to Iruka-sensei. Iruka-sensei was always supposed to be there, he shouldn't have died. Naruto was suddenly snapped from his sorrow as his blood turned cold at the sound of laughter.

"HA, good-riddance is all I have to say to that foolish weakling. Now it's your turn to die brat. Oh! Got something to say... you're gonna have to speak louder than that" Mizuki said with another sinister grin on his face as he looked at Naruto. But he unconsciously took a step back at what he saw, Naruto was looking nothing like his usual self, instead of the usual happy child, he now looked up with feral eyes that promised death and destruction, his nails had turned practically into claws. But worst of all he covered in an almost liquid orange that submerged his entire body and had one large orange tail swinging behind him. The air around also seemed to suddenly scream violence, destruction and raw power. "W-What ar-"

"Don't you dare speak about Iruka-sensei like that, you don't deserve the right to about anyone like that, you monster. I'll kill you!" Naruto shouted then crossed his fingers before shouting 'Tajū Kage Bunshin no Jutsu' (Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu) and in a puff of smoke hundreds of Naruto's suddenly appeared before Mizuki who tripped backwards at the sight and fell down.

"H-H-How? Y-You can't even do a normal Bunshin" Mizuki stammered as he saw his inevitable end before him.

Naruto just smiled back at Mizuki before shouting "KILL HIM!" as the shout was taken up by all Naruto's who then proceeded to charge at Mizuki. With their claws, they made short work of Mizuki as they quickly bombarded and overwhelmed his defence and then proceeded to tear him apart in an almost brutal and horrific way as hias screams echoed throughout the forest.

Once Naruto had finished he took one last look at the bloodied and mangled corpse of Mizuki, before turning back to Iruka. Naruto proceeded to take the shuriken out of his body and continued to silently weep for one of the few people who had ever cared for him. After praying Iruka he created some clones to pick up his teacher's body before heading out towards the Hokage's home.

Sarutobi Residence – Early morning

Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Sandaime Hokage and revered 'God of Shinobi', was currently listening to his squabbling officers who were calling for Naruto's blood. Hiruzen just stood there in his Hokage white and red robes waiting for them to settle down. Once they were quiet he proceeded to talk. "Good, now that I have silence I will talk" several shinobi could not help but to wince as they realised they hadn't allowed there superior to talk. "There is no longer a crisis, Naruto has dealt with, and killed, the true traitor and is returning with the scroll. I feel I must also say I am truly disappointed with you all, instead of focusing on the scroll that holds this villages safety within it, you looked for Naruto's blood instead, which you surely would have unfairly killed for no more reason than for something that was out of his control. If I ever see such a poor display again, you will be severely reprimanded and punished. Dismissed." At the end of the Hokage's speech many had the grace to look shameful, but all quickly left not wanting anymore of the man's ire.

"Belligerent fools...uh, I guess I'm going to have to wait for poor Naruto and Iruka" the old Hokage said deciding to wait where he was, and several minutes later three Naruto's showed up carrying the body of Iruka.

Hiruzen looked sadly upon the form of dead man he had watched grow up with much joy and compassion, his gaze then drew to the boy carrying him. "Come bring Iruka inside Naruto" Naruto just nodded his head and carried his deceased teacher into the mansion were Hiruzen had a few servants take Iruka to a room where he would stay until his burial. Once that was done he had Naruto come to his office.

The Hokage looked at Naruto in silence for several minutes until he spoke, " Why don't you tell me what happened, Naruto" Hiruzen already knew what had happened due to his all-seeing-ball, which he had watched the events through, but decided it would be good for Naruto to get the events of his chest. After a while of listening Naruto had finally got to the end of the event and was once again crying as he remembered Iruka's last moments. Hiruzen just sighed sadly at seeing how much the events had hurt Naruto emotionally. "And how do you feel about this my boy" he said thinking it would be good to know whether or not he blamed himself.

"I-I feel that if I hadn't been such an idiot...I-Iruka-sensei would still be alive" Naruto stammered through his tears. Hiruzen just sighed again.

"Naruto my boy, I can only be honest with you and tell you what you say is true" this just caused Naruto to cry all the harder at having someone confirm it, "but that doesn't mean it's your fault" he added. Upon seeing Naruto's confused and hopeful face he decided to elaborate. "No-one can be blamed for trusting their teacher as it is no sin, if it was I know a certain person who'd be locked in chains, but isn't"

Somewhere on the other side of Konoha a woman in a trench coat sneezed "Shit, must mean someone's talking about me" a sadistic smile spread across her face " if I find who it is I'll feed them to my snakes..hehe...hehehe" she said braking out in laughter.

In front of her a confused prisoner could only feel dread at the fact a mad woman was his torturer.

Hiruzen couldn't help but feel a shiver run down his spine for some reason, but carried on "Furthermore, Mizuki was the one that did all of this and manipulated you and went on to kill Iruka, not you. And lastly Naruto, and remember this, Iruka done his duty protecting you and the village, he choose to save your life at the cost of his. So remember that and take pride in Iruka's sacrifice for the greater good of the village and you, don't tarnish his decision by wallowing in self-pity, instead stand up tall and do what you promised to do and make him proud." As he finished he couldn't help but to smile at seeing Naruto sit a little straighter and wipe the tears from his eyes. "Good, now what do you plan to do now"

"I...I'm gonna start becoming a better ninja and I'm gonna study, I'm gonna do all the things I promised and make Iruka-sensei proud" Naruto said with fire in his eyes that made Hiruzen chuckle. "But I'm not sure how to do that or where to start, could you help me jiji" Naruto said which caused the old Hokage to sweat-drop a little.

He just sat there for a while deciding whether or not tell Naruto some things, but in the end decided to do it " Naruto create a shadow clone please" Naruto was confused but complied, Naruto was surprised to see him do the same. "Now get your shadow clone to follow mine" Naruto complied again as his shadow clone followed his outside of the room. A minute later they came back in and Hiruzen told him to dispel which he did. But Naruto just sat there confused, "what's that supposed to show me jiji, I already knew I could create shadow clones" Naruto said causing the old Hokage to want to slap his hand to his face, but didn't.

"Naruto, what did my clone say to yours?"

"Umm, your wife's name was Biwako, but what does that show me?" Naruto asked and Hiruzen once again felt the urge to slap his forehead.

"Naruto, how could you have known that when you couldn't hear them"

"Umm, because you told my shadow clone and when... it ...dispelled, wait now I get it! Whatever my shadow clone learns, I learn, right?" Naruto said obviously pleased with himself.

"Yes, Naruto. Now tell me how that helps you" Hiruzen said hoping this time he'd get it quicker than last time.

"Uuugh, if I sent multiple clones to learn something I could learn what each of those clones learn" Naruto said with a smile spreading across his lips for the first time.

"Yes, well done my boy. Also now that you're a ninja you allowed into the ninja section of the library, meaning if you sent several shadow clones to the library and had them read up on things whilst you train your body you'll be getting the best of both worlds, brawn and brains." Hiruzen said with a smile.

"Thanks for the help jiji, I don't know what I'd do without ya" Naruto said with a light smile " but I best be heading home now, I've got a lot to think about"

"Of course, of course. Just remember that team selection is in one week, so don't be late" he said with a smile as he finished he noticed Naruto's mood darken but watched it quickly change back.

"Sure thing jiji, see you around" and with that he left to go home.

As Naruto left the old Hokage walked to a picture of his predecessor and sighed 'ah, Kushina, Minato I feel as though I've failed you in so many ways. I hope you can forgive this decrepit old man for his numerous mistakes'

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