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Spoke to Soon

"What is this place" was the murmured questions of many nervous Genin that had gathered as they looked upon the agreed meeting grounds.

It was mid day, roughly around noon, and the Genin had all gathered outside of The Forest of Death, or training ground 44.

Knowing that the next test would be hard, due to it being known as the life or death test, many students were expecting something hard and dangerous, but what they saw in-front of them was nerve wrecking in just appearance.

In-front of all of them was a large, rusted metal fence, heavily adorned with barbed wire, warning signs and every now and then, pulses of electricity. That was not what had all of them on edge though, what was, was the large forest behind it. Trees that were five or six times thicker than any normal trees sprouted from the ground, with large, thick branches all a dark and deathly brown. Crawling up most of the trees were various poisonous plants, bugs and animals. Claw marks from animals larger than some houses adorned the trunks, and even cut clean through. Every now and then was the sound of a loud screech, roar or rattle. Sometimes the loud cries of victory of one animal that could be heard from miles away, and others were the death cries of things just as large.

This all made the contestants think about what sort of perpetual death trap they were being thrown into. That was until their crazy looking proctor appeared in-front of them with a shit eating grin, making most want to run into the forest just to get away from her.

"Welcome to my home away from home, The Forest of Death!" she shouted loudly, making most feel she was clinically insane. But she just smiled wider as she saw the looks of apprehension and fear on most faces.

Everyone watched as behind the female proctor a large green snake ate a bird, solidifying their desire to not enter that forest.

Sakura shivered and held herself. "This place is creepy" she said, a small look of fear on her face.

"And you'll get to experience first hand why it's called the forest of Death" Anko said with a laugh as she placed her hands on her hips, no doubt enjoying their fear. Her grin suddenly turned into scowl as Naruto and Sasuke stepped forward.

Naruto walked forward with a small smile. "And this is supposed to scare us, why? We are Ninja who are trained to fight and live in these conditions, you can't scare me" Naruto said calmly, almost epitomising nonchalance.

"The dobe has a point, you try to scare us with things we fight daily, lets just get this over with, I'm already bored" Sasuke said, just as calm as Naruto, not even bothering to look at the proctor as he spoke, showing his lack of concern.

Naruto suddenly moved his head to the right as a Kunai came hurtling towards him, just barely missing his cheek as he evaded it. Following closely behind was the proctor as she appeared behind him in an impressive display of speed, only attained by years of training. She latched her arms around him and held his chin in her left hand as she turned him to face her, leaning into his back as she held a Kunai to his throat.

"Nice reflex's kid, but it's kids like you that die first and spill that red blood I love so much all over the ground" She said with a sickly smile, trying to intimidate him, but frowned as she felt something touch her leg exactly were an artery was that, if cut, would drain her of blood quicker than she could count.

Naruto just smiled back as he pushed the Kunai further into her leg, scratching her skin. "If you wanted to touch me up, Anko-san, you should have just asked. I'm sure me and you could arrange something" He replied, making Anko smile in delight.

"Oh, you're good for a Genin. I hope to see you in the finals, so I can see you bleeding out." She said as she licked his cheek that she had barely missed, but sensing someone behind her, turned with her Kunai ready.

"Here is your Kunai, proctor-san." A tall Kusagakure Ninja said as he handed over her Kunai with an extremely long tongue, disgusting most there.

Taking back her Kunai she let of a dangerous smile, "Thank you. But I suggest you never sneak up on me again if you wanna keep that tongue of yours" she suggested, before walking over to a counter and picking up an item.

'What's up with her, she's so strange' Sakura thought to herself as she watched the proctor. 'And what the hell was Naruto insinuating, I'll kill that little pervert' She thought mentally as she started to plan the beating she was about to give him. First was the lateness, then the poor excuses and now the perversion, he was becoming more and more like sensei. If it carried on she have to take some serious measures to stop it. Permanently.

'Cha, you show the little pervert' inner Sakura screamed as she raised her fist and started punching and imaginary Naruto.

Anko walked back to the front of the group and held up a stack paper forms. "Before we move on to the second phase, I need you to fill out these consent forms" she called out. "The reason for this, is that people will die from here on out. So you need to sign these so I wont get blamed for your deaths, that'd just be annoying, wouldn't it?" She asked with a laugh to herself, scaring people all the more as she casually mentioned their deaths.

"I will now explain the purpose of the second exam. To be concise, you will all be going through an extreme survival match." She called out, handing the forms to Naruto.

Naruto took a form for himself and then passed it on. 'A survival match, eh? Thought so.' he thought as he quickly filled out the form.

"First, I'll be explaining the forest's Geographical layout" Anko called out once more, gaining everyone's attention. "The 44th training ground is a circular area sealed of with 44 locked gates. There is a forest, a river and a tower in the middle. The tower is approximately 10km away from the gate entrances."

"Inside this limited space, you will have to go through a certain survival program. This consists of …. a competition were anything goes ...over these scrolls" She said as she pulled two scrolls out of her coat, one with heaven written on it, and the other with earth.

"Scrolls?" someone asked.

"Yes. The scrolls of Heaven and Earth. You will fight over these scrolls. 31 teams passed the first exam. Half of you will get a heaven scroll, and the other half will get the earth scroll. Each team will get one of these" she said, holding them up so that everyone could see them clearly. "And you will fight for them.".

Sasuke, getting bored of all of the talking, decided to move things along. "And what do we need to do to pass?" he asked, his tone showing how obviously bored he was. Honestly, why did these people beat around the bush? Just get to the point already and be done with it.

"Simply put, you need to bring a heaven and earth scroll to the tower, along with your team-mates. You will have to do it within the time limit of 5 days" she said with a smile as she placed the scrolls back into her coat.

"Five days!" Ino cried out, obviously distraught over how bad she'd look after five days in a forest.

"What about food" Choji cried, looking more worried than Ino, worrying just as any Akamichi would.

Anko laughed out loud at the complaints. "Scrounge it. This forest is a treasure trove of nature, there should be plenty of food" She said with a smile. 'Ah, this test is tailor made to screw with Akamichi. Every time there's an Akamichi they ask the same question' she thought in amusement, the Akamichi with out food was more dangerous than a lion protecting it's cubs.

"But" Kabuto called out with a smile as he pushed his glasses up, catching everyone's attention. "There is also an untold amount of poison food, bugs plants and and man-eating animals".

"Oh no" Choji moaned, more about the food than the beasts.

Ino slapped Choji on the head. "Idiot, that's why it's called a survival test" she said angrily, taking her anger out on the Akamichi heir.

"It's also nearly impossible for half of us to pass. As we can't successfully guess who has the right scroll on them, so some teams will get knocked out of the competition and still not have the scroll needed, meaning an extra team will get knocked out. And of course, this will happen more than once." Neji said with a frown as he thought about the exam.

Sasuke smiled as he thought about all the challenges this test could bring. "We also won't be able to sleep properly as there will be enemies around at all times, creating a tense and strenuous atmosphere" he said as he folded his arms in-front of his chest.

"In this test, people will get hurt, people will die, and those who can't bear this test's strictness will emerge" Anko explained. " And lastly, I will explain the rules. If you bring two scrolls to the tower, but are missing a team-mate or one is incapacitated, you will fail. If your team-mate dies, you fail. And lastly, if you look inside the scroll, you fail. The reason for this is simple. When you become Chunin you will be expected to carry secret information, and this is to determine your trustworthiness in handling that responsibility".

The Genin present all contemplated their test. It was simple, yet not. They had to locate an enemy team, defeat them, take their scroll and make it to their location, all within five days. Simple. But they also had to get lucky and get the right scroll, defend their own from enemy Ninja, avoid poisonous insects and plants, be careful of man-eating beasts and keep all members healthy. Not so simple.

The test in itself, without the other Genin, could very well kill you. Adding the enemies to the test and you get a free for all death brawl between Genin with grudges held from previous wars. A perpetual blood bath.

"This should be fun" Sasuke said with a smile. 'This is a perfect chance to prove myself, I'm going to get stronger to kill you, Itachi' he thought as his smile twisted into a more maniacal version, making others frown and back away.

"I agree with the bastard, here's our forms, now give us our scroll" Naruto agreed as he handed over the forms to the proctor, who handed back a blue scroll, Earth. Not letting anyone see any waver in his confidence, people would look at him and see the embodiment of confidence and indifference. Of course, the next sentence.

"Don't die now, Gaki. I wanna see your blood spilled in the later rounds" Anko said with a twisted smile, unnerving Naruto slightly. Seriously, who enjoyed blood. Crazy snake woman.

Naruto played it of though, and raised an eyebrow with a smile. "Is that all you want to see, as I said, I'm sure we can work something out?" he asked with a sly smile. Noticing her ire, he tried not to laugh, but put on a slightly smug attitude.

A tick mark appeared on Anko's head as she heard some laughing. "Get going now, before I kill you, Gaki" She growled out.

Naruto just smiled and waved as he walked away. "Sure thing, Anko-chan" Naruto said, emphasising the last part.

Anko was trying to hold herself back from killing him, but broke as she heard him mocking her. She charged forward with a kunai aiming for his head, but was stopped by two Chunin who grabbed one of her arms and dragged her away.

"I'll kill the little shit" was the last exclamation he heard before deciding he should run to his gate as there was a loud explosion from were the Chunin were.

"I think we should hurry up and get away" Naruto said, gulping back his fear as he realised he had maybe pissed of the wrong woman.

"You idiot, Naruto. I was starting to think you were clever, then you go and sign a death wish." Sakura shouted and smacked him on the head.

Naruto rubbed his head and laughed nervously as they stopped in-front of a random gate. "I guess I deserved that, but it was all in good humour".

"Damn right you did, little pervert, you're starting to become more and more like sensei" She said with a huff, "I swear, if you start wearing one of those face masks, I may just kill you".

"You're right. That would be a great idea, those masks are so cool" Naruto said with a smile, feigning seriousness.

"No, what have I done" Sakura lamented as she cried anime tears.

Naruto just chuckled. "I'm only joking Sakura, how the hell would I breath with that thing on. Some times I have to wonder how our sensei does it" he questioned as he laughed lightly.

"We should take it seriously from her on out. So what's the plan?" Sasuke asked seriously, a small frown on his face. He was starting to grow bored, he wanted to prove himself, not stand still like some slug. This inactivity was irksome to say the least.

"Simple" Naruto said, making them look at him. "I choose this gate because the river is right there" he said pointing to the river that ran passed the gate. "We simply follow the river to the tower and get the scroll off of anyone we come across. If we don't run into anyone, we wait at the tower for people to get there then take their scrolls". The plan was simple, easy to carry out and wasn't so detailed that if one thing went wrong you had to abandon it and start a new one. It was perfect.

Sasuke nodded in agreement. "That's good enough" he agreed before waiting for the second exam to start.

After several minutes of waiting, the Chunin at the gate moved forward and unlocked it. After another minute or so, the large gate opened, allowing team 7 to charge through it's gates.

The second Exam had begun.


Konoha Council Room

Hiruzen sat in the council room again. The only difference within the council room was one of the civilian council, who had been replaced as he retired.

Today's meeting was a very important one. In fact it was huge. Thanks to Team 7, Konoha had gained a new Kekkei Genkai. Hyoton, Ice release. The ability that is gifted from birth, which was an instant affinity with Water Release and Wind Release, and then the ability to mix the two to make an Ice technique. The last time something like this had happened was when the Nara had joined Konoha half way through the first Shinobi War, who had later been instrumental in leading Konoha to victory thanks to their military tactics genius.

The other council members sat around, all talking in hushed and whispered tones. Obviously trying to ascertain the reason for this council meeting. Hiruzen smiled as he thought of their shocked faces, then frowned when he knew what their first cries would be.

Deciding it was time to start the meeting, Hiruzen coughed into his hand, loud enough to be heard by all. Once silence ensued, he spoke up. "Today I have called you here under Konoha Charter Law: Section 7: Article 1.1" he called out, stunning the hall.

"The capture of an enemy Kekkei Genkai!" Exclaimed a shocked Homura Mitokado, his calm visage shattered.

"But how? And when?" asked an equally shocked Koharu.

'Predictable' thought Hiruzen. 'I knew they'd be the ones to open up the questioning. Next they'll be blaming me for not telling them sooner, that or...' he thought with a tired sigh.

"4 days ago, thanks to the excellent work of Team 7. Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno, they are responsible for, not only identifying a Kekkei Genkai user, but capturing her and all without the help of their sensei, Kakashi Hatake." As he finished his listing of events, he looked round to see Mebuki swelling in pride of her daughters achievements, but most others were already doing what he thought they would.

"I call for Konoha Charter Law: Section 2: Article 1.3, for a breeding program to be established with this female Kekkei Genkai." Koharu called out as she got over her shock. She knew that this would be a major boon for Konoha's forces, and they needed to act fast before the village that owned this Kekkei Genkai realised and asked for it back on grounds for war. To her pleasure, many councilmen jumped to her side.

"Agreed" was a large cry. Some hoping to strengthen Konoha, others hoping to gain political power by using the soon to be children.

"Denied" Hiruzen said simply, shocking some members of the council.

"Why would that be, Sarutobi, are you going senile." Homura asked sharply, knowing his jibe would have some effect.

Hiruzen laughed and shocked many with his answer. "Yes, I am. And so are you and Koharu, but it is not the reason I am denying that request." he said with a small chuckle as he saw Koharu and Homura huff at the allegation of their ageing. "Come now, we know it's true, very soon we will all be stepping down from our positions. Anyway, the reason I denied your request is simple, you missed Section 2: Article 1.2, a captured Kekkei Genkai users right to willingly co-operate" he said, frowning at the end as he knew they hadn't forgot, they would just rather get the Kekkei Genkai quickly and the poor girl be damned.

More members started to aye to Sarutobi's suggestion, making the elders frown. They would have to act fast to regain the councils backing.

"That may be true, Sarutobi, but what of the village we stole this Kekkei Genkai from. We must make sure this girl has children, so that when they ask for her back, we can simply send her corpse and keep the children and bloodline" Koharu countered, smiling as she thought she'd won.

'Lets see you wriggle you're way out of this one' she thought with a victorious smile.

"That wont happen, seeing as the village doesn't want her" Hiruzen reaffirmed.

Many councilmen and women frowned at that piece of information. What village didn't want a Kekkei Genkai, it was well known that they added a large boon to military strength aswell as political strength. Only a fool would give up a bloodline limit, that or it wasn't worth it.

"And why would that be, Hokage-sama. Is there something wrong with this particular bloodline limit, or is it from Kirigakure" Shikaku Nara drooled lazily.

It was a well known fact that Kirigakure was embroiled in a civil war, and that war was between Kekkei Genkai users and non Kekkei Genkai users. IT was now dragging on into it's third year of conflict, and the way many other nations saw it, the further this war went on, the more their military was crippled. So, no other nation had yet to intervene on either side, preferring to let them whittle away at their own strength.

"Once again your deductive skills amaze me, Shikaku. It is the Hyoton of Kirigakure, a bloodline thought extinct. We truly owe Team 7 a huge reward for this." Hiruzen stated with a small smile as he nodded to Shikaku. The man truly was a genius, a lazy one, but one none the less.

"I see" said a frowning Koharu, knowing her case was now lost.

'Damn you, you sly old monkey' Koharu thought to herself.

"If she decides to comply, she will be allowed to create a new clan within Konoha, she will have to marry by 18, or 25 if she arranges a marriage and informs the council, if not one will be chosen for her on her 18th birthday. She will then have to have a child by 23, or 30 if she chooses option two. And on the plus side Kirigakure wont come looking for her as A) she shouldn't even be alive as it was believed her clan had died, and B) the purges clearly state they want to get rid of Kekkei Genkai." Hiruzen stated matter-of-factly, already knowing the outcome, whether by council choice or not he would do what was right for the girl now. "All in favour".

"You are going soft, Hiruzen, or should I say you have always been too much so" Came the calm voice of Danzo Shimura as he interjected the proceedings. Closing the council door behind him, he proceeded to walk into the council room. Danzo looked at Hiruzen with his one visible eye, the other hid behind bandages.

"We should act now and get as much out of her as soon as possible, not wait 15 years for one child. The benefits are to great, and this child's happiness so insignificant." Danzo called out in a calm voice, but his words sharp. "What is more important, the child's happiness, or Konoha's strength. What one is your duty as Hokage" Once again his voice was calm, portraying no insult, but the hidden and veiled barbs were there for all to see.

Hiruzen scowled at Danzo, the meeting had been going very easily, but the old war hawk just couldn't stay away. This meeting would get very troublesome with Danzo here, as he was not only an excellent orator, but had a significant amount political backing. And spy's. The last reason was the most dangerous as he knew that his forces and council were littered with Danzo's men, but the man still remained hidden and done his work from the shadows, allowing his pawns to interrupt Hiruzen's work and further his cause.

"My duty as Hokage does not come into this, Konoha is not in any immediate danger, and as long as the rebels don't win the Kiri civil war, this is a free Kekkei Genkai. Plus, I have to offer her the chance to join us by Konoha law, I have no choice in the matter." He rebuked cooly, he wouldn't let Danzo get to him, instead he'd just flat out refuse anything the man demanded using Konoha law, after all, Danzo couldn't stand that the most.

"What law can stand up to your decree, our dictatorial leader, Hokage-sama" Danzo reaffirmed his ground with a large amount of sarcasm. Many people were starting to sway to Danzo though, seeing as he was mainly right, and he also had spy's in the room.

"I play by the rules, Danzo, if not I would throw you straight into Interrogation and torture to find out were ROOT is located, but I don't. I don't because there are laws set in place that stop me from doing so, and I need evidence to back up my claim." Hiruzen shot back with a glare, the obvious attempt to challenge his authority not going unheard within the council.

Many in the room remained silent as they watched the stare down both were having. It was common knowledge among ninja and the council alike, that Danzo's paramilitary ANBU, who were supposed to be disbanded years ago, were still operating and swore loyalty only to Danzo, and not the Hokage. An act of treason in most peoples eyes, but the old man had been far to discreet and had hidden his forces far to well, and had an infamous secrecy seal placed on all of them. A very dangerous group.

Hiruzen looked at Danzo with a victorious smile, knowing he'd won, but decided to push the victory home. "Or you could have your way with the Kekkei Genkai child, that is if you're willing to be tortures for a while, I'm sure Anko could have some fun." as he finished he saw many councilmen shiver at the mere thought of Konoha's Snake Summoner, her pleasure in torture well known, and made most people avoid committing crimes just so they didn't have to see her.

"Very well, Hiruzen. Do as you please, but one day your foolishness will eventually come back to destroy Konoha" Danzo spat, walking towards the door.

Just before he left, he looked over his shoulder at Hiruzen with an all knowing smile. "Sooner rather than later, I think" he said, his smile sending shivers down the Hokage's back.

After Danzo left, he called for the vote again.

The vote quickly passed with all in favour, knowing that trying to dispute the fact now would end in there embarrassment. All council members looked to the Hokage to see if the meeting was over, but stay sat down as they realised it wasn't.

'I'm going to have to deal with Danzo, he's obviously planning something. But right now...'

"Next form of business. It appears Orochimaru has infiltrated Konohagakure...


Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura hopped from tree to tree, huffing as they did so. Their fight with Orochimaru had been long and had taken everything they had, even Naruto had used nearly all of his energy, but thankfully ANBU had arrived to take him off their hands.

Naruto knew they had been lucky to survive the snakes attack, for many reasons. Firstly, it was obvious the man was fighting nowhere near his full strength, due to arrogance or illness, he wasn't sure. Secondly, Naruto had gotten in a lucky, or not so lucky, summons that was far more than capable of handling the weakened Sannin. Thirdly, Orochimaru was trying to not draw attention to himself, mainly because he didn't want the Hokage and ANBU breathing down his neck, and reduced the size of his summons. And lastly, He seemed to want to test them, or mainly focused on Sasuke, but seemed interested in him as well, and tried to toy with them, giving them the appropriate time to plot, plan, trap and wait for ANBU.

If it wasn't for those various factors, he felt that he would now be in a lot more pain than he was. He was grateful for Orochimaru's belief that they absolutely couldn't land a hit on him, it had saved their lives.

'Arrogant prick' he thought, remembering what had happened, almost in horrifying detail...

*** Flashback ***

Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura ran side by side as they hopped from tree to tree, constantly on the vigil for enemy traps and ambushes.

So far they had already had to deal with some weak ambush from some genjutsu users of Amegakure who had caught them in said Genjutsu, but luckily for them Sasuke's Sharingan picked up on it fairly easy. After that they had dealt with them in close quarter combat, were they were sorely lacking and were knocked unconscious.

After searching them they had found the heaven scroll, much to their delight and had set straight out for the tower, now that they had both scrolls.

They were now expecting to reach the tower within the hour of starting the exam, an obviously extreme achievement as they had five days in which to complete this test.

"Sasuke, can you hear that?" Naruto asked with a frown as he stopped still, Sasuke and Sakura stopping on the next branch along.

Sasuke and Sakura stood still and listened for any sound. After a few seconds, Sasuke frowned as he heard the high pitch screech of wind as it tore its way towards them.

'Shit, for me to hear it at this distance means it's an insanely powerful wind jutsu! I don't think my normal jutsu can counter it, even my Gokyakou.' Sasuke thought frantically. 'We're gonna have to use 'it'' he thought resigning himself to having to lose a large amount of chakra already and against one attack.

"Dobe, my normal fire jutsu can't counter a wind jutsu that powerful, we need something with just as much power to bat it back. We'll have to use it" Sasuke said positioning himself for the attack.

"Blue or white" Naruto asked, wondering how powerful it was.

Sasuke turned on his Sharingan to look at the incoming attack and saw how much chakra was in it. "White should do".

Naruto nodded and stood next to him, both started running through hand seals before opening their mouths to release their techniques.

From his mouth, Naruto shot Fuuton: Renkuudan with enough chakra to make it a B-rank jutsu, as it tore up the ground and trees heading for the rival jutsu.

From Sasuke's mouth came a large glowing fireball, Katon: Gokyakou no Jutsu, that quickly met with Naruto's. Both boys focused on merging their chakra and then increasing the output to to match each others, to form a a double size fireball that was bright white. It shot away from the users as Naruto let Sasuke take control of the jutsu, as he had better control and moulding skills with chakra due to his Sharingan.

The large gust of wind that came towards them was suddenly stopped as it met the fireball, and then turned into a great wall of flames as it was overpowered by their technique and sent back to were the user was coming from.

"W-What the hell was that!?" Sakura shouted as she looked at Naruto and Sasuke in awe.

"That was a less powerful version of our collaboration jutsu, Fire Release: Great Bright Blue Fireball (Akarui Ao Gokyakou No Jutsu), but we didn't use any lightning with it, that was Fire Release: Great White Drilling Fireball (Shiro Doriru Gokyakou No Jutsu)." Sasuke said as he huffed slightly from the Chakra output, but none the less smiled at the destruction of the Jutsu as he looked at the huge explosion were the two had met.

Roughly one hundred feet away from their position was a large line of fire on the ground and trees, sending a beacon for miles, but that was a problem for later. Just past that line was a a trench that ran in a straight line until it met a large crater, all of which was created by their Jutsu as it tore the ground to pieces before finally exploding.

Looking around, Team 7 found no sign of the enemy attacker, but kept looking anyway. A lull of calm had crept over the forest, it seemed that nothing moved, or so much as breathed. Even the cricket of bugs and insects seemed to have lessened. All paying attention, they opened up their senses.

No movement.

No sound.

No scent.

Chakra signature, check.

Sasuke's eyes widened in surprise as his Sharingan detected a Jutsu being used underground. Turning to his team, he waved them away. "Underground, move!" he said frantically.

Sakura and Naruto jumped back straight away, along with Sasuke, landing with their backs to the trunk of a large tree. And not a moment to soon as the ground suddenly exploded outwards, throwing rubble everywhere. Team 7 covered their faces with their arms until the mud stopped throwing itself at them, when they dropped their arms they were met with the sight of the Kusagakure ninja from earlier.

"You, you're that ninja with the gross tongue" Naruto said in recognition, trying not to barf at the thought of the disgusting tongue. Despite himself he smiled, "I'm sure the opposite sex has complemented it more than enough though, eh?!" He said with a mischievous smile.

"Kukuku, you can keep your composure very well, even under attack. Impressssive" the Kusa nin chuckled, slithering his tongue on the 's'. "Although, you remind me of a white haired fool who once said that to me" he said with a small frown, the distaste of said person was evident in his voice.

"Now that's just mean, I don't like white haired people, so don't compare me to them" Naruto said with a small pout as he tried playing with the Kusa nin. Although he was internally preparing himself for a hard fight, even though it was just one person, he could tell this guy was different from most, just the killing intent was so large it was suffocating. Sasuke seemed to be handling it like Naruto, but Sakura was on her knees, hand going for her kunai pouch.

"Sakura, it's only one person, we'll protect you" Naruto said calmly, trying to help ease her out of the amount of fear that ensued this amount of KI, it was like seeing your own death before your eyes. A terrifying experience.

Hearing her name, Sakura slowly turned her head to look at Naruto's smiling face. She didn't know how, but his calm demeanour, smiling face and warm blue eyes seemed to just radiate warmth and life. Negating the effects of the KI, much to her surprise, she also felt she could not only rely on Sasuke, but Naruto as well.

Nodding her head, she stood. "T-Thanks for that, Naruto. But I can handle myself" She said with a shaky smile back.

"Kukuku, where did this sudden confidence come from. No matter, its time to play a little game I like to call 'The prey and the Predator', lets see how you fair, Sasuke-kun" The Kusa Genin chuckled as he saw them enter their respective defensive positions.

'This could be fun, kukuku, I guess I'll have to see how they fair with some summons' He thought before running through the appropriate hand seals.

"Lets see how you handle my snakes" He shouted, laughing maniacally.

Naruto, recognising the hand seals paled at the thought of what might appear when mixed with this guys obviously huge chakra reserves, if the first jutsu was anything to go by. "Guys, prepare yourselves!" Naruto shouted to his companions, readying himself for the coming animal.

Just as predicted, a large animal, or reptile in this case, appeared in the form of a Giant Snake, about 40-50 feet long and 5-10 wide. Its purple and green scales glistened in the mid day sun, as it trained its green, slit eyes on them. All of them tensed up and prepared to move as it reared up and opened its mouth, showing large and deadly, venomous fangs.

"W-What the hell is that technique?!" Sasuke asked in shock as he looked at the Snake that had just appeared in front of them. 'What sort of monster is he' Sasuke thought. He had seen the amount of chakra that it took to do whatever it was he did, and this guy didn't even seem fazed. It took roughly two-thirds of the chakra he had at his own disposal, so this guy had at least 10 times that to be able to do what he done, and with little to no effect.

"Summoning techniques. The user signs a contract with a certain animal and is able to summon them to battle, I have one, but I haven't summoned anything of this size before" Naruto answered, his hand shaking slightly in a new sense of fear at the realisation at his true amount of chakra, a monstrous amount.

Orochimaru looked surprised at Naruto's explanation, his sources had told him Naruto was a perpetual idiot of a whole other calibre. But to answer that question he had to have a lot more base intellect than previously mentioned, or a summoning contract. Although he was proved right as he did in fact have one, much to his surprise, he still couldn't shake the feeling that his information on Naruto was completely off.

Sasuke looked at Naruto in surprise. "You can summon them" he asked incredulously, what the hell was the dobe hiding from him.

"No, I summon Wild Cats, Tigers, Lions and so on. But so far nothing as large as that, but I haven't tried in a while, so I might be able too" Naruto said with a small shrug of his shoulders, "I really don't know though. Should I summon some help though?".

Sasuke thought about it. They could use all the help they could get, but they needed to try and last as well. If Naruto used that amount of chakra this early on, he would be exhausted for most of it. No, they needed to keep that as a trump card. "No. Naruto, use your clones and take point. I'll analyse his movements with my eyes and try to find a weakness, after that I'll exploit as best I can. Sakura, you provide long range support with kunai, try and aim for his blind spots. Use some with explosive notes and aim for the snake's mouth, that should allow you to get past its tough exterior. Lets go" Sasuke ordered, his plan hopefully good enough to get them through this.

"Taju Kage Bunshin" Naruto shouted as he made the cross hand seal, suddenly creating around thirty clones, including himself. Giving the signal, all the Naruto clones and himself ran towards the snake and it's summoner.

Seeing his advance, the snake sunk low, and slid along the floor with its mouth open wide and started swallowing the charging Naruto's, their demise met with loud pops.

'Perfect' Sakura thought as she released to Kunai with explosive notes attached to them, flying straight for the snakes mouth. She smiled in satisfaction as they disappeared into its stomach before promptly blowing it to pieces with a loud bang, but frowned as the area was covered in snake guts. 'Gross' she thought before pulling out more kunai to assist Naruto.

Naruto rolled out of the way as the snake summon exploded and charged on towards the summoner, undeterred. As he closed in he couldn't help but to feel a sudden sense of dread as he was hit with the intense KI, but shrugged it of and focused on his goal.

Quickly creating another thirty Shadow Clones, Naruto and co surrounded the Snake Genin. Seeing no possible way for the Genin to escape without having to fight a clone, Naruto charged forward, deciding to hold the his attention.

After running in, Naruto threw a low kick at his opponents legs, hoping to throw him of balance. He was a little surprised when his leg was jumped over and a kick was returned towards his head, to which he ducked under. Seeing his chance he made a hand motion and one clone went to kick the him whilst he was in the air and blocking some Kunai from Sakura, the clone was swatted away with deft efficiency as the Kusa Genin spun around with a back handed slap, dispelling it.

Deciding he was to slow to land a punch or kick, he decided to change tact and quickly ran though several hand seals. "Kaminari Senbon (Lightning Senbon)" Naruto cried before shooting out a large volley of light-blue senbon from his mouth, all aiming directly for his opponent as he landed on the ground.

Through a feet of extraordinary flexibility, the Kusa Genin seemed to bend and stretch his body out or the way of the blue needles of death. "Kukuku, Very good, Naruto-kun" he said with a twisted smile. "That use of lightning chakra is among the best I've ever seen. It was packed full of highly dense, volatile lightning chakra and travelled extremely fast. That would have hurt if it had hit me, even with my body".

"Whatever, Orochimaru, unless you haven't realised, I'm busy" Naruto said with a frown as he saw how little his opponent cared about him, but smiled at the look of shock on his face. "Yes, I know it's you. After I signed my summoning contract, I decided to check up on other summoning contracts, especially Konoha's Royal summons, the Snakes, Toads and Slugs. The snakes only have two summoners, you and our second proctor. So it stands to reason that you're not her, but I am wondering why you look nothing like your picture in the Bingo Book" Naruto said with no small amount of satisfaction as he watched his opponents still shocked face.

'This is definitely no idiot, I'm going to sacrifice that idiot, who told me Naruto was a pathetic idiot, to Manda' He thought bitterly, not liking to go into any battle on incorrect information, after all, Knowledge can end or save your life when you least expect it. "Very good, Naruto-kun. You are very surprising, but its not you I'm interested in. It's Sasuke's body that I desire" he said in twisted glee as he licked his lips, as though enjoying a rather pleasant thought.

"Well aren't I glad, Sasuke has fan-boys now aswell." Naruto said dryly, holding back a laugh as he saw Orochimaru frown in indignation. Pulling his sword off of his back and standing in a ready stance, his clones doing likewise. "You'll have to try a lot harder than normal to get into his pants, seeing as all the girls find it impossible" Naruto joked, but then frowned and blinked. "Actually, I think you'll have a better chance then them, for some strange reason."

Smiling one last time as he got a jibe off at Orochimaru and Sasuke, he charged the Sannin "Here I come".

Sasuke watched with his Sharingan as Naruto tried to land hit after hit upon the now identified Orochimaru, but saw the blonde fail every time as Orochimaru flowed around his every attempt. His movements were fluid, like water flowing around a rock, not moving to far out of the way, but remaining just out of reach. Every movement perfect and none wasted. He could tell that Orochimaru was toying with Naruto, and he could tell Naruto knew it as well, but didn't let his anger take control and kept up his methodical attacks to expose his weaknesses, whatever there might be.

'Hm, this seems impossible. Everything he does is done to perfection, not a movement wasted, not any error to capitalise on. Taijutsu he just flows around with ease, Kenjutsu is the same, I doubt Genjutsu would work, but that only leaves Ninjutsu, which he avoids just as easily.' Sasuke thought despairingly at the hopelessness of the situation. A thought suddenly crossed his mind, 'Unless we use one with a large enough area damage, one that doesn't require hitting the target directly, Perfect!' he thought with renewed hope.

"Naruto!" he called out to the battling blonde. "Come here, try and have your clones occupy him for a moment" he ordered and watched as the blonde done just that, before running to his side.

"What is it? Have you found a weakness we can exploit?" Naruto asked as he breathed raggedly, the effects of the battle starting to get to him.

Sasuke frowned. "No and yes. We can't hit him directly, we need something that will catch him in an area effect" Sasuke answered honestly. Their entire life was balancing on something so small, Sasuke was infuriated that all his precious Dojutsu had literally learnt was, you can't win. But he was determined to do so anyway, even if he had only determined his enemies dominance compared to them.

Naruto thought for a minute. When he said area damage, the first thought that Naruto had was a collaboration, but scrapped that idea as it would be too obvious. This required something more like a trap, subtle and none obvious. His enemy needed to not realise what was happening, or not be able to do anything about it was it was activated. Naruto didn't have much in his arsenal that could accomplish that, but he had something that might work.

"Sasuke, I've got a plan" he informed his Uchiha team-mate.

"What is it dobe?" Sasuke asked intrigued as he had yet to think of anything.

"I'm Gonna summon Nemeaus, he's my summon. Big lion, can talk, so don't be surprised when he does." Naruto said with a frown. "Although, I do have the feeling he'll threaten to eat you, but he's probably just grumpy about being woken up. Anyway, you hold of Orochimaru with him, whilst I set up a little surprise for him. When I'm done, all my clones will disappear, so just lead Orochimaru to that grove behind us. Okay?" As he finished he looked to Sasuke who just looked to be frowning.

"I don't know if anything we can do will work though, this is Orochimaru, S-rank missing-nin, Fourth Hokage candidate, after all. He's on a whole different level to Zabuza." Sasuke said with a frown. And Naruto had to agree with him, but he had to at least try, or what was the point, he may has well of rolled over and died.

"Ow! What the hell dobe!" Sasuke growled as he help the throbbing part of his head that Naruto had punched.

Naruto just glared at him. "Pull it together and go fight this guy. After all, if we can beat him, we can beat Itachi, and that's your goal, isn't it." Naruto asked, knowing he'd hit the nail on the head as Sasuke suddenly grinned.

"I guess you're right, this is the perfect chance to prove myself" Sasuke agreed as his grin got wider and wider at the thought of challenging his brother. "I'll see you soon, be ready" he said before running of to fight Orochimaru.

"Damn idiot, didn't even wait for me to summon Nemeaus. Well guess I better get to it" he mumbled to himself as Sasuke jumped the gun.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu" he called as he activated his summoning technique in a cloud of smoke.

What came out of the smoke though, shocked Naruto. Instead of a Lion that was equal in height to him, as Nemeaus should be, there was a large, 15 foot tall white lion that looked more like a sphinx. Its whole body was larger, thicker and longer to match its new height. Its fur was pure white, as was its mane. It's other noticeable differences, were the way every one of his muscles stood extremely prominent and defined. All in all it looked huge, intimidating and as all lions, scary.

"Hello, Naruto-sama, Neko." The large cat greeted as his large voice boomed. "I was told you were our new summoner, but I did not expect to be summoned so soon, Neko. I am Neko, Neko"

Naruto sweatdropped slightly at the weird ending to each sentence, but dismissed it. "Your name isn't important right now, what is.." Naruto said with a serious face. "Is why you keep saying Neko, it means cat, wouldn't Raion (Lion) be more appropriate, seeing as you are in fact a lion".

"So I have been told, but I find it a habit that I can't get rid of, Raion" Neko grumbled before getting punched in the nose.

"You just did you stupid Lion, what the hell is wrong with you" Naruto shouted at his unbelievable summon. If any of his other summons had personality quirks like this, then he'd most likely get rid of the contract with one of Sasuke's fire Jutsu.

Neko just looked at Naruto funnily. "No, I said Neko, Neko. Are you okay Naruto-sama? Neko." Neko asked as though he was confused.

Naruto refused the urge to slap himself in the face, and instead just pointed at the fight between his clones, Sasuke, Sakura and Orochimaru. "You're to help my team-mates, the one in blue and the girl, go" he ordered before he lost his temper with the large cat.

Neko bowed his head slightly. "As you wish, Naruto-sama, Neko" he said before bounding of to join the fight.

Naruto let of a tired sigh and rubbed his temples wearily. "Stupid mutt. Best get to the trap" he said setting off. This was going to be very difficult to lead Orochimaru into, and even harder to make him fall for it. He now cursed his choice of words when he thought his luck would lead to fighting Orochimaru, and now it had by some twist of fate.



"What the hell!" Sasuke shouted as he looked behind him to see a large white lion bounding towards him in strides that made the earth shake.

"I am here to assist you, as per Naruto-sama's orders, Neko" Neko said as he stood next to Sasuke and looked down at his opponent. "How shall I assist you, Brooding-Sama, Neko" Neko asked.

"I don't brood, you useless mutt" Sasuke shouted as he looked back at the summons. Sighing, he resigned himself to the fate of having an annoying cat as his partner. "Just attack that guy and hold him off until Naruto signals for us to retreat, me and Sakura will provide long range support" Sasuke ordered before jumping back to the trees next to Sakura.

"S-Sasuke-kun, Who is that? Or what" She asked a bit scared as she looked down at the monstrous lion, which was now playing a game of death tag with Orochimaru.

"That's Naruto's summon, we are to provide long range support for it until Naruto says his traps ready."

Sakura just nodded dumbly as she started to watch for openings to exploit, today just couldn't get any worse.


'How the hell did Naruto actually summon someone of Neko's calibre, he's an A-rank summon. The only summons I could use to beat him are my A or S-ranks, and they're all so large that the old man will be here in minutes' Orochimaru thought in a burning rage as he frantically dodged Neko's swipes and bites that came in at blistering speed, of course this all happened whilst he randomly said "Neko".

Orochimaru's choices were now very limited. He couldn't fight at full power as he had just merged with a new host body, and if he went all out would need to switch again as it couldn't hold his full power yet. In another month? Yes. Now? No. So he had to settle with what he had, some low level jutsu, his limited reflexes, speed and Taijutsu capabilities. Not much at all.

"Neko" Orochimaru ducked under another swipe from Neko and let of a kick to the lions face, which, of course, didn't stop him at all.

'I need to put the curse mark on Sasuke-kun soon, if I don't, I wont have enough chakra to imprint it properly' Orochimaru thought as he backed off of the proverbial tank.

Looking around at the various clones, Lion, Sasuke and Sakura, he couldn't see a way around the Lion without going flat out and was about to retreat for now. But smiled as he saw Naruto's clones pop, and Sasuke and Sakura retreat to a small grove. Neko following shortly after as he guarded them from him, but if he was quick enough, he could get around him and apply the curse mark.

'It appears that foolish cat let up his attack due their incompetence, how unlucky for them, and lucky for me' he thought to himself as he started to apply chakra to his legs, this was going to be a mad dash to see who was faster.


"I hope Naruto knows what he's doing, Orochimaru looks like he's going to kill us" Sakura said, swallowing back her fear. She still couldn't believe they were fighting the legendary S-class missing-nin, but decided that she could freak out properly later, if there was a later.

"Do not worry, Forehead-sama, I will protect you, Neko" Neko said in a joyous voice in front of them. Almost as though this level of fight did not bother him.

"Why you stupid mutt! I'll give you the worst beating of your life if you call me that again" Sakura screamed as rage overtook her other emotions, even the fear.

'You tell him, Cha!' Inner Sakura agreed as she held up a threatening fist.

"Sakura, prepare yourself. He's coming" Sasuke warned as he held his Kunai up in a reverse grip, preparing to defend himself if Naruto's plan went wrong. Sakura followed suit.


"You're body's mine, Sasuke!" Orochimaru screamed as he pushed off with a massive burst of chakra, sending a massive cloud of dust from were he burst off of.

He rushed straight at Neko at tremendous speeds, pushing his body to its limit. As he closed in on Neko, he prepared to drop his right shoulder and role around the large cat, avoiding him completely. But was stopped as four pillars of crackling energy sprung up from the ground in front of him, cancelling his charge.

Orochimaru cursed as he suddenly realised the floor beneath him was covering something, and jumped back as quickly as he could to avoid the ensuing blast of exploding tags. The resulting shock-wave from the explosion sent Orochimaru hurtling backwards as he smashed through several trees, until he finally stopped as he smashed into a thicker than norm trunk.

Looking up he saw kunai flying towards him with ninja wire attached to them, he tried to move out of the way in time, but found himself wrapped around the tree trunk by multiple cords of wire.

"Urg, damn brats" Orochimaru said to himself as he started trying to undo his bindings, but found it was to no avail.

"Raiton: Gain!" He looked up to see that Naruto had appeared in front of him with his hands ending a sequence of seals. As he finished a large blue torrent of lightning chakra shot from his mouth at blistering speed, crackling and tearing the earth to pieces as it shot towards him.

'This is going to hurt, a lot' Orochimaru thought as he ground his teeth together, resigning himself to getting hit.

The next moment was a blisteringly painful moment of agony, as high level lighting coursed through his body. Burning his insides to nothing but blackness, shattering bones and destroying organs. His nerve receptors picked nothing up except extreme heat and pain as they send back the data to the brain, making him almost scream in pain. Almost, he managed to restrain himself at the last moment, but still groaned out the pain.

As the lightning stopped running a circuit throughout his body and left his system, Orochimaru sigh in relief. That technique was far more powerful than it should have been, no Genin had that amount of elemental control, but he had been able to handle it, if only barely.

Looking to his left, he saw the ANBU arrive, numbering in the twenties. Orochimaru bit back a curse as he knew he no longer had the chance to mark Sasuke, but resolved to do it later. Sasuke would fall to the sway of his power, he would join him of his on free will. That or he'd be forced to come along anyway, he'd just prefer a willing servant to a forced one. But beggars couldn't be choosers.

"Orochimaru" one of the ANBU said as she steeped forward, her purple hair swaying behind the cat mask she wore. "For crimes against Konoha and humanity, you are under arrest. You will be taken to court and judged for you crimes. Will you come quietly?" She informed him as he looked up at her.

"Ha, don't make me laugh" he spat, deciding it was time to leave and slowly began to merge with the trees. The ANBU agent went to grab him, but was too late. "Until next time, Sasuke. You will want my power, you will seek me out" He said looking Sasuke in the eyes, before fading into the tree.

"Dammit!" the purple haired ANBU shouted angrily before punching the tree in frustration. "We practically had him, what the hell was that escape Jutsu!? URG!" She screamed, punching the tree again.

"Commander, what should we do?" another ANBU asked as he stepped forward, a dog mask on.

"Dog, you report Orochimaru's escape to Hokage-sama. Inu, Tori, heal the Uchiha and the girl, I'll heal the blonde and get the details" She ordered, and with a wave of her hand, they all disappeared apart from two others.

*** Flashback End ***

Shortly after ANBU's, in Naruto opinion, late arrival, he had quickly filled them in, along with Sasuke, Sakura and Neko (Who refused to leave for some reason, damnable cat). The questions asked had been things like, When did he appear? Did he have any help? How could they verify it was Orochimaru? How did they survive the fight? What was his goal? And – What exactly had he said? All reasonable and sensible questions. Naruto had answered them thus. He had attacked around an hour into the exam. He was alone. He used the snake summons, the corpse was located off to their right – and several other directions, what with it being blown to pieces. He then explained the fight in detail. His goal seemed to be getting into Sasuke's pants. Many things about interest, impressiveness, Sasuke's body and about him being a fan boy. All answers were given with a serious face, but he couldn't help but to snicker when the ANBU agent sent him a masked glare before leaving. He might not prank ANBU anymore, but he could still have his fun.

Although he joked around, he did actually supply them with all the relevant and correct information, he was that much of a jackass to potentially wound Konoha. But, he also had to question ANBU's work ethic, they had taken forever to actually show up. Seriously, who the hell lets an S-rank missing nin into their village and then fails to locate them for three days. Village elite, pff, he should be elite, after all he found Orochimaru quicker, even if it wasn't by choice. And if it was something he would vow never to go through again.

Afterwards he had continued to think about Orochimaru. Why was he there? Apparently he wanted Sasuke's body. And although he joked, he knew Orochimaru never meant it sexually, he was there for the Sharingan. Why did he want it? It didn't matter, a Sannin with crimes against humanity would surely put it to some evil and twisted use. Probably involving Konoha. That had also lead him to believe the Chunin Exam and Orochimaru's appearance were no coincidence. Every which way he thought about it after that, he could only come up with one thought, Konoha was in danger. A disturbing thought, but he kept trying to pull any relevance from what was said. Any information he could give the old coot in the tower would be vital, but he just kept pulling up blanks. So, he decided to focus on his current situation.

They were following the river that would lead them to the tower, and were roughly half an hour away. Sasuke, him and Sakura were fine, but sporting low chakra. The ANBU had healed any injuries and boosted some of their chakra, but wouldn't give them too much, so that they weren't seen as favouring their Genin over others. Useless masked bastards, first they show up late, then they refuse to give them the chakra they used against someone ANBU should have taken care of. But moving on from that, Naruto was irked to find Neko running being them, his large paws making a small boom as he ran.

"Neko! Why the hell don't you go home?" Naruto asked/shouted over his shoulder. The amount of noise the cat, ridiculously large animal, made as he ran would bring half the contestants down on them aswell as the wildlife.

Neko looked up above himself to see Naruto tree hopping, he only had to look up a fraction as he was huge himself, his tongue lolling out of his mouth as he ran. "When Shi-sama, the queen of the Wild Cats, found out we had a new summoner, she ordered us all to tell you something if we were summoned, Neko" he called back to Naruto.

"And what was that?" Naruto asked as he now looked at his summons in interest, all the while leaping from tree to tree without paying attention. If the Queen of his summons, or queen of anywhere for that matter, wanted to tell him something, why should he not hear it? Of course he wasn't expecting the reply.

Neko looked away in embarrassment. "I forgot, Neko" he mumbled in his booming voice, so Naruto heard clearly enough and nearly face vaulted from thirty feet in the air, but restrained himself.

"What?! How the hell did you forget?!" Naruto spluttered. How the hell did that stupid cat manage to forget an order from his own queen, that took a special kind of ridiculous to accomplish. And obviously it was his summons that did it.

"Nice summons you got there, dobe" Sasuke said sarcastically with a smirk on his face.

"Great, now the bastard is mocking me. You better have a good reason for forgetting, Neko, or so help me" Naruto started shouting angrily, but was surprised when Neko suddenly disappeared in a large puff of smoke. Blinking a few times, he looked around to make sure that Neko had gone. "That useless son of a bitch just disappeared so he didn't receive the lecture he deserved, when I get my hands on him I will make him beg for mercy" Naruto growled angrily with a tick mark forming on his forehead. Of all the possible summons to get, he got a lion with a speech tick, stupidity to a new level and had managed to annoy Sakura for him. He'd kill that overgrown cat when he found him, he vowed it.

By this time though, Sasuke was actually laughing. "Nice one, dobe. That was actually hilarious, this was that awesome jutsu that just added to your awesomeness, right" Sasuke asked sarcastically once he'd managed to stop laughing. "More like added to a list of 'Stupidity and idiocy', priceless".

Naruto was red with fury, not only had Neko done all those things, he'd actually managed to make Sasuke laugh, laugh!, at him. Damnable cat! Naruto was about to begin a series of insults in Sasuke's direction, but stopped when he saw the entrance to the tower. They had made it! Not in the time they should have, but three and a half hours still wasn't bad. And now they could finally move on to the next phase, maybe he'd get lucky and have to fight Sasuke. Who knew. It didn't really matter though, all Naruto was going to do was sleep like the dead for the next five days.

"Well, dobe, it looks like we're there" Sasuke said as he looked at the doors to the tower.

"Yeah, I just wanna get some sleep though" Naruto said with a small yawn, Orochimaru's battle still affecting him in the need for sleep.

"I think we all do, now lets actually go inside rather than stare the doors down" Sakura huffed as she walked towards the door, obviously still pissed at Naruto. He could only begin to imagine how badly the mood tantrums of Hers were gonna be.

Sighing, Naruto resigned himself to the inevitable fate, promising retribution on his feline summons for this injustice, and followed his team to the tower.

'Damn you Neko, I swear you'll pay...'

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