" Andrea, it is completely okay, I need to do something while I am still searching for a job. " I tell my friend Andrea who has a fever and can't go to work today. What's better for someone like me ( with working experience : waitress ) to be the personal assistent of one of the most successful businessmen these days? I can't let this chance slip out of my fingers, I need to do this for Andrea and maybe I can get a job ,too, in that company. What would be better than to work together with Andrea, to finally have enough money to afford things she can afford?

I quickly take a shower and dry my hair after. I pick my black pencil skirt and a white ruffled blouse. I look at myself at the mirror.

" Anastasia Steele, this day has to change your life. " I say to myself and remember I had to apply some makeup. What if I like Andrea's boss? What if he likes me too? Oh, keep dreaming Steele, if he isn't together with her you have no chance . Look at yourself - your hair is not blond and shiny as Andrea's , your legs grow from your hips, unfortunately, your choice in what to wear is not elegant and sexy as men like he would like.

" Keep dreaming.. " I silently say to myself.

Okay, whatever. I need to look good enough to make him like me as a potential employee. I check myself at the mirror for the final time as I have applied my makeup and I am ready to go. I take my old Beetle's keys and my purse. As I get in the car I dial Andrea's number. I hear coughing then she finally says hello.

" Ana, is everything alright? " I hear her say.

" Yes , sure.. Just wanted to let you know I am on my way, do they know I am coming not you? "
I ask, starting to realise that maybe I don't even get a chance to get in the building,maybe they throw me out before I even have a chance to meet the famous businessman.

" Of course, I called everyone , just tell them your name. Ana, the doctor is knocking on the door, I have to go. " I hear Andrea say and then the phone starts beeping.

I make it to the huge building just in time, it is 8:00 in the morning and I am stepping out of my car, walking in the skyscraper building.

" Anastasia Steele. " I tell the security guy who asks me what I am doing here.

" This way. " The man leads me to the lift. " It will take you directly to Mr. Grey's office. " He says and the door closes.

After a minute I am stepping out of the lift, into a huge white room that has a desk which might be Andrea's and there are couches and a table. It looks like a waiting room.

" Anastasia Steele? "

Suddenly, a man about his forties approaches me. Shit, Andrea said he was young I thought.

" Yes, but you can call me just Ana, Mr. Grey. " I smile but he doesn't seem to smile too.

" Mr. Grey is in his cabinet, my name is Taylor. He would like to have a black coffee, there is the kitchen. " That's it? I look at the direction Taylor showed me and quickly go in and search for what I need to make a coffee. Oh, of course there is a coffeemaker! I take a cup and put it under the coffeemaker. Shit! I don't even know what kind of coffee this man likes. I quickly search for my phone hoping Andrea is available to talk.

" Andrea, what kind of coffee this man drinks? " I ask but the answer doesn't come from Andrea.

" Simply black and strong. " I look at the man whose voice I just heard. He is tall, his hair looks messy but in the good way, he is wearing a grey suit, holy crap - he is so handsome! I hang up Andrea and look at the man again as he speaks.

" I was just wondering what takes so long for you to make my coffee. " He said smirking.

" Oh, I am very sorry Mr. Grey. " I want to kill myself. What is the chance he wants me to work for him if I don't even know what coffee he drinks. I should had asked Andrea!

" Let me. " He says and presses a button and the machine starts making noises as the cup gets filled.
" How is Andrea? " He asks.

" She had a doctor come over. I don't know what he said though. " I say realising he wants Andrea back. It's been five minutes and I have fucked everything!

" And what would you like to drink? " What? I thought we were talking about Andrea. What I want to drink? Fuck, I thought I am the one who has to make drinks.

" I thought it was my job to do it, Mr. Grey. " I say, taking another cup but he just takes it from my hands.

" Well , Anastasia, let me make you something and then we could talk about what's going to be your job today. " He says strictly and I give up.

" Black tea. " I say starting to want this day to end. He takes a tea bag from a drawer and fills the cup with hot water. I hate this awkward silence.

" Please follow me. " He says taking the cups and walking out of the little kitchen,to probably his office.
He opens the door of a huge office . In the middle there is a working table, there are bookshelves,a couch, many things that might be stolen from Louvre. God, this is probably the most expensive place I've ever been in.

He sits down placing his cup beside him and mine in from of him. I sit down and place my hands in my lap.

" I would like to start working if you don't mind, Mr. Grey. " I say hoping he will just let me answer some calls and do this stupid stuff.

" Do you even know what you have to do, Miss Steele? " He asks and my stupid brain realizes that I don't know. Fuck.

" I guess answer phone calls, get you some lunch,more coffee.. " I murmur and he laughs.

" It looks like you believe in stereotypes. " He says. My face turns red. Can't he just tell me what to do?

" I am sorry.. "

" Well, actually you are quite right. " He says and I feel beter. " My organiser is at Andrea's desk, you will have to just let me do what's written there. And don't interrupt me with business calls unless they are an emergency,I know my business well enought to decide what I want to do first. If my family is calling , connect me. Unless it's Mia who wants to go shopping. "

" Girlfriend? " We both freeze and I realise what I just said. Fuck,fuck,fuck! What was I thinking - why did I ask him this!

" I don't do girlfriends, Anastasia. She is my sister. " I got it!

" I understand what you mean, in fact , I think gays are - "

" What? " Shit. Again! Now he looks angry. Maybe he is not a gay? " I don't feel like I should tell you this, but I am not attracted to men that way. I find women attractive, some even very. " I could bet all I have he doesn't find me attractive.

" I am sorry, Mr. Grey. " I say shyly and take a sip from my tea.

" I think you could start working. " He says. Thank you God! I stand up and take my cup of tea.

" Please make me another coffee, this time with milk. " He says and I leave the room. As I close the door I almost run to the kitchen. I have ruined so much, I need to be perfect from now. I make the coffee and I am walking in his office . Fuck - he is on phone ! I should have knocked. With all the thoughts the worst happens. I am falling on my back and the coffee is all over my white blouse. Not even a second after Mr. Grey is on his knees looking at me , it looks like he is worried.

" Are you alright Anastasia? " He asks ,helping me stand up. No, I am not alright, the coffee was kinda hot and then I realise that my breasts .. are kinda visible. And what's the worst - he is staring at them.

" Yes, thank you. I am very sorry for your coffee , I will make you another. " I say wanting to leave to go to the toilet, to do something to look better.

" Taylor! " He yells and the man I met earlier comes in. " I want you to get some clothes for Anastasia. " He says and Taylor leaves.

" You didn't have to do it, I am okay. "

" Well, I don't want my business partners see my personal assistent and think I pay her so little she can't even afford clean clothes. " Fantastic, now this man is ashamed of me. Can't Andrea get better right now?

" I'm sorry, I will get back in a few minutes with your coffee. " I murmur and leave to make a new coffee. I hate this day.

An hour has passed and Christian Grey is in a meeting with some partner. I sit there not doing anything. I wonder if Andrea really does only this? No, definitely no. He most likely is just afraid to let me do anything - I will mess it up. I hear the lift door open and Taylor is there with a Chanel bag.


" Mr. Grey told me to buy you a full outfit. " Taylor hangs me the bag.

" Thank you. " I manage to say and Taylor has left. I look inside the bag - holy crap! There is not a blouse! There is a blue dress with matching high heeled shoes and a purse. I check the prices. 2,480 $ . There is no fucking way I can pay price like that for a dress. Lucky for me, the man Christian just had a meeting with is out of the door.

" Will you lead Mr. Casigney out, Anastasia? " Christian asks and I immediately show the way out the man. When he is in the lift I walk to Andrea's desk, take the Chanel bag and walk to Christian's office. I knock on the door.

" Come in. " He says and I open the door and walk in.

How to say this?

" Mr. Grey I really like Taylor's choice in fashion but I am afraid I won't be able to afford it. " I say feeling ashamed. But not everyone's a fucking billionare!

" Anastasia, you don't have to pay me anything. "

" But I can't accept something so expensive. And, I only got my blouse ruined, I don't understand why would I need a new pair of shoes and a purse.. "

" I want to take you out for lunch, Anastasia. And I want you to wear this, I want women like you only wear things like that. " What? Is he going to decide what I need to wear? Is he my dad?

" I really like the things but they are too expensive for me to take them. " I say wanting to leave the bag on his table but he speaks again.

" Let's pretend this is an order. I want you to take this bag, go to the toilet, or you can even use my bathroom ,it has a shower. Then, I want you to change into this outfit and accompany me on my lunch later. Clear? " Fuck, he sounded so.. so bossy. I nod.
" Let me show you the shower. " He says and walks me to a huge bathroom. " You can use everything that is here. " He smiles before leaves and closes the door after him.

I step out of my skirt and unbutton my blouse. I let my panties and bra fall on the floor as I get in the shower. The water is warm and it feels very good to be clean again.

When I'm finished, I take one of the towels and dry myself. The towel smells very good, probably like Christian. I wonder what he meant with 'I don't do girlfriends. ' Maybe he has a wife? I take out the dress of the bag and realise that there is also a new set of underwear. Oh God, it's silk. It feels so good on my skin. I put on the lacey thong and bra and then take the dress. It is so beautiful. I put it on and the take the shoes. Holy cow - how did he manage to get my shoe size! I look at myself at the huge mirror. I don't think I have ever been dressed so well. I take the new purse out and put my old clothes in the bag. I check myself again and then walk out of the bathroom.

" Looking very well, Anastasia. " I hear Christian say from the hallway. Has he been waiting for me to come out?

" Thank you. " I shyly say. I am blushing,crap!

" Ready for lunch? " I hear Christian say as he walks to my, or Andrea's , desk.

" You don't have to do it. I can just buy myself something.. " I say ,looking at the ground.

" I want to. " I hear him say and take the new purse and follow him to the lift.

On our way down we both are silent. I wonder why he is looking so weird at me, maybe there is something wrong with my hair or face?

We arrive at the first floor and I follow Christian out. A black Audi stops in front of us and Christian opens the door for me. I get in and see Taylor is driving the car.

" Mr. Grey, Miss Steele, where can I drive you? " Taylor asks.

" To my club. We have a lunch arranged there. " What? He owns a club too? Wow..

After twenty minutes of hearing Christian and Taylor talk about some investor, we arrive at a nice bar. Christian gets out and opens the door for me. He takes my hand and leads me in the place. A waitress leads us to a private dining room. He releases my hand when we sit down.

" I already ordered, I hope you don't mind. "

" Oh, it is okay. " I say. It is not okay. What is this room? Why does he want us to eat in a private didning room? Why does he want to have a lunch with me?

" So Anastasia.. "

" You can call me Ana. "

" Ana.. " He smirks. I am irritated!

" Is there anything funny? " I ask sarcastically. I hope I am allowed to do it.

" Maybe. " He says. Is he flirting?

" Well, I would like to hear the joke too. " I say.

" I thought if I want to or not want to give this back to you.. " He tooks out something from his pocket. What's that? It is wrapped as a present and he hands it to me. I didn't forget anything at the office,did I?

Unfortunately, I did.

My face turns red. I want to die, I want to get out of America. There is no way I am going to have job at his company. Ever.

" You fogot those at the bathroom. " And he had to wrap my panties as a present!? And what did he mean with the 'to or not to give this back' ?

" I'm glad you decided to give them back to me though. " I say hoping to turn this out as a joke.

" It was a hard decision, Miss Steele. " He says,smirking. Yes - he is flirting!

" Well, you did the right thing. " A waitress comes in with a bottle of wine and two glasses.

" Wine? " Christian asks as she has left. Wine? Really? I am at work!

" I am not sure my boss will be happy about this. " I say. I want the wine. I could drink the whole bottle now.

" He said it was okay. " Christian laughs and fills the glasses.

" To our cooperation. " He says before we cling them. What did he mean with this?

After three amazing courses, talking with him about books,music,we are heading back to work. This day maybe wasn't that bad after all. Sure, I didn't even mention that I was searching for a job - he wouldn't give me even a job as a warehouse employee. We are back and he opens the door again for me.

" I had a great time today, but I don't think you need to work today anymore. " Yes, he doesn't even want me to finish this day.

" Oh, okay. Thank you for everything, Mr. Grey. If something happens again I will be willing to help. " Oh,definitely he would call me.

" Thank you, Ana. " He says and takes my hand. He kissed it! I am blushing again.

" Bye.. " I say walking to my car. This was an interesting day. A really interesting day.

Yeah,this is it. English is not my native language so sorry for the mistakes! I have an idea for a story, so shall I continue this? :)))