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" Tea, you say? " Christian asks me as Gail hands me the hot drink.

" Black tea. " I answer, smiling.

" I will take you to work , okay? " Christian tells me as we eat the breakfast.

" I don't have any clothes here, I should change. " I say, looking at the outfit I am wearing now - Christian's shirt that barely covers my ass. Of course I have the dress I wore yesterday but I don't feel like wearing it to the work. I would get fired for it, I think.

" Taylor got you jeans and a blouse. " When? It is early morning! How?

" Christian, why are you doing this for me? " I was like a bitch to him. I rejected him, I played my games, why does he still like me?

" Because I want you to be my girlfriend. I have never said something like this to any girl, but I am one hundred per cent sure about this. " I blink at him as he says he wants me to be his girlfriend. He is too sweet, too good. And since I know what he actually likes.. It is impossible he likes me, but I want to believe it actually.

" I will wear what you have got for me. " I say and give his hand a squeeze.

" Good. " He says as he takes a sip of his coffee. " Ready to leave in ten? I have a meeting I need to prepare for. "

" Thank you. " I say as I give him a peck on his lips and get out of the car. My workday can start. I get in the shop and go to change into the t-shirt with the shop's logo. I get in the toilets and take off my blouse which is very beautiful. I put on the t-shirt and go back to the staff room. I take my phone with me and I am ready to start working since the shop should be open already.

" Ana, you were looking good this morning. " James, my colleague tells me.

" Thank you. " I give him a smile. I wonder how I look that good after the last night. Everything that happened with Jose,with Christian.. I spend all my day thinking about him. Am I ready for this? Ready to replace what he had before?

But why not? I like him, I am young, single. Why can't we try?

Just as I get bored from no clients before the closing, I feel someone's arms on my waist.

" Hello. " Christian whispers in my ear, making me look around everywhere. I wonder why he seems to not give a fuck if someone sees us.

" Hi. " I tell him , bringing him in a hug.

" Have you finished? " He asks me looking around everywhere, noticing that there are like no people in the shop.

" Twenty minutes. "

" Can't you go now? " He asks, kissing my hair. Oh, I want to get out of here now.

" Wait here. " I tell him as I get away from him and walk to James.

" James , I wanted to ask if maybe if there are almost no clients, I could go right now? " I was working after the end of work last week, why couldn't I go now? There are three more people here who do the same as I.

" Sure thing, Ana. Will you go out with us tomorrow night? " Okay, I could do it I think.

" Yes, see you tomorrow! " I say and get to the staff room and change . After ten minutes I am back to Christian who seems to be enjoying some book.

" Ready to go? " He asks me taking my hand.

" Where? "

" To my place, we will have dinner there. " He tells me as we walk out of the shop together. Of course I am ready.

" Really? " I ask him laughing.

" Yes, we needed to get a translator but everything went very good after that. " He finishes his story about Chinese business partner who thought everyone would understand and speak Chinese here.

" Sounds funny. "

" Yeah, sometimes my business can be funny but usually it is stressful and hard. How was your day? " Shall I tell him I spent it thinking about him?

" There was an old lady who wanted to give her grandson a present. She had heard Twilight Saga was popular but I convinced her this might be not the very best idea. " I say, laughing. I take the last bite of the dessert and I finish my glass of wine, too. Amazing dinner, I have to say. The meals, the company.

" Thanks for coming tonight. "

" Thanks for inviting. " I shyly say.

" Will you stay for the night? " Will I? Want I? Yes.

" Do you want me to? " I ask, biting my lip. He grins at me.

" Yes. I want you to. " He stands up walking to me and taking my hand. " Follow me. " He says and leads us to his bedroom. " I want you to sleep with me tonight. "

" Me too. " I say after looking into his eyes for a moment. He cups my face in his hands and gives me a long, loving kiss. He wraps his arms around my body, while mine travel to his hair.

" I want you. " I want him, too.

" Then take me. " I might be way too confident for my first time but I pull my blouse over my shoulders and let it fall on the floor. I step out of my jeans and lie on his huge bed.

He hovers over me, trailing kisses over my body.

" Ana, you smell so good. " He says between kissing my shoulders. He starts moving to my breasts and I softly moan as his lips touch them. He unhooks my bra and tosses it over the room, and cups my breasts, sucking on my left nipple.

" Oh, Christian.. " I groan in pleasure as he bites it.

If I had known this would be so good..

" You. Are. The. Most. Beautiful. Woman. " He says, making his way to my sex and taking off my panties.

" Sweet God.. " I moan as he slides a finger into me, moving it in and out of me.

" Come,baby. " He says and gives my breasts more kisses. It all makes me come, I end up panting on his bed.

" Christian.. " I say and bring his head to me so I can kiss him. " That was amazing. "

" I am glad I am the one who makes you feel this now. " He laughs, giving me another kiss.

" You are the only one who has ever made me feel like this. " I say, now not sure what he is going to say.

" What did you mean? "

" I am a virgin. "

" Ana, oh, I didn't know.. Look , we can stop now. " He says , seriously looking at me. And the thought of stopping pops into my head and fades away.

" Don't stop. " I say and bring his lips for a kiss. He continues doing what he had started. He slowly kisses my neck as I get him out of his pants.

" Ana , ohh. " He groans as my fingers touch him through his boxers. He is so.. How that is going to fit in me?

" Christian.. " I moan, taking off his boxers and setting his erection free. His hands leave my breasts to take the condom from his nightstand . He rips the foil packet open and slides the condom on his hard on.

The big moment, Anastasia.

" You sure about this? " He asks me one more time, positioning himself between my legs. And even though there are so many strange things about him, I am sure.

" Yes. " I nod and he takes my answer. He slowly fills me , making me moan from both the pleasure and the pain.

" Ana, you feel so good.. " He says, moving in and out of me.

" Oh God.. " I groan as I feel how good it actually feels.

" Anastasia, you feel so tight, Ana. " He starts moving faster but I don't complain. It feels so good.

" Christian.. " My moans get louder as I start to feel myself building up from the pleasure.

" Ana, come with me. " He says, kissing me between the words. We both start breathing even harder and very soon we find our release together.

" Oh, that was very good. " He says, still inside of me and holding me.

" Amazing. " I say and press my naked body into his, giving him another kiss.

" I say one more time, I am going in. " I hear a woman's voice . It seems she is coming to Christian's room. I cover myself with the white sheets and try to wake Christian up.

" Ana, what's - "

" Christian? " The woman asks looking at him and then at me.

" Mom, can you please wait outside? " He asks, looking at himself and happily sighing when he sees he is covered.

" I give you two five minutes. " She says and gets out of the room. We both immediately get out of the bed and search for our clothes.

" Where is my blouse? " I search for it but don't succeed.

" Take this. " He gives me a t-shirt and I put it on.

" Ready? " Well, I don't think I could be more ready. We both exit the room and the lady is waiting for us.

" Well.. " She says, staring at us.

" Mom, this is Anastasia, my.. " Mom? She looks surprisingly good. Oh God, I am meeting his mother.

" Girlfriend. " I finish the sentence, earning a smile from Christian. He wanted this, And I kinda want it too.

" I didn't know my son had a girlfriend. " The lady laughs.

" Ana, this is my mom, Grace. " Christian finally really introduces us two. She gives me a hug which is a bit awkward since I am wearing only my panties and Christian's shirt.

" I am sorry for disturbing you, I just wanted to meet my son for breakfast. "

" It is no problem, I should actually get to work. " I laugh. Shit, what time it is?

" Honey, you can stay. " She gives me a smile. " I would love to get to know about you. "

" I would love it too but I am afraid my boss wouldn't appreciate it. " I sigh, turning to Christian. " I will change , okay? "

" Sure, I will get you some breakfast. "

" You were late this morning, I had to lie to the boss this morning. " James tells me as we all walk to the bar. It turns out every month the staff goes out for a few drinks after work.

" I am sorry, I kinda overslept and yeah.. "

" Just better don't be late anymore. " Oh God, can't he stop complaining?

" Okay. " I say, walking in the bar. This is going to be quite boring. I hear my phone ringing and I am very happy to see it is Christian. Since the awkward meeting with his mom, we haven't spoken.

" Hey. " I say as I answer his call.

" Hello. Busy? " He asks. I look around and see that everyone's lost in their conversations so I tell him the truth.

" Bored. What about you? "

" Want me to entertain you? " He asks, and I can tell he is smirking.

" Wanna come here? "

" Just text me where. "

" You are my God. " I laugh.

" Can't wait to see you. "

I text him the address and as I put the phone away James is here again.

" Beer? " He hands me a bottle which I take.

" Thank you. " I say, taking a sip.

" How do you like working here, Ana? "

" I really enjoy it, it is such a great place to work at. "

" I am glad you like it here. Everyone loves you. "

" Oh, thanks. I really like everyone too. " Yeah, everyone's sweet and friendly. But maybe this is not the exact way I want to spend this evening.

We keep talking about the bookshop and staff until he asks me something I hadn't expected.

" You know, would you like to go out with me sometime? " I want to answer but suddenly my eyes are glued to Christian who has entered the bar and walks to me.

" See.. " I sigh as I notice Christian is almost here.

" Ana. " He finally gets to me and gives me a kiss on my cheek.

" Holy cow, are you Christian Grey? " What's better than James asking Christian this?

" Yeah, I think so. " He laughs and shakes his hand.

" Christian, this is James, my colleague, James this is Christian , my - "

" Boyfriend. " And as if he knew he finishes the sentence. It is just like this morning when I said I was his girlfriend. I actually like my boyfriend and his want to control things.

" Boyfriend.. " James sighs as Christian wraps an arm around me causing now everyone to stare at us.

" Having fun? You look tired though. " Christian says , looking at me. I am not very tired but I don't want to stay here actually.

" Yeah, it was a hard week. " I lie.

" Maybe we should go? " He asks knowing I would love to get out of here.

" Maybe you are right. " I laugh and tell everyone goodbye before walking out of the bar with Christian.

" Thank you so much. " I give him a kiss as we are out.

" You are welcome. " He says and gets us to his car. " Now I just want a bath and some sleep. " I say as we get in.

" I guess I should get you to your place then. " He sighs.

" I guess so. "

" To Anastasia's, Taylor. " He says and I bring myself into his lap to make him happier. Who thought I would be making out with him in the back of his car?

" Mmmm.. " I moan as he cups my ass through my jeans.

" Ana.. " He is kinda turned on too and I can feel it.

The car stops.

Screw this!

" I thought you wanted something else.. " He smirks as I take his hand and get us out of the car.

" Are you not okay with the change of my plans? " I laugh and kiss him another time, leading him to the door.

" Don't you have a roommate? " He asks me as I unlock the door.

" She is out tonight. " We get in and I jump in his arms, kissing him harder. His hands rest on my butt and I start unbuttoning his shirt as he pushes me against a wall.

" Ana? " We both look at the source of the sound. " Oh, Mr. grey.. " He puts me on the ground and buttons his shirt back, I straighten up my blouse .

" Andrea, I thought you were out with Kate.. " And then Kate appears at the door of her room.

" Plans changed, I am very sorry I disturbed you.. " Her cheeks are as red as the tomatoes I ate today at lunch.

" I guess I will go. " Christian says and I lead him out.

" I am sorry, they had to be partying somewhere. " I say as he is about to get out.

" It's okay. I hope I will see you sometime soon though. " He gives me a smirk before kissing me.

" Call me tomorrow. " I say before he leaves.

I get back to the living room and Kate is comforting Andrea who is crying.

" He will fire me, fuck! "

" Andrea, he won't fire you. " Kate says to calm her down.

" I saw him like about to have sex! "

" Hey, he won't fire you, I won't let him even if he wanted. " I join the conversation.

" Oh, look who is here. " Kate laughs.

" I am sorry, I just thought you two would be away. "

" Well, we should be sorry we didn't go anywhere. So you two are together? " Kate asks me, I think she deserves a true answer.

But I don't know it yet.

We are together, aren't we? But how serious we are?

" Probably. " I giggle saying this.

But now I would better say hopefully. Hopefully we really are together.