Animals Assemble

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One more thing, since I briefly explain how I got the idea for the chapter. Captain's from an earlier time than everyone else so he knows more history. My cats don't do this; they hate when I do homework. But it works.

Chapter 3: Homework Buddy

The yellow Labrador stared in interest at the large book on his human's lap. On the cover- the only part he could actually see- were pictures of sculptures and a giant, triangular building. He couldn't read the words on the cover, but whatever the book was about had the human's full attention. He nudged his owner's knee with his nose, causing her to look up at him with a raised eyebrow. He stood on his hind legs and placed his front paws on the leg supporting the book in an attempt to see its contents. The girl laughed and patted her other leg- the one that didn't have a text book on it- as a gesture for her dog to join her. The Lab's curiosity got the better of him and he leapt rather gracelessly onto her lap. He circled the small space next to the human's leg a few times before plopping down and resting his front paws on her thigh. He leaned in close to the book, intrigued by the seemingly endless line of words. The girl watched her dog's expression and decided to read aloud.

"'Egyptians believed that their king ruled even after his death. He had an eternal life force, or ka, which continued to take part in the governing of Egypt.'" the teenager read, adding, "You really like this stuff, don't you, Captain?"

The Lab gave a bark of approval, his tail whipping back and forth on the blanket beneath him. He nudged the page with his nose, trying to tell the human to keep reading. The girl laughed and complied.

"'Since kings expected to reign forever, their tombs were even more important than their palaces. For the kings of the Old Kingdom, the resting place after death was an immense structure called a pyramid.'"(1) She paused to turn to the cover of the book and pointed to the giant, triangular building that Captain had looked at before. "That's a pyramid."

Captain barked again, enjoying the lessons. He had learned what history was and had taken a severe liking to it. He enjoyed hearing about the past and all the things that happened, even if he didn't really understand any of it. But this pyramid thing looked really cool, and though he wasn't quite sure what an Egyptian was, it sounded cool, too.

The human girl laughed again at the incredibly contented look upon her dog's face. She didn't even know dogs could look so happy.

"If you think pyramids are cool, you should let me tell you about the mummification process."

(1) I got all of this from my history text book, word for word - World History: Patterns of Interaction.

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1. Mysterious Disappearances

2. Disappearing Accessories