A/N: Hey! I thought I'd try my hand at writing some AngiexJulia stories and what better way to do that than an iPod challenge!?

Rules: 1) Pick your favorite pairing.

2) put your ipod on shuffle
3) write a story based on each song that plays. You only have as long as the song to complete your story!

4) have fun :)

In the dark Birthday Massacre

She was slipping away, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. She wasn't the same Julia that I had fallen in love with. What happened? She was never there anymore. Even when we were together, she wasn't there. I don't mean mentally, though. She was just... She wasn't the same... It was like trying to hold on to sand. No matter how hard you try, you just can't hold on...

Last Friday night. Katy perry

What happened last night? Oh my god, my head... Fuck.
I looked over to my side and saw her laying there. Double fuck... Memories of last night came rushing back. Meeting Angelique at the bar. Leaving the bar... Going back to the house... I laughed to myself. It hadn't been that bad of a night at all. It was actually quite fun. I wonder if she remembers any of it?


"Hm...?" She opened her eyes and looked up at me and smiled.

I kissed a girl Katy perry

What just happened? No... I didn't just do that...

I did... And I wanted to do it again...

I leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on Angelique's lips. The were soft and tasted of cherry Chapstick.

This feels wrong... But it feels right... It's got to be the alcohol talking... Why can't I stop kissing her? Someone stop me. This is just wrong.

I wrapped my arms around Angelique's neck and pulled her closer.

Teenage dream Katy perry

I feel... Happy... When I'm with her. And I feel loved... Something I haven't felt in... I've never felt this way. Not really. But Angelique... She makes me feel this way. She makes me happy and more secure about myself. She's like my missing piece. I feel complete when I'm with her. I... I think I love her... I've never felt this way with about anybody else before...

Smile Lilly Allen

"Julia, I'm so sorry." I just smiled. It was amusing watching someone who I had thought to have been so powerful, crumble at my feet.

"I don't care," I said, still smiling. Smiling because she knew how I felt. She knows what I went through when she left.

Love the way you lie Eminem

I put my hand up the my stinging, and now cracked, cheek. Coming home late from work and finding Julia drunk, I had expected her to start questioning me. It had become a regular thing now, it seemed. But... For her to hit me... I never expected her to do that. Not in a million years. I ran upstairs and started throwing clothes into a suitcase. As I made my way downstairs, I saw Julia standing in front of the door.

"You're not leaving me," she said. There was a twisted kind of smile spread across her face. What was she doing?

I saw her take out a pack of matches from her pocket and light one. I watched in horror as the match fell and the two of us became engulfed in the flames.

It only hurts when I breathe Shania twain

Dear Julia,
Hi... How are you? I'm doing well... I've finally moved on... I'm actually doing really well. I mean, it still hurts, but... Only when I breathe... But don't worry about me. I'm fine. I hope you are too. I hope that you're happy with whoever you're with. That's all I've ever wanted, you to be happy. I just wish I had been the one to make you feel that way... But I'll get over it... I'll just... Hold my breath...