A week or two ago I watched the iCarly finale episode. I'm not sure if any of you saw it. But it was a good show, my all time favorite. I got all teary eyed at the end. I just love it! And it inspired me to work on this. It's time for the Tamers to say their final goodbyes to each other. Who knows? They might meet again. See who will hook up, who will cry, and who will go where. This might be a little emotional so get the tissues ready. But, I'm not good with making people cry so it probably won't be. I haven't written a Digimon fic in quite some time so I'm a bit rusty. Enjoy!


Summer is the season for fun, family time, and of course relaxation from school time. This was the Tamers first summer as high school graduates and they were all hanging out in Shinjuku Park to reminisce. Well, most of them were there at least.

"This is going to be so great, all of us going on to the same college and hanging out like the adults we are in just a few more days!" cheered Kazu.

"Let me guess, the first thing you're going to do is go to a stripper club since you are now officially eighteen and you don't have to use the fake ID supplied to you by some sleazy guy from the prison down your street" said Rika.

"Come on Rika, it's not a guy from prison that supplies him it. It's the hobo that lives near it" said Kenta.

"You're not helping me" grumbled Kazu.

"Hey, where's Henry, I haven't seen him all day" pointed out Takato. He had his arm around his girlfriend Jeri while they were both resting under a tree. Yes, that's right, the two of them officially became a couple a few years ago when Takato gained enough guts to ask her out.

"He called and said he was going to be late" said Rika.

"Of course he would call Rika" Kazu grinned.

"Don't imply anything, we're just really good friends, that's all" said Rika.

"Right sure, whatever"

As the group of friends talked to each other, Henry slowly walked over to them. He definitely did not seem as good a mood as the rest of them.

"There's Shinjuku high's valedictorian and ex-student body president!" said Kazu.

"Hey guys" Henry muttered.

"Henry, what's wrong?" asked Jeri.

"Yeah, come on buddy, we're going to be in college soon enough and then we can party like all night and maybe finally get you a girlfriend" said Kazu.

"Thanks guys, but there's something I have to tell you. It's really important and I should've told all of you a long time ago" said Henry.

"I knew it! You're gay and you had a crush on Takato!" accused Kazu.

Rika smashed his face in with the book she was reading. "He wasn't going to say that!"

"And how do you know that?" shouted back Kazu.

"We're talking about Henry here not Kenta!" yelled Rika.

"I'm right here" whined Kenta.

Kazu and Rika stood there yelling profanities at each other and everyone else sweat dropped.

"Guys, can we just let Henry talk?" said Takato, separating them.

The bickering duo finally stopped and looked over at Henry.

"Look…I'm not going to go to Tokyo University with you guys…I'm going to be studying abroad. In America…At Harvard University" said Henry reluctantly. "I know I should've told you guys when we got back our college acceptance letters but I just didn't have the heart to tell you guys"

Everyone else just stared at him in shock. They were all pretty much speechless and didn't know what to say. That is until Rika broke the silence.

The quick-tempered redhead turned around to hide her saddened expression. "We should've known, it's not like our genius Henry could ever go to the same college as our dimwit Kazu"

"I guess that's true…Hey!" said Kazu.

Rika knelt down and picked up her backpack. She shoved her book inside and stood up. "I have to go. See you guys later" With that she began to walk back towards her house.

"Rika, hold on" called Henry as he went after her.

The rest of them just watched them from their positions.

Henry ran to Rika right before she left the park and grabbed her arm from behind. "Rika, what's wrong?"

"…Nothing…I'm just tired of having people I love leave me. First my dad left when I was little and then Jeri when she started dating Takato. Don't get me wrong I'm happy for her; we just never get to hang out. And then it was Ryo…"

Ryo and Rika went out for a whole year before Ryo had to move to England with his father so he could concentrate on his studies. Apparently, Japan was just to full of distractions for Ryo to stay.

"I know you felt heartbroken when Ryo had to go but he still keeps in touch. Just like we will" said Henry.

"Henry…I lost my dad, my boyfriend, and now I'm going to lose you…My best friend…I'm not sure if I'll be able to take it" said Rika as tears began to fall.

"…Here…" Henry offered her a handkerchief and she wiped away her tears. "Listen Rika, I'm not going away forever…When I get back we can hang out like old times. Maybe even sooner like during Spring break"

"Thanks Henry…I'm glad to have you as my friend…But I'd like to go home now" said Rika.

"Sure…No problem…I'll talk to you tomorrow" sighed Henry.


Rika opened the door to her house and walked inside. As usual, it was empty, her mom was at some photo shoot and her grandmother was out grocery shopping. She sighed sadly as she looked around. It felt so empty. She walked into the kitchen and found the mail dumped on the kitchen table.

She picked it up and found the usual, bills, postcards, and an elderly home brochure sent for her grandmother. Before she threw back on the table however, something caught her eye. She noticed that there was a letter addressed to her. Recognizing the writing to be in English, she tore it open to read the contents.

With each word she felt her heartbeat quicken faster and faster. Finally she finished reading it and ran to her room. She stopped once she was inside. She looked at the photos of her father, Ryo, and of course the other Tamers. She sat down and buried her face into her knees. She began to cry.


Henry sighed as he opened the door to his apartment. After graduating, he planned on moving out soon but he never expected to move to America. He noticed how it looked so empty ever since his older siblings moved out. He scratched the back of his head as he walked into his room to find that almost everything was gone and inside the suitcases on the floor.

"So you're really going then?" asked a voice behind him.

He turned to see his little sister Suzie there. She was now thirteen years old, rather tall for her age, and she's become very pretty.

"Yeah, I am" he sighed. "And where were you? Out with Cody again?"

"Do you still not trust me with him? I'm thirteen years old, there's nothing wrong with me dating" said Suzie.

"I know it's just that he's fifteen, you're thirteen, and I'm just afraid you're going to make some mistake too early" said Henry.

"You need trust me. You're not going to be in my life forever so there must come a day where you have to trust me to make my own decisions and that I'll make the right ones" said Suzie.

Henry smiled and gave his little sister a hug. She returned the gesture. "I can't believe how much you've grown over the years. Feels like only yesterday you were crying about Lopmon" Henry chuckled.

"I still cry about her…I'll never forget her…By the way, even if Cody does something too early, I'll be sure to slap him" smiled Suzie.

Henry chuckled and patted her head. "I know you will"


"I'm back!" called Takato as he entered his family bakery.

"Ah Takato, come upstairs, your old art teacher is here to see you!" called back is father.

Takato wondered why his former art teacher was there but decided to shrug it off. He walked up the stairs to see and elderly old man sitting in the family room.

"Hi Hiraga-sensei, what are you doing here?" asked Takato. "Is something wrong?"

"No, no, nothing of the sort, I just have a very important message to give you" said his teacher.

"A message?" inquired Takato.

"Well you see, I recommended you to this prestigious art program in Arizona. It took a while but just yesterday I got back a letter saying that you've been accepted" said his teacher.

Takato sat there completely speechless. He shook his head and looked at his teacher nervously. "But in Arizona? But that's so far and I was already planning on spending the rest of my school years with my friends" said Takato.

"I know but I remember you telling me that you had big dreams of becoming an artist, this school will give you that chance. It's a once in a lifetime offer"

Takato sat there, fiddling with his fingers. He just stared at the floor in complete silence. "I just don't know…"

"Just think about it, if you change your mind, just call me" said his teacher as he stood up and left.

Takato waited until he was gone before standing and entering his room. He looked at the paintings and artworks on his walls. Many of them were beautiful, creative, and looked as if they were photos. He stared longest of one of him and his friends. They were all standing together with their partners by their side. It was titled 'Together Forever'.


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