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Alice still found it bizarre that she was moving to America. America. Of all places she moved to, she had to pick one in a different time zone, so it would be harder to talk to her family on the phone. There was the internet for that, but perhaps not speaking to her family all that often might help her clear her head.

But she didn't have a car, she had to take a cab to her new home, which was just outside Shreveport and near a place called Bon Temps, in the state of Louisiana. Alice wasn't entirely sure why she had chosen the little house there, but the house itself seemed nice enough when she went there a few months ago to look at it, and maybe the locals did too.

She thanked and paid the cab driver more than she should have, as he taken her to pick up the keys for her house, and got out of the vehicle, heading to the boot to get out her two suitcases and backpack. A little excited, Alice quickly went to the front door and fished the keys out of her pocket, opening the door to her new home. She left her luggage in the hallway and decided to tour round her home, trying to get used to it.

It wasn't too big and it wasn't too small. The downstairs area had a living room, kitchen and dining room and the upstairs had two fairly large bedrooms and a bathroom. To Alice, it was going to end up being the place of perfection.

A few pieces of furniture had been left behind, such as the sofa, the bed and wardrobe upstairs. Alice had only needed to pay a small amount extra for that, and it was only offered to her because the couple who had previous lived there knew she had been travelling from England. Now because she had travelled from England, her accent was quite entertaining for the cab driver, and to the woman at the check in desk, yet it was equally entertaining for Alice to hear the strong Southern accents they all had.

It was obvious her first week or so here was going to be filled with talk about accents and the British stereotyping.

Since she was having furniture delivered to her not for another week, Alice made do with putting as many clothes as she could into the single wardrobe she had before changing out of her jeans into her shorts. It was pretty warm out here, warmer than she was used to in England, at least.

Considering she had nothing else to do for the day, Alice decided she might wander to Shreveport, and maybe have a look around. She didn't bother calling a cab, as it was walking distance, not to mention she didn't feel like bringing her purse with her.

After putting on some trainers, Alice left the house and locked the door behind her, immediately feeling the hot sun beating down on the back of her neck – the heat was even worse out here than indoors. Walking down the street, Alice smiled at the neighbours in their front gardens who greeted her with a friendly 'hello.'

Maybe living here was going to be quite easy.

As she wandered around, Alice noticed how quiet Shreveport was. Perhaps a little too quiet. There were hardly any locals out in the town, apart from those who ran the shops or were bothered to even come out. Finding this a little unnerving, Alice hurried along, eventually finding herself outside of a bar. That was a shut. She looked at what it was called.


Alice chuckled to herself, feeling somewhat relieved. It explained why there was hardly anyone about. The majority of Shreveport must have been vampires, and it was the middle of the day, so naturally the only vampire bar around was probably the only source of activity in this little place.

It seemed as if there was nothing to do here but to return home.

Only when Alice got home, she thought about going to Bon Temps, only that required her getting a cab there. She hesitated in picking up her purse a mobile, calling for a cab. About fifteen minutes later, a cab came and she hopped in the back of it.

"Where to?" said the driver, a male.

"Bon Temps, please," Alice replied and they headed off.

At first, the pair of them were both silence, until the driver spoke up.

"I couldn't help but notice, ma'am, but your accent is clearly English."

"Yeah..." she said, a little sheepishly. "I just moved here today, actually. Well, I got here yesterday but spent the night in the airport hotel and got to my house this morning."

"Ah right... but why Shreveport of all places?"

"I have no idea," Alice shrugged. "I liked the look of the house, I guess, and the people who sold it to me seemed lovely so I couldn't resist."

The driver shook his head, laughing to himself.

"Sorry, but what's so funny?"

"It's nothin'. Just that this place is a magnet for all kinds of trouble – supernatural trouble, that is."

"I happened to notice Fangtasia when I went for a little walk in the town."

"Avoid that place. Just don't go there," he told her seriously.

"Why? It seems like the only fun place to go in Shreveport."

"It's filled with vampires – well, that much was obvious – and fangbangers."

"Um... fangbanger?"

The driver laughed once again, only more so at what 'fangbanger' sounded like when Alice said it. He collected himself when he saw in the rear view mirror that Alice had raised an eyebrow at him.

"They uhhh- they like to bit bitten by vampires, and they also errr... have errr-"

"Sex with them?"

"Yeah! Yeah... they literally throw themselves at those unde-" the driver stopped himself, trying not to be rude about the vampires. "They throw themselves at those um, creatures."

Alice nodded.

"So basically similar to prostitutes but with more blood drinking involved because they're with vampires."

"Yeah, basically."

"Fair enough."

They continued on in silence once more, before they came to Bon Temps. The driver spoke once more.

"Now 'cause it's towards the end of lunch time and it doesn't look as if you've had lunch, I'm gonna drive you round to Merlotte's. Does the best burgers I've ever eaten."

"Okay, well thanks," Alice said brightly to the man.

After about ten more minutes, they reached Merlotte's, and Alice paid the man before hurrying inside. It was so much cooler in there, and she appreciated that greatly. She got a couple of stares, which was to be expected as she was new to the place, but after a few moments those who stared went back to what they were eating, and talking with their friends.

Alice went and sat at an empty table, looking at the menu and a few minutes later a waitress came up to her, smiling.

"Hi, welcome to Merlotte's, what can I get you?" the waitress said, in her fairly high Southern accent. She had her blonde hair tied into a tight pony tail and there was a smallish gap between her two front teeth.

"Umm, burger and fries, please," Alice replied. "And yes, before you say anything, I am from England. You may want to tell your co-workers that," she wasn't being rude, she just knew that anyone might ask her if she was from England. By just saying it, it would save a lot of time and effort. The waitress chuckled.

"Will do," she wrote down the order. "You been here long?"

"I got to Lousisiana yesterday and moved into my house today."

"Where abouts are you living?"

"Just outside of Shreveport."

"Shreveport," the waitress raised and eyebrow. "Seriously? That's where-"

"I saw Fangtasia, yes," Alice cut across her.

"Anyway... will we be seeing you a lot round here?"

"Yeah, maybe," Alice considered. "I'm Alice."

"I'm Sookie, and I am going to go get your food. Any drinks as well?"


"Sure thing," Sookie gave one last smile before walking off and Alice relaxed. She hadn't realised it, but she had been tensed up when she was talking with Sookie, probably because the waitress seemed a little... odd. Plus, she sure did ask as lot of questions, but Alice disregarded that as she was the new person around here, so naturally people would ask questions.

A few moments later, Sookie came back with Alice's drink and about fifteen minutes after that, her lunch.

"Thanks, Sookie."

Alice started to eat her lunch in peace, when she noticed that some of the other waitresses were staring at her, and also a man with dirty blonde hair behind the counter. As soon as that little group noticed she was staring back at them, they quickly looked away, pretending to be busy. Well, they probably were busy, but at the current moment, they seemed to only be pretending.

Rolling her eyes, Alice carried on with her lunch, trying not to pay any attention to who may be staring at her. It was unnerving, knowing that people who she didn't know were constantly looking at her just because she had come here recently, and she didn't like it. Alice just wanted to be left alone by these strangers whilst she ate her lunch.

When she finished, Sookie came back and took away her plate, asking if she wanted anything else.

"No, I'm good thanks. I think I might just pay and go," Alice replied, placing the cash on the table. "Keep the change."

"Thanks," said Sookie, and just before she walked off, she asked Alice something. "Hey, if you live in Shreveport, how did you get here?"

"I got a cab."

"Oh right... well, I get off my shift in a couple of minutes, I'd be happy to give you a ride home if you don't want to pay for a cab again."

"No, it's fine."

"But I insist-"

"Sookie, it's fine."

"You sure?"

"Yes! If I didn't want to get a cab, I could walk."

"You would walk? I know it's not far, but it's damn hot outside," Sookie said to her, disbelievingly. Alice looked at her and sighed.

"If you really want to give me a lift home, then okay," she smiled, as did Sookie.

"I'll be back in a few."

Alice nearly laughed to herself as Sookie walked off. She wondered what made the woman insist on driving her home – it was only late afternoon, what could be so bad about Alice getting a cab or walking, besides the heat? She was starting to get a feeling that maybe something weird was going on in Bon Temps, as the two people she had spoken to today came out as a little averse to Fangtasia, and the fact she lived so close to it.

Even though it was a vampire bar, it was obvious humans could still go to it, so maybe Sookie and the cab driver were worried she might get mixed up in all that. It was weird. She could do what she liked and she knew how to keep safe, so why shouldn't she go to Fangtasia if she wanted to?

The drive back to her house was relatively quiet, although Sookie kept shooting side glances at Alice, which was making the latter a little more than uncomfortable. Alice was relieved when they were reaching Shreveport, because she could give Sookie directions to her house and that meant no more awkward stares.

"Thanks, Sookie," Alice mumbled.

"It was no problem," Sookie beamed at her. "You need anything, just ask."

"Again, thank you. I'll see you around," Alice hopped out of the car and hurried on indoors.

It wasn't that she didn't like Sookie – the woman perfectly nice and friendly – but she couldn't shake the fact that when she was around Sookie, it felt like someone was really trying to get inside her head, or that someone was inside her head. Alice wasn't sure if she was imagining it and that it was just to do with the heat of the day, but it still freaked her out a little.

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