12 Kiss Good Night

It was worth the machinations and Artie ordering him around to see the look on Rachel's face when he sat down next to her with elaborate casualality, a Kurt Hummel original word. "What? You thought I'd let Finn sit next to you so you can 'work out your problems' like Schue wanted?" He shook his head, "Nope. Ain't happenin'. Consider me your bodyguard twenty four/seven until the moron gets the hint that he ain't getting' you back unless you want him back." He frowned uncertainly and turned slightly in his seat, "That hasn't changed has it? You don't want him back?"

Rachel just smiled at him, "While my history indicates otherwise, I am truly resolved this time Noah." Her fingers touched the back of his hand, a little glance of a touch like the one she'd given him back when he'd sung for his family and Glee. Something about those tiny little grazes of her fingers set his blood on fire faster than anything another girl could do with her mouth on his dick. Rachel was still talking, surprise, surprise, but he didn't want to miss anything so he yanked his mind away from his groin and paid attention, "Besides, why do I need Finn?" She was saying, apparently winding down from a list of Finn's flaws and failings, "You were right. If the man who wants to be with me, doesn't want me, only his perception of me, then it isn't truly love. Not the healthy kind anyway."

"I said that?" Puck grinned at her, "Sounds too smart to be me."

"You did," Rachel assured him seriously and then the plane began to taxi and she pulled her hand away from his and gripped her armrest.

Puck shook his head and pried her fingers off the metal and plastic to wrap them in his hand, "I got you gorgeous, ain't anything gonna happen to you." He wrapped his free arm around her shoulders. "Now you'll feel better when you listen to the ladies in the front." He knew that much about Rachel, sometimes especially in situations like this where she had no control, she felt that following the rules would keep her safe. He hoped to God that she didn't put him in that category because he was pretty sure her dads' rulebook did not include a reformed juvenile delinquent being in love with their daughter, though Hiram and LeRoy were actually pretty cool about him being in her life. He was right, she calmed down some at least until the plane started to take off. Then her grip on his hand could seriously leave bone bruises.

Finally, she relaxed a bit as the plane leveled and Puck's hand found the tense muscles of her neck and began to rub them. "Noah," She began quietly. "This girl you're having feelings for…" She looked up at him and her neck cracked so loudly he winced and she giggled. "What would she think if she heard about you doing this?"

"I hope she'd think I was trying to do the right thing," Puck tilted his head trying to figure out where her questions were leading. "We ain't settled anything between us yet, she still hasn't let on that she knows I'm in, that I'm nuts about her," He corrected his slip hastily. "But I'd like to think she'd know I wouldn't cheat on her."

"I'm sure she knows you're an honorable man," Rachel's eyes were almost unreadable. "Do you know how she feels about you?" The question was almost hesitant as if she was afraid of the answer.

"She ain't ever said," Noah told her promptly. "I know she cares about me, she wouldn't spend so much time helpin' me if she didn't. But she's the sweetest, most…loving person, so I worry she won't ever really feel about me the way I do about her." He shrugged, "Part a why I ain't ever said anything, I mean she was with her ex and I didn't wanna mess that up for her. She didn't need the love triangle thing going on when she was trying to deal with his stupid."

"What if she thought she was in love with you?" Rachel asked softly, "What if she was so afraid of losing your friendship she stayed alone so she wouldn't mess it up. What if she… needs you too much to risk losing you?"

"If I ever got the inkling she felt the same way about me, I'd put a ring on her finger," Puck smoothed his thumb over her left ring finger. "Not like cuffs or anything, but somethin' so she knows I'd never leave her. So she knows I'm in it for the long haul, that I'd work on my dreams right beside her as she works on hers. That I've been in love with her for…so damn long it's ridiculous." He looked down at her beautiful worried face. "Do you think she'd like a ring from me? A promise that we're getting out of Lima together even if I gotta carry her on my back?"

"I think she'd love anything that came from you," Rachel told him promptly. "Noah, I really, I mean really need to know that this isn't…" She shivered as his fingers traced the side of her neck tenderly. "We aren't talking about Santana or Quinn or Lauren on your side of this are we? Because I really don't think I could take it." She looked down at his fingers twined with hers on the tray table.

"Gorgeous," Puck tugged her hair a little so she'd look up at him. "It's you Rachel; it's been you since sophomore year. Stupidest thing I ever did was let you break up with me. Shoulda hung onto you with everything I had."

"Neither of us were ready then," Rachel shook her head. "This way we got to be friends first." She looked around thoughtfully and saw Artie grinning at them from across the aisle. "How did you arrange to be my seat mate anyway?" She asked curiously.

"My man Artie took care of it," Puck grinned. "I know how you feel about PDA's…but do you think maybe I could kiss you a little? Hands in neutral zones and all?" He bent down so his forehead was touching hers, "I know part a why you and Finn weren't working out was you weren't ready for everything he wanted. Don't expect you to be magically ready with me, just hope you won't shut me down if I want to…touch you when we're alone."

"Kiss me now Noah," Rachel demanded in her soft sweetest voice and he did, trying to keep from going to crazy at the feel of those soft cherry flavored lips under his, hot and sweet and so good to nibble and stroke with his own. Feeling his body starting to really get impatient and his idiot monkey hind brain babbling about the mile high club he pulled back to the sound of her breathy voice. "Noah?"

She was confused, and her breath was coming in these sexy sounding gasps and he almost started kissing her again. "Rachel, I really can't kiss you without going nuts," He admitted. "That hasn't changed since last year. I was always trying to go further with you because I felt like if I didn't have you I'd go insane. So that shutting down thing? You may have to do that now and then especially if we're private. I don't ever want to do anything you don't want."

"But you wanted to kiss me," Rachel really sounded confused and Puck found himself suddenly pissed. Hadn't Finn talked to her about anything? At all? This was the sort of thing a first boyfriend was responsible for making sure his girl knew, that he was a guy and prone to idiocy and sex was on the brain all the time but that didn't mean she had to keep up or even tolerate it. Even he had talked to her about it a little bit but they hadn't been kissing at the time.

"God yeah I did, and I do," He forced himself to talk and hoped the blood would start circulating away from his lap and up to his brain. "But when my pants start feeling too tight and my idiot brain starts thinking about the mile high club I know it's time to rein it in."

"Noah!" She sounded appalled and titillated and amused at the same time, a tone of voice he loved with her. "Did you really think that before we've even had a first date that I'd have sex with you in a bathroom on a plane?"

"Course not," Puck shook his head. "I'm a guy, my brain doesn't work when all the blood's in my lap. But I've got enough experience to know when I need to stop." He laid a gentle kiss on her lips, "Didn't Finn ever talk to you about what guys are like? I mean, I always got the impression that's what a first boyfriend should do, make sure his girl knows he's gonna be an ass sometimes and it's just 'cause she's turned him on so much his brain don't work."

"Finn never talked to me about…much of anything," Rachel sounded sad and annoyed at the same time. "My dads tried to explain, but at the time I was in fourth grade and it really wasn't a topic that interested me."

Puck smirked and shook his head, "No, I guess not, though you were the cutest little thing back then." He stroked her hair away from her face, "So, you and I, we gonna start dating?"

"Noah, you told me you're in love with me," Rachel's voice was a little dry as if she thought she shouldn't have to say this. Which, Puck thought absently, she probably shouldn't have to, but he really didn't want to take anything for granted. "And I've told you I'm in love with you too. I think dating is supposed to come before that." She grinned up at him ruefully, "But when have we ever been normal?"

"Normal's for the straights," Puck gave an elaborate yawn before he kissed her again, unable to resist that adorable smile. "You an' me, we're…like extraordinary." He couldn't stand it, she looked so beautiful he had to kiss her again. And again. And once more because of those wonderful breathy gasps he couldn't get enough of.

"Ahem!" From the sound of Mr. Schue's voice it hadn't been the first time he'd said something. "What is going on here?" He demanded.

"I'm seducin' Rachel so she doesn't go back to that moron of an ex of hers," Puck gave Rachel a little wink and a soft kiss so she'd know he was only partly serious and was rewarded with an eye roll and a tiny grin. "I figure if I keep her in bed long enough she'll forget about him because an orgasm is guaranteed to clear your brain of all stupid shit."

Now Rachel blushed and her free hand poked his bicep, "Noah, don't be crude." She admonished playfully, "Mr. Schuester is our teacher. He doesn't need to hear about how many orgasms I intend to make you give me."

Puck blinked and grinned, "We're gonna need to get that settled prolly," He told her in a solemn tone. "After all I don't know how much you can take, though with those legs…an' all those dance classes…"

"Puckerman!" Schuester's voice was well and truly pissed.

Puck looked up at his teacher and shook his head, "Rache and I are gonna go out." He said bluntly. "An' I wanna sing with her more often so you'd better start having auditions for duets and solos or I will raise so much Cain you'll think it's the coming of Christ."

"You mean the second coming," Artie corrected him.

"Dude, we're Jewish," Puck leaned around so he could see his pal beyond Schuester's legs, "While a lot of us acknowledge Jesus Christ as a prophet and great teacher, we don't accept him as the son a God. So for us it's the coming, not the second coming."

"I'd like to come first not second, if at all, for once in my life," Rachel muttered under her breath and Puck turned to look at her in amazed lust.

"Girl I love your dirty mind," He told her admiringly. "So what's up Mr. Schue. How're you gonna try to work this one?"

"You're going back to your assigned seat," Schuester told him flatly. "In fact everyone is going to sit in their assigned seats."

"Yeah," Puck turned and looked at Rachel, "Will you be all right?" He tilted his head. "I don't mind if this plane has gotta make an emergency landing and I'm in jail so long as you're all right."

"I'd mind," Rachel patted his face with her free hand. "I'll put my ipod in and try to work on my music. It'll be fine."

"I'll meet you when we get off the plane then okay? We'll sit together on the bus," Puck promised kissing her again and groaning into her mouth as all the blood in his body drained to his lap at the feel of her little tongue licking at his lips. Pulling away with another groan he felt Schuester grab his ear and pull upwards. The pain and distraction of that actually made it easier for him to walk and he glared at Finn who was making his way forward to his assigned seat.

The rest of the flight he spent as much time as he could working, like Rachel, on his music or his homework because then he'd have more time to spend with her later. He also made several trips to the bathroom at the front of the plane and was not pleased to see Finn trying to talk to Rachel and one time a really unhappy look on his girl's face. Artie caught his eye as he saw that and Noah deliberately ignored Finn and crouched down to talk to his bespectacled friend.

"Dude, he's totally trying to put the moves on her," Artie whispered. "I mean when you left she looked so happy and like she'd been kissed within an inch of her life, which duh, but I think that just made him jealous so now he's all up in her grill."

"That's it," Puck shook his head, "I'm going to do what I shoulda done in the first place."

"You can't hit him Puck, they'll throw you off the plane, while we're in the air," Artie grabbed for his bigger friends arm only to be shrugged off as Puck turned to stride back towards the flight attendant's station.

"Excuse me," Puck tried to keep his voice low and polite as possible considering how pissed he was. "Can you tell me, what's the airline's policy on sexual harassment?" He set his jaw, "Not for the flight attendants," He added for clarification, "Not that you all aren't real nice." He smiled mostly out of reflex. "But with passengers?"

"Is there a problem?" A woman who had to be only about twenty five with brown hair and dark eyes that reminded him of Rachel only without the Jewish princess hotness asked in concern.

"I wasn't sitting in my assigned seat because I wanted to sit with this gorgeous girl and she wanted to avoid her ex," Puck found himself explaining the situation. "Turns out she likes me too and we just agreed to go out. But I ain't exactly a choir boy, you know Jewish plus I'm a delinquent so our teacher pulled me outa the seat and put her ex in the chair next to her where he assigned them. I'm way in the back and I can't help her out, and she looks miserable."

"I remember thinking I'd have to throw some water on the two of you so you didn't overheat the cabin," The petite black flight attendant said dryly. "But you seemed to get control of yourself."

"Well she's inexperienced and I'm way too experienced which is part of our teacher's problem with me," Puck shrugged. "Gotta do right by her though," He shook his head. "Anyway my pal who helped me switch seats in across the aisle from them and he says that Rachel was fine for a while but that Finn, her ex, is putting the moves on her and she looks really miserable. I really wanna hit him but I've finally gotten my act cleaned up and I don't wanna get arrested and make her more miserable. So I'm asking what's the policy for passengers on sexual harassment."

"Your teacher put her ex next to her?" The last flight attendant was a guy with better hair than Kurt and Puck would have grinned at the thought if he hadn't been so worried.

"Yeah, Schuester's got this idea that Finn and Rachel are perfect together, just 'cause their voices are good together," Puck shook his head at this idiocy. "And like I said he thinks I'm not good enough for her, which I'm not but that's kinda up to her not him." He spread his hands, "I know I'm supposed to stay in my assigned seat, and I'm not asking to get to sit with her again, 'cause you know, rules an' all. But I'd really appreciate it if someone could keep an eye on my girl."

"How long have you two known each other, if you don't mind me asking?" The male flight attendant asked curiously.

"Geez, since like grade school?" Puck frowned, "Probably before that, we've been going to synagogue all our lives." He shrugged, "She helped me get my act together the last year or so and she's turned out to be my best friend." He turned to look at Rachel and was even more pissed off to see her practically pushing herself out the plane window to get away from Finn who was leaning over her. "I swear if you guys don't do something I'm gonna hafta 'cause I can't stand this shit anymore."

The male flight attendant scowled furiously and pushed past Puck down the aisle to Finn and Rachel. A short conversation later and Finn was the one scowling and Rachel was looking relieved. When the man returned, his nametag said Gary, Puck finally noticed, he was frowning. "Where is your chaperone?" He asked Puck.

"He's in the back on the left," Puck shrugged. "His name's Mr. Schuester."

"Why don't you return to your seat," One of the ladies suggested. "Stop and kiss your girl before you do though."

Her dark eyes were twinkling and Puck grinned, "You're almost as pretty as she is." Hey, he was supposed to do what authority figures told him right? He stopped at Finn and Rachel's row and looked at Rachel. "Hey gorgeous I got instructions to follow so could you stand up a second?"

Rachel blinked in surprise but did as he asked, "What instructions?"

"Just this," Puck took her hand and kissed the back of it like he'd seen his little sis swoon over and felt Rachel's pulse flutter in her wrist. "And this," He kissed her palm gently. "And this," He put her hand over his heart and leaned forward to kiss her almost delicately on the mouth. "I asked them to keep an eye on you. I hope that's okay?"

"Thank you so much Noah," Rachel gave him a near blinding smile and he couldn't help it, he kissed her again real quick before he remembered he was supposed to return to his seat.

"Gotta go," He grinned and strode back to his assigned place.

Mr. Schuester's name got called over the intercom and when he came back to his seat he was glaring at everyone equally though Puck felt like if the man's eyes could shoot bullets he'd be bleeding from a dozen wounds. The teacher didn't say anything though and Puck kept working on his homework. His next trip to the front for the bathroom Gary the flight attendant winked at him and nodded towards Rachel who had been moved next to Artie and was happily talking with her other study buddy. Puck breathed a huge sigh of relief and grinned his thanks. Finn was stuck next to Lauren who was glaring at him like he'd passed gas.

The scrum to get off the plane was a little annoying but Puck figured if he waited for everyone to clear out he could help Rachel with her carryon. Sure enough Finn was so pissed he took off without even looking at Rachel and there she was getting bumped by other passengers as she tried to reach. Puck hurriedly pushed past Quinn, "Yo, Rachel, I'll get it gorgeous, just chillax okay?"

The relieved and grateful look she shot him made him feel like Spiderman only better cut and he grinned back at her, taking a seat and waiting until the aisle cleared before he stood again and got her pink case down. "Get your purse Rache, I got alla this."

"You shouldn't have to carry everything Noah, that's hardly fair," Rachel objected shaking her head.

"You denyin' me the chance to show off my guns for you?" Puck put a whine into his voice and was rewarded with her giggle.

"Silly me," Rachel leaned up and pressed a kiss to his chin, "My hero."

"Hope to be," He told her gruffly and began to follow her off the plane.

The plane ride home had started out all right, Artie had done something so that she was sitting next to Puck. He'd been incredibly sweet to her and they'd finally really talked, and she'd gotten the nerve to admit how she felt about him. And best of all Puck had said he felt the same about her. Then he'd followed up his declaration by making sure that they were going to date. Rachel had never felt so happy in her life, not even when Finn had told her he loved her. Noah saying that he was in love with her and wanted to date meant so much more.

Rachel frowned as she tried to figure out why that was. Maybe because Puck never had a problem with the way she talked or acted. The week they were dating he had observed that she talked a lot and he'd started kissing her so he could get a word in. That had been very enjoyable, and Puck had also simply walked with her to class, he hadn't acted embarrassed or uncomfortable, he'd just walked with her, her hand on his arm and kissed her good bye when they reached her classroom before going on to where ever he was headed.

Finn had never acted like that, Rachel remembered again as she compared the behavior of the two boys, Finn had shifted uncomfortably when she talked. He'd given her dopey smiles and waves but he hadn't ever kissed her goodbye in front of other people. And he'd cut her off when she was talking by changing the subject to something that interested him, but he never did it by kissing her.

"Ya okay angel?" Puck's voice was a murmur for her ears alone and Rachel nodded slowly, offering him a smile. His hand slid up her back to squeeze the back of her neck and she shivered as his clever fingers began to knead her muscles.

"I'm just thinking," Rachel told him honestly. "You're very good to me Noah."

"Like bein' good to you baby," Puck grinned down at her and tugged her closer so they were pressed against each other.

Rachel smiled and leaned against him, considering all the ways Noah was superior to Finn. He'd figured out months ago that half of her attitude came from pain and headaches that were due to muscle tension. She'd popped one too many ibuprofen around him and he'd decided she was better off with a neck and back rub than a failing liver. Now whenever they sat together his hand would automatically rub at her neck. Finn had never even noticed that she took pills for her headaches, or asked if she was all right if she was quiet. He just enjoyed her silence and filled it with his own voice.

Of course, not everyone thought Puck wanting to be with her was a good thing. Mercedes and Quinn were having a field day gossiping about it. Kurt, Brittany and Santana were being pretty supportive of the new relationship. Artie, Tina and Mike weren't commenting and so far Sam was being pretty quiet. Finn however was vocal about what he thought Puck was after and very adamant that Puck wasn't good enough for Rachel.

Lauren's voice was heard now and then recommending that Finn shut his mouth before she did it for him. Of course that simply led to Finn accusing Lauren of wanting Rachel for herself since Lauren had kissed Rachel in front of all of them. Lauren almost got up to hit Finn for that until Rachel turned around to look at the girl wrestler. "Lauren, please don't. I don't want you to get suspended. You promised to study with Artie and Noah and me for the history final."

"B, I really need to hit this idiot. He's accusin' me of tryin' to seduce you," Lauren gave Rachel the big eyes and Rachel shook her head.

"Little does he know," Rachel grinned. "Come up here and sit with us then," She offered, "If you aren't near him you can't hit him. And you and Noah can talk about sports and explain things to me again."

"Wow B, that is so tempting...how can I ever resist your charms," Lauren laughed and began to make her way up to one of the empty seats near them. Rachel grinned as the larger girl sat down with a huff, "Ya'll are the biggest bunch a gossips I've ever heard."

"You ain't wrong," Puck groaned and Rachel sighed and relaxed into his side again.

The bus ride home was rife with gossip and tension and Puck could feel Rachel getting more upset, her neck refused to relax no matter how much he rubbed it and he could feel his own scalp tightening under the glares they were getting. He didn't understand this at all. Everybody had been fuckin' thrilled when Rachel and Artie started straightening him out. They'd said Rachel was more bearable when she was focusing on him. Which was bullshit in his opinion because she was pretty fuckin' awesome all the time if a little forceful. You'd think if he and Rachel were together they'd be happier because she could micromanage him all she wanted.

He heard his name in Quinn's voice and his ears almost swiveled back to catch the conversation she was having with Mercedes of all people. "She's going to drive him crazy and he'll go back to the way he was," Quinn was saying.

"And she's never going to put out and then he'll go nuts and bang somebody else out of desperation and that will make her crazy. Crazier." He could almost hear Mercedes rolling her eyes.

Kurt sounded exasperated with the conversation, "Rachel and Puck happen to be best friends," He told them. "If they haven't made each insane by this time I doubt it'll happen now. And what makes you think Rachel won't give it up for him? Have you ever seen her look that happy to just sit and not talk with anybody?" Kurt snorted derisively, "And him, he kissed her hand, I almost swooned it was so romantic. He actually put aside violence and went to the authorities to help her. This, for Puckerman, is a near evolutional leap in his personal growth. He never goes to adults for help. Ever. For her he did. Not because he couldn't handle Finn. Who by the way is being the biggest feminine wash product ever."

Puck nearly snorted in laughter at Kurt's delicate way of calling his stepbrother a douche, as the slender guy continued, "You two need to leave them alone. My unerring eye for romance says this will be an epic love story and if I have anything to say about it, it'll have a happy ending."

"You got my help with that too," Sam agreed with a smile. "Puck and Rachel have been great about making me feel welcome."

Puck looked at Rachel who had clearly heard the male diva's words because she was smiling up at him, "We are epic." She agreed with Kurt, "And when you get frustrated with me, I'll be happy to remind you that I have no gag reflex and I'm a perfectionist, both of which I'm more than happy to prove."

Puck felt all the blood in his body drain to his lap at the thought of Rachel's lips around his cock and he groaned. He hadn't kissed her since they'd first sat down on the bus, not wanting to embarrass her or anything with what she'd always called inappropriately sexualized PDA's. But now he took her hand and put it directly on top of his zipper, "Rachel I'm begging you to not say things like that when I'm in a public place and can't prove to you that I'm totally willing to do the same for you." He felt his eyes cross and nearly groaned again as her fingers flexed over the rock hard rod in his jeans. "Shit," He kissed her hard on the mouth. "Rache, stop it before you make me act like I'm thirteen again."

"What's that mean?" Rachel tilted her head but removed her hand from his jeans.

"It means if you keep doin' that I'm gonna cum in my jeans," Puck muttered into her ear. "Not cool for a guy."

"Oh," Rachel frowned, "I guess I thought that was normal." She blushed slightly as if realizing what she'd just revealed and Puck chuckled lightly.

"Rachel, baby," Puck put his fingers under her chin so he could look into her eyes. "You know I'll wait for you right?" He kept his voice low so he wouldn't embarrass her, this was a pretty private conversation. "You an' me we're gonna talk 'bout alla this stuff when we ain't on a bus with a buncha nosy parkers," he raised his voice slightly so the nosy ones were sure to hear him.

Across the aisle Artie made a face at him, "Subtle Puckerman, very subtle."

Puck shrugged, "No I ain't." He wrapped his arm around Rachel more firmly and dared anyone to call him on his actions. Predictably Mr. Schuester was the one who did.

"I think we should all take separate seats and begin going over what went wrong at Nationals and how we can better ourselves for next year," The teacher stood up in his seat to regard his students. "There are more than enough seats for all of you to have one to your selves. So take your own seats, sit down and start thinking."

Puck patted Rachel's thigh, "I'll move gorgeous, you're all settled in here."

"It'll be cold without you," She grimaced as the air conditioner blasted her but nodded.

Puck's eyes dropped to her blouse where it was very evident that she was cold and hurriedly stripped off his letterman's jacket. "Wear this," He suggested. "Keep it for me if you want."

He was immediately glad he'd done so when she looked up at him in awe, "Noah, are you sure?" She blinked at him as he dropped into the seat in front of her. Part of him took in the sight of Kurt sitting behind her and Brittany across from Kurt behind Artie even as his eyes were glued to her face, "You never let anyone wear this jacket."

"You ain't anyone Rache, you're mine," He shrugged. "Sides you know when I decide to do something I go all out."

"With me, it's all or nothin'," Rachel sang sweetly, "Is it all or nothin' with you?"

"It ain't no in between, it ain't no now an' then," Puck sang back with a grin, "No half an' half romance will do."

Rachel's smile of delight over his reaction was the prettiest thing he'd ever seen, "Thank you Noah." She touched his hand where it rested on the back of his seat. "No one's ever…" She stopped and frowned a look of determination on her face. "No more comparisons, not unless you ask me, but…" She stood and pressed a warm kiss to his mouth. "Thank you Noah. I love you." She added in a lower voice and he couldn't help the grin that split his face.

"Hell I got more coats," He offered with a grin. "Want my AC/DC teeshirt?"

"Damn Rache, the man is in love if he's offering you that shirt," Artie whistled in amazement.

She grinned happily as she pulled on the jacket and sighed in pleasure at its warmth, "Turnabout is fair play." She quipped, "Though I don't think I'd want the shirt long." She looked at Puck and he knew she was going to say something that would make his dick want to explode. He was both happy and pained to be proven right when she remarked, "Just long enough to take a couple of pictures with me wearing it and nothing else."

Artie groaned at that and Puck speared him with a look and a pointed finger, "Enough a that man." He warned only half teasing.

"Puck you can't blame me man," Artie shook his head. "Don't think there's a guy in school hasn't had thoughts about Rachel's legs."

"But Noah's the only one that doesn't mind that the legs are attached to the rest of me," Rachel retorted with a wicked little smile. "He should be rewarded for that." She looked at Puck and her smile widened until she looked diabolical and delicious. "So when you take me home, let's stop at your house and tell your mom and you can loan me your shirt."

"You want to tell my mom?" Puck blinked, "You sure you wanna deal with her crazy and mine Rache?"

"Of course, I love your mother. She's been wonderful to me," Rachel smiled.

"It's up to you," Puck wasn't sure Rachel realized how much his mom wanted little Jewish grandbabies. "We will if you want, but I won't be blamed if she starts to drive you nuts."

"Your sentiment is noted," Rachel grinned as she petted the arm of his jacket. Puck found himself wishing he was the jacket and how fucked up romantic was that?

"All right settle down and get to work," Schuester demanded from the front of the bus. Puck rolled his eyes and sat down so his back was to the window and he could see Rachel over the back of his seat. When she saw what he was doing she imitated his positioning and he stretched out and arm to touch her hair and neck, grateful his arms were long enough to touch her. He never wanted to stop touching her.

Rachel looked up at the teacher and smiled angelically, "Mr. Schuester, are we going to stop for a meal on the way home? Or will we be driving straight through? Airplane food isn't exactly filling and I know Noah must be starved."

"I could so murder a cheeseburger right now," Artie groaned and there was a chorus of agreement.

"All right, we'll stop halfway home so you can all eat," Schuester threw up his hands in annoyance. "But its conditional on you all working hard until we do." He looked at Puck whose hand had found the tense muscles of Rachel's neck, "That means you too Puckerman."

"Hey I do my best thinking when I'm rubbing Rachel's neck," Puck protested. "The girl gets tense dude."

"I wonder why," Kurt muttered and Puck shot him a look that should have told him to butt out but seemed to just encourage the boy. "Seriously," Kurt shook his head, "Rachel and I talk all the time about music, how can you expect us to figure out where we went wrong without talking Mr. Schuester?"

"I want you all to think, independently and if you don't stop talking you can all write an essay about it instead," Schuester was clearly at the end of his patience. "Now get your hands off Rachel and to your work Puckerman."

Puck sighed and reluctantly obeyed, "Yeah I hear you." He couldn't believe what an ass their teacher was being.

It didn't take long before Rachel was humming something and Puck grinned, fuck this noise, he loved singing with her. "Hey Rache?" He muttered out of the corner of his mouth. "Check your phone."

She smirked and grabbed her phone checking her texts, 'Wanna do a duet?'

Puck checked his phone as it beeped, 'What song?'

Rachel's phone pinged and she read, 'The 1 u were hming Kiss gdnght.'

It was only a second later that Puck's phone beeped again, 'I'll start it off. This'll really bug Mr. Schue .'

Puck looked up at her and grinned, part of him wholly amused by the way she texted in proper English. And then she began to sing and he could only concentrate on breathing and listening to her voice until it was time for him to come in.

"Lyin' here with you so close to me
It's hard to fight these feelings when it feels so hard to breathe
Caught up in this moment
Caught up in your smile...

Puck loved how dreamy her face looked when she glanced at him, the man's verse was so true of him, until her, he never confided in anyone. There'd been no one he trusted. He took a deep breath and sang,

"I've never opened up to anyone
So hard to hold back when I'm holding you in my arms
We don't need to rush this
Let's just take it slow...

The chorus was as easy as breathing; it felt so normal to match his voice to hers, the words so simple and perfect for them both. Puck found himself putting everything he had into the words, hoping she understood he meant every one of them.

"Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight
Just a touch of the fire burning so bright
No I don't want to mess this thing up
I don't want to push too far
Just a shot in the dark that you just might
Be the one I've been waiting for my whole life
So baby I'm alright, with just a kiss goodnight.

Rachel's voice was so pure and sweet, effortless as she looked at him and reached out her hand, he couldn't help but take it, her fingers in his. Puck joined her on the second line, ignoring the stares and Mr. Schue's annoyance.

"I know that if we give this a little time
It'll only bring us closer to the love we wanna find
It's never felt so real, no it's never felt so right,

He looked at her, only her and the song was so perfect, it felt so right to sing with her, like he could do it the rest of his life. If she'd believe in him he'd never leave her, that's how right this felt. Puck realized he would love this girl the rest of his life, he was fucked for anyone else. And suddenly his lines after the chorus meant even more because somehow he knew even if they spent the rest of their lives together he'd be dreaming of her for his whole life.

"Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight
Just a touch of the fire burning so bright
No I don't want to mess this thing up
I don't want to push too far
Just a shot in the dark that you just might
Be the one I've been waiting for my whole life

So baby I'm alright, with just a kiss goodnight

No I don't want to say goodnight
I know it's time to leave, but you'll be in my dreams,"

He hoped she understood, that she saw exactly how serious he was about this. He was burning bridges right and left, not caring what Finn thought, ignoring Mr. Schuester's irritated looks,


Puck looked at Rachel and gripped her hand a little bit tighter as the male vocal riff came up and put everything he had into the music.

"Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight
Just a touch of the fire burning so bright
No I don't want to mess this thing up
I don't want to push too far
Just a shot in the dark that you just might
Be the one I've been waiting for my whole life
So baby I'm alright, oh, let's do this right, with just a kiss goodnight
With a kiss goodnight
Kiss goodnight.

Their voices blended, parted and blended again and Puck took a deep breath as the song died away. "You know I mean it right?" He asked in a low voice, "You know I'm all right with whatever you give."

"Noah, I trust you." Rachel smiled, "Do you think I let anyone else kiss me on a bus or a plane? Or much in public at all?"

"Settle down!" Mr. Schuester's voice cut through the air and everyone sighed. Puck sat back and thought about what Rachel had said, he'd seen Finn kiss her a few times, and Jesse once, but that had been semi private when only he or Kurt was around. Rachel never did more than peck Finn on the cheek in the hallways. She'd hug him and slip her hand onto his arm but she'd never laid one on him in front of god and everybody. But she'd let Puck kiss her more than four times in major public. Huh. That was interesting.

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