Author's Note: So lemons ahead. You have been warned. This is a bit longer because I couldn't find a good spot to cut it off. Ya'll don't mind do you? smile

14 Listen To My Kiss

Rachel wasn't able to pay much attention in class that day, her first day back since Nationals. She'd been stared at for most of the day and slushied after second period so she'd had to change her clothes. Every minute she was away from Puck was difficult, she'd gotten so used to seeing him when he woke up and before he went to sleep. Now when he was out of her sight she couldn't help but worry.

It hadn't been as bad after they'd gotten home, Esther Puckerman had promised to call her if there was any problem and Puck had texted her silly things throughout the day after she'd left. And then to spare Esther having to cook before she went to work Rachel and her dads had brought over pizza and salad so she'd been able to kiss Puck goodnight. But that had been when he was home, where no one would bump him, or goad him into doing something foolish to prove he was recovered.

Puck had driven himself to school since he'd flat out refused to ride the bus. He'd offered to come pick her up but this first morning she'd been hoping he would sleep as much as he could. So her Daddy had driven her in and she'd met Puck at his locker when he'd arrived, more than an hour after her. When she'd first seen him walking towards her, wearing his Letterman's jacket and a pleased smirk on his face Rachel had thought her heart would stop. He'd been pretty much ignored the stares and whispers and walked right up to her, the warmth of his body pressing her back against his locker. "Hey angel," He'd grinned through the words. "Know you don't like a lotta PDA but I gotta give you a kiss good mornin' at least."

"Noah, I'm finding my reluctance concerning public displays of affection to be overcome by the need for you to touch me," Rachel had confessed in a whisper. "I trust you won't take too much advantage?"

His grin had tilted wickedly and Puck had proceeded to kiss her, his lips gentle and somehow still blazing hot against her mouth, arms wrapping around her and holding her tightly. "Missed you," He muttered against her lips. "Tomorrow I'mma pick you up Rache. Wanna see you first thing."

"I missed you too," Rachel admitted softly. "It's going to be hard to be away from you today. We don't share many classes."

"Keep your phone on you, I'll text you an' we'll meet for lunch an' we got history together," Puck had suggested with affection coloring his voice. Rachel had looked up at him and couldn't help cupping his cheek in her hand.

"Please just be careful today Noah," She whispered. "I'm so scared I'm going to lose you. It was so hard to sit in that room for a week, not able to do anything but pray you'd wake up. I was so afraid you never would."

"I know baby," Puck had kissed her forehead then in a way totally not badass, "I won't do anythin' stupid, won't take no dares or get in a fight or nothin'. Wouldn't do that to you."

Rachel's heart had twisted and she couldn't help but stand on her tiptoes to kiss him, "Don't worry, you're still a badass with awesome guns and I adore you Noah Puckerman." She tried to reassure him with a smile.

"I love you too angel," Puck hadn't had any trouble saying the words aloud, he'd just grinned in his confident way. "C'mon, I'll walk ya to class." He'd wrapped his arm around her shoulders and kissed her gently before she'd gone in. Five minutes later she'd gotten a text saying he was in class and he'd rather be with her.

She hated how needy she was being but the texts were reassuring that Puck was all right. As the hour of class passed, she could feel her nerves winding up only to relax minimally when she'd get a text from him saying he was headed to class or he'd rather be kissing her.

When she heard about what was going on with Finn at lunch Rachel was surprised to find herself grimly satisfied. Finn never seemed to realize how much his thoughtlessness hurt people; maybe this would finally get it through his thick skull. He'd always talked before thinking, said things that were emotionally cruel, to both she and Quinn and even Santana. But he always seemed to save the violence for Puck, for the boy that he still said was his best friend even as he belittled him and ignored him.

At least Finn wouldn't be at school for a while. Rachel sighed and shook her head, she could feel bad for Kurt and Mrs. Hudson-Hummel but not for Finn. He'd brought everything on himself. She braced herself and went to meet Puck at the choir room.

It was weird, the last time he'd simultaneously dreaded and anticipated going into the choir room he'd been about to perform 'Hate Me'. Puck took a deep breath and looked at Rachel, she nodded slowly and he ran a hand over what should have been his mohawk before pushing the door open and guiding her inside.

"Mr. Schue," Puck greeted their teacher as he and Rachel took their seats in the middle row. Artie had positioned himself near the aisle and Kurt deliberately took a set on Rachel's other side.

"Puck, how are you feeling?" Mr. Schue looked like he was worried but he always seemed to look like that lately.

"Like someone cracked my skull open and then proceeded to beat the crap outa me when I couldn't fight back," Puck shrugged. "Other than that, Rachel ain't dumped my ugly bruised ass so I'm gold."

"As if I would ever," Rachel smiled as he put his hand on her thigh.

"And you Rachel? How are you?" Schuester looked even more worried and Puck remembered again that LeRoy was a lawyer who would be more than happy to sue anybody's pants off if they hurt his daughter.

"I thought he was going to die Mr. Schue, I was terrified and you didn't do anything," Rachel said flatly. "I'm better now. But I don't ever want to feel like that because someone didn't do their job again," Puck covered his smile with his hand, damn his girl had chutzpah and she wasn't done yet. "You let Finn harass me and humiliate me and you never stepped in. When it happened to Kurt you did something," She slanted a glance at her friend and shrugged, "Sorry Kurt but it's true." She looked back at their teacher, "But when it happens to me? It's just status quo. Noah shouldn't have had to worry about me on the plane and in New York. He shouldn't ever have had to go to the hospital. But it's done and we're going to put it behind us. We're going to win Nationals next year."

Puck watched Schue's face go from shocked to sad to pissed and then resigned during Rachel's' little speech and when the teacher finally spoke it was with his typical reaction to unpleasantness, moving right on past it. "Well I'm sorry to hear that's how you feel Rachel, but I'm glad you two are staying with glee club."

"Rache an I've got something to show you all," Puck raised his hand as he spoke. "We've been working on it for a coupla weeks now."

"Well we'd love to hear you two sing together again," Schuester nodded and moved to the side of the risers.

Puck looked at Rachel, grinning at her as she leapt up and started almost pulling him towards the piano and guitar, "'S'all right gorgeous, we'll get there," He teased kissing her quickly before she could retort.

"Noah Puckerman behave yourself," She admonished once he released her mouth.

"I am," Puck grinned unrepentantly. "Just behavin' bad."

"Play the chords Mr. Puckerman or so help me..." Rachel folded her arms and tapped her foot in mock impatience.

"Woman you will drive me nuts," Puck groaned as her breasts were pushed up against her blouse as she crossed her arms. Before she could do anything more to torment him he strummed the opening chords of their song. And then Rachel started to sing and he felt his heart nearly stop because she'd never sounded more beautiful to him.

"There are things I want to say to you
But the words get so loud
That everything I feel just gets drowned out
And my tongue gets tied
And my throat gets closed
And whatever comes out
Isn't what matters most."

Puck joined her for the chorus, putting as much as felt for her into the words, loving how true everything was to her when she sang.

"So listen to my hands
Listen to my kiss
I'll tell you everything I feel
If you'll just ignore the words
Read between the lines
Then you'll understand
Just how much I love you
If you just listen to my hands."

The next verse was his and he took a deep breath before he began to sing it, his eyes on Rachel.

"Sometimes I think you see in me
All the things I can't say
But just when I'm on the verge,
Trying to be brave
My palms go sweaty
And my voice just dies
And I say something stupid
But I hope you realize,"

Their voices meshed perfectly on the chorus, her soaring right along with his, notes twining for one golden sound. The last verse they'd decided to alternate lines, with him starting and sing the last chorus acapella and Puck had to admit his girl had been right when she' said they'd blow everyone away.

"So listen to my hands
Listen to my kiss
I'll tell you everything I feel
If you'll just ignore the words
Read between the lines
Then you'll understand
Just how much I love you
If you just listen to my hands.

So I find a book of Shakespeare
And I search for words in vain.
When I think I've got it
They disappear again.
And my knees go weak
My heart just pounds
All I do is stare at you
Or look at the ground.

But if you'll listen to my hands
Listen to my kiss
I'll tell you everything I feel
If you'll just ignore the words
Read between the lines
Then you'll understand
Oh, I just love you too much
If you'll listen to my touch."

Puck looked at Artie and Kurt first, as Rachel glanced at Mercedes and Tina, before they both looked at Mr. Schuester. There was a moment of stunned silence and then the room erupted.

Puck winced, loud noise was not his friend right now, LeRoy had been so right about that. The piercing whistle Artie used was like shards of glass in his ears but at least the rest of the noise stopped, "Shut up ya'll, Puck's head's gonna fall off if ya keep this up." Artie informed the rest of the club.

"Was that what you came up with before Nationals?" Kurt asked in amazement exchanging glances with Mercedes who'd managed to join them a bit belatedly.

"Yeah," Puck said wearily. "After Finn's idiot seduction attempt, Rachel an' me we worked with the piano down in the lobby. Staff seemed to like it."

"You mean they could have sung that at Nationals?" Mercedes demanded to know. "That's..." She seemed to be at a loss for words, something that Puck had almost never seen with Mercedes.

"Why didn't they sing it?" Brittany wanted to know, "It's such a good song."

"'Cause Puck an' Rach wrote it an' Mr. Schue ain't a fan of the Puckleberry," Artie told his ex-girlfriend with a sad smile.

"But..." Brittany looked really shocked, "But that's not fair." Puck almost felt sorry for her so he didn't laugh at the forlorn tone of her voice.

Rachel shrugged and moved to pick up her bag and his, "Well that's life." In another minute she'd be walking him out the door.

"Gotta go, my heads splittin' an' we got homework to catch up on still," Puck waved tiredly and looked at Rachel once they were in the hall. "If you tell anyone I said this I'll deny it' til my dyin' day, but would you mind drivin'? I don't wanna get in a wreck 'cause my heads hurtin' an' I ain't paying attention."

"Sure Noah," Rachel nodded and put her things on the floorboards before she climbed up into the driver's side. "Though I do have a thought that will cheer you up."

"Yeah?" Puck felt his head hurting less already, Rachel's thoughts were usually either awesome awesome or funny awesome. Either way, they were worth hearing.

"I was thinking instead of me borrowing your shirt and taking a picture of me it at home, I could wear it in your room and you could take a picture of me lying in your bed with it on," Rachel blurted the words out until Puck had to blink and silently repeat what she'd said to get the gist.

"Fuck yes," Puck groaned at the thought. "You gonna let me watch you undress?" He teased as an afterthought.

"It could probably be arranged," Rachel returned with a smile. "The only thing I ask Noah is that you don't send the pictures out on your phone. I don't mind you showing them off, I want you to be proud of me, that I'd do this for you. But I don't want them on everyone else's phone, just yours."

"Like I want anyone else havin' pictures of you," Puck felt like growling at the thought. "What do you mean you want me to?"

"I'm well aware that teenage boys enjoy having trophies of one sort or another Noah," Rachel told him dryly. "Jacob blackmailing me last year and Finn asking me for a pair of my panties really made it clear." She rolled her eyes, "I doubt you have the need to keep my panties but I want you to have something you can brag about. And as long as the pictures stay on your phone and no one else's I'm happy to have you take my picture." She looked at him with a smile, "I think you deserve more than Jacob and Finn."

"Gorgeous," Puck wondered if he was losing his mind. "I don't wanna sound like a chick but you sure you're okay with takin', uh, provocative pictures for me before I've even gotten my hands on you?"

"I wouldn't have suggested it if I wasn't okay with it Noah," Her voice was prim even if her little smirk wasn't. "Actually the idea of you taking pictures of me, and looking at them when I'm not around has me quite…excited."

"Excited?" Puck felt his headache melting away, "Good excited or…" He let a lascivious tone creep into his voice, "Good excited?"

"The latter," Rachel pulled into his driveway with only a little more of a jolt than his driving and put the truck into park. "C'mon Noah," She hopped down from the truck and looked at him, still sitting there in shock. "Noah?"

Puck blinked and got out of the truck, grabbing her things and his before he shut the cab door behind him and followed her into the house where she used his keys to let them both in. Then he dropped everything on the floor and grabbed her. "Good excited?" He pulled her up against him and kissed her, groaning into her mouth as her lips parted under his and simply let him plunder and sink himself into her mouth.

"Ohh…Noah," Her breathy moan shot straight to his cock and he shuddered as she wrapped her legs around his waist. "I really would like to go up to your room now please," She tore her mouth from his and whispered in his ear, her voice sending his skin up in flames.

"You got it gorgeous," Puck felt like if he didn't get her alone he'd go nuts. He couldn't quite take the stairs two at a time but he did get up there pretty quick, his little box of a room with its old black and white fifteen inch TV on the battered dresser and the bed without a headboard, unmade and rumpled. At least he kept the place picked up but it hadn't ever looked less inviting. "It ain't…nice like yours Rache."

"Noah," Rachel drew her mouth away from his jaw and looked at him, "I've seen your room. At least you're not a pig like some boys are. You're clean. A little messy sometimes but clean." She tilted her head, "Baby, you and I really need to talk some I think."

"Baby?" Puck couldn't help grinning, she sounded so protective and possessive when she called him that. He sat her down on his bed and leaned against the wall so he could look at her, keeping hold her hand in his own possessive way.

"It just comes out sometimes when I really feel strongly," Rachel blushed a bit and he couldn't help smiling. "No one else ever calls you that, not even Santana, it's not…very badass, so I'll stop if you don't like it."

"Hell Rachel, you could call me snugglebunny, as long as you did it with that breathy little catch in your voice I probably wouldn't mind too much," Puck grinned at her. "I prefer baby to snugglebunny by the way." He added making her grin at him, "And when you talk in that voice it goes straight to my…groin." He substituted the more polite word for what he was going to say.

"Hmm…and when you look at me like you are now…" Rachel was almost licking her lips, "You make me want to take off my clothes Noah. I've never just wanted to strip so someone could look at me before."

"Never?" Puck shook his head, "I don't get it Rache, you're…" He gestured to her stacked little body, "I mean damn you're hot. You're gorgeous. Hasn't anyone ever made you feel sexy before?"

Rachel shook her head, "I'm not a prude," She began shyly. "I'm proud of my body, I work hard for it, just like you do yours." Her eyes trailed over his chest and shoulders and he fought to urge to strip so she'd be tempted to touch. "But whenever…" She stopped and he realized it was because she'd been about to bring up Finn.

"Rachel, you're my girlfriend now, but I know you were with him for a pretty long time, off and on, but you were with him," Puck told her hoping he didn't sound like total chick. "He's gonna come up. So long's you ain't hollerin' his name when it's my hands on you I'll get it. Especially when we're having a talk he shoulda had with you a long time ago."

"You keep saying that Noah," Rachel curled up on his bed and leaned against his legs so she could look at him comfortably. "I don't understand what you mean."

"I don't get serious about chicks," Puck began, "Not until you. And only God knows when my heart started this 'cause it took my brain long enough to catch up, though to be honest you coulda been leading me around by the dick since middle school if you'd wanted." His blunt words made her blush and smile, ducking her head and he put a finger under her chin so she'd keep looking at him. "But the one thing I was good at, besides sex, was making sure the chick I was…chasing actually knew what I was doing, knew that she had the absolute right to turn me down."

"I don't get it Noah," Rachel shook her head looking confused. "You've got the reputation of being a player as Artie would say. A badass but definitely a modern day Casanova."

"Yeah," Puck shrugged his agreement. "Worked hard on that. But I never wanted to hurt any girls on the way to getting it." He sighed and realized he was going to have to be blunt, "Lotta guys go around thinkin' if they take a girl out, if they spend money on 'em that they should get a kiss or tongue or boob or whatever at the end of the night. Like its payment or somethin'." He shook his head in disgust, "I haven't ever had a lot of money. I work but I gotta help out at home or Bekah and I wouldn't be able to eat. So when I'd take a girl out, we'd go somewhere cheap, where we could have fun, or just hang and I'd make a move but I wasn't really expecting it to always go somewhere." He shrugged, "Hell Santana dumped my ass over my credit score, which is apparently shit."

"So when you were with a girl, if you wanted to get into her pants, you charmed her out of her panties, you didn't pressure her," Rachel summarized. "And if it didn't work, no…harm no foul?"

"Pretty much yeah," Puck grinned at her use of that last phrase, she really was working on understanding sports. "But when I was charmin' 'em I always made sure to tell 'em that they should tell me to stop if I went too far. Lotta girls didn't want to stop, guess they liked what I was doin'."

"And then other girls who got dumped by their boyfriends started to hear about you and they'd go after you instead of you going after them because gossip was you could show them a great time," Rachel smiled her expression a little wry. "And now everybody just expects you to come out of the janitor's closet with a Cheerio looking satisfied."

"Yeah well they get stressed a lot and an orgasm seems to be a good way to get rid of that," Puck shrugged that off. "But I'm am off the market for that type of service," He made the attempt to reassure her. "Unless it's you dragging me in there," He added.

"You could always open up a massage booth, your neck rubs certainly help me," Rachel smiled and he chuckled a bit.

"Don't really have the urge to put my hands on another girl lately," He shrugged, "I think they've figured out I'm off the market, have been for a while now." Puck looked at her thoughtfully, "Can I ask, Finn never made you feel like…wanted?"

Her nose wrinkled and she shrugged slightly, "I knew he wanted tit," Puck's mouth just about fell open when Rachel started talking like a guy. "I heard enough about it," She added dryly. "And I knew he wanted to have sex. But he never seemed to…" She hesitated and looked at Puck before she sighed, "I never felt safe with him like I do with you." She gestured to how they were positioned on his still unmade bed. "I would never have been able to sit like this with him. I was nervous and worried I'd do something wrong. It wasn't ever relaxed. That one time in my basement with you and Lauren...that was the sexiest I've ever felt. And sleeping together...I could never have done that with Finn."

"Mighta been partly 'cause you an' he were pretty inexperienced both of you," Puck offered even as he knew that Rachel wasn't uncomfortable anywhere unless she felt unwelcome. She had a gift for making herself at home anywhere once she got to know someone. Which might have been the problem he realized, Finn hadn't ever made an effort to get to know her, just her voice.

"It was more than that Noah, when you kiss me it feels like it's because you can't think of anything else," Rachel shook her head. "When he'd kiss me, it always felt like he had a goal he wanted to accomplish. Like baseball or whatever, he'd kiss me, and it would be nice and I'd like it but before I could start to want more on my own I had to deal with his hands moving where they shouldn't be."

"Like where," Puck was starting to get pissed now, "Where'd he put his hands Rache?"

"No where you didn't try to put yours when we dated during sophomore year," She told him in that prim little voice that made him want to bury his mouth between her legs until she screamed his name. "You don't have to do anything to him." Her smile was wicked, "But his hands never made me feel like yours, like…you were trying something out but I was the one in control." Puck watched as she frowned and shook her head, "He was so much bigger than me Noah, it should have made me feel safe like you do, but sometimes it was just intimidating."

"Did you ever feel like he wasn't going to stop when you told him to?" Puck knew his voice was low and furious and that his face was probably just as bad. God knew he didn't want to scare her but the idea that she hadn't felt entirely safe with her own boyfriend made him want to kill the son of a bitch, no disrespect to Mrs. Hummel.

"Once or twice, which was when he'd come to school with a limp the next day," Rachel was looking at him as if she was amazed and pleased and her voice sounded just they tiniest bit smug when she revealed she'd kneed Finn in the jewels. "For the record I don't expect to have the same problem with you. You have a great deal more self-control than he does in these matters…for instance, even with my hand on you, you have not…finished in your pants."

"God damn Rache I thought you were shittin' me about that," Puck nearly howled with laughter at the idea. "That boy is the biggest idiot this side of the Mississippi."

"I could not agree more," Rachel told him in her prim and proper voice a hint of a smile on her lips.

"Uh speaking of self-control," Puck started, his finger tracing over her jaw. "That voice you just used? The prim and polite one that sounds so…debutantey…that makes me want you to ride my tongue Rache."

"I beg your pardon?" Rachel blinked at him, "When I sound like a schoolteacher you want to perform oral sex on me?" She shook her head in confusion, "When I'd talk like that it was better than reminding Finn of the mail to slow him down."

"Never thought you sounded like a teacher," Puck grinned, "Though you're givin' me all sortsa ideas." He looked at her, all comfortable against him and for a minute couldn't believe she was here with him. "Would you like me to do that?"

"No one ever has," Rachel blinked at the thought, wetting her lips in a way that made him groan. "I could…perform fellatio on you though if you like. I don't think I'd be too bad at it, even if I never got to practice much."

"Did you like it?" Puck was curious if she'd done it as a way to try and satisfy Finn without taking off her clothes or if it was something she'd really wanted to try. Both if he knew her.

"It feels powerful, but it was always over very quickly and…" She blushed a bright red, "He'd always end up… I mean he'd…"

She ducked her head and Puck hurried to soothe her, petting her hair and letting his fingers stroke the soft skin of her cheek and neck, "It's okay Rache you don't have to say if it's that…you know uncomfortable. I'd just like to know what to avoid. A girl's doin' that, ain't the time to lose your shit and be an ass." He chuckled, "Lotta girls hate it, it's like they don't get they're in charge."

"He used to cum on my face," Rachel blurted out, her face a vivid shade of pink. "It got in my hair and it smelled awful and I never even got to see what it tasted like and it happened almost every time until I told him I wouldn't do it anymore until he'd at least learn when to pull out and use a tissue."

"Damn, that sucks," Puck shook his head at Finn's idiocy and selfishness. "Did he at least return the favor? I mean at all with his fingers or mouth or anything? Did he ever get you off Rachel?"

Rachel shook her head silently, looking down at his bed and then finally, obviously getting the courage to look up at him, "I've never, with a guy. On my own with my…" She blushed. "I bought a vibrator just to make sure there wasn't something wrong with me. I…finish just fine on my own with that and without it…but I was really starting to think something was wrong with me, or with him, when I couldn't get half as excited about his hand on my breast as I did thinking about you kissing me and touching my hair sophomore year."

"Oh my god," Puck knew he was in awe. "Rachel, I think I just fell in love with you squared." He grabbed her and hauled her up so she was laying on top of his chest and looking down into his face. "You got a vibrator? And you like using it? And you would use…me to get excited when you were with him?" He kissed her, his hands gripping the curves of her hips and ass so his cock was grinding against her slit. "You've gotta be the hottest woman I've ever met let alone kissed," he told her as he found the tender skin under her ear and laved it with his tongue.

"You don't think I'm perverse?" Rachel was pleased if a bit confused, he could tell from her voice and how she was wiggling against him. "That what I did was wrong?"

"He never gave you an orgasm? Not the whole time you were together?" Puck rolled her over so she was under him and his body could press hers into the bed. Her hair spread over his pillow and he groaned, "Oh my god I'd give my left nut to keep you in bed with me for the rest of my life." His lips found her collarbone and nipped at the skin there.

"That won't be necessary," It was that prim little voice again, the one that made him crazy and he couldn't take it. His hand dove for the button of her skirt, unzipping it. "Noah, what are you doing?" He paused, listening and realized Rachel didn't sound panicked or nervous, only amused and…turned on.

"I warned you about that voice," Puck lifted his mouth from her skin long enough to remind her. "Now you're just gonna hafta tolerate my mouth on you until you're screamin' my name." He looked at her pretty little pink blouse and started to unbutton it. "Don't worry gorgeous, I'mma keep my pants on so I don't forget to stop." He reached down to adjust himself slightly at the thought before he continued to undress her.

"Noah, stop right there," Rachel's voice was almost stern and he snatched his hand away from the last button.

"Geez Rache I'm sorry, I just," He shuddered and forced himself to lift his body off hers. "Didn't mean to scare ya gorgeous."

"I don't know why you're apologizing," Rachel's expression was amused as she sat up and began to pull off her clothes. "I merely wished to help," She threw her blouse on the floor and a plain white bra had never looked so good as it did on her. "If I take everything off…will that be all right?"

"All right?" Puck really couldn't believe his ears, "You got that can a pepper spray handy?" That made her laugh and she pulled off her skirt before removing her bra and panties. "Oh my god," He groaned in amazement because Rachel Berry, his perfect virgin Jewish American princess had a Brazilian with a tiny little landing strip. "I'm gonna get on my knees and beg in another minute. When did you do this?"

"My Dads asked me what I wanted for my birthday last year," Rachel seemed really pleased with his reaction. "They promised this year I could have a sensible car so I could get around on my own, but last year I didn't have my license yet. So I asked if I could have laser hair removal. It would make getting ready for school so much quicker and later on when I was in New York I wouldn't have to spend the money on it. And it really came in handy for ballet. Daddy talked Dad into it, I heard him say that maybe if I felt more confident about my sex appeal I wouldn't settle for the first idiot who told me I was pretty."

"Yeah?" Puck felt like his tongue wasn't working right as Rachel moved back towards the bed and touched his shirt. "Huh?" He couldn't stop staring at her, pretty dark nipples all tight in the cool air, all that pale skin and her long dark hair falling around her shoulders.

"Take off your shirt Noah," Rachel sounded as if she'd said it more than once.

"Uh huh," Puck obeyed and was rewarded with an armful of Rachel, her soft breasts pushing against his chest, his hands sliding down those gorgeous smooth legs. "God you feel so good Rachel," He slid his hand up her back, reveling in all that soft skin. "So soft and pretty," He looked down at her; even sitting in his lap she wasn't quite tall enough to meet his gaze and he couldn't help but kiss her.

"Hmm…" Rachel was moaning into his mouth until she must have thought of something because she stiffened up a little bit in his arms, "Noah?"

"Yeah?" Noah decided that if he couldn't kiss her mouth he'd just have to give those gorgeous breasts some attention, laying her back so he could suck and tease her tight dark pink nipples. "God I love how you sound when I put my mouth on your skin Rache," He groaned as his lips around her nipple nearly made her moan turn into a shriek.

"Noah," His name had never sounded so good, but Puck lifted his head and looked at her with a smile.

"Too much? Not enough?" Puck kissed one nipple more tenderly than he'd ever treated anyone else's body parts, "Just tell me what you want Rachel, I'm ya know, educable an' all." He couldn't resist stroking his tongue over that tight little bud that bloomed in his mouth but tightened up the minute it hit the air. "Damn you're sensitive," He observed, "That's so hot Rache."

"Noah," She looked at him and her hand touched his face, "Not to ruin the mood, but…"

"Not possible but go ahead," Puck was pretty sure nothing short of a nuclear blast was going to ruin his mood. Even if Rachel put the kibosh on the whole thing right now he'd still gotten to see her naked and damn if that wasn't a sight worth a month of blue balls.

"What if I can't? I mean can't, can't," Rachel asked worriedly, "With a guy, with you even, even though I love you so much…more than…almost more than singing."

"Damn," Puck was impressed. He knew how much he felt for her but if she loved him just as much as music then she wasn't ever getting away from him. "Lemme ask you this Rachel, did you ever once take off your clothes like this for Finn? Or Jesse? I mean just get them in your room and strip down?" She shook her head, confused but willing to humor him. "So neither of them ever got to see what you had no hesitation in showing me." He couldn't resist kissing her pretty little nipple, it was just too near his mouth once she'd nodded her confirmation. "Part of being able to cum is being able to relax and trust your partner. It's like singin', I mean you can't sing if you're tense an' waitin' on someone to hit you right? Your voice would come out like a frog; you'd choke. If you aren't relaxed and trusting, you ain't gonna be able to cum."

Rachel nodded, her eyes thoughtful, "It's different for guys I guess?" She asked with a half-smile.

"I heard my mom say a guy can cum from squeezing a grapefruit," Puck said bluntly. "Ain't ever happened that way for me but guys are ready quicker and we can go off faster than girls. So someone wants to make sure they know what they're doin', they work on making it last. Controllin' themselves. 'Cause the last thing a girl wants is a guy who races to the finish and is across the line before she's even started the race."

"That's why Finn…" Rachel blushed, "Sorry it just seems so odd to talk about…but so natural to talk to you Noah." Her little hands were petting his face and shoulders affectionately.

"Yeah Finn pretty much was an all-around idiot when it came to you," Puck shook his head and pushed himself up so he could look at her more easily. "And not to change the subject but god damn are you…" He groaned as he looked at her legs tangled with his denim covered ones, her pretty little bare feet with pale purple toenails and her mouth looking all kissed and swollen. "Like I said before gorgeous, my left nut if you never leave my bed."

"Might be problematic considering we both live with our parents in separate houses," Rachel drew him back down to her. "But I won't leave for the entire afternoon if you'll finish what you started." She shuddered hotly as his hand glided up to her breast and covered the swollen mound with his callused palm and fingers, "Noah, have I ever mentioned what your guitar calluses do to me?" She moaned.

"What's that gorgeous?" Puck leaned down to suckle on her other breast, unable to believe it was Rachel fucking hot as hell Berry writhing against him in his bed. "You're so hot I might just blow my load in my jeans from lookin' at you."

"Don't do that," Rachel nearly moaned the words, "I want to help you with that." Her hand found the front of his jeans and deftly unbuttoned them.

"Rachel, oh god," Puck felt his eyes cross as her hand slid down the front of his jeans. "You're gonna make me cum way too soon if you keep doin' that. I wanna watch you first." Her fingers releasing his swollen cock was both painful and a relief. "You gonna let me Rache?" He slid his hand down to her hip, cupping her mound feeling how her slick juices were already covering the skin. "Oh my god you're so fucking wet Rachel," He groaned against her breast, sucking hard on the sensitive tip until she was arching her back up for more.

"You get me that way Noah," Rachel's voice was like a wet dream, Puck shuddered as her words hit him. "You used to kiss my cheek good bye and thank you and all I could think of was when we'd make out. I'd go home and have to touch myself so I could concentrate on making dinner."

"You made yourself cum thinking of me gorgeous?" Puck hadn't heard anything hotter in his life, like ever. "You are the sexiest woman alive, end of story," He groaned and began to kiss his way down to her moist slit. "And you have the prettiest pussy Rache," He paused and looked, truly appreciating how she was shaped and hued. "Pretty pale skin all flushed pink, nice and wet, your clit's swollen an' peeking out at me from 'tween your lips… Rachel I can't wait, I gotta," He didn't wait for her to give him permission, spreading her thighs and draping her legs over his shoulders before he buried his mouth in her pussy.

She shuddered hotly as he began licking and sucking on her lips and thrust his tongue as deep as he could inside her, so tight around his tongue he groaned. She tasted good, like the fruit salad she was always eating, just a touch of salt, so hot on his tongue. Rachel was moaning, her beautiful voice crying out in pleasure, pleasure he was giving her. Him, Noah Abram Puckerman was eating out Rachel Barbra Berry, he groaned into her and felt her shudder under his mouth. And suddenly he wanted her clit in his mouth, wanted to kiss and suck that little bud until she was screaming his name.

It wasn't hard to find her clit, hot and swollen and just begging for attention it was practically standing up like a little cock. Puck wasn't sure why he liked that idea so much, maybe because it meant Rachel really wanted him that badly if her body was so engorged. But if she was anything sensitive on her clit the way she was with her nipples…he licked experimentally and felt her shudder, a wailing moan falling from her lips.

"Noah, please, god please, finish me," Rachel was begging him, how often did he dream about that? About this, going down on this woman until she was screaming his name and trying to ride his face for more of what he could give her. And he wanted to give her so many orgasms she couldn't walk straight, starting with this one. He started to kiss and suck her clit like he would her tongue, careful not to scrape her with his teeth. When Rachel started moaning and crying his name non-stop and trying to press up to his face he groaned. She was close, so close. His eyes darted upwards and he was surprised to meet hers, her fingers tugging at her nipples as she watched him go down on her.

Puck groaned and kept watching her, watched pleasure chase over her face, her eyelids fluttering as he surrounded her clit with his mouth and started to suck on rhythmically. Her thighs tightened around his shoulders and she uttered a long guttural cry of his name before her hips snapped up violently so he had to hold her down while he continued to suck hard on her, a flood of her juices soaking her thighs and his chest as she screamed his name and came violently under his mouth.

"Noah," Rachel was still moaning, as he licked and sucked her clit more gently now. "Oh god Noah," She sounded dazed and almost shocked. Puck grinned and started to kiss his way back her body, hesitating before he got to her mouth, and wondered if he should go and brush his teeth or something. That thought didn't last long as Rachel grabbed him by the shoulders and dragged his mouth down to hers, sucking on his tongue so hard he knew he'd die to get her mouth on his cock.

"Hey Rache?" He grinned through the kiss, gliding his fingers down to her pussy and teasing her nether lips. When she blinked up at him, he slid a finger into her experimentally and was rewarded with a moan of delight. "I think you can with me," He told her, sliding another finger inside and feeling her body stretch a little to accommodate his digits. His thumb found her clit and gave it a careful little nudge. "It's a little late to ask I guess but can I use my fingers on you?"

"If you stop now I will never show you my lack of gag reflex," Rachel's eyes flew open to look up at him. "Noah, I've never…" She moaned as his fingers hit a particular spot, "Never felt so… ooohhh…" Her orgasm took them both by surprise as her word turned into a long hot moan he felt down to his dick as her body convulsed around his fingers. He kept moving his hand and was rewarded with another surprised cry and her hips snapping up, her thighs closing around his wrist as she rode out the waves of pleasure on his hand. "Oh my god Noah Abram Puckerman…" She shuddered again as he slowly withdrew his fingers and wickedly licked them off, "At the risk of inflating your ego to unmanageable proportions, you are a sex god."

"Well I'm all yours gorgeous," Puck pushed himself up, avoiding the slope of the ceiling easily and grabbed his AC/DC shirt out of his closet. Wiping his hands clean on a spare towel he moved back to the bed and put the shirt on the mattress next to her. "You are so…" He nearly groaned as she trailed her eyes over his chest down to his waist and then his groin. He was so hard his cock was pressing against his zipper.

"Yours," Rachel finished his sentence with a wicked little smile. "And now Noah Puckerman you are going to teach me all about what you like and don't like when I give you fellatio." She sat up with supreme unselfconsciousness about her nudity and patted the bed next to her. "The first time, or at least until I'm used to what you like, I'd appreciate if we could do this with you lying down." She explained quietly.

"I'd probably fall down and get another concussion if I tried to stand with your lips around me so that's fine with me," Puck grinned and did as he was told. "You want my jeans off? Keep my shorts on? Off?"

"Get naked Puckerman," Rachel's voice was demanding and Puck could feel his balls throb.

"I'm sorry in advance if this doesn't take long," He offered as he shucked off his jeans and shorts, getting rid of his socks, seriously unsexy things socks, at least when guys wore them. "It's been…shit since I showered before the flight home from Nationals since I've even put a hand to myself… So, sorry."

"Are you worried?" Rachel tilted her head, her smile sweet but her eyes concerned for him. "I won't be mad Noah, you being so experienced, and having so much control, if I make you 'lose your shit' as Artie says it, I'll be flattered beyond belief."

"Prepare to be flattered then gorgeous," Puck turned around from pulling out a fresh set of shorts to see Rachel staring blatantly at him. When he moved towards her she held up a hand for him to stop and stay. "Trainin' me to the leash already beautiful?" He muttered with a grin.

"Noah you're soo…" She had her eyes trained on his throbbing cock; the damn thing was bobbing a little with each breath like it had a mind of its own. Not really far from the truth Puck thought in half amusement. "When we finally have sex I'm going to be on the pill because there is no way I'll be able to stand having a condom making it even more difficult for me to take you."

Puck shuddered as her words hit him like a tidal wave of need and groaned, "Rache, you got no clue what you're doing to me do you?" He managed hoarsely, "I want you so bad right now."

"You're just so good looking," She moved towards him and took his hand tugging him to the bed. "Lie down and breathe for a bit baby," Her soft voice was like a breath of air on his skin. "I love you so much Noah."

"I ain't ever loved anybody like I love you Rache," Puck got the words out past all the blood draining to his lap.

"I wanted to ask you, do you like to have a hand in a girl's hair? Or on her neck?" Rachel was kneeling on the bed next to him, still totally naked as she traced her fingers up and down his thighs. "My hair's long enough that you could wrap it around your fist if you liked that."

"I'll hold it outa the way for you," Puck offered, "But I ain't… I only ever do that if I know the chick likes it. What do you like gorgeous?"

"We're about to learn," She told him drily. "I believe I mentioned one Mr. Hudson shooting his load before I got to really figure that out."

"I won't shoot on your face Rachel," Puck took a deep breath. "And you don't gotta swallow, I know some girls don't like the taste. I got tissues by the bed and I'll let you know when I need you to stop." He groaned as she licked her lips and looked down at his cock, now steadily weeping precum from the tip. "God Rache the look on your face…" He shuddered.

"I'd appreciate it if you'd hold my hair out of the way, or I have hair band I can use," She smiled wickedly and moved to kneel between his legs, her palms gliding up his thighs before she bent down and licked his cock from base to tip, swirling her tongue around him to taste his precum. "Hmm…Noah," She smiled up into his eyes, "You taste salty…" Her smile turned into a grin at the look on his face and then she was sucking on the head of his cock hard enough that his hand did fist in her hair and his other in the sheet next to him.

Puck couldn't stop watching her, she was sucking him so hard and slowly pushing down on his cock until he could feel the head pushing at the back of her throat. He figured she'd pull back up and start the normal up and down motion then but she looked straight in his eyes and he could feel her throat working around his cock, swallowing and she sank even lower until she'd taken his entire cock into her mouth and throat. "Oh god Rachel," He groaned. "Fuck yeah gorgeous, you're so good at this…" He had to fight to keep his hips flat on the bed as she began to suck and bob up and down on his cock before pushing down and taking all of him in again. She'd only done it twice more when he knew he was going to blow. "Rachel, fuck Rache, I'm gonna, I gotta," He moaned when she didn't stop, her hand wrapped around the base of him insistently, her mouth never stopping that wonderful hot pressure.

Puck had never had a girl do this so well with so little experience, Rachel Berry was a fucking cock-sucking pro and he was gonna make sure he was the only one who'd ever know it. "Rache, I'm so close, I'm gonna cum soon," He couldn't be sure if the words were coming out right or not because she wasn't stopping at all. She was pushing him deep into her mouth again and suddenly that exquisite feeling of her throat swallowing around him just sent him over the edge, "Fuck, Rachel, god, baby, fuck yeah," He almost shouted as his hips jerked involuntarily and his cum just erupted down her throat. He was vaguely aware of her slowly pulling him out of her mouth while he was still erupting, his cum shooting into the softness of her mouth instead of her throat as if felt like his balls were unloading two weeks worth of work into her mouth. "God Rache, fucking hell you're so good," he groaned as she held him in her mouth until his cock was almost completely drained of blood, sucking him gently clean before she released his member and gave it a little kiss before she sat up.

"So you liked that?" She smiled a little shyly as she sat next to him, her dark hair falling over one shoulder.

"Lemme get you some mouthwash or water or somethin'," Puck really wanted to kiss her and that wasn't happening with the taste of his dick in her mouth. He really didn't care for that thought no matter how much she'd swallowed, he didn't want to taste himself on her. She was more open minded than he was he thought as he found a coke on his dresser and cracked the seal on it before handing it to her. He was surprised she didn't argue with him, merely tilting her head and taking a long swig of the soda and swishing it around her mouth before swallowing and repeating the process. After a moment of thought she took another mouthful and swallowed, smiling slightly at him. "Okay?" He asked a little anxiously, he sounded like a little bitch, he told himself with a mental sneer but he really didn't care at this point.

"I'm fine Noah, I understand that guys don't like the smell or taste much," Rachel assured him dryly.

"Yeah, some stupid leftover homophobic shit, but I can't help it yet," Puck almost forgot about the sloped ceiling and narrowly avoided cracking his head as he moved to kiss his woman. "Oh my god Rachel," He groaned as he fastened his mouth to hers and sucked on her tongue. "I'm gonna send Hudson fuckin' flowers or somethin'," He wrapped her up in his arms. "I'm goin' to synagogue on Saturday and give thanks to God that Hudson's a moron and you love me. I don't care if I gotta wait 'til we graduate to make love to you, you gimme that now and then and I'll be set for fuckin' years."

"So my vibrator was a good investment?" Rachel asked him giggling a little as he kissed her lips and her face and wrapped her in his arms.

"You have got to show me this famous sex toy someday," Puck grinned at her. "And hell yeah that was a good investment. Like to see you use it on that pretty pussy a yours too," He sighed and lay back pulling her down with him. "I'm sorry we got all the way to third base 'fore we even had a date Rache," He offered belatedly.

"No you're not, and neither am I," She propped herself up on one elbow and looked at him with a smile. "Because this isn't about societal norms Noah, it's about how much we love each other," Her smile tilted wickedly. "And because we're a coupla hot Jews and its totally natural."

"I am so in love with you," Puck shook his head in amazement. The clock caught his eye and he cursed lazily. "Shit, Bekah'll be home soon."

"Hmm…then hand me your shirt and find your phone," Rachel smiled lazily. "Still have a couple of pictures to take, Mr. Puckerman."

"Damn," He'd almost forgotten the pictures but not quite. "This was enough Rache, you don't gotta…" He stopped sheepishly. "You don't, but I've been thinking about it ever since you said it," Puck admitted with a grin.

"Hmm…" Rachel smiled. "If you'll take a couple using my phone and a few using yours I'll try to figure out where I can have prints made." She looked around his room, apparently noticing a dearth of playboy models on the walls. "Though I don't know if you'd want to hang them up."

"Can't have anything too racy on the walls, Bekah still barges in sometimes," Puck explained. "But I got a box big enough for some prints if you make any."

"I'll be sure to do that then," Rachel had found the shirt and pulled it over her head, pulling her hair out from underneath the crew neck. Laying down on the bed she closed her eyes a moment and then stretched slightly, arching her back and opening her eyes to look at him. Puck was amazed, she looked like she was ready to be fucked, her eyes hot and wicked, her mouth swollen and red. He clicked the camera button a couple times and found her phone to do the same thing. A few more shots, one of her just lying lazily on the bed and looking at him from under her eyelids that he fucking loved. And then a head shot he wanted to get framed, with her propping her head up on her hand and smiling at him like she had just had him and loved him and wanted more.

"Damn Rachel," He flipped through the pictures on his phone and smiled when he got to the last two. "I think I like the last two best."

"They're the least titillating though," Rachel was clearly confused and Puck shook his head.

"I love how your face looks, like you're lookin' an' I'm all you see," Puck admitted in a low voice. "Turns me on like nothin' else when you look at me like that."

"Well then make sure I have that on my phone and I'll get you a print," She stripped his shirt off and he shook his head even as his eyes became glued to her body and face again.

"You oughta keep it Rache, you look better in it than I ever did. Sleep in it," He grinned at her. "I'll like thinkin' of that."

"Hmm…" Rachel grinned at him. "First you lend me your jacket and now your shirt," She went to his closet and began flipping through it. "What else can I steal?"

"Damn little unless you don't want me to change clothes," Puck laughed as he began to make the bed and opened the window slightly to air the room out. He turned and saw Rachel standing in front of his closet, on hand on the doorjamb, balanced on one foot while the other rubbed the back of her leg, toes pointed like she was in ballet. "Fuck me, Rache can I take a picture a you like that?"

"Without seeing my face?" She asked still looking in his closet, her voice curious.

"I'll know it's you," He felt his heart pounding at the thought, "You just look like you belong…right there… it's okay, I don't gotta." He retracted the question hastily.

"I trust you Noah," Rachel said simply. "Go ahead and take the picture, and then I'll look at you over my shoulder and you can take another."

"God I love you," Puck grabbed his phone hastily and lined up the shot. "Got it. You want one for yours?"

"Please," Her voice was amused, but she stayed where she was. "Ready for me to look at you?" She asked as the second camera went off.

"Yep, gimme those beautiful eyes," Puck looked at her and groaned as she looked over her shoulder at him, her eyes were liquid and warm and loving and her smile looked like sex. "Damn Rache," He clicked the camera quickly and then did the same for his camera. "I'm taking those two off my phone and putting 'em somewhere safe."

She grinned and crossed the room to wrap her arms around his waist, ignoring her nudity. "I really really love you Noah Abram Puckerman," She told him. "You make me feel sexy."

"You are sexy," Puck grinned down at her. "And there ain't a thing to be done about it." He patted her ass and groaned, "Love seein' you walk around my room but you gotta get dressed gorgeous."

"Well if I absolutely must," Rachel grinned at him teasingly and began to pull her clothes back on, much to his regret. They had just gotten settled on the couch and were pulling their books out of the bags and Rachel had wound her hair back into a knot at the base of her neck to get rid of the bed head look when the front door opened.

Puck looked at Rachel and grinned as she greeted Bekah, his little sister was in fifth grade and adored Rachel as the coolest girl at Synagogue. Direct quote, he looked up as his mom came in struggling with a bag of groceries, her purse and her nurse paperwork. "Geez Ma, you gotta let me help you with this shit," He leapt up and reeled dizzily for a moment before recovering. His mother's sharp eyes and Rachel's breath catching told him that he hadn't fooled anyone. "It's okay, just you know…vertigo for a second. I'm okay, really," He assured them as he took the groceries away from his mom and into the kitchen.

His mother followed him into the kitchen a stern look on her face and pointed her finger at him, "Noah Abram Puckerman you better not have… have… with that lovely girl." She hissed at him. "Don't think I'm ignorant of your reputation."

"It ain't like that with Rachel Ma," Noah couldn't get too pissed off at his mom. If he was Rachel's dads he wouldn't let a JD moron like him anywhere near Rachel. "I promise Ma, you know I don't lie. I don't answer but I don't lie, not anymore. It ain't like that with Rachel. I love her Ma. I love her. And I'm gonna get into NYU or Julliard or something in New York so I can be with her for the rest of my life."

His mother blinked at him for a moment, grabbed his face and kissed him, "You are finally growing up." She declared. "I'm so proud of you Noah."

"Yeah well while you're bein' proud, could you let me know where you hid my class ring?" Puck asked quietly, "You know the one I saved for and when it finally came you confiscated it because we were broke and you didn't want me to pawn it?"

"What are you going to do with it?" His mother asked a bit warily.

"It's for Rachel," Puck said quietly, "It always has been Ma. I wouldn't ever a pawned it. Hell I woulda gotten it in her size except, you know she was dating that idiot at the time. I just wanted to have something I could give her if she ever…felt like that about me. And it was the only thing I could get that the guys wouldn't give me shit about at the time."

"Artie wouldn't do that," His mom liked Artie.

"No, and neither would Mike or Sam or any a the guys from Glee, but the football team is another story." Puck thought of something, and made a mental note to follow up later with Coach. "So can I have the ring Ma?"

"I'll go get it and some yarn," She promised as she hurried off to her bedroom.

"Thanks Ma," He smiled to himself as he put away the groceries, noting that he'd need to make a couple of stops and use some of his money from Hummel's shop to pick up staples to last them another week. By the time his mother had changed out of her scrubs and brought the ring and some yarn back, he'd gotten everything put away.

"Is Rachel going to stay for dinner?" His mother asked him as she handed him the ring and yarn.

"Dunno Ma, why doncha ask her?" Puck teased, "If you bought enough vegetables maybe." He wandered out to the living room and smiled. Rachel was patiently going over Bekah's math homework, a subject that he knew Rachel despised but he actually liked. "I got that Rachel," He took a seat next to her. "You remember what we talked about on the plane after Nationals?"

"Of course," Rachel nodded and kissed his cheek. "How could I forget?"

Puck hoped she wouldn't freak out, you never knew how girls would react and Rachel, for all her superiority, was definitely of the female persuasion. "You remember how I said I'd put a ring on that girl's finger if I knew she loved me?" He took her left hand in his, absently stroking her fingers.

"Yes," Rachel's hand was trembling in his but her voice was steady. She was looking up at him with those huge beautiful eyes and he almost groaned she looked so damn good. "I remember, as a promise you said, that you'd always be there, working on your dreams alongside her as she worked on hers."

"Yeah," Puck took out his class ring. It was shiny with newness still, he hadn't even worn it before his mom had hidden it away. The sapphire was only a created one, but it was real silver and gold and had his scheduled grad year and his two major extracurriculars one on either side, glee club and football. "I know it isn't pretty or your size even, but I bought it so I'd have somethin' to give you, if you ever gave me a second look."

"Noah, that's…" Rachel's eyes were brimming with tears and he panicked.

"If you don't like it, it's okay, you don't gotta wear it, I just thought..." He promised wildly. "Gimme a chance to fix it." It was ridiculous how insecure he got around this girl, but at the same time it made perfect sense, she was the one that mattered.

"You'll do no such thing Noah Abram Puckerman," Rachel told him sternly snatching the ring with ninja quickness from his hand and sliding it over her left ring finger. "This is one of the most romantic things you've done yet and I refuse to give up this ring." She had to press her fingers together to keep it on, "Although it is proving to be obstinate."

"Yeah, Ma says back in the day girls' would use yarn to wrap around the back of the ring so it would get tight and fit their fingers," Puck held out the little bundle of soft yarn and Rachel grinned up at him.

"Your mother is wonderful," She began to wrap the underside of the ring with the yarn testing it as the yarn grew thicker until it was good and snug on her finger. "Noah, are you sure about all this?" She asked as she admired the gleam of it on her finger. "I mean, I'm not the most popular girl at McKinley. And when people get mad about Finn… he won't be able to participate in Football or sports until at least November next year. They're going to blame us, you know they will."

"United front," Puck told her firmly. "I checked with Artie before we left NYC, and he assures me my rep is badass enough that if there's any fallout they know not to mess with either of us." He kissed her gently, mindful of his mother in the kitchen. "You are mine now Rachel Barbra Berry," He told her firmly. "You're mine until you hand that ring back to me. But I'm always gonna be yours."

"I'll always be yours Noah," Rachel smiled up at him. "As long as we're together we can do anything." She looked down at the class ring she wore on her right hand, her own ring with a pretty blue topaz in the center, glee club and drama on either side. "Would you…" She pulled the ring off her right hand and looked at him. "If I got you a chain to wear it, would you?"

"Couldn't durin' practice but any other time, yeah Rache, you know I would," Puck couldn't believe this gorgeous woman could walk around naked in front of him like they'd been having sex for years but felt like she had to ask him to wear her ring around his neck. "Hell you could probably buy me a goofy sweater like Kurt's and I'd wear it."

"I might hold you to that Puckerman," She teased as he tried to slide her ring onto his pinky, amused when it barely fit.

"Your hands are so tiny," Puck muttered in amazement. "How do you get anything done?"

"It's only that you're so big Noah," She whispered with a hint of a blush on her cheeks.

"Fuck me Rachel," Puck cursed under his breath as his jeans immediately felt three sizes too tight.

She blinked and looked at him and blushed even more, "Sorry?"

"Oh you will be," He hauled her into his lap and kissed her, wrapping her up in his arms so she had no escape, not that she was really trying. He was tongue deep into her mouth and working on making her as crazy as he was when his mother started talking. Now there was bucket of ice water.

"Noah! Rachel!" The voice was like a whip, "Don't make me get the garden hose!" Puck broke away from Rachel guiltily and was startled as Rachel began to giggle. He grinned and looked at his mother who seemed absolutely charmed by his girlfriend's fit of giggles. "Rachel, can you stay for dinner?"

"Oh I'd love to," Rachel smiled happily at the invitation. "But since it's the first school day back my dads really wanted me to be home for dinner." She looked at them, "I know you have a late shift tomorrow, would it be all right if Noah and Bekah came and had dinner with us? I'd love to have you too, you could come after work and I'll keep a plate for you. A night off from cooking? Please?"

"Oh sweetheart that would be lovely but we don't want to put you to any trouble," Puck's mom was really tempted he could tell. "And I'll be in my scrubs still, you don't want me around like that."

"Mrs. Puckerman, my dads would love to hear how you're doing; it's no imposition. They're always asking if I'd like to have my friends over," Rachel looked down in embarrassment, "I just haven't had that many that were willing to spend time with me. Just Noah, Artie and Lauren, and now Kurt and Blaine." Puck looked at his mom and nodded hopefully, not wanting Rachel to suffer another rejection, even a good intentioned one. "Please Mrs. Puckerman, it'd mean a lot to me for you to spend some time with my family. I really love you guys and I want to spend more time with you." Rachel blushed, "You're the closest I've got to a mom."

"As long as it's all right with your dads we'd be happy to accept," Mrs. Puckerman capitulated and Rachel threw herself out of Puck's arms to hug his mother happily.

"Oh thank you so much Mrs. Puckerman, I'll make sure that I make something kosher and it'll have real meat and everything so Noah and you can keep up your strength," Rachel was babbling happily. "Oh I've got to go and tell my dads and make sure I've got something good in the fridge." She grabbed her purse and slipped on her shoes and was about to run out the door when Puck called her name. "Yes Noah?"

He grinned and stood up, grabbing his keys, "I think a ride home might help right?" Puck looked at his mom, "I'll only be about fifteen okay Ma?"

"You see her home safe," His mother nodded and disappeared into the kitchen again.

Author's Note: So this is a pretty long chapter but it's meant to make up for the shorter ones earlier. Hope you all enjoyed Puckleberry finally getting together. It's going to be a little bit before they actually have sex. Because I can see Rachel experimenting with Puck and Lauren since she felt safe and getting to third base with Puck because she's in love with him but actually having sex? That could take a bit. Its a scary thing.

Curious as to what you folks think will happen with these two? I've got plans but I'm always interested.

Oh, little shout out to all of you people who are hating Finn (not that I blame you) and commenting on how he knocked Puck down. I always figured in a straight up fight Puck would win because he's experienced and pretty strong. But Finn has the habit of just striking out and hitting so Puck can't defend himself. Finn's taller so he's got the advantage of reach and if he knocks Puck down (and Puck cracks his head on the floor) he'd pretty much be able to beat on Puck without fear of getting beat on himself. After all when he found out about Puck and Quinn that was his first reaction, to hit Puck in the face. I took that and ran with it.

As for Mr. Schue and consequences for him...I'm working on that but anything with a governing body like a schoolboard tends to move slowly so it won't be happening quickly. In fact it might even be senior year before someone does something about Schuester.

The song is one I wrote and I won't say its just as good as 'Only Pretending' but I didn't think much of that particular song. 'Get It Right' had more heart. But I wrote this when the episode Original Song was being promo'd because I was trying to think of what the kids would write. Curious as to what you guys think. And now I'm really sorry about this long ass note.